How to find tables for a particular business object.

Dear Friends,
I want to display, all the tables related to a particular business object.
So I think there must be way of doing it using packages.
I will have list of all packages referencing to all business Components
(ex.SALES) then i will get a list of all the tables related to SALES and then I would like to get all the METADATA regarding that TABLE.
please give me some ideas How to achieve this.

hai Naveen ,
Thanks for the reply.
I had gone through the Link.
I want to know "How could I get the list of all the Tables of a particular Business Component"
like suppose i entered Sales i sould get all the tables related to Sales ....if  MM then list of MM tables...
in Se80 the package VA is for sales .....
and there i can get all the tables for sales...
but If u know any searching criteria by which i will be able to the list of tables.

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  • How to Find BADI for a particular FM

    Dear Abapers,
    How do I find a BADI for a Particular Function Module.
    I did google and found three methods but none helped.
    1) going to Transaction se37 to find your function module.  Locate the function SXV_GET_CLIF_BY_NAME.
    this doesnt help me because i dont want to find badi for a transaction.
    2) got se24 and put a break point in the method of class cl_exithandler. I tried this didnt help.
    3) taking the pacake name and going to se80 and enter it there, you see enhancements. I did this , found the package name of that FM which is WZRE. but there are lots of enhancements and badis. i cant find the related one with discription.
    my FM is IDOC_INPUT_SINGLSETTRQS_CREATE. I really need help to find the correct badi for this.
    any help is appreciated.

         To find a BADI for any enhancement follow these steps,
    1) Put a brak point in method CL_EXITHANDLER=>GET_INSTANCE. This will give you the EXIT_NAME and the implementing class name of the BADI.
    2) Remove IF_EX from the implementing class this provides you the BADI name.

  • How to find table for structure field ???

    i need your expert help on this.
    i am working on printing of terms of payment description. here there are explanation fields. it is coming from structure R052. and field name is TXT 02. here as per my understanding structure is coming from multiple tables so how i can find that from which table this field is coming??
    h shah

    Well I cant say this is the solution for your issue, but have a look.
    DD02L - table properties
    DD02T - table texts
    DD03L - field properties
    DD03T - field texts
    How to find data related to a structure? With GREAT difficulty, but here are some ways (which will NOT work sometimes) to find specific fields if you know the structure's fieldname.
    1) First, goto SE11, and enter your structure name. Goto the field that holds your data, and double-click on the element name. Once inside the element, do a where-used list for that element, searching tables only. Then go into each table, and see if you can find the one holding your data. There may sometimes be a huge number of tables displayed, but a lot of them will be empty.
    2) Get the name of the program behind your transaction, goto SE80, and enter the program name. 99% of the time it will be part of a module-pool and bring up the pool. Goto the dictionary structures, and search each table there for the one holding your data.
    3) Open a new session with transaction ST05, select SQL Trace, click on the Trace On button, and go back to your transaction (while leaving the session with ST05 open). Submit your transaction, and go back to the ST05 session. Click on the Trace Off button, then select the List Trace button. Continue with standard selections, and a BASIC TRACE LIST will appear. search thru the tables displayed under ObjectName.
    and have a look at below.
    You do know any transaction in which (related) data is used: 1) start the transaction 2) position the cursor on the field you want to have info about 3) press F1, then F9 4) now you see the technical information of the data element, such as table name and field name. 5) if the table mentioned is what you're looking for, you're done. It is also possible that the data element is in a structure and not in a table. Now you can either analyze the structure via trx SE11, or you can double click on the 'data element' field. In the next screen, use the 'Where used' button to find the tables in which this data element is used.
    Additional tip: if you have found the table name, you can use trx SE36 to see the relationships of this table to other tables. You can use these relationships when defining queries, designing custom ABAP programs, etc. If you're lucky, one or more standard SAP logical database exist which contain the table you found in the previous steps. Proceed as follows: 1) start trx SE36 2) use the search help for the logical database name 3) enter the name of the table in the search help 4) press enter and, if you're lucky, you'll see a list of logical databases. Select one, press enter, select the radio button 'Structure' and press the view button. Now you'll see how this table is related to other tables.
    And finally, I prefer, the simpliest way to contact the ABAP consultant for help.
    Syed Hussain.

  • How to find the bapi about Activities business object...

