How to create a sequence with followoing specs....

Hello all,
I have to create a sequence with following specs:
data type: number
no. of digits: 6
1st digit starts from 5
next 2 digits represent current year e.g. 06
and next 3 digits = running serial (001 to 999)
increament: 1
example: 506001
please help me

it is pre assumption that the running serial will not go beyond 999 in a year
the ceiling is 500 per year
yes its a y2.1k issue but we are not supposed to store a uniqe identifier for more than 100 years in the database.
i m a novice, can you please suggest a code template for such a seq.?

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    Vel wrote:
    I am creating XML file using DBMS_XMLGEN package. This XML file will contain data from two different database tables. So I am creating temporary table in the PL/SQL procedure to have the data from these different tables in a single temporary table.
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    Edited by: 903948 on Dec 22, 2011 10:58 PMWhat you need to do to eliminate the INSERT statement is to -- as already suggested by others - eliminate the temporary table. You don't need it. It is just necessary overhead. Please explain why you (apparently) believe that the suggestion of a view will not meet your requirements.

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          insert wa_node_att into table i_node_att.
    clear i_struc. refresh i_struc.
      select carrid connid into corresponding fields of table i_struc from sflight where carrid = 'AA'.
    rootnode_info = wd_context->get_node_info( ).
    rootnode_info->add_new_child_node( name = 'DYNFLIGHT'
                                       attributes = i_node_att
                                       is_multiple = abap_true ).
    dyn_node = wd_context->get_child_node( 'DYNFLIGHT' ).
    dyn_node->bind_table( i_struc ).
    l_ref_interfacecontroller->set_data( dyn_node ).
    I am trying to create a new node. That is
    As you see above I am trying to create 'DYNFLIGHT' along with the 2 attributes which are inside this node. The structure of the node that is, no.of attributes may vary based on some condition. Thats why I am trying to create a node dynamically.
    Also I cannot define the structure in the ABAP dictionary because it changes based on condition
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    Hi murali,
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    Hi Easwar
    Thanks  a lot for answering the question.
    Yes I do have CRM Billing documents. But the problem is
    a) either the billing document doesn't have Transfer to Accounting status Transferred or
    b) a transferred billing document, but all items have error "Unable to offset billing item 90003458 0000000060" etc.
    Do you know
    1) how I can make a billing document have "Transferred" status? Pressing "Transfer to Accounting" button in the billing document overview page will only set the status to "Being transferred". And it's always being tranfered.
    2) What does the error "Unable to offset billing item ... "mean? How to get rid of them?
    Thanks a lot!

  • How to create shipment document with out inbound delivery document

    Dear Friends
    How to create shipment document with out outbound/inbound delivery document.
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    Please let it solve
    With regards

    Dear Sameer,
    Please go to transaction VT01N here you enter Transportation planning point and shipment type then press enter.
    Now system will take you to the shipment document creation screen here you click on Select deliveries or press F6 now system will take you to the select outbound deliveries screen in this screen you enter selection data then execute, now deliveries will get assigned to that shipment.
    After assigning the deliveries enter the remaining data then complete the shipment finally save the shipment document.
    For more information please go through this SAP help link
    Note:- Shipment process need to be carry out for the deliveries before PGI.
    I hope this will help you,

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    Why did you create a new thread for this?
    How to create a table with varied number of columns?

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    how to create a table with datatype blob and insert a pdf file,
    give me the explain asap
    1.create the table?
    2.insert the pdffiles into tables? to view the files?
    Thanks & Regards
    Edited by: 895044 on Dec 5, 2011 2:55 AM

    895044 wrote:
    how to create a table with datatype blob and insert a pdf file,
    give me the explain asapPerhaps you should read...
    especially point 2.
    We're not just sitting here waiting to answer your question as quickly as possible for you.

  • I need your expert opinion on how to create a map with multiple conditions.

