How good is the Airport Express inbuilt Digital to Analogue converter?

How good is the Airport Express inbuilt Digital to Analogue converter?
I have just purchased a 2012 dual band Airport Express which has the combined optical/3.5mm analogue jack audio output.
This is to connect to my hifi seperate amplifier, which does not have an optical input.
This gives me a couple of options
a) just use a standard 3.5mm jack to phono cable (and use the built in DAC in the airpor express)
b) purchase a seperate DAC to convert the optical from the Express into phono and connect that to the amplifier
I will be sending 250-320kbps music to the airport express wirelessly.
Will I see much/any benefit in sound quality with option B vs option A?
I ask because option A is free (I already have the cable) and option B will be around £20-£30 depending on which DAC I were to buy (I would also need a new TOSlink optical cable).
These are the sort of DACs I was looking at.
Thanks, Chipstix

How good is the Airport Express inbuilt Digital to Analogue converter?
Please check out this stereophile article on the earlier AirPort Express. I understand that the newest version may use basically similar audio hardware.
I will be sending 250-320kbps music to the airport express wirelessly.
The AirPort Express Base Station (AX) works only with iTunes v4.6+ and is limited to music files that iTunes can read; ie, 16-bit data only. (An exception is you can use a third-party product like Rogue Amoeba's AirFoil to stream other non-iTunes sources.) These data, though, can be in any file format that iTunes recognizes, from lossy MP3s at the low-quality end of the spectrum to Apple Lossless and lossless AIF or WAV files at the high end. It is also important to note that the AX functions only at a 44.1kHz sample rate. When you play 32kHz or 48kHz data, iTunes sample-rate-converts the data in real time before sending it to the AX.
iTunes uses a QuickTime CODEC to convert audio files to Apple Lossless, and then, uses AirPlay to send them to the AX. In turn, the AX uses built-in software that converts the Apple Lossless to an Encoded Digital Audio format. From there, digital audio is sent to a optical transceiver to convert the electrical signal to an optical one before sending it to the innermost part of the audio port. As you already know for analog, the AX has a built-in DAC to convert the Encoded Digital Audio to Analog which is sent to the same audio port.
One operational glitch is the fact that, as the AX doesn't have a local clock circuit, when the incoming data is interrupted, as it is when you change songs in iTunes, there is no longer a digital output to feed the DAC, which loses lock as a result. Using an external DAC, which may offer better audio performance, may have issues with this glitch. Some DACs are more sensitive than others.

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    Hello All,
    Right now i have an access point:
    1/ A mercury router (cheap and old)
    2/ Airport Express
    Do you advice me to use it to replace my cheap old router (mercury) or to pair it with this main old router ? (however i tried to without any success)
    3/ Time Capsule
    Can i use it to relay the signal from the Airport Express to extend the range  of the wifi?
    Can i use it to stream music to my B/W M1 speakers directly ? (I will connect by USB the BW M1 to the time capsule) and would like to be able to play music this way. Is this in anyway possible ?
    Many thanks for your reply !

    ok, i might be wrong but here goes:
    you should attach your modem to your time capsule: your time capsule will act as not only your time machine but also your main wireless transmitter.
    you set it up using "Airport Utility" which is inside the "utilites" folder, which is inside your applications folder.
    this connects your mac wirelessly to the internet.
    to stream music to your speakers you then set up the airport plug to (a) join the existing network (which you set up on the time capsule) and then (b) set it up to stream music to your speakers. again, this is done using "airport utility". do it AFTER you have set up the time capsule.
    you will then be able to use itunes to stream music to your speakers. from itunes on your computer you will be able to chose from the bottom right hand side of the window whether you play the music on your computer or wirelessly into your B+W speakers...
    some notes:
    1. you won't be able to connect the airport plug by USB to your speakers as the airport plug doesn't have a USB output. It has only analogue and optical.
    2. although your time capsule has USB you cannot stream music into it or through it. there's some basic guidance here:
    3. you may find that the sound quality [if you are playing apple lossless files or wav files) isn't as good as if the speakers were connected directly to your mac via USB.  this should be especially noticable because your speakers are so good!
    if the music you play is only mp3 or the stuff purchased from itunes then it shouldn't make too much of a difference.
    4. keep an eye out on the B+W website: there may come a time when you won't even have to use the airport plug, and you will be able to stream music straight to the speakers. i know that B+W have just done that with the new Zepellin speaker that they make.
    hope this helps...

  • I want to connect a powered outdoor speaker to an airport express - is that all i need - how close does the airport express have to be to the speaker - how do i connect them?

