How to display F4 values in one field based on other field selection

Hi All,
How to hide a UI element (i.e Link to action) highlited for Normal User and display the same to super user.
Component Name : /SAPSRM/WDC_DODC_SC_GAF_C
2.Can i know how to display  the entries in supplier field based on Product category selection.
Right now all the entries are getting displayed in the supplier field.
I want to display only entries based on Product category.
Component Name : /SAPSRM/WDC_DODC_SC_I_LIM
How to enhance the web dynpro component with the filtered values.

Hi Ashvin,
             Thanks for the document. In the search help there is a standard FM which is getting executed.
Can i enhance that FM or should i copy and edit.
If i creata a Z FM and make changes how to pass that values to my standard Component View UI Element.
If not then suggest me some alternative.

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    Hello experts,
    I am looking for an user exit which allows me to hide some fields based on other field's value.
    For example, I have field 1 and field 2. When I open my notification, if the value of field 2 is 'aaa', field 1 has to be hidden.
    There should be an user exit but I can't find it...
    Thanks for your help!

    Hi everyone,
    Any thoughts? any help is appreciated...

  • How To display the value of outer loop with inner loop fields

    Hi All
    I have a issue that i have to display the values flexfield wise ,like i have 3 DFF values in xmlp layout ,each will have some list of records which will be displayed under the DFF values,so it means
    DFF values will be in outer loop with its group
    while related records of DFF will comes in inner loop with its group
    my problem is that i have to display the DFF values also with respective inner records ,
    Would somebody please suggest how can we achieve this ,please let me know if my question is not clear.

    I think you will be having xml structure like this:
    So in this case, if you want to refer G_HEADER details in G_LINES then, you should navigate 2 levels above.
    It will be <?../../element_name?>

  • How to display a value of one report in another report in obiee 11G

    I have Requirement, I created one report in that i have a columns Rank, Net price, list price and ..., so in prompt i have rank column and year column so if i enter rank as 5 and year it shows me top 5 ranks with net prices according to selected year in prompt, now i did a grand total on rank column to get total sum on net price, i got $12345 value for net price column . Now I created another report in this it shows sum of total year for net price with value $1234567, this value i got when i selected year 2011 in prompt i.e same prompt . Both this reports have same prompt in section 1 Prompt and in section 2 this two reports. Now i need to Display a pie chart with this two total values coming from two different reports in same pie chart. but i can't display both columns on same report. please help me
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    Any Help Guys..

  • How to display the values in the form based on another form option?

    I have two forms. Based on form 1 option the form 2 should display.
    Form 2 values are stored in a separate table consists of step_id and step_name
    For example:
    In a Procedure there are multiple steps(step1, step2... step n).
    If procedure 1 is choosen from form 1 and user clicks the start button and the page navigates to another form 2.
    In form 2, step 1 of procedure 1 should display.
    Hope it make some sense....
    thank you

    You can cachieve this my passing parameter through the Branc or by setting the items in computation / process.
    1. On Page 1 on condition Proc1 chosen create a conditional branch that fires only when Proc 1 is chosen
    2. In the Branch set the Items on Page 2 with values of Items as dictated by Proc 1.
    That should do it.
    It depends a lot on what Page 2 needs to dispaly the right stuff.

  • How ?? Pass value from one procedure to the others.

    I'm thank you everyone visited my Thread.
    This is my abbreviate program. I've a procedure "proc_check_item" that have many conditions and "proc_item_number" get value (v_stmt)from "proc_check_item".
    -- proc_check_item --
    v_stmt varchar2(100);
    If conditions1 then
    v_stmt := 'and item_number between 1000 and 2000';
    elsif conditions2 then
    v_stmt := 'and item_number >= 1000';
    v_stmt := 'and item_number <= 2000';
    end if;
    -- proc_item_number(p_stmt in Varchar2) --
    cursor cur_01 is
    select item_01, ....
    from table_a
    where ...
    and ...
    &v_stmt <--- this point!!!
    How can i do to passed v_stmt from
    "proc_check_item" to "proc_item_number".
    I'm used &,||, ... its does not work pls. help me
    ---- If its right it should be -----
    cursor cur_01 is
    select item_01, ....
    from table_a
    where ...
    and ...
    and item_number between 1000 and 2000
    cursor cur_01 is
    select item_01, ....
    from table_a
    where ...
    and ...
    and item_number >= 1000
    It's look like at REPORT that i can used 'place holder parameter' to support this query but in this procedure !!
    How can i do..
    Thank you for your kindness ...
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    Something like this:
    -- proc_item_number(p_stmt in Varchar2) --
    cursor cur_01(v_stmnt varchar2) is
    select item_01, ....
    from table_a
    where ...
    and v_stmt = ...
    open cur_01(p_stmt)

  • How to read the value from one context node in other in the same view.

