How do you save a pencil preset in illustrator CC 2014 ?

This seems like it should be an easy thing to do, but how do you save a pencil tool preset? I got the pencil the way I want it (after much tweaking) but can't find any way to save it. Have searched help as best I can but get nowhere. I'm sure it's very simple if you just know where to click!
Thanks in advance,

Sorry I never got back to you about this, Monika. Thanks very much for the info. Yes, I meant presets for the tool itself. It seemed like something I should be able to save presets for (like a brush), but I was going crazy that I couldn't figure out how to do it. Now I can rest easy knowing that I'm not just missing something obvious :-)

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    Go to Solution.

    Hi all,
    Like sudude here pointed out that's one way of leaving text as "draft" to message editor. Or you can also select Options > More > Exit editor to do the same. And, next time when you select Create message that previous text should be there as it was left.
    But there is also another option to start writing SMS's - with Notes application. Select Menu > Apps > Notes. Write a note and save it. Then for that note select Options > Send note > Send as message. Now your note is copied to message editor and you can send it or further edit and then send. Neat thing here is that when you use Notes application, text can be saved for later editing or use.

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    There is no "open" command in the file menu. There is no "save" command in the file menu.
    This would imply that Apple was autosaving for me to save me trouble. Hmm. I can save in almost every program I use, and revert, and save versions.
    How do you save a project in iMovie? I don't see save in the file menu, as has been the steadfast tradition of Apple applications since I purchased my first Mac in 1984. What in the blazes have you done with SAVE? It is so basic.
    Along the same line, where is the project file located on my hard drive? I would like to open it. Since I assume you have been autosaving to somewhere, could you please let me know where my file is saved.
    <Edited by Host>

    This just appeared to happen to me too.  I tried clicking on the file in Movies/iMovie Projects.  That didn't work.
    Then, I made a copy of the  file in a safe place.  I noticed it was 2.2 MB, so something had to be in there.  Next, I started iMovie and clicked the Project Library arrow.  The project was listed there.  I opened it and got back most but not all of the work.  It lost a lot of my audio changes.  Here's the thing.  I worked until about midnight, and then left iMovie up and running til noon.  You would think it would have autosaved the changes by the time I came back.  I suggest making your own copy of the file now and then, just in case.

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    Export/Save As .idml, and don't expect a perfect translation.

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