How do I transfer music from one icloud account to another?

I need to transfer my music from one icloud account to another using one computer.  Is this possible

That's not possible without redownloading it from the second account.

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  • How do i transfer music from one apple account to another through apple mac?

    How do i transfer music from one apple id account to another one usning my mac book air?
    i have bought it today and set up my own acount but all my music etc, are on my fathers account. Thus is lies the problem of getting them to my mac....?

    Anything Downloaded with a Particular Apple ID is tied to that Apple ID and Cannot be Merged or Transferred to a Different Apple ID
    Apple ID FAQs  >

  • How do I transfer photos from one icloud account to another?

    I recently switched back to iPhone when the iPhone 6 Plus came out.  I had the iPhone 4s before I got an android so it's been a while since having an iCloud account. I could not think of my password when logging into my iCloud account when starting up my new phone so I created a new iCloud account.  I FINALLY figured out my old password and was able to log in my old 4s phone and see my old photos and thought "WOW I need to save these somewhere." I cannot figure out how to get them off on my old iCloud account... I logged into my old iCloud account on my desktop and did not see those photos though.  I have photos on the old iCloud that cannot be replaced, such as photos of family members who have passed away since, PLEASE HELP.
    Is there a way to transfer photos over to my new iCloud account from my old one?
    Thank you

    If the contents that accumulated on the new phone while the spell of Alzheimer went away is not indispensable, perhaps the quickest way would be to reset and wipe the phone then reregister it to the original iCloud account so you would get all your old content/apps/etc. back.

  • How can I transfer "notes" from one icloud account to another, and other account questions

    I currently have 2 icloud accounts. (In total I have 4 seperate apple ids somehow, 1, 1, 1, and 1 apple id. But that's a problem I'll talk about later).
    Right now, all of my notes got deleted from my iphone, but they are on the icloud account A: ( account's icloud.) When I reconnect this account to my iphone, the notes are there. However, when I turn off note syncing in my iphone's icloud settings, I'm not prompted to "keep data on iphone" (like I am prompted with contacts). Instead, they are just deleted from the iphone. So there's no way to connect the icloud account A, download the data, and reconnect icloud account B.
    How can I get these notes from icloud account A to icloud account B (or just getting it from icloud account A to my iphone.)
    And while I'm at it, how can I get the @icloud account that was linked with the account to get linked to the account.
    Sorry if this is confusing.

    Let me rephrase my comment...  I used Windows to sync my data without icloud, we decided to switch to mac and purchased a $2000 osx driven machine only to find out apple has "secretly" disabled mobile sync services and replaced it with icloud syncing.  There was NO documentation stating this fact before my purchase, it was only realized when users started running into syncing issues that apple disclosed mavericks no longers uses mobile syncing services and "requires you to use icloud to sync device information" on this forum.
    They removed a integral part of my privacy without telling me, or warning me, before i spent money on non-refundable merchandice.
    These are not mindless, I was forced into mavericks when i purchased a new mac... All other versions of OSX provide modile syncing services.
    And I was not threatening lawsuit, i was stating a thought that this leavs apple open to a lawsuit for people who want their data kept private, they are FORCING the use of icloud now.

  • HT204150 How to transfer contacts from one iCloud account to another

    How can I transfer contacts from one icloud accunt to another.
    After the transfer I want to delete one icloud account have one running.

    Are you a Mac or a PC user?
    If Mac, export the contacts from Address Book as vCards, log out of the 1st iCloud account, and log in to the 2nd iCloud account, then re-import the exported contacts into Address Book.

  • How do you transfer music from one iphone 4 to another iphone 4?

    How do you transfer music from one iphone 4 to another iphone 4?

    You can't. Music studios will not be happy.

  • HT1711 can u transfer music from one itunes account to another if belonging to the same household

    Can you transfer music from one itunes account to another if in the same household ??

    You can give the person a copy of the song files, which they can then add to their iTunes library.

