HOW TO Delete Unused Media from FINAL CUT PRO

*HOW TO DELETE UNUSED MEDIA FROM HARD DRIVE IN FINAL CUT PRO.* Keywords: disk disc drive space remove compressor
Say your original clip is 10 gigs, you can use only what you need and delete the rest from your hard drive. I know people on the forums say to just buy another hard drive, NO! It took 2 days to figure out but here it is!!! Email me if needed at [email protected]
I captured 1 hour of video at a time and now want to delete from my hard drive all the parts I don’t want to use. I have 300GB of junk on my hard drive and I only want to use a few scenes using a few megabytes, so that I'll get most of my 300GB back!!!!
In final cut on Mac, click on one small clip (to get familiar with process), go to “file”, “export”, then “using compressor”. This will open compressor software. Your file will open in the left top window. Then you need to batch the job or jobs. IMPORTANT: I’ve also solved the Compressor problem when you press “submit” to a batch and it states “Cluster: None”. Search forum for “In compressor you experience what I have”.
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Part of the problem could lie in the fact it's an imovie project coming into FCP, wouldn't rule that out. Second my be the terms you use and what you expect to happen. For example, a subclip is just a smaller clip subbed from a larger clip. It has nothing to do with media management. But you can media manage a subclip and delete the unused media.
Try this (be sure to back up the original clip first). take a long clip into the viewer, make an IN and OUT duration of like 30 frames and then subclip that, Modify > Make Subclip. a new subclip will appear in the browser with a torn clip icon and the name Subclip. Right click on the subclip and choose Media Manager.... Check the Delete unused media from duplicated clip. As you toggle that the green Modified bar at the top change from the full clip size to a tiny modified size. If it does not then one of two things ... user error or the system is screwed up. That's the easiest way to test media manager.

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    Or just export an H.264, which PC's can play back just fine, especially via the web.  I've never had issues with my clients. r
    You can do H.264 direcly out of FCP X without going to compressor.  You'll need to purchase "Flip4Mac" to export WMV files, which I rarely have to use for my PC clients.  You can create a Bundle in your Share preferences to do it all in one operation, too.

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    Simple as that and no extra costs.

  • How do I delete a Library from Final Cut Pro 10.1?

    I created a new Library in FCP 10.1 but now I can't delete it (option to delete it in the menu is grayed out).  I know you have to have at least one Library but there is another Library so that isn't the problem.  Thoughts?

    No, Libraries are independent little universes, all unto themselves.  They operate at the Finder level only. This allows you to duplicate, and copy them in the Finder, without the database UUID conflict we had with Events and Projects beofore.  That was why that function was inside FCP X, so it could duplicate and copy things, and be sure to assign them unique UUID numbers internally.  That is not an issue now, FCP should bow out of the process.
    But I can see how it would be slick to have a Library "Move to Trash" function.  It would make me nervous.  Who knows, it may be coming.
    Either way, once you get the hang of it, you'll learn it is a really easy, very flexible system.

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    First make sure that you have nothing typed into the search box (not even spaces).
    If you still see nothing, try this in order:
    1) Window->Revert to Original Layout
    2) Quit FCP X, delete preferences using Preference Manager (a free download from Digital Rebellion)
    3) Download FCS Remover, and use it to completely remove FCP X. This will NOT delete your content, just the application.
    4) Reinstall FCP X from the Mac App Store: log in with the same Apple ID that you used to buy FCP X, click on "Purchases", locate FCP X and click Install.

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    How do I upgrade from Final Cut Pro 4.0 to 4.5?
    Please Help

    I got sorted apparently I had a recipt for the orignal 4.5 upgrade and this prevented the software updater looking for Final Cut Pro 4.5
    solution: I opened Library and went to Receipts and found FinalCutProHD4.5.Pkg I deleted this then I went to software update and bingo problem solved?
    thanks anyway

  • How can I upgrade from Final Cut Pro X 10.0.4  to 10.0.7

    I need to upgrade from Final Cut Pro X 10.0.4 to 10.0.7 but can not find how to do this. Can anybody help?

         You might do some web searching on "FCPx  torrent ".  I would think that if you have a legitimate copy of FCPx there would be no legal/moral issue with pulling down a 10.0.7 version via bittorrent, but I'm not a lawyer. And of course there are other issues relating to such software but as Tom implies, you can't get an older version from Apple so you'll have to find somebody, somewhere with a 10.0.7 copy that you can install.