    I am working on enhanced component ICCMP_BP_CP/BuPaContactPersonCreate ,  i need to read the partner_guid from Customer context node in  contactpersonaddress context node.
    Could you please guid me how to achieve this? if possible, please explain me with some sample code.
    i am trying this code in GET_FAXFAX method of contactpersonaddress-faxfax, but it is throwing me the type cast exception.
    data: lr_entity type ref to cl_crm_bol_entity.
    data: lv_test type string.
    lr_entity ?= collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
    lr_entity = lr_entity->get_related_entity( 'BuilContactPersonAddressRel' ).
    Thanks in advance.
    Kamesh Bathla
    Edited by: Kamesh Bathla on Jun 25, 2009 7:46 PM

    problem solved by writing the code in context node class CREATE_CONTPERSADDRESSVALNODE method
      coll_wrapper = customer->get_collection_wrapper( ).
          entity ?= coll_wrapper->get_current( ).
        CATCH cx_sy_move_cast_error.
      IF entity IS BOUND.
    CONTPERSADDRESSVALNODE->on_new_focus( focus_bo = entity ).
        DATA: lr_collection TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_entity,
              lv_fax TYPE string,
              lv_fax_ext TYPE string,
              lv_tel TYPE string,
              lv_tel_ext TYPE string,
              entity_addr TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_property_access, "#EC *
              coll_wrapper1 TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_collection_wrapper.
         lr_parrent type
        lr_collection = entity->get_related_entity( 'BuilStandardAddressRel' )."'BuilContactPersonAddressRel' ).
        IF lr_collection IS BOUND.
          coll_wrapper1 = contpersaddressvalnode->get_collection_wrapper( ).
              entity_addr ?= coll_wrapper1->get_current( ).
            CATCH cx_sy_move_cast_error.
    getting fax number
          CALL METHOD lr_collection->if_bol_bo_property_access~get_property_as_value
              iv_attr_name = 'FAXFAX'
              ev_result    = lv_fax.
    ***setting fax number
          CALL METHOD entity_addr->set_property
              iv_attr_name = 'FAXFAX'
              iv_value     = lv_fax.

  • Can we sort one field based on other field in messsage mapping !!

    Hi Folks,
    I have got source xml with couple of Vendors, Vendors has got promotions on different products with different dates. If I sort date field, product quantity is not sorting. How Can I sort both fields at the same time, if I sort Promotion date field in ascending order, the product quanitity has to sort respectively?
    Any one can help in this please , any links are examples etc..
    Kind Regards
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Folks,
    I have tried with this function SortbyKey, it always throuing exception. That's the reason I came to you guys. Please have a look following mapping
    ZY2K_DATE    ----> Remove Context -->
                                           Sortbykey  -----> Condition etc.,
    ZA02_QTY   -----> Remove Context -->
    if I try to see display queue on Sortbykey  I am getting ' Exception'
    Exception:[ Queues have different lengths in function sortByKey] in class method sortByKey[[Ljava.lang.String;@5be18f1d, [Ljava.lang.String;@357ae80b, SortComparator.CASE_SENSITIVE, SortOrder.ASCENDING, [email protected],
    ...<OUTPUT>          - - - -       0..unbound
    .......<Group_LIN>    - - -        0..unbound
    ..........<Group_ZA>  - - -       0..unbound      
    ..............<D02_ZA>  - - -        0..unbound
    ProductDemandInfluencingEventNotification  0..unbound
    ...ProductDemandInfluencingEvent                 1..1
    .......Item                                                           1..unbound
    ..........OrderForecastTimeSeries                     0..1
    ..............Item                                                    1..unbound
    .................ValidityPeriod                                  1..1
    ......................StartDateTime                             0..1
    ......................EndDateTime                               0..1
    .................Quantity                                           1..1
    the above D02_ZA tag sometimes comes more than one QD with different dates. Same dates has to go under one tag with respective quantities!! This is the situation, can any solve this please?
    The target tag "ProductDemandInfluencingEventNotification" will generate based on number of promotions on particular date. Ex: if one vendor has 'n' number products promotions on 3 different dates, 3 "ProductDemandinfluenceevennotifications" has to generate, that three promotion dates and quantities has to respectively.
    That ZA02 (Qty) value has to go Quantity target field.
    Kind Regards

  • Table maintenance - auto-populate description field based on other field

    I have a custom table with 2 fields in it. Customer and Name. For customer field, I am using a standard customer search help. My requirement is when I search for a customer and select a customer, how can the name field be auto populated with customer name? I am looking for a best way to do this.

    hi adrian,
    One method to achieve this functionality would be  :
    1. Find out the maintenance screen and function group of the table maintenance generator say 0001 and Z03_PRO_FN. ( u can find out by going into tables - > utilities -> tmg - to find Function group. for screen number- from TMG ->utilites->modifications->maintanence screen -> note the screen number).
    2. Go to SE80 and open Z03_PRO_FN screen number 0001.
    3. For field 1 - create a module in Process on Value Request Event in PAI of the maintenance screen ( Similar to any module pool program)
    call the FM F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST( In Process on Value request event of field 1 in PAI)
    4. Use FM DYNP_VALUES_Update to read the value of field 1 on the screen ( Because this is before enter is pressed and field 1 on the module pool porogram would not be populated with value ) and update the field 2.

