How i remove the stand from an Intel iMac 17"  ???

Please it possible to remove the stand from an intel based imac 17" . If yes how i do it?
Thank you

Only the 24" iMac models have user removable stands. To remove the stands from the 17" & 20" models requires opening and some disassembly of the computer. This is complicated and difficult, and would most likely void any warranty you have left on the machine if it was not done by a Certified Apple Technician.
But it has been done by some users in the past;
Why no VESA mount!? grrrr....

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    Good morning, Macwhy.
    The best box you can get is the original packing it came in.   It would have to travel as accompanied Luggage and I strongly advise you to insure it for its purchase cost if bought in China.  I would also back up the content on a separate drive.   Thank you for the stars and good luck with the move.

  • How do I remove the stand from my 24' intel imac model ( A1225)

    Hello, I am moving my imac 24' from Europe to the states in my baggage. The stand mustbe removed to fit it in. Some models allow a business card or credit card to insert in the lever of the stand and the back of the imac housing where the stand is attached to. Thus oin pulling the stand levekl down with the acard inserted you will see a few srerws to unscrew to removing the stand. This is not with this imac 24' intel model number (A1225)
    Are there any tips or help that one knows to removing the stand?

    ==> Removing the 2007 24" iMac aluminum stand
    ==> Removing a VESA mount and replacing the aluminum stand
    I recently inherited a 2007 24" iMac that had been VESA mounted.  I searched all the online boards to figure out how to remove the VESA bracket and install the aluminum stand that I bought on Ebay.  Despite 6 years since the iMac was made, I really didn't feel the online posts gave a clear answer, so I felt compelled to give my input.
    First, the 'latch' mechanism that locks and unlocks the stand/VESA mount is RIGHT next to the top of the slot -- it's about 1/16" into the casing and shaped like a shallow L-shaped ledge that extends most of the length of the slot.  Here's a very effective way to hit it:
    * uninstalling stand;  put the computer on a bed at the edge; push the stand downward, somewhat hard, then slip a business card into the top of the slot,slanted 45 degrees upward.  do not push the business card hard at all.  it will hit the ledge/lever quickly.  leave it there.  now, insert a drivers license or credit card ON TOP of the business card, so it hits same ledge/lever but with more strength.  push a bit and start wiggling the stand.  the latch will release and you can now push the stand down to lock in the extended position, then remove the screws, install the VESA
    * uninstalling VESA:  the stand mechanism is already in the LOCKED/out position.  I spent about an hour trying to get it to lock into the extended position.  wrong.  it's already extended.  once you remove the VESA, install your stand, then follow the above guidance to unlock that mechanism and get your computer back upright.
    There are a lot of threads on this topic.  I hope this helps some.  My main insights are two;  1) the latch/ledge is very close to the top of the slot, and 2) that ledge can be caught fairly easily by pushing the stand down and using a flexible cardboard business card, then superimposing a harder plastic card on top while you wiggle the stand.

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