  • How do I transfer Pages from one user account to another

    How do you transfer Pages from one user account to another on the same Mac?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    If you haven't modified anything, Pages is installed on /Applications. All users have access to this folder, identified as "Applications" on the Finder sidebar, so you don't have to move anything, because Pages will work on all your users.
    If you have installed Pages on ~/Applications (being ~ your user folder), then you have to move Pages to /Applications. After doing this, you will be able to access to Pages on all users

  • HT1203 How do you put music from one itunes account to another? Can you drag the music?

    How do you put music from one itunes account to another? Can you drag the music?

    You can use Home sharing

  • Can i transfer music from one itunes account to another?

    Can I transfer music from one of my itunes account to another?

    If you mean iTunes Store accounts, no.
    If you mean iTunes libraries, import the song files into it.

  • Transfer music from one user account to another on the SAME mac?

    My family (wife, son, daughter, and me) share an imac but we all have our own user accounts. Our entire itunes music library is in one user account and is getting to the point of being unmanageable.
    Can I move some of my itunes library (e.g., my son's music) to another user account on the same iMac? Some songs were imported from CD and others were purchased from my Apple ID number.
    It's my understanding that an ipod can only be synced with one itunes library at a time, but I thought Apple also restricted the usage of music bought from itunes to a finite number of computers. If this is true, I think I would be able to transfer a group of songs from one user account to another so long as the user accounts were on the same computer.
    I was told that I could just drag the songs into a shared folder and then log into his account and drop them in iTunes.
    Some specific questions:
    1) Can I move all music files (CD and purchased) to the shared folder for dropping into his account?
    2)The purchased ones were purchased under MY apple ID which I do not want to give him access to. Should I create one for him or just have him use mine and wait for my password. I would like to put an allowance on his new ID number and keep it separate from mine. Would that make a difference in the future if I wanted to use one of his songs on my iPod or in an iMovie project?
    I just reinstalled my Lepoard OS X and put all my data back. I did not deauthorize anything before I did this. Did I need to? Or is even a clean install on the SAME machine ok and seen as the same authorization?
    Thanks in advance!!

    You can give him copies of song files, either by using a shared folder, or by putting the copies on a USB flash drive from which he can copy them to his own iTunes library.
    Any DRM-protected tracks that you have purchased from Apple can only be played if the user has authorization to the account(s) from which the tracks were purchased. Authorization requires physical access to the computer and knowledge of the password, and you can figure it from there!
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  • Transfer music from one Apple account to another

    Is it possible to transfer purchased songs from one Apple account to another? I have some music on my account that I have downloaded for someone who did not have an account. Now, they have an account, and I want to transfer their music to their account. I don't desire access to these songs anymore.
    G4   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

    Thanks. He is a bit too young for a credit card, but the gift card would have been a good idea. Unfortunately, what's done is done. Thanks for your reply.

  • How do I transfer credit from one iTunes account to another

    How do I transfer credit from my iTunes account to my sons?

    You can't.
    Note: When purchasing an iTunes Gift, a valid credit card must be on file; you cannot purchase an iTunes Gift with store credit.
    Above from:

  • How do I transfer music from one Apple ID to another on an iTouch?

    My mom bought some songs with her Apple ID that I want to transfer to my own iTunes library. I've done this before because I got a bunch of music from my dad's Apple ID that I had bought when I was sharing with him, but now I can't figure out how to do it again. I have the iCloud, so should I just delete my iCloud account from my iTouch and log in as her to get the music, then delete hers and log back into mine?

    You can not transfer music (or anything else, for that matter) from one Apple ID to another.  However, the iTunes library doesn't care which ID was used for the purchase.  All music, apps, movies, etc. from multiple IDs can reside on the same library in the same iTunes.
    Before I continue, I need a bit more information.  You referred to your mom's ID and your dad's ID.  Do you also have your own ID?  Which music and apps, etc. is actually on the iPod?  Which music and apps, etc. is actually in the iTunes library?

  • How do i transfer music from one lap top to another

    can i transfer music from my ipod to another computer

    Copy it from your old computer or your backup copy of your old computer, to your new one.
    Type "move itunes library" into the google search bar.

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