  • Aumming fields based on other fields

    I have an inventory database with a quantity on hand field.  This field holds information pertaining to each store's location and the warehouse.  The inventory application will show quantity on hand throught the organization, but it is a calculated field so I can't just drop it in my report. So, I am trying to figure out how to create a formula to add up the quantity on hand at the store locations selected for the report.  So, if I select Stores 1, 2, 3, and the stores have 5, 10, and 15 widgets respectively, I would like to show quantity on hand of 30.  To make things even more complicated, I would like to add in my warehouse to quantity on hand or put in a seperate field on the report.

    There are a whole host of ways to handle this...
    The most straight forward is to return all of the records from the database, use record selection to select only those stores desired, then using the SUM() function to add them up (after grouping by part number). 
    If the warehouse is treated like another store (like it is in our systems), then nothing special needs to be done.  Otherwise, you'd have to do something similar for the warehouse quantities, pulling them from where ever they reside.

  • How to display 7 values of  single field in row wise.

    how to display 7 values of  single field in row wise.
    thankx in advance.

    hi ,
    do it like this :
    1 Place ur UI element in tranparent container with Layout as Row Data and Layout Data as Row Head Data
    2 Ur first  UI , which contains the first value as Row Head Data ,
    3 Others as Row Data
    u can do it with Matrix Data as well
    if u want to give space , u can use HORIZONTAL GUTTER and set its width to medium / large / Xlarge
    also there is a UI element "INVISIBLE ELEMENT" ,
    1 u can use this UI element to provide space between ur other UI elements in the view
    2 u can insert a text element as well , and in the Text property of the element press ALT + 0160.
    u can give the space bw UIs as desired.

  • How to display negative values in a screen field of a screen

    Hi All,
    Please let me know how to display negative values in a screen field of a screen.

    Hi Kishore,
    You can do this method. In the screen , create a text field of CHAR instead fo creating an INT4 field.
    I have created a field of CHAR of name say TEXT.
    In the main program,
    declare a variable of the same name ie. TEXT.
    data: TEXT(5) TYPE C.
    In PBO, just assign the negative values.
    It will work.Since there is automatic conversion between character and integer data types, it will work for positive values as well.

  • How to display array values in textfield?

    i am creating student details with mysql database using JSON to get values and display in xcode.i got json array values from php and converted to NSMuatable array. my array result
        firstName = hari;
        lastname = krishna;
        firstName = priya;
        lastname = amirtha;
    now i want to display values iwhen i am enter firstname other field values display  in  textfiled  on button to do that .help me .thanks in advance.
    i am very new to xcode.

    I think that its necessaries to use AJaX.
    I am implemeting something like that.
    I have a input text that works like a filter and depends on what my user types in input text I populate my table with some information.
    In order to do that, I put in my JSP a div with an Id and I used ajax, like that:
    function ajaxFunction()
              var xmlhttp;
              if (window.XMLHttpRequest)
              xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();
              else if (window.ActiveXObject)
              // code for IE6, IE5
              xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
              alert("Your browser does not support XMLHTTP!");
                                                      if( xmlhttp.readyState==4 )
                                                           document.getElementById("tabelaResponsaveis").innerHTML = xmlhttp.responseText;
         var resp = "<f:invokeUrl var='solicitacao' methodName='getResponsaveis'/>";"POST",resp,true);
    getResponsaveis is a method inside my BPM that returns a HTML code (the table HTML code with all the information that I need to show.
    I Hope to help
    Thanks Marcos

  • Move values of one field symbol to other field symbol of different structur

    Hi all,
    i need to move values of one field symbol to other field symbol of different structure.
    I need to perform operations like MOVE-CORRESPONDING on two field symbols of different structure.
    How can i achieve this?
    field symbol 1 have 2 field and field symbol2 have 4 fields....
    Best Regards,

    You can use -
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING <struct1> to <struc2>.
    In this case it will move the contents of the components from struct1 to struct2 that has identical names.
    You can refer this link also-

  • How to get a value from one item into another

    How can i get value from one item into another item.
    Ex: I have a report, in there i have check boxes, and when i have checked some rows, and press submitt, a prosses computates it into a item on another page, and a branche redirects to page 3. Then i'm going to use the value in the item into a PL/SQL script in an report to show the submittet items.
    How can i do this?
    Computation script, pages and all that is fixed. But i dont know which PL/SQL statement to use to get th value from the item.

    Hi Fredr1k,
    Use the V() function from pl/sql.
    e.g. V('P3_MY_ITEM')
    will return the value of that page item.
    As long as the pl/sql is called from within the Apex environment.

Maybe you are looking for