    Hi All
    can you tell me about information about Activities business object
    iam using SAP CRM..

    Hi KP,
       can you tell us the name of the transaction in which you saw this field?
    If it is in PO Creation or Change you can probably look at the bapis

  • How to find tables contain in particular authorization group.

    hi all
            By using SE11 , i just enter a table name like "MARA"
             then i go for display
            then by clicking utilities->assign authorization group
              i can get the info. about tablename and which authorization group(MM) the table belongs and its desc.
    my question is if the Authorization group is MM, i need to know the list of tables belongs to that particular auth. group.

    Hi Pras,
    These are stoed in table TDDAT. you can use se16 for this table and enter MM in CCLASS field hit execute.
    [My SAP Blog|]

  • How to fetch tables for a particular pricing document?

    Hi all,
    From which tables I have to fetch for particular pricing document that has a particular Condition type?For exampe i am asked for to fetch Pricing document 'IDV' that has a 'ZQTG' Pricing Condition Type.By the way is there any difference between pricing document and pricing condition.

    Hi Balaji
    The entries will be in a combination of tables. In
    simple you can get it from KONH and KONP. But to determine them is a hardsome task.
      Let me try to write it down for you understanding.
    To extract the prices:
      Firstly it depends on the condition type eg: ZCND.
      Next the access sequences: eg: 501, 502. Access
    sequences defines the combination of fields. This
    combination of data you can see in KONH-VAKEY.
      So the reference tables will be A501 & A502.
      From these tables you can get the condition record
    number(KNUMH). Using KNUMH you can go to KONH and KONP
    to extract prices.
      Above is for extraction. Hope the info is helpful for
    Kind Regards

  • How to find entries for the particular month

    hi  all,
    I have a table ZTOS4 where i store the trips, trips created timestamp.
    in my selection screen , i give the month as parameter.
    now i need to select the trips created for the select month. how can i put the select query???
    select trips timestamp
    from ztos4
    where timestamp = month ??????? (as timestamp is date and time and month is 01,02,03,....12)
    how to put the where condition?????
    points will be rewarded
    thanks in advance

    Hi jayasree muthaiyan,
    USE LIKE keyword in where condition of your select query...
    However its better to provide the month and year both form the selection screen because there can be many years data in the table which r having same month ...
    eg .. 02 then it will give Feb months data for all years say 2004 2005 .... 2008 ...
    Here is the "help" for the syntax of LIKE in SELECT statement.
    f NOT LIKE g
    ... ESCAPE h
    The condition is met for a table entry if the statement "f (does not) equal the pattern in g" is true for the values of f and g. f must always be a field descriptor, and g an ABAP field. If f has the value NULL, then the result of the check for the statement is unknown. Within a pattern, there are two special characters:
    '_' (underscore) stands for any single character.
    '%' (percentage sign) stands for any sequence of characters, including an empty string.
    Example to select all customers whose name begins with 'M':
    Example to select all customers whose name contains 'huber':
    WHERE NAME LIKE '%huber%'.
    Example to select all customers whose name does not contain 'n' as the second character:
    LIKE can only be used for alphanumeric database fields. In other words, table field f must have Dictionary type ACCP, CHAR, CLNT, CUKY, LCHR, NUMC, UNIT, VARC, TIMS or DATS. The comparison field g must always have type C.
    The maximum length of the pattern is 2n - 1 characters, where n is the length of field f.
    Trailing spaces are ignored in comparison field g. If a pattern contains trailing spaces, you must enclose it in single inverted commas ('). If your pattern is enclosed in inverted commas and you also want to include inverted commas as part of the pattern, the inverted commas in the pattern must be doubled.
    You cannot use this variant in the ON addition to the FROM clause.
    Hope it will solve your problem
    Reward points if useful...
    Thanks & Regards
    ilesh 24x7

  • How to find tables for left side tree fields  for ML81n

    Hi All,
    I have a issue about ML81n tcode.In this transaction, if we click on button(switch display <-> vendor/po), some of the text fields in the tree are displaying in other languages, but it has to display in english.
    I need solution for displaying texts to english.
    Can anyone plese provide me the solution.
    Thanks in advance

    Check the structure of the DS and find the field which you want to check the source table.
    open the FM in SE37 and then CNTRL+F give the name of the field and check the table which is updating your field.