    I want to hook up an outdoor powered speaker to an airport express.  How do I do this?  Which airport express thingee do I need?  I want to plug in the airport express thingee inside and connect to speakers outside.  Is there a length limit to the minijack cable I can use to connect the them?  Do I need a base station thingee and an airport express.  I am only going to use it to stream i tunes music to it.  Thanks.


  • How to use the airport express to extend the range of an existing airport extreme wireless network?

    The instruction manual says nothing on the topic, so maybe it is not possible. The only reason I think it is possible is that two different Apple reps told my girlfriend it was possible. Now we have one, and no clue how to proceed.
    We have an Airport Extreme, but its range is maximum 30 feet. We would like to double that. What do we do with the Airport Express? (We cannot move the modem nor the Airport Extreme. What we are trying to do has nothing to do with speakers, iTunes, or printers.)

    Are both the Extreme and Express 802.11n models? If so, check out this AirPort Support article; if one or both are 802.11g models, check out this article instead.

  • Hi. Does anyone know how to extend the airport express and extreme with Cisco Router DPC3925. I have upgrade my wireless to 50Mbps. Thank you

    Can someone help.
    I have a Cisco router DPC3925 provided by the ISP and I cannot extend my wireless with Airport Express.
    Also I intend to extend it with Airport Extreme.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

    Sorry, but your post is not clear. The topic of this thread is how to extend an AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme with a Cisco router.
    This would mean that the main router was an AirPort device and the Cisco would be extending the existing network provided by the AirPort.
    Is that really what you want to do?
    If not, then it sounds like your Cisco ISP provided wireless router is your "main" router and you will be using the Time Capsule to extend the network.
    Please start another post to tell us exactly.......
    What device will be the main router providing your Internet connection and wireless network
    What device will extend the network
    What operating system that you have on your Mac or PC

  • How compatible are the airport express and extreme with the 2wire routers?

    I have been spending ages trying to set up our connection with a linksys router due to the lack of signal from our 2wire and they just do not want to co-operate.  The 2wire is a 3800hgv-b with a special firmware from at&t to be able to be used for tv purposes as well and also so they can control their users.  The signal barely leaves the room its in and it seems like this would help boost it to other parts of the house.  Is this going to help my problems? Basically I don't want to use the 2-wire as a router just the AX and the 2-wire would just be used for tv.  I don't know how familiar everyone is with U-verse but we were given three plug links which all connect to the same network.  One goes to the 2-wire and we use one for a wired printer and I'm curious if i could use the last one to connect to the AX and broadcast it from upstairs.  The linksys struggled with this because it couldn't act as an access point very well and it was better off with just setting up a new network.  Would it be able to act as an access point for the 2wire? Basically I'm just curious if this is going to solve my problems, or at least most of them. 

    I have been spending ages trying to set up our connection with a linksys router due to the lack of signal from our 2wire and they just do not want to co-operate.
    Since the "extend wireless network" feature used by Apple appears to be a proprietary function, it is extremely unlikely that an Apple device would "extend" or "repeat" the wireless signal that is being transmitted from your 2-Wire router.....if this is what you are asking here.
    If you were to use both an AirPort Extreme (connected directly to the 2-Wire by Ethernet cable) and an AirPort Express, then you would be able to configure the Express to "extend" the wireless network that is being broadcast by the AirPort Extreme.

  • How can I use airport express in India on my ipad

    I have iPad that I want to use in India with airport express. Please help how to.

    Connect the Airport Express via Ethernet cable to the modem you got from your Internet provider. Assuming your PC is using wired Internet now download the Airport utility. Then follow the quick setup guide that came with the AEX.

  • Do we have to register the airport express first before installing

    how to install the airport express? or do i have to register it first?

    As uliwooly says, it charges faster while off so I'd recommend that you turn it off when you charge it. Regarding charging time, charge it for as long or short as you want  - these types of batteries doesn't require that you charge up to 100% before disconnecting the charger. When ~90% it should turn green, yes. I'm using this headset every day and I charge for about 2 hours every other day since I pretty much use it all the time.
     - Official Sony Xperia Support Staff
    If you're new to our forums make sure that you have read our Discussion guidelines.
    If you want to get in touch with the local support team for your country please visit our contact page.

