How to download PDF attachment from gmail on iphone 5S

How to download PDF attachment from gmail on iphone 5S

Hello Ram2910
You should be able to view them natively within iOS. If you can view them in safari and want to save them, then download iBooks or search for other apps that can view and save them.
iBooks: Viewing, syncing, saving, and printing PDFs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
-Norm G.

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    Hi Sara
    I am using SHAW.CA
    When I right click, nothing happens.
    When I left click, single or double,,,I get the message, file could not be downloaded, try again...
    This started when I upgraded from Vista to Windows  8..
    Thanks for you help  ...
    from Windows Mail

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    I downloaded an audio book called The Fast Metabolism Diet.  There is supposed to be a pocket guide in the accompaning pdf.  The audiobook also refers to charts and recipe lists.  How do I get these from i-tunes? Do I have have to buy the book to get these?  Please help.

    Basic Help Information for Your iPad:
    Basic Usage Links:
    Apple - Support - iPad
    iPad User Guide
    Apple - iPad - Guided Tours T
    Troubleshooting Links:
    Troubleshooting iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch accessoriesi
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    Download a User Manual for your iPad
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  • Can anyone explain in simple steps how to download pdf file from my ipad (ibooks) to mac mavericks ( ibooks) please only workable solution should be displayed

    I would like to download my books and pdf file from my ipad ( ibooks) to my macbook pro (ibooks) both using the same icloud and  apple id.
    no joy and getting annoyed. Please help me

    Since the iTunes update 11.1.3 this should happen automatically!
    P. Bowden

  • How to download my songs from computer to iphone ?, how to download my songs from computer to iphone ?

    how to download songs from computers to IPhone ?
    I want you to answer me quick please .

  • How to download a movie from iTunes to iPhone without wifi

    How to download movies on iTunes without wifi

    Short of moving to the U.S. (so you have a U.S. billing address) and getting a U.S. based credit card (billed to the aforementioned U.S. address), you can't. And is it really worth trading decent health care for a few movies?

  • How to download sound files from txt on iphone?

    Someone sent me an .mp3 in a txt message.  How to I get it from the phone to my computer?

    Forward it to your email account, then save it on your computer. You can't save it directly on the iPhone.

  • How to download emails sent from Gmail to Thunderbird

    I need to download emails from the Sent folder in Gmail into a new Thunderbird account. Any tips on how to do this?

    set the account up as IMAP (the default) and it will just happen.

  • How to download itunes music from laptop to iphone

    I have song downloaded on itunes to my laptop, how do I download to my iphone???

    Depending upon what country that you are in then you might be able to redownload it directly on your phone via the Purchased tab in the iTunes store app on your phone.
    If not then you can connect the pne to your computer and select it on the left-hand sidebar of the computer's iTunes (you can enable the seidbarvia option-command-S on a Mac, control-S on a PC) and then use the Music tab on the right-hand side of the iTunes screen to select and sync it to your phone.
    Sycning media :
    If you haven't synced your phone to that computer before :

  • HT6154 how to download the files from mail like gmail or yahoo or hotmail to my iphone 5s.I have not seen the option in my iphone 5s

    how to download the files from mail like gmail or yahoo or hotmail to my iphone 5s.I have not seen the option in my iphone 5s

    Download what files?
    What is the actual problem that is occurring?

  • Pdf attachment from mail to ibooks?

    hmm, how do you 'import' pdf attachment from mail into ibooks 1.1? i hit downloaded on iphone mail, it loaded with img, not even a pdf. flip back to ibooks, hit pdf tab, its not there. am i missing something here?
    thanks guys
    Message was edited by: Tran Hoang Long

    I have the latest version of iTunes with iBooks, and it doesn't have anywhere to drag PDF files into iTunes. Where are you seeing this? I tried every imaginable PDF, include a text document, I printed to PDF from textedit, then dragging it into the pane of grayed out books in iTunes.
    What gives?
    Here's a screenshot:

  • How to download a file from Path specifed

    Hi Frndz..
    How to download a file from a specified path like  , i have a file on server in the path like "C://temp/Sap.pdf"
    I want to download this to user desktop..
    Thanks in Advance

    For file down load u have to use a UI element as "File download".
    u just create context attribute as setdownload_res and file data.
    setdownload_res as of type "" then bound it to the ui element "resource".
    file data as of type ""
    and set calcuclated as true and read only as true.
    then in doinit method u just write this code
    IWDAttributePointer attr = wdContext.currentContextElement().getAttributePointer("fileData");
    IWDResource res = WDResourceFactory.createResource(attr,null,WDWebResourceType.UNKNOWN);
    after this in the getter method u write this code
    IWDInputStream stream = null;
    stream = WDResourceFactory.createInputStream(new FileInputStream(new File("<pathof the file to be download>")));
    catch(Exception e)
    return stream;
    also look at this thread  How to DownLoad any type of File from the server(PDF,XLS,Word)

  • Reading an PDF Attachment  From Sender Mail Adapter

    Hi All,
                   i am able to get a mail  from my Mail Server, But my aim is need to Read an PDF attachment from the mail, in SXMB Moni i am getting the Payload with attachment, I have a created a module to convert that PDF to XML(Module is working fine in file to file sceneraio) .
    In adapter should i need to use Payload Swap Bean Module also , because in sap help said that i need  Select Keep Attachments. I want to know how that how to Push the PDF attachment to My Custom Module which is used to convert the PDF To XML.
    If Payload Swap Bean Module needs to be Used , please tell me the Key Names and Key Values to be used.(swap.keyName,swap.keyValues)
    Thanks and Regards,
    Note: Points will be awarded

    See if this helps
    [Module Name]
    [Module Parameters]
    The following parameters are used for this module
      swap.keyName          the name of a supported attribute.
      swap.keyValue         the value of a partial string that is required
                            to appear.
    The supported attributes (swap.keyName) include the payload attributes
    such as payload-name, payload-description and any content attributes
    such as content-type, content-disposition, content-description, etc.
    Ravi Raman

  • How to upload pdf file from windows cell phone?

    How to upload pdf file from windows cell phone?

    You can do this in steps.. First use the built in method for uploading a file into the flows files object, Next you would copy the file out to an Oracle built directory on your UNIX box using utl_file.put_raw..
    Here is a link to show you how to upload files in an APEX application []
    And here is a link to show you how to use utl_file.put_raw.. [], item is towards the bottom of the screen..
    Thank you,
    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

  • I can't download PDF's from website that uses Adobe Reader on my Windows 8 phone?

    For work I need to be able to download PDF's from a particular website.  It utilizes the Adobe Reader but when I try to download a PDF, it doesn't do anything.  I tried to download the "Adobe Reader" from the website but it says that I do not hav the system requirements to do so.  This problem started after they did the Adobe update.  I haven't been able to download these PDS's since then.  I need to be able to do this for work....  Any suggestions?  or when will this issue be fixed?  Thank you!!!

    I have the same problem.  Or similar.  A few weeks ago, i installed Adobe reader (because i had a pdf attachment that was unreadable in Preview, so i wanted to try Adobe to see if that would work; it didn't work).  Since then, i can't open PDF files on the web. I get a black screen or sometimes a white one. and i can sometimes open them indirectly, if there is the option on the link. I thought this problem started after i deleted Adobe however. I'm not sure because i wasn't expecting this problem and am not exactly sure the sequence of when things happened, but i wanted to delete Adobe reader because i had no use for it. Unfortunately, they didn't provide an uninstaller. I put the application in the trash and whatever else was in the folder, and emptied the trash, but got a lot of messages about various files not being able to be deleted because they were in use.  I think it was since then that i can't open PDF files.  Never had a problem before getting involved with Adobe Reader. Anyway,  as far as your answer goes, i have already deleted as much of it as i can. 
    Any other suggestions?  i downloaded the Adobe installer to reinstall it if that's what it takes. i need to be able to open PDF files.

Maybe you are looking for

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