  • How to find tables for Sloution Manager

    hi all
    i want to find the tables used my solution manager
    Because i want to develop a report which contains details of each token when it is open, when solution proposed and when it got confirmed
    so please can any one help me
    Thanks & Regards
    Suresh K

    Dear Krishna,
    There are two ways to find the table names of a particular field.
    1) Give SE15 on command prompt.
    2) Select ABAP Dictionary
    3) Select "fields" folder
    4) Click on table fields
    5) Then you can enter the desired field name (In your case EKGRP)
    6) Run OR press F8.
    The system will list out all the tables which contain your desired field name.
    Method 2:
    1) using  transactin Code  SE11( ABAP Dictionary)
    2) enter the Data table name where-in the respective field (EKGRP) is used eg; EKKO
    3) Click the where -used list button
    4) Check out the box(DB tables) Only .
    There you can see entire list of tables containing the desired field.
    Here  the difficulty is that one should know at least  the name of the one of the data tables which contain the desired field.
    Best Regards,
    Please reward points if found helpful.

  • How to find package for a particular command[SOLVED]

    I had seen somewhere a package which can be used to find the package if you know the command. But I cannot seem to find it now. I want to know which package contains 'netstat' command. Thanks for your help.
    Last edited by rnarch (2012-05-08 05:23:03)

    'ss' looks like a good command. I am reading up its options. Thanks.

  • How to find Tables for Consolidation CS

    I have just uploaded data into our consolidated chart of accounts using flexible upload.Now we need to develop an abap program which would make adjustments to our reported data using recordings of cx50.I am having problems trying to locate the uploaded data in sap standard tables.Could please guide me as to which tables i should use.thanx

    Please check these table and let me know.
    SKA1     G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts)
    SKAT     G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts: Description)
    T854       Financial statement items for consolidation
    T854T     Financial statement item texts
    T854U     FS item short texts
    TDDAT    Maintenance Areas for Tables
    If help full assign point.

  • How to find total recs in a local table for a particular condition

    How to find total recs in a local table for a particular condition?

    Well, you may want to try this as well, and compare to the LOOP way.  Not sure what kind of overhead you may get doing this way. Here ITAB is our main internal table, and ITAB_TMP is a copy of it.  Again I think there may be some overhead in doing the copy.  Next, delete out all records which are the reverse of your condition.  Then whatever is left is the rows that you want to count.  Then simply do a LINES operator on the internal table, passing the number of lines to LV_COUNT.
    data: itab type table of ttab.
    data: itab_tmp type table of ttab.
    itab_tmp[] = itab[].
    delete table itab_tmp where fld1 <> 'A'.
    lv_count = lines( itab_tmp ).
    Rich Heilman

  • How to find table name for the fields from Standard Extractor in CRM system

    How to find table name of fields from the standard extractor in CRM system ?
    e.g. We use LBWE TCode in R/3 system to find table name for the field from Extractor VCSCL(e.g.).
    Likewise is there any way to find table name for the fields from Standard extractor like 0CRM_LEAD_I.

    Hi ,
    Please find the link below for understanding BW CRM analysis.
    activate the CRM DSs by scenario:
    1) Activate the application component hierarchy (tcode RSA9). Changes made to the application component hierarchy in the CRM system can be transferred to the BW using the "Edit Application Component Hierarchy" (SBIW - Postprocessing of DataSources).
    SAP Note 434886 must be implemented in CRM 3.0 before the application component hierarchy is activated.
    2) Activate the Business Content DataSources (tcode RSA5).
    Select/enter the application component and choose Execute (F8).
    To compare the shipped and active versions, choose the 'Select Delta' pushbutton. If there is no active version of the DataSource, it is selected automatically.
    To activate the shipped version, choose the 'Transfer DataSources' pushbutton.
    3) Management of the versions of the BW-Adapter metadata (tcode BWA5). All DataSources are displayed that are managed by the BW Adapter.
    As in transaction RSA5 (Service API Metadata Activation), the 'Select Delta' function can be used to select the inactive DataSources or compare shipped and active versions.
    You can also go directly to the screen for maintaining DataSources that are managed by the BW Adapter.
    The 'Compare Version' function makes a detailed comparison of the shipped and active versions.
    All BW-Adapter metadata is considered when versions are compared:
    Header information (Table SMOXHEAD)
    Mapping information (Table SMOXRELP)
    Global selection conditions (Table SMOXGSEL)
    Attribute key fields (Table SMOXAFLD)
    Hope this helps.
    csm reddy

  • How to find table information for a datasource?

