How to find the log file on server

Hi All,
Here we have installed J2EE Engine & JDI on seperate machine.We have developed a new FPM application. The application is not working it is giving the error when run the application. It is giving the error "500 Internal Server Error Failed to process request. Please contact your system administrator". We want to see the log file what the error is, where can we find the log file.

See this thread
/message/1656215#1656215 [original link is broken]
<a href="">Logging</a>
See this blogs
<a href="/people/karsten.geiseler/blog/2005/06/06/netweaver-portal-log-configuration-viewing-part-1 Portal Log Configuration & Viewing (Part 1)</a>
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    Hi Experts,
                    I want some information on finding the log files in SAP XI. When the XI picks the file from Source system and a series of process undergoes and finally delivered to the receiver system. I need the log files related to all process since the start of the scenario and untill the end of the scenario.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Sunil  K Shetty

    Please see belo links

  • How to find the log file

    I am using include directive for including a jsp and i am able to trace the errors in a log file(say mod_servj) but when i use action directive i am unable to find the errors.Can anyone please help me out.

    Try to check in the following location
    The same way you can check the log file for the SOA server also.
    Mark the posting appropriately as "helpful" or "correct answer", if your issue is solved.
    Albin I

  • How to find discoverer log files and CPU usage

    i have a report running very slow in prod. but runs fast in dev and qa.
    **Where/how can i find the Log files generated after the report runs?**
    **Also i wanted to see how i can find the CPU Usage**
    i searched online for CPU usage... and found this --> ""For the CPU usage of these servlets, please navigate to the Discoverer application page from the OC4J_BI_Forms home page in the EM standalone console.""
    can anyone tell me how to navigate to OC4J_BI_Forms home page in the EM standalone console?

    Hi gayathri,
    This link would help i suppose
    Be careful,if not done without prior knowledge it would mess up.So mostly this job should be done by DBA of your company.They can log in as sysadministrator to get to "Enterprise Manager" and do as per the link
    Best Wishes,

  • Where can I find the LOG file for bash/command history typed into Terminal?

    Where can I find the LOG file for bash/command history typed into Terminal?
    For 2 weeks ago I was searching for a log file on my server. Somehow I opend a file where I could see a list of all bash-commands I had ever entered into OSX Terminal.
    Now I need this file.. but cant find it.
    What is the official location for this LOG file?
    Thank you so much for helping.

    cat .bash_history

  • Find the log files from EIM?

    Please, tell me where I can find the log files from EIM.
    I have already checked the directory /siebel/siebsrvr/log but the files there are old.
    Regards, Slavi

    You need to configure the log level and events for the EIM component.
    You can go to Administration Server Configuration > Servers and choose the EIM Component.
    Good Luck.
    BExpert, Brazil

  • How to create the log file in remote system using log4j.

    How to create the log file in remote system using log4j. please give me a sample code or related links.The below example i used for create the log file in remote system but it return the below exception.Is there any authandication parameter for accessing the remote path? Please help.
    public class Logging
    Logger log=null;
    FileAppender fileapp=null;
    public Logging(String classname)
    log = Logger.getLogger(classname);
    String path=" [\\\\c$\\LOG\\d9\\May_08_2008_log.txt|file://\\\\c$\\LOG\\d9\\May_08_2008_log.txt]";
    fileapp = new FileAppender(new PatternLayout("%r [%t] %-5p %c %x - %m%n"),path, true);
    log.addAppender(fileapp);"Logger initilized");
    }catch(Exception ex)
    ex.printStackTrace(); \\\c$\LOG\d9\May_08_2008_log.txt (The network path was not found)
    at Method)
    at<init>(Unknown Source)
    at<init>(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.log4j.FileAppender.setFile(
    at org.apache.log4j.FileAppender.<init>(
    at annwyn.logger.BioCapLogger.<init>(
    at Source)
    at Source)
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry path is missing for the above request.
    path="\\\c$\LOG\d9\May_08_2008_log.txt ";
    please help.

  • Where to find the log - files ?

    because it is not possible to debug my IView Apps
    , I would like to examine the portals log files for errors such like this :
    +" Portal-Runtime Error
    Fehler aufgetreten bei der Verarbeitung eines Request für :
    iView : KWGLaufverfolgung_IView.KWGLaufverfolgung_Select
    Komponentenname : KWGLaufverfolgung_IView.KWGLaufverfolgung_Select
    iView cannot display.
    There was a problem processing this .NET component
    Contact your administrator if the problem persists.
    Exception id: 11:59_19/05/06_0004_605012450
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file+
    Where can I  find the log-file ?