  • HT1947 The lastest app will pair with my 9.2.1 library but not control it. I refuse to use 10 as it has a feature that degrades the sound via the airport express so I no longer can use my library, any anwers? How can I get the older app back on my IOS 5 d

    I have an Iphone 4 on the latest IOS 5 and latest 2.3 remote control app as I use Itunes 10 to manage the phone. Since version 10 of Itunes the airport express output has been degraded with a digital volume control so I refuse to use version 10 for my lossless audio. I specifically purchased the AE knowing that I would have pefect lossless digital audio to pass on to my high end music system (I understand that turning the volume to the maximum should have the same result but to me it just does not sound as good as with itunes 9). This step back with version 10 of Itunes has made me determined to stay with Itunes 9.2.1 Now I find that the upgraded version of the remote control app will not pair with or control a 9.2.1 library. Does anyone have a solution that does not involve using Itunes 10 to stream my audio under the control of the Iphone. I would dearly love to just go back to an older version of the iphone app but again how can that be done? Or better still have the option in Itunes 10 to have garanteed bit perfect output to airport devices as many people would really appreciate this as true lossless audio is essential for many serious music lovers.
    Kind regards from a disappointed apple owner and dedicated music listener.

    Strangely enough the pref file did not show up in the Preferences folder.  I don't know what this means but it could be signifigant.

  • How do I use the airport express to connect a remote PC via ethernet cable and access the internet via wireless connection, How do I use the airport express to connect a remote PC via ethernet cable and access the internet via wireless connection

    Trying to connect my xbox to the airport express. Have wireless in home and do not have a ethernet point behind tv/xbox. How do I configure the airport express to connect to my wireless network and then the airport express can use its connection via ethernet to connect the xbox to the internet.

    Is your AirPort Express Base Station (AX) a 802.11n model? If it is, you can reconfigure it as a wireless Ethernet bridge or ProxySTA. This would allow the AX to join another wireless network and have its Ethernet port enabled for wired clients, like the Xbox 360.
    To activate ProxySTA, you must set up the Express to join a wireless network and then enable the Allow Ethernet Clients setting; both settings are located in the Wireless tab of AirPort Utility.

  • How can I use Airport Express to create a standalone Wi-Fi network without Internet Access so I can browse web pages on the local network? I will be using MAMP as my server (Apache)

    I would like to create my own Wi-Fi standalone network at an upcoming tradeshow where there will be NO internet access.
    Currently, I run and develop sites on my iMac use MAMP to manage my sites locally. Using MAMP, I run my sites as though they are on the internet although everything is local.
    I purchased an Airport Express hoping I could create a standalone network so that the iMac would broadcast its website to whatever device connects to it such as my iPhone, iPad and MacBookPro.
    However, after setting up the network successfully (I have a green light on the Airport Express, and there is NO internet going through it), I  am  not able to go any further by logging into the iMac's websites from the other machines. Form my MacBookPro Finder, I can look at files and folders using afp://, from the Find/Go/Connect to Server utility, but I can't browse the website that is running on the iMac via the Safari browser.
    Can anyone help me configure my MacBookPro (or iPad, or iPhone) to run the website on the iMac when they are all on the same network?
    Thanks so much!!

    1) connecting the TC using a ethernet cable from one of the two modem's LAN ports to the TC's WAN port
    2) create a new Wi-Fi network using the TC ?
    Does someone already create a new Wi-Fi network using its TC connected by Ethernet on a modem/router device ? How do you set up the DHCP (and NAT) ? Which range did you use ?
    This is easy enough to do..
    Plug the TC directly into a computer.. without other connections to do the setup.
    Using the newly installed 5.6 utility.
    Bridge the TC.
    Create a wireless network.
    This is an older screen shot and I would set security to WPA2 Personal only not WPA/WPA2 Personal as shown above.
    I do recommend you use wireless names that are short, no spaces, pure alphanumeric.
    Update the TC..
    Now plug it into the modem router.. it will be a part of the network without doing NAT and DHCP itself.. which you do not want.. that leads to double NAT issues.. but it is a WAP that provides access to devices on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands directly to the main router.

  • How can i print my files from mi iphone 5 throught the airport express?

    How can i print my files from mi iphone 5 throught the airport express?? i have the last iOS version installed and also the last firmware version of the printer. the printer is already connected to the USB airport express and when i look for printers in airprinter there is no printer found. i have an HP LASERJET P1606dn(i think that is supported by the airprinter).

    In order to function with AirPrint, a printer must connect to the network wirelessly.
    Even if you have an AirPrint compatible printer, iOS devices will not be able to print to the printer when it is connected via USB.
    So, you have two options:
    1) Reconfigure the printer to connect to the network using wireless only and the iOS devices should be able to print that way....assuming that you have up to date drivers for the printer installed.
    2) Leave the printer connected via USB and then use a third party App like Printopia installed on your Mac as a "workaround" to (hopefully) allow the iOS to device to be able to print.  If you want to give this a try, there is a free trial for Printopia, so you will know if it will work before you buy. You must have a Mac running on the network in order for Printopia to function correctly.
    Printopia - AirPrint to Any Printer - Print from iPad - Print from iPhone ...

  • How do I set up a guest account using the AirPort Express  2nd Generation?

