How to connect a APExpress to a digital audio console

I have a Yamaha M7CL digital audio console that has an Ethernet connection. I want to control the desk wirelessly using the APExpress. I know how to do it with a Linksys or Netgear router. With those I need to plucg into one of the 4 LAN ports. Not the WAN. And it works great. Since the APEx has only one port (LAN or WAN?) How can I make it work. The console has Network settings that can be changed but I think my issue is that the port on the APE is looking for internet. I'm not interested in using this set up to surf the web I only trying to connect the 2 and wirelessly connect with my laptop. With all the different settings I have no idea where to begin. Can anyone give me a clue. Thanks.

Hello steviee7. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
In order for the AirPort Express Base Station's (AX) Ethernet port to perform as a "LAN" port so that the Yamaha can access the network/Internet, it would need to be reconfigured as one of the following:
For both the 802.11b/g and 802.11n versions of the AX:
o As as relay or remote base station in a Wireless Distribution System (WDS).
For the 802.11n version only:
o As an extender of a wireless network created by another 802.11n AirPort or Time Capsule.
o As a wireless Ethernet bridge (ProxySTA).

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    The ATV does not connect to dock or lightning connectors.  It connects to a TV or AV receiver.

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    the JFP1 and JFP2 connectors cannot be used for connecting the case's front panel audio ports.  You have to use the JAUD1 Connector.
    The Pinouts of the JAUD1 Connector are described in the user manual.  If you want a more detailed pin definition, check the Intel Front Panel I/O Connectivity Design Guide, page 22 (Intel® High Definition Audio):
    Free wires are mic_bias, mic_in, Gnd, Spk .. return L, return R
    Looks like your case's wiring is not fully compatible with the Intel HD Audio/Azalia Connectivity Standard, so don't be surprised that the JAUD1 Connector has more pins than you have wires. Connecting the microphone should be pretty easy anyway.  There are basically just two possible positions. The GND-Wire goes to the GND-Pin (2).  The two MIC-Wires go to the two MIC-Pins (1 and 3).  Try both positions, one of them should work.  When you test the microphone and it does not work, make sure you try the following things:
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    2) Run the microphone calibration utility (called miccal.exe (it is in the Realtek Installation folder))
    3) Enable Microphone Boost

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    Hello! Welcome to the Forums!
    Sadly, there is no real way to obtain the temperature of the CPU in G4 models before Mirror Drive Doors. Those models lack the cpu sensor to report temperature. You might have to search or use Google to do a search for how to get CPU temperature from a Digital Audio G4.
    The technology of those G4s doesn't include a sensor for temperature reporting.

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    @Király : May i know how to Open Audio Midi Setup? Is this Audio Midi Setup is in the locatated in the Setting in Mac Snow Leapord OS? or how to locate this "Audio Midi Setup " in Mac enviroment. Is it possible to open this Audio Midi Setup in windows 7 enviroment also? I Just want to get the audio from my iMac in Hts-3300 onkyo home theatre. YOur help is much appreciated
    @rkaufmann87 : Thank you very much for your sharing about this connection. for me what i understand is the digital audio output in airportexpress is the same as the audio out put in iMac in terms of details sepcs. So this airportexpress will only help you connect wirelessly to home theatre system, rather than waired connection. Other than that nothig much difference. So there is no point for me to spend extra bucks to attain the wireless connection. Unless the airportexpress have optical digital input, which i believe not. Correct me if I m worng, thanks

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    With your Inspire 5. Digital 5700, your best bet is?using the analog Front and Rear input connections on the decoder and connect them to the X-Fi Xtreme Music front (Line Out )?and rear (Line?Out 2)?output connections and then enable CMSS Music or CMSS Movie Mode on your Digital 5700 decoder which will then give you a 4./5. Upmix. Gi'ven that you don't have a Center connection on the the Inspire 5. Digital 5700, no connection can made to the your Front Center satelite speaker/Subwoofer (Line Out 3) on your X-Fi Xtreme Music card. I'm led to understand that Creative speaker systems do not need Bass Redirection to reproduce proper Bass frequencies on your Subwoofer and not on your satelite speakers but you may want to test this simply enabling and disabling Bass Redirection, on your X-Fi Xtreme Music sound card, to your own personal taste. Alternately, you can concurrently connect your Inspire 5. Digital 5700 via the Coxial Digital/PCM Input to the FlexiJack input/output jack on the X-Fi Xtreme Music and then enable Digital I/O mode for the FlexiJack in the Audio Console found in the Windows Control Panel or?in the Entertainment Mode or Game Mode Consoles. Unfortunately the FlexiJack only provides a 2 conductor connection therefore it only supports 2. Speaker system connections?therefore you will still have to enable the CMSS Music or CMSS Movie Modes on your Inspire 5. Digital 5700 decoder to produce a 4./5. sound upmix. Sadly, no optical connection can be made between your Inspire 5. Digital 5700 and your X-Fi Xtreme Music sound card without the installation of the X-Fi I/O Dri've or X-Fi I/O Console at, of course, additional expense. From my standpoint, the X-Fi I/O Dri've is a good value given the number of external inputs and outputs in offers. Again, it's a matter of what your personal connection requirements are and budget. Hope this hel

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    You can purchase HDMI switches but don't expect them to work perfectly in _every_ configuration. What I mean is that your mileage may vary, it may work, or it may not. However, chances are good that it will but I'd make certain that you can return the HDMI switch if it doesn't work correctly when paired with you DVD player and the Apple TV and your HDTV.
    By the way, does your TV have component inputs? If so you can use the Apple TV's component outputs to get HD but then you'll have to route the audio from the Apple TV either over standard RCA stereo plugs or via the digital audio optical connection on the Apple TV (assuming again that your HDTV has optical audio inputs, but I see that you receiver has an optical input so that should work too).

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