How to block text messages but not calls from a specific number

I want to block text messages from my father but not his phone calls. Is there a way to do this? I have an iPhone 5, but don't want to upgrade to IOS7 yet.

    You have a fantastic phone, joy3141. I double checked features for the iPhone 5 and confirmed there's not a way to block messages from a specific contact without blocking calls too. Our Call & Message Blocking is a great way to block unwanted contact from specific numbers, but it would block both calls & messages. If your dad is on your account and you're hoping to block all of his text messages to or from anyone, there is a text message block available at you can add to his line.
Thank you
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  • On iphone 4 how do i block text messages that are coming from an email account?

    on iphone 4 how do i block text messages that are coming from an email account?

    There is no way to block text messages.  You may wish to report them to your carrier

  • Why can I receive text messages but not send?

    Why can I receive text messages but not send. This has been happening for about 10 hours.

    Thanks for the response. Must be smart phones. My daughter has a dumb phone and she can send out. I tried deleting my text messages on the Verizon website, but they won’t delete. It must be on their end. Chat line was busy forever, until they shut it down.

  • Text messages and phone calls from March 2012 to date are missing after activating iphone5

    text messages and phone calls from March 2012 to date are missing after activating iphone5. I backed up my 4 before activating my 5. Can i retrieve them somehow?

    i would not want to bet on nokia ever releasing a patch or update in the software to allow this function on this particular phone.
    if you look at nokia phones over the years, they have added functionality like this across a wide range all at once, take for example timed profiles on symbian phones. these have only just been phased in.
    i do not think it is a development cop out, more along the lines that nokia is a huge company and as such would have a huge effor in market research. if they didnt pick this out through their market researc, why spend the money adding it?
    the comment on annoyance is entirely personal to me, as it is important to you - you may want to consider moving to a symbian (series 60) based handset as these give you a lot of expansion for this sort of need.

  • Why can't I send messages from ipad.  I can read incoming text messaging but cannot reply from ipad.

    Why can't I send messages from ipad.  I can read incoming text messaging but cannot reply from ipad.

    I Followed the instructions to correct the problem of my iPad not sending but receiving iMessages. It did not work.

  • In v.11, how can I capture video but not audio from a camera?

    In v.11, how can I capture video but not audio from a camera?

    I see what you mean....Premiere Elements 10 appears to be the last version that had options for the user to select Capture Video and/or Audio in the its Capture Window.
    If you are doing DV data capture firewire into the Premiere Elements 11 Capture Windows and want a final file without audio and you cannot do this at the camera level, then consider....
    1. Do the Capture "to the Timeline" - video linked to audio result on the project's Video Track 1
    a. Right click the Timeline DV AVl and select Delete Audio and then edit accordingly.
    b. Import the DV AVI but, when you go to export it, in the export settings, remove the check mark next to Audio so that the export contains only the video portion.
    Publish+Share/Computer/AVI with Presets = DV NTSC Standard
    Please let us know if any of that worked for you.
    Thank you.

  • I can send text messages but not picture texts

    i use to be able to send picture text till the other day,now i can send text messages but when i go and add a picture or just send a picture tex it loads till the very lastpart of the bar at the top and stops, but i can recieve picture and text messages

    tailchasher wrote:
    yes it is on. i have been sendind picture text ever since i had gottin the phone till like 3 days ago and was gonna send a pic text and it said not delevered
    Then as already suggested... Check with your Carrier.

  • Can text but not call from abroad

    Hi I can text from both of my phones but cannot call from abroad please help xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
    [Mod edit: Please do not include personal/private information when making a public post. Thanks!]

    Hi ,
    Can you text in WIFI or normal signal?
    Please call us, we will need to get this looked into.

  • IPhone crashes dialing or receiving a call from a specific number

    This problem i've had for a while.
    Basically when i receive or make a call to a specific number ie (0191420**) my iPhone becomes unresponsive with the green incall bar across the top when i make the call and a complete crash when receiving it, although it logs the call as a missed call when the iPhone is restarted. I cant end the call until i restart the phone.
    Originally the number was a business contact in my address book contacts, then, when i started getting the problem, I deleted the contact thinking it was corrupt. It didn't make any difference.
    All my contacts are synced over mobileme and this contact was deleted over all my devices, powerbook, iPhone and iMac.
    But still when i dial or receive this number and only this number the phone locks up straight away.
    It started on my iPhone 3G then when i synced my new iPhone 3GS the problems continued even over a complete restore.
    I'm thinking its something to do with the contacts list file but don't know how to correct it with out deleting all my contacts which isn't an option.
    I've searched all the forums but nothing is mentioned about this specific issue.