    I Just purchased a new 2nd Generation AirPort Express.  The features list and the set-up guide says that I should be able to set up a guest account, but nowhere have I found how to do this.  I am running AirPort Utility 5.6 on my MacBook Air under Lion and I even get a message that I should not make updates using version 5.6 because it is not the appropriate version for the 2nd generation AirPort Express. Software Update says there's nothing new for me. When I search the Apple support site there is not even a version of AirPort Utility 5.6.1 for Lion though there is one for Snow Leopard.  Even when I installed that version on my Mac Mini running Snow Leopard, I could see no way to create a guest account.
    I came across a YouTube video describing a demonstrating how to set up the guest account on Time Capsule and the AirPort Exteme. There it's quite obvious because in the General section there is a tab for setting up the guest account.  There is no such tab in either version 5.6 of the AirPort Utility I'm running under Lion or version 5.6.1 running under Snow Leopard.
    What am I missing?

    Apple assumes that you are connecting the AirPort Express to a simple modem....not a modem/router or gateway type of device......that provides both modem and router functions in one enclosure.
    If you have the AirPort Express connected to a gateway device, the Express is detecting that another router is present on the network, so the Express operates in Bridge Mode to prevent the conflicts that would normally occur when two routers are on the same network.
    Open AirPort Utility 5.6, select the AirPort Express and click Manual Setup
    Click the Internet icon, then click the Internet Connection tab
    If the Connection Sharing setting is currently configured to "Off (Bridge Mode)", the Guest Network cannot be enabled with the type of "modem" that you have without breaking some basic networking rules.

  • How to set up the airport express with a linksys wireless-g broadband router

    I need to know if and how to set up an airport express to use to extend a home wi-fi network. I have AT&T service with a 2WIRE modem. I am using a Linksys wireless-G broadband router. I also have the new Macbook Air notebook. The airport express keeps giving me a blinking amber light even when the ethernet cable (from the modem) connected. Please let me know how to set up an extended wifi network using this system. Any help would be appreciated.

    If that is all that is done, the Express would not provide more wireless coverage.  Instead, it would duplicate the coverage provided by the Linksys and there would be two WiFi systems covering approximately the same area.  As per my above comment, one Express connects via Ethernet to the Linksys.  The second Express provides the extension.
    You must have misunderstood what I was saying.
    Linksys is providing a wireless network.
    The Express is connected to one of the LAN ports on the Linksys router using a long Ethernet cable (or Ethernet powerline adapters)
    The Express is located on the other side of the house, for example.
    The Express is configured to create a wireless network using the same wireless network name, security and password as the Linksys router
    The Express is configured in Bridge Mode
    This has worked quite well for me for years. Computers "switch" from one wireless access point to another smoothly and automatically while they move around the house.
    Although this is an "extended" network, it is technically known as a "roaming" network.
    This is what I was suggesting as a possible alternative without having to buy more hardware.

  • How can I get the Airport Express to handle all the PPPoE stuff?

    Hi, I’m visiting my family in China, and now trying to help my dad, with his Airport Express and how to set up a PPPoE connection.
    We have currently set up the Airport Express in bridge mode (not distributing IP adresses and selecting DHCP under the Internet tab in admin utility). The Airport settings on our two computers is set up to connect using PPPoE using the given login name and password. (ps! we can not see the Base station in Airport Admin Utility when using these settings, we would have to select a new location from the Apple menu to see it and make condigurations.)
    What we want is to do, is to have the Airport Express connect to the ISP using a PPPoE connection and not through the computer.
    I know there is a 'Connect using PPPoE' option in Airport admin util, letting me input account name and password. If I select this setting instead of DHCP, enable distribution of IP addresses and configure my Airport card to NOT connect using PPPoE, I will see my base station in the Airport admin util with the IP address of (or similar) and my computer will have x.x.x.2. Next to the Airport icon in the menubar, a scrolling message will say 'Looking for PPPoE host' without anything happen. I am sure my account name and password is correct as they've both worked when using this computer to connect to PPPoE (like now)
    How can I get the Airport Express to handle all the PPPoE stuff without using bridge mode?
    Ps! Both me and my dad have iPhones whom we can’t seem to get to connect unless its been distributed an IP address cause there's as fars as I know, no options of inputing a PPPoE user name and password.

    Any solutions to this? I'm in China also, in Beijing, trying to get my Airport Express to work with an ADSL modem.
    Direct ethernet cable connection to my Macbook works fine.
    When I configure the Airport Express with the ID and password that seems to be fine also – Airport Express shows a green light.
    But I cannot figure out the settings to connect wirelessly from my Macbook to the Airport Express. I get a constantly scolling message: "Looking for PPPoEhost..."

Maybe you are looking for