    I need your expert opinion on how to create a map with multiple conditions.
    I have a procedure (which i cannot import or re-create in OWB due to the bug), so i am trying to create a map instead :-(
    How can i create a cursors within the map?
    My function creates table and cursor.
    Then it will have to check for duplicates in the tables (the one created and another table) - the criteria for finding duplicates is a number of fields.I then need to place few different conditions (if some attributes are not available) and it has to load cursor based on this conditions. The next step is to fetch the data into the cursor based on what attributes are missing.
    The next thing it will do is insert the data into table (if record doesn't exist), output the error in separate table is record is corrupted, or update the record with changed information.
    In short i need to re-create match / merge but with conditions, iterations etc 'built into' it.
    I can read up on available functions - it's just what would be the best options? and what would be the best approach to do so?
    In my function i use %rowtype - but cannot use it in owb - so what would be the alternative? i don't really want to create a lot of variables and then have a nightmare of maintaing it. are there any tips regarding this?
    having looked through Oracle dedupe - it's not really what i need because it is just DISTINCT.
    I would appreciate any help / advise on this.
    Thank you very much

    thanks a lot for your reply - i will look into this option :-)
    it is a bit more complicated now as i have to re-create the match / merge and then somehow 'tweak' it to achieve the result i need.
    At the moment i am looking to breakdown the package into smaller chunks 'functions' and try creating the map that way.
    Anyway, thank you very much for your suggestion.

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    Now i want to create a SEQUENCE similar to Oracle and populate My surrogate Key Column.
    Can u tell me how to create a SEQUENCE in MSSQL2005?
    Does anyone is having the sql syntax?

    Hi Gourisankar,
    There is no sequence concept in MS SQL Server rather it has IDENTITY.
    In MS SQL Server if you declare a column type as a Identity it will be auto increment when a new record inserts.
    So in you underlying table create a column as ID and type as "Identity" and in your mapping leave that field un mapped.
    Have a look and google more on "identity in ms sql server" ;)

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    THnak you and best regards,

    Dear Shobhit,
    How to put the thread as you mentioned.
    Best regards,

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    Hello All,
    Can any one tell me how to create a GregorianCalendar with time zone information i.e
    I have following information with me
    direction from UTC "+" / "-" (in ascii notation)
    hours from UTC minutes from UTC
    How can i construct a calender out of it?

    How to construct a calendar:
    Did you consider looking at the API docs with the set() method for calendar and the field constants for the values you can set?
    Although I wonder whether it's simpler to just concatenate the data to a String and parse it to a Date instance using SimpleDateFormat.

  • How to create a field with  1200 chars length

    Will anybody let me know how to create a field with length 1200 in a table.

    Hi Madhvi,
    Other thing what you can do is
    1. First create a Table type.
         Goto SE11-> Dataelements ->Table type
         There on the next screen select Predefine radio button & there provide data type & size.
    2. Create a structure having a field typa of Table type created before. say that field is quant.
    Now in your program refer that structure to create an internal table & work area.
    Now if u append ur text to the field quant.
    try creating line type of size more that 255 if it works then fine other wise reduce it.
    Note:: This will be a deep structure.
    so first append value to the field quant,  the at the end of first record append valu to ur internal table.

  • How to create a function with ref_cursor as parameter in OWB 10.1

    Can any one help me how to create a function with ref_cursor as parameter in OWB 10.1.?
    Its urgent. Please help me.

    Hi David,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Before going for this function, I need to create a package in transformation node in owb module.
    My package is as follows,
    Create or replace package 123
    type xxx is RECORD ( parameters);
    type yyy is RECORD (parameters);
    type aaa is table of yyy;
    type bbb is REF CURSOR return xxx;
    type ccc is record (parameters);
    type ddd is ref cursor return eee;
    How can I create the above kind of package manually in OWB 10.1 (Should not to import the package)
    Please help me its urgent.

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    Hi !
    Any idea about how to create a wiki with iWeb ?
    I want to make a school web page but, instead of doing it myself, I thought it would be more interesting to make every student contribute - that's the point of making a wiki ! Could anyone help me ?
    Many thanks !

    I know Apple's tools are VERY compelling and tremendously cool to use, but, given the collaborative nature of this endeavor, you may want to look at some internet enabled tools that, by their nature, allow many users to update the content from anywhere.
    Currently, if you're editing a page in iWeb, the information for that site is kept in the domain.sites folder. For several people editing the site, you would have to shuttle this file back and forth between all the users. If user A is currently editing the site, user B would have to wait until they're finished to get the file. If user A wants to make some changes, they'd have to wait until user B sends the file back to them and we haven't even got to the point of letting user C, D, or E have access to the content in order to make updates!! Add everyone else in the school and you would have to make sure this one file makes it across tens of computers without becoming corrupted and making sure that only one person is making changes at a time. This would limit the number of updates that can be handled on a regular basis (what if user M gets ill before handing it off to user N, now NO one can make updates until user M remembers where they left the content... if they didn't erase it).
    However, if you're willing to severely limit the scope of what a wiki is, then you can get input from everyone and enter it with just a few users that have access to edit the content.

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