How to get split screen on Lenovo Yoga Pro 2?

Hi! I recently purchased a lenovo pro 2 and I am loving it. Just one quick question, though. I know your able to have split screen (two completely separate windows on the same display, i.e have Google Chrome on the right half of the screen, and say Word on the other half of the screen). And I am not talking about Windows Snap Window feature.  I thought this was possible to do but have no clue on how to activate it. Thanks for any help in advance!
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split screen only works on metro apps. you need to use the snap for desktop apps. You can run Metro IE and split screen it with MS Word.
Lenovo Y470: i7-2670QM | 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM | Nvidia GeForce GT 550M | 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate HDD | ASUS PCE-AC56 802.11ac Network Adapter | Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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    Hi All:
    I'm trying to figure out how to get 10 screens working together like one big desktop on a Mac Pro.
    Currently I have a 12core 2010 Mac Pro with 2 ATI 5770 cards driving 6 30" cinema displays.  Each of these cards are double wide.
    I want to connect 4 65" LED displays. 
    Does anyone have an idea how I can do this?  The Mac Pro has only 4 slots.  The two 5770s take up 3 spaces (because of their doulbe wide size).  The last slot has a OWC solidstate drive there.  I guess I could remove that and use just a regular SATA SSD if need be, but would love to get this done with just 3 slots.
    So some thoughts. There are two possible ways (ideal, and less ideal) that I can think of:
    IDEAL way:
    The ideal would be to find a single wide card that supports 5 or 6 displays, and use that.  I know that some people have had success flashing single wide cards, but it's not clear if all the ports are usable.  See here for an ATI card with 3 ports, single slot, that's been flashed: lot-5870-/150928552679?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item23240af2e7
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    Has any seen or know of a 5 port card like the above that has been flashed to work in a Mac Pro?
    LESS ideal way:
    My guess is there are some PCI expansion chasis, and I can just put in 2 more regular ATI 5770s there.  I found this:
    and this
    I'm not sure how well these extenders work.
    EVEN LESS ideal way:
    Perhaps getting another Mac or PC and somehow VNC'ing in is an option, but this likely would be too laggy to run video from one computer to the other.  The ideal is to just treat the system like one giant screen, but I'm open to hearing any experiences/suggestions on getting this to work.
    Thanks so much!

    After reading up on it, it seems that the 6850 supports 3 displays. So perhaps I could do one 6870 (4 displays) in slot one, and then 2 single slot 6850's or 5770's in slots 2 and 3. This would give 10 displays.
    I have 3 questions then:
    (1) What is the quietest 6870 card people have successfully used in a Mac Pro?
    (2) What is quietest single slot 6850 or 5770 card successfully used in a Mac Pro?
    (3) Has anyone gotten thiis 5770 single slot card to work on a Mac Pro, and have they gotten 5 display ports to work? eon-HD-5770-Single-Slot.aspx

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    How to get full screen caller pic in ios 7.1.Please help me

    Haha .. I have seen one million post on this issue since 7.1 was released. Everybody hates it and it is perhaps Apple's stupidest design decision. I, personally, happen to like it ... or not mind it as much either way, I should say.
    But that's not what you asked ... Apple thought it was best for some odd reason to change the full screen pics to an itty bitty circle. As a previous poster said, it cannot be changed. But be sure to go to Apple's feedback website and let them know you are unhappy about it. I sense an iOS 7.1.1 coming out REAL soon!


    can you tell me how i get a screenshot with mac book pro?

    Press the Shift, Command, and 3 keys to capture the whole screen.
    Press the Shift, Command, and 4 keys to capture a draggable part of the screen, or follow it with the spacebar to capture a window.
    Open the PNG on the desktop. Alternatively, combine either of the above with the Control key to put the screenshot onto the clipboard instead of the desktop.

  • How to get ICH Screen Element Objects

    Would anyone tell me how to get ICH Screen element objects i.e Screen ID like ALRTOVW

    Hi Bris,
    You can run the transaction only from the normal SAPGUI. Try it once again in this format:
    Best regards,

  • How to use split screen on a mac like on windows 7

    how to use split screen on a mac like on windows 7

    It does not function the same as windows, in that it does not have an automatic snap function.  You can put multiple apps up side by side though.  You might want to consider using Spaces instead.

  • Trouble with Adobe Reader Touch on Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 in tablet mode. Pdf shows up as blank pages.

    I have a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 and when I change it to tablet mode and use the Adobe Reader Touch app, my pdf shows up as a blank page. I have installed other pdfs in the past and those show up fine. However, as of three days ago, whatever pdf I install shows up as blank on my screen. Is there a solution to fix this?

    Could you please share your test file?
    You can send the file at [email protected]

  • Sky Go Android - Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 Tablet/Sky Sports 28 July 2015

    Sky Sports Channels Picture and audio are not in synchronization
    Have Made Contact with Sky Tect about this issue. Waiting on feedback
    Note BT Sports/Eurosport Chelsea HD All Work Find 

    The Tablet You Are Using Is Not Lenovo Yoga Pro 2  4.4.2  So This  Issue May Not Apply To  You.  LG  Is Not The Same TabletNote Google Nexus 7 Tablet Works Well Wilth  All Sky Ch's



    Buy it from Microsoft in the Office for Mac 2011 package -

  • Where to get WiFi Card for Lenovo Yoga 2 13?

