How do you resize multiple artboards in Illustrator at the same time?

This is a question that has been bugging me for a while.  I'm currently on CS6 but I'm looking for a solution that can also work on CS5 for a co-worker.
Having multiple artboards has been established since CS4 and I have yet to see an official way of resizing multiple artboards, if anything there should at least be a plug-in.
As great of a feature it is, it seems a little short sited.  If one has multiple artboards one should be able to manage multiple artboards, right?
I totally love having multiple artboards but I should be able to resize and manage multiple artboards as well.
This is great for building icon sets but how can I resize the set all at once?
I was considering trying to do an action but odds are I still would have to select an artboard one by one to do which doesn't save much time if you have like 30 artboards to apply this to. 
I don't even see a batch render for artboards and Photoshop has that for its files.
I'm well aware of the solution that is displayed here:
Which is a script.  I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put it.

mec_os wrote:
you can resize the artwork on export. no need to draw it to size.
Unfotunately when I looked into that does not seem to be the case.  However I can resize when I "Save for Web" but that appears to only work for one artboard at a time.  I can Save As or Export multipe artboards but not adjust the size.  Believe me I would be happy if I could resize multiple artboards upon export but apparently that is not an option.
mec_os wrote:
you can put the scripts in illustrator's folder/presets/en_us(or whatever localization you have)/scripts. you can then access them in illustrator from the menubar/File/Scripts/
there are also applications that will let you execute scripts with assigned shortcuts. i believe sparks is free.
Thanks for pointing out the location. 
Do I save it as a txt file or something else?
(I was guessing that I would copy the script into notepad or something)

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