    Can you please tell me how to find table information for a datasource. I am not getting much help from
    I am trying to find table information for below datasources. We are creating DSO's for the below mentioned datasources, for some we have standard DSO's(0WBS_O06), for others I am trying to create
    Please help me.

    Hi BOB,
    Another option to find the table information...
    inorder to get the tables names involved in that particular data source follow the below steps.
    1) ST05 --> activate the Trace
    2) RSA3 --> enter your data source (for ex: 0CO_OM_NWA_1)
    3) Execute
    4) Now goto ST05 -> deactivate the trace
    5) click on Display trace(F7) button
    6) Execute
    7) It will display the complete SQL trace
    8) Now from the Menu "Trace list" --> select "Combined Table Access"
    it will display the complete tables list involved in that data source...
    From Table name section you can get the list of tables involved in that data source.
    I had traced and took the information of tables involved in that data source 0CO_OM_NWA_1
    AFKO     Order header data PP orders
    AFVC     Operation within an order
    AUFK     Order master data
    COSP     CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
    COSPP     Transfer of the Order in the COSP Table to the Project
    COSS     CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings
    COSSP     Transfer of the Order COSS Table to the Project
    COVREF     Coverage Reference Table: All Processing Blocks
    COVRES     Table of Coverage Results
    You can follow the same steps and find the tables for the rest.

  • How to find Table names for PO & Invoices in SRM Standalnoe system SRM 7.0?

    How to find Table names for PO & Invoices in SRM Standalnoe system SRM 7.0? Please let me know.

    In SRM for all objects like SC ( BUS21210),BID,PO(BUS22010),Confirmation (BUS2203),invoice etc all the data stored
    in BBP_PDHGP and BBP_PDBEI  tables only, These is no separate tables..
    for your reference below are the few SRM tables
    BBP_PDACC  Account Assignment 
    BBP_PDATT  Document Attachment 
    BBP_PDBEH  Backend Specific Header Data 
    BBP_PDBEI  Backend Specific Item Data 
    BBP_PDBGP  Partner Extension Gen. Purchasing Data 
    BBP_PDBINREL  Transaction Object Linkage (EBP) 
    BBP_PDHCF  Set for Tabular Customer and Solution Fields on Hdr 
    BBP_PDHGP  Business Transaction Purchasing Information 
    BBP_PDHSB  Bid Invitation 
    BBP_PDHSC  Header Extension for Customer Fields 
    BBP_PDHSS  Hdr Extension for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
    BBP_PDICF  Set for Tabluar Customer and Solution Fields on Itm 
    BBP_PDIGP  Business Transaction Item-Purchasing Information 
    BBP_PDISB  Bid Invitation/Bid-Specific Item Data 
    BBP_PDISC  Item Extension for Customer Fields 
    BBP_PDISS  Item Ext. for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on) 
    BBP_PDLIM  Value Limit 
    BBP_PDORG  Purchasing Organizational Unit 
    BBP_PDPSET  Further Procurement Information 
    BBP_PDTAX  Tax 
    CDCLS  Cluster structure for change documents 
    CDHDR  Change document header 
    CDPOS_STR  Additional Change Document - Table for STRINGs 
    CDPOS_UID  Additional Table for Inclusion of TABKEY>70 Characters 
    CRM_JCDO  Change Documents for Status Object (Table JSTO) 
    CRM_JCDS  Change Documents for System/User Statuses (Table JEST) 
    CRM_JEST  Individual Object Status 
    CRM_JSTO  Status Object Information 
    CRMD_LINK  Transaction - Set - Link 
    CRMD_ORDERADM_H Business Transaction 
    CRMD_ORDERADM_I Business Transaction Item 
    CRMD_PARTNER  Partners 
    SROBLROLB  Persistent Roles of BOR Objects 
    SROBLROLC  Persistent Roles of Business Classes 
    SRRELROLES  Object Relationship Service: Roles 
    Thanks & Regards,
    Prasad S

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