    Hi together,
    i know what i need ( )
    "on request"
    Ok requested
    Response from Medion Germany "currently not orderable"
    Great lenovo, whitelisting and stuff not orderable...i applaude u, rly
    There are some dealers which want 100€ for this card?! This is total crazy. Anyone a idea how to get the card for a reasonable price to germany?
    Thanks in advance

    Solve thanks to this

  • How to get selection screen elements and its table reference of a report ?

    halo experts
    How can I get selection screen elements and its table reference of a report ? . I tried rs_refresh_from_select_options. But I am unable to get the table and field it is referring to
    For eg if my selection screen 1000 is
    parameters: p_carrid type spfli-carrid,
    select-options :s-_connid type sflight-connid.
    is there any Fm or method which gives me what are the screen elements( p_carrid and s_connid ) and what table( splfi and sflight ) and field ( carrid and conid )it is referring to ?

    The following code is an example of how you might dynamically determine all your PARAMETERS and SELECT-OPTIONS variables at run time.  The PARAMETERS and SELECT-OPTIONS only point to a dictionary element--not a specific table.  Even though you may say "spfli-carrid" or "sflight-connid", the data type really references the dictionary type and not a specific table/structure.
    TABLES sflight.
           screen_tab TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF screen,
           wa_screen TYPE screen,
           scrn_nm TYPE string,
           scrn_leftover TYPE string,
           l_type TYPE REF TO cl_abap_typedescr,
           typ_nm TYPE string,
           typ_pre TYPE string.
    PARAMETERS p_carrid TYPE spfli-carrid.
    SELECT-OPTIONS s_connid FOR sflight-connid.
        IF screen-group3 = 'PAR'
          OR screen-group3 = 'LOW'.
            APPEND screen TO screen_tab.
      LOOP AT screen_tab INTO wa_screen.
        ASSIGN (wa_screen-name) TO <fs_data>.
        l_type = cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_data( <fs_data> ).
        IF wa_screen-group3 = 'LOW'.
          SPLIT wa_screen-name AT '-' INTO scrn_nm scrn_leftover.
          TRANSLATE scrn_nm TO UPPER CASE.
          scrn_nm = wa_screen-name.
        SPLIT l_type->absolute_name AT '=' INTO typ_pre typ_nm.
                 / 'Screen Name:  ', scrn_nm,
                 / 'DDIC Type:    ', typ_nm.
    When you get into defining internal tables you can determine those at run time with cl_abap_structdescr.  The following is an example of how you might do that.  You can loop through the "components_table" and evaluate each field of the structure in this way.
    DATA: structure_reference TYPE REF TO cl_abap_structdescr,
          components_table TYPE abap_compdescr_tab,
          components_structure LIKE LINE OF components_table.
    structure_reference ?= cl_abap_structdescr=>describe_by_data( any_structure ).
    components_table = structure_reference->components.
    I don't know if this answers any of your questions but I hope that some of it is useful.

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    how to get to the screen where request ot agree to license and continue in loading acrobat 9 pro on macbook pro?

    Hi feivey
    Go to Help->Activate -. Put your Serial key to activate

  • How to get outdated screens in sap.

    Can u tell me How to get out dated(or unused) screens in sap or how to omit the outdated screens?
    I.e In  Va01 application there are some  screens such as 130,461,4603,4604..
    in above screens,  for screen element 'vbak-vbeln'  descriptions are shown as 'Repair request'/'mainatain reuqest".
    I want to neglect above screens..

    Hi Micky.
    i want to neglect those screens..
    I want to maintain  screen elements  for tcode va01.
    i'm calling 'Import_dynpro' (it takes program name,screen,language  and gives Screen elements and their descriptions)for each screen of va01.If i'm calling for 130,461 screens, for vbak-vbeln they r showing description as 'Maintain request/repair request..
    i want to maintain updated Va01screens screene elements..

  • Is there any way of getting split screen function in firefox 4

    Being able to split screen was a very helpful feature in the previous version of firefox, however, it is not available in version 4. Is there any other way of getting this tool?

    Firefox has never had a built-in option to split the screen, such a feature is added by an extension. The only one that I know of that is compatible with Firefox 4 is Split Pannel -

  • How to get ME23 screen using selection-screen

    I am trying to get the ME23 screen using selection-screen with following code.
    select-options: purordno for ekko-ebeln NO intervals.
    But at the time of execution i got this error "INCORRECT PROGRAM TYPE WITH SUBMIT".
    Can any one please provide me some sample code how to get the ME23  screen
    using Abap program.

    Hi Rajesh,
    You can't submit a pool modul ( SAPMM06E ).
    Only executable prog can be submit .
    What you can try is use "CALL TRANSACTION" statement.
    Hope this helps,

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