How to generate the ATR files for reports with out manually?

Hi all,
how to create the ATR files for reports in OBIEE 11g with out manually?
is there any other method to create the ATR files by using the OBIEE Server?
please provide me the solution for this?
we are creating manually for each and every report, it is time taken process how can we generate ATR files automatically
by using the OBIEE Server?

I am afraid not.ATR are attributes files contains the object's full name, access controllist (ACL), description, and so on.Each catalog object has a corresponding attributes file, I am not sure why do you have to generate the atr files.In case you need info about atr files:
If you have huge number of similar reports(with filter variations and same kind of layout), try to play around with the xml to minimize the development effort.
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    An explain plan of the SQL being ran on the local database will review the SQL being passed to the remote db. You can then explain that SQL on the remote db.
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    JSPs are compiled into servlets automatically and those classes are stored in WEB-INF/classes folder. Servlet engine handles servlets.

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    I hope that's not the case.  I want to write to adobe about it.  I think it's a great feature and it functions really well even though it is not a very developed IK tool.  My biggest issue with it is ouput options and integration with motion tweens.
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    Please check following MOS Document
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    How to create the exe file for java project.Have you ever heard of google? I pasted your exact "question" into a google search:
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    you have to use the event:
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    Consider the following <b>Example:</b>
      IF NUMBER = 10.
        MESSAGE 'Number vakue is 10' TYPE 'E'.
    in this if u give the value of number = 10, it will not proceed further, if u give some other value other than 10 you will proceed further...
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    In terms of converting java applications into exe files, there are 3 schools of thought:
    1) Instead of converting it to an exe, convert it to a jar file. Jar files are more portable than exe files because they can be double-clicked on any operating system. The caveat is that a Java interpreter must be installed on the target computer for the double-clicking to work.
    2) Create an exe launcher that, when double-clicked, attempts to find a Java interpreter on the local computer and launches the Java application. The exe file is still double-clickable but whether your java application runs depends on whether a Java interpretor is installed on the target computer.
    3) Create an exe launcher that bundles a Java interpretor. Same as above but when the exe file is double-clicked, it searches for a Java interpreter and if one is not found, it installs one on the target computer. The caveat is that the exe file would have an overhead of 10 MB in size for the interpreter. (evaluation version available)
    4) Convert the Java application into a native exe file. The caveat is that if you use Swing for your GUI, it won't be converted. Also this option is still somewhat experimental.
    Can't think of any free options right now.

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    The temporary files used by ESS. For example paystub pdf file.

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    How to get the stock of STO Report with suppling Plant/receiving Plant/open/close qty.

    MB5T gives you Details of STO which have stok in transit.
    ME2W gives you supplying plant wise STO details.  Also in ME2W , in the ALV report output, if you select  the "delivery Schedule line" icon , you will get details such as , STO qty, Issued qty , undelivered qty etc.

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    FCE only used AIC for HD.

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    All are Java files are stored in JDEV_INSTALL_DIR:\jdevhome\jdev\myprojects\
    In your case the path java would be
    JDEV_INSTALL_DIR:\jdevhome\jdev\ myprojects \cust\oracle\apps\pos\changeorder\webui\
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    In your case the path of class would be
    JDEV_INSTALL_DIR:\jdevhome\jdev\ myclasses \cust\oracle\apps\pos\changeorder\webui\
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    Arvind Goel

    It seems that SSO is for AppEx Application Authentication only. You can't specify which Database User your application will connect to the database with if you are authenticating using SSO.
    I came up against this in the following thread.
    Re: How can an AppEX Application work with DB users referenced in DB Trigge

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    i have requirement to generate the each pdf for each vendor and i need to mail those pdfs to respective vendor,
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    if possible any one can provide some example code..(Exmplae program)

    There are two function use one for convert PDF and second use to email, hope it will give u idea proper.
    Assigning the OTFDATA to OTF Structure table
      CLEAR gt_otf.
      gt_otf[] = gs_otfdata-otfdata[].
    Convert the OTF DATA to SAP Script Text lines
      CLEAR gt_pdf_tab.
          format                = 'PDF'
          max_linewidth         = 132
          bin_filesize          = gv_bin_filesize
          otf                   = gt_otf
          lines                 = gt_pdf_tab
          err_max_linewidth     = 1
          err_format            = 2
          err_conv_not_possible = 3
          OTHERS                = 4.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
        WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
            document_data              = gs_docdata
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            commit_work                = 'X'
            packing_list               = gt_objpack
            contents_bin               = gt_objbin
            receivers                  = gt_reclist
          contents_txt               = i_objtxt
            object_header              = objhead
            too_many_receivers         = 1
            document_not_sent          = 2
            document_type_not_exist    = 3
            operation_no_authorization = 4
            parameter_error            = 5
            x_error                    = 6
            enqueue_error              = 7
            OTHERS                     = 8.

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    iWeb will open any file with the extension .sites2 - it doesn't have to be named "Domain".
    See this page for how to open separate Domain files when using Lion/Mountain Lion...
    The above page will also let you know how to find the library folder now that its hidden.

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