    Hi Macintoad,
    I think I had the exact problem as what you are having. Having a greenbar on top while making call, and can not press any button, also the Iphone screen is blinking while a call is comming from that number and ontop of this, the contact name wont display on outgoing/incoming sms messages.
    I did manage to fix it by doing this, hope this also works for you..
    Backup all contact details to computer - address book.
    Delete that specific contact detail (Hopefully you don't have too many contacts causing this problem - I only had 1 number causing this)from both your computer(s), and mobile me.
    Add back all contact details from address book to your Iphone - I only add contacts, without any other settings (I had to reinstall all apps).
    Add manually that number back to the phone, and then sync back to computer/mobileme.
    Please let me know if this works...
    Good luck!

  • How do i get my contacts Back, i can see them when composing a new text message but not in my contact list?

    A couple of days ago all the contacts on my phone were deleted, for some unknown reason (i think it was something to do with iCloud). When i look in my contact list, on my phone, i can not see any of my contacts. But when i go to compose a new text message (or email) i can see the name of the contacts and the number.
    If i then click on one of them it just comes up as a number in the: to box.
    If i try to sync my phone with my computer, which has the contacts on, and click replace contacts on phone (with icloud turned off) it just deletes all the contacts that are left (the ones i added since i lost them) and does not replace them.
    I have tried syncing through Icloud, the computer, Yahoo, Hotmail, and gmail with no luck.
    So my qustion is can i get my contacts back?

    In iTunes, uncheck Sync contacts.
    Sync the iPhone.
    Then recheck Sync contacts and sync the iPhone.

  • I can receive texts but not calls from one number

    My wife can send me text messgaes but I cannot receive calls from her. She can hear the dialling tone on her phone when she rings me but I don't get anything, not even a missed call message afterwards. We have both done factory resets on our phones and nothing has changed. We both have iphone 5s. Any ideas much appreciated??

    Quick update here as I got the problem resolved yesterday after talking to the technical department at O2. After my intiial post yesterday I actually discovered that I wasn't receiving any calls from any numbers (not only my wife)! The problem lay with the TuGo app I had installed on my phone which I hadn't used in ages but was still signed in. The person in O2 technical got me to redownload the app and then delete my account. My phone immediately began working as normal and I can receive all my calls. He mentioned that there was a known issue with this app and O2 were working on a fix for it currently. Thanks for your help.

  • How come my text messages are not going through as iMessages?

    I've been having this problem for a few weeks now. When someone texts me from an iPhone with iMessage, I get their texts as a regular text message. Sometimes there text messages come in "s p a c e d o u t l i k e t h i s". I will also get multiple texts as well. When I respond to their text message, it usually goes through as an iMessage but when they respond, still a text message. Does anyone know why this could be happening or what I can do to fix it? I never did the last software upgrade if that helps. I ran into a lot of problems with the previous upgrade so I decided to just never upgrade again.

    When you start a new imessage then you get your address book so you can choose who you send it to. There you get the option to choose a number or the email. Then take the email address. If you don`t have one then you must get there email and put it in your address book. Try it

  • How can i email apple but not call them

    How can i email apple not call them?

    For support? Start a request online:
    Apple - Support - Contact Apple Support

  • I am unable to send a text message.  I can send a imessage fine.  I am able to receive a text message but not send

    I have been unable to send a regular text message since the other day when I arrived in Houston and took my phone off airplane mode.  I have went thru the carrier and nothing we did solved the problem.  What are some options I could try.  I have no problems sending imessages as long as there is a data connection.

    Text messages are a carrier feature so if you are having problems sending them I would check with your carrier

  • Random dial and receive call from one specific number

    What happens is on a random basis, my iPhone 4 dials a computer shop (I think) and yet they seem to be calling me. I have restored the iOS and have the same problem.

    Contact your carrier... and have her contact hers. Assuming they are SMS/MMS messages, that is. SMS and MMS are carrier features. Note that MMS messaging requires a cellular data connection.

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