How do you Sync Contacts from iPhone to MacBook?

How do you Sync Contacts from iPhone to MacBook?
Hi,  Does anyone know how to do this without the need for me to upgrade to Lion on my MAcBook Pro and use the iCloud?
I put all my contacts into my iPhone and I'd like them now on my MAcBook Pro.

Click on your iDevice on the sidebar of iTunes and then go to the info tab at the top. check the box shown here:
This will put the contacts from an iDevice to the computer. You can then check the same box on the (let's say iPad) that doens't have any contacts and they will go from your comp to your iPad.

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    How do you download contacts from my Iphone to my macbook pro? Do you have to use icloud?

    You connect the iPhone to the MBP using the supplied cable and set up the iPhone in iTunes to sync your contacts. Posting in the iPhone forums might be a better venue for you.

  • How do you transfer contacts from iPhone to macbook pro?

    how do you transder contacts from the iphone to a macbook pro?

    You connect the iPhone to the MBP using the supplied cable and set up the iPhone in iTunes to sync your contacts. Posting in the iPhone forums might be a better venue for you.

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    I wish to transfer my contacts from my iPhone to my macbook pro. I use system 10.9.4. Apparently I have to use iCloud.

    You can sync contacts from between your iPhone and Mac using iCloud.
    Setup instructions >  Apple - iCloud - Learn how to set up iCloud on all your devices.
    Apple gives you 5GB's of free storage.
    You can also sync Safari bookmarks, photos, calendars, and more >  iCloud: iCloud storage and backup overview

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    how do you transfer contacts  from iphone to new ipad?

    "Paired"?  I think you are saying you were trying to use Bluetooth to do this transfer.  That will not work.
    Instead, try one of these two methods:
    1.  Use iCloud to contain the contacts.  Then set both the iPad and iPhone up to reference the iCloud contacts.
    2.  Sync the iPhone using iTunes on your computer.  Then sync the iPad using the same iTunes.
    (This may or may not work depending on what you use to house the contacts.)

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    How do you par contacts between iPhone 4s and iPad Air

    What are you syncing your 4s to for your contacts? Sync the iPad to the same source.

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    My JVC KW-NT30HD is capable of importing my contacts, and in fact has a set procedure. When I get to the step that involves the phone it says see phone instructions. Other than marking share contacts under blue tooth, is there a way to push it to the stereo?

    This is under the control of the car system, it must request the contacts from the phone. Normally car systems (and good BT headsets) have a function for doing this. You will need to pair the car with the iPhone first, if you haven't already.

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    I cannot figure out how to sync my contacts from my iphone to my macbook pro. There is not an option to sync contacts when i open itunes and plug in my phone. There is also no option to import contacts when i open the contacts app on my computer. Please help!! I need to get my contacts on my computer so that I can transfer them into a numbers (excel) file.

    I haven't used the following and it looks like it would cost you $3.99 to try it but may be worth a try. Hopefully someone else will respond with a free method.

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    You connect the iPhone to the MBP using the supplied cable and set up the iPhone in iTunes to sync your contacts. Posting in the iPhone forums might be a better venue for you.

  • Need help - How do I sync contacts from iPhone TO my computer (Windows XP)?

    I have manually entered my contacts into my iPhone for a year now and would like to transfer the information from my iPhone to my computer. My default email account on the iPhone is my Yahoo! account. I am afraid to try it on my own because I don't want to lose my info. Advice, please?!

    Firstly, ensure you're using iTunes 7.7. In iTunes, select your iPhone and then go to the info menu. The first selection will be contacts. Tick the box that says "Sync Address Book contacts". You can then select all contacts. Click the Apply button (bottom right corner) and sync. Contacts should appear on the computer. It syncs between the not delete. As for yahoo email account, you can try, nothing will be lost.

  • HT1296 how do i sync contacts from iphone to itunes

    Attempting to reset iphone, I need to save contacts to itunes account

    You do not save them to iTunes. They are either saved as part of the backup, or they are synced to a supported application on the computer or to iCloud. Also, a reset on the phone will not affect data. You would not need to worry about saving anything, unless you are doing a restore, which will delete content from the phone.

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    Is there a way to sync my iPhone 4 with multiple computers
    Is there a way around this because i'm tired of this bullsh#t about not being able to use multiple computers with my iPhone.
    You can thank the music industry for penalizing everyone who wants to legitimately use music by (attempting) to prevent music theft.

  • How do I sync contacts from iphone to ipad3 on windows vista? When I sync ipad to computer I do not get contacts or calendar to ipad.

    same as above title

    This is a little confusing.  What is the end result you are looking for?
    1. What Iphone and IOS do you have?
    2. What Ipad and IOS do you have?
    3.  What "syncing " are you talking about?  iTunes or iCloud
    4.  What Vista version are you running - does it include Service Pack 2?

  • How do you export contacts from iphone 3g to car

    I have a 2009 MB C300 sport.  I paired the phone with no problem.  I can't export contacts to the car.  Nor can I manually enter the contacts using the buttons on the car's panel. 

    iPhone only supports PBAP(phone book access profile). If your vehicle's bluetooth system does not support PBAP as well, there is no way to make your contacts available.

  • How do i Sync Notes from iPhone to MacBook Pro?

    In Lion I connected my iPhone to my MacBook Pro and then it auto sync Notes to my e-mail account.
    Now after I got Mountain Lion it's not auto sync of Notes anymore and I wonder what I must do to achieve this?
    What's on Notes today are old notes that I had before I'v got the Mountain Lion.
    I'm not excited to go via iCloud, but if there is another detour I have to bite the sour apple.

    If you dont mind me asking, why dont you wnt to do this with iCloud (it couldnt be any easier) -System preferences/icloud/ check Notes.

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