    Hi Vinoth,
    thanks four your post,but thats not the thing i wanted to know. By now I have given it up to look for an anwser for beeing able to debug my applications, because there is no solution (whatever the cause could be).
    What I want to know now is, where can I find the portal log files?

  • How to find the downloaded file. its not in the "downloads".

    how to find the downloaded file?

    Open Finder, and type "Today" in the search area in the upper right of Finder's window.
    Then click "Today" under "Dates" in the resulting drop-down menu.

  • How to find the logged-in username

    Hello everyone,
    My application needs to find the logged-in username from the
    operating system, which in this case will always be Windows. This
    would be the same as the USERNAME environment variable that can be
    obtained from typing "set" from the command prompt. Anyone know how
    this can be done? Many thanks, --Bob

    There's no direct API for this, but you can try:
    var username:String =;

  • How to find the jsp file in iSupplier Portal

    I need to change a jsp page from Oracle iSupplier Portal, I got the url but I can't find the jsp file of that URL, how can I find that file?
    Ivan Loaiza.

    I have a custom request to add a new table on the page of that url from a custom query. I tried to make changes activating the FND_CUSTOM_OA_DEFINTION's profile, and enter to the 'Personalize Page' link, but on this opcion I couldn't find the way to enter a new query. Now I try to customized directy the jsp file and add a new table on that region asociated with custom query.
    I also try with the AK Developer responsability but I got the following error when I try to open the page "No data found for region (/oracle/apps/pos/regionMap/POS_CUSTOM_IMP)" where "POS_CUSTOM_IMP" is a new region that I created with the AK Developer responsability.
    Ivan Loaiza

  • How to find the largest files?

    My question is how to find the big(lets say over 500Mb) files under the root and list them.
    This is my desktop and when I tried "du / | sort -k 1n " it didnt finish.
    Best regards,

    Thank you for your interest Mr.Kartik.
    [[email protected] /]# find / -size +500M
    find: invalid -size type `M'
    [[email protected] /]# find / -size +500m
    find: invalid -size type `m'
    [[email protected] /]# find / -size +500000
    find: /proc/31477/task/31477/fd/4: No such file or directory
    How can I execute a list command for the resturning file set?
    [[email protected] /]# find / -size +500000 -exec ls -lt {};
    find: missing argument to `-exec'
    Best regards,

  • How to find the unused files for deletion?

    After mapping 600 xml files, how does one find the unused files for deletion from the folder? (eaiser and cheaper translations)

    iWeb will open any file with the extension .sites2 - it doesn't have to be named "Domain".
    See this page for how to open separate Domain files when using Lion/Mountain Lion...
    The above page will also let you know how to find the library folder now that its hidden.

  • How to find the XML file size in the scenarios?

    Hi All,
    Recently i have attended an interview at a MNC.
    They asked some realtime questions like to find the XML document size in a File-File scenario?
    2.What is mass-assignment replication etc.....
    Can anybody tell me the solution for these.
    Best regards
    Hari prasad

    If the input is a flat file, there is no exact way to calculate the size of the generated XML file, since it depends on many factors (number of fields in the recordsets, size of the name of the fields, number of records, etc).
    As a rule of thumb, generally ppl use XML file size = 2 x Flat file size, in order to do sizing calculations etc. But again, that is just an estimation, not a precise calculation.

  • How to find the webdynpro component on server

    Hi Experts,
              I need to identify a webdynpro component in server whether it is there or not. Just i know the name of the component, Why i am asking with that component i am getting some errors while created a callable object in GP. I need to identify the component and delete that.
    Is there any other  way to do this.......
    Please tell any one know how to find the component in server................

    Hi ,
    To create a callable object from a web dynpro project you need three DC like
    but caf/eu/gp/api and caf/eu/gp/api/wd  are not available if you work on local development enviornment with out NWDI. Then you need to put those DCs within your local plugin directiory. I am sending you a link through this you will get to download those DCs and where you will put those DCs it is clear in this doc.
    In your local mc you will go to the following path
    here you will create a folder called eu and put the DCs as per the doc. and in SC u put your Toplevel SC.
    Now you try from Web Dynpro perspective. You will get all the DCs for callable object.

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