  • "media server application expectly quit" when submitting from final cut pro

    browsing through the list, it seems the problem couldn´t be solved so far.
    doing some systematic testing, the following riddle shows up:
    ... when adding a QT ref movie (or movie) directly to the compressor batch list and submit to the cluster, everything runs fine.
    ... when exporting from final cut pro:
    menu -> export -> using compressor ...
    submitting in compressor using:
    1) Cluster: this computer: everything keeps running fine.
    2) Cluster: MylovelyCluster ....
    the job fails with the message "Failed: HOST [clusternode_name.local] media server application unexpectedly quit"
    since there is 5TB + of data to be compressed, copying files to the render nodes is not an option. all data is on a shared xraid, connected via giganet.
    Any ideas, any hints appreciated !
    p.s. Anybody running an XSAN having the same issues?
    G5s, G4s, G3s, macminis, powerbooks   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   xraid

    ... well, the answer is in other topics.
    showstopper explains it patently again and again ...
    thanks from here.
    shortly: when submitting from FCP, every node HAS to have FCP installed and MUST have access to the same relative file path (mounted shared volume). If the volume is not present, the render node will open the reconnect media dialogue and waits for user input.

  • How to import project from Final cut pro 7 to X ?

    how to import project from Final Cut Pro 7 to X ?

    please tell me if FCP 7can create any kind of file that FCP X can read ?
    I can read FCP 7 .mov file with QuickTime, but not with FCP X ? what can I do ?
    Sould I use a Premiere on PC to make files compatibles in between 2 apple Softwares ?
    I have a lot a files that have been created with FCP 7 and I just buy FCP X , so I am Stuck !!!
    thank you in advance

  • URGENT HELP, How do you burn a DVD from Final Cut Pro

    This is my first video and I have to have it done by Wednesday, but I dont know how to take the movie from final cut and import to DVD Studio Pro. If anyone can help please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks Zack

    Hi Zack
    There are several ways to do it. To keep it simple just export a self contained movie out of FCP then import this into DVDSP. It will do all the encoding in the background for you. The prefered way is to export out of your timeline to Compressor and use one of the DVD-mpeg-2 presets. The preset you use depends on the the length of your project, the quality of the video, etc. Once you get to understand mpegging a bit more you can create your own settings to suit yourself. If you have to be done by tomorrow just keep it simple and get it done - then you can play another day : )
    Good luck

  • TS1233 How do I get chapter markers for iDVD from Final Cut Pro X?

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    I have decided to say that my problem is solved by the work-a-rounds that have been submitted. I STILL don't like the fact tha Apple has decided that DVD's are a thing of the past and therefore (chapter) markers are of no use. That may be true is the publishing world of YouTube, Vimeo, etc. but it certainly NOT true for many of us advanced hobbyists that still like distribution on DVD's to our friends or a more localized (private) community -- especially to those who are not computer literate. If Apple wants to exclude us from their customer base, I suggest that base will become even smaller than their competitors who still have chapter markers in their products. I'll get off my soapbox now. . .

  • How do I export a project from Final Cut Pro onto my desktop?

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    Can anyone please help me.. when I click on my timeline in my project library and try to export movie nothing happens! and when I  try to "share" to youtube I get an error message stating that it cannot be exported because it contains "no video"... The 4 minute music video that I've created with shots off my Canon T2i looks and plays great....If I uploaded the videos into Final Cut but did not save them on my desktop or anywhere else on the Mac would this be a reason to get this message? I have never experienced this before...the only option under "share" that works is "email"
    [email protected]

  • Don't understand 'Delete unused media from duplicated items'

    Can anyone help with this?
    I have a large project spanned across 2 drives and want to tidy it all up to a third drive. Using Media Manager (with no specific sequences selected) it says the project size is 350Gb. If I check the 'Delete unused media from duplicated items' box it reduces to 267GB.
    Given that I'm not selecting a particular sequence edit I assume it is aimaing to manage all files. So what is the variation of 84GB. If I opt for the 267GB, what is in the 84GB that I'm about to loose. I haven't duplicated anything so unsure what I'll be losing?

    You won't lose anything if you copy the project with Media Manager. Test the copy afterwards to make sure it is exactly what it should be. Once you are happy with it, the original can be deleted.
    You can make the copy even smaller if you exclude render files. It will have to be re-rendered only if you have to revisit the project at some point. Use the space saved for something else until it is really needed.

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