How to get the Horizontal Scroll Bar for a Table?

Hi All,
As per my requirement, I am displaying several records in a Screen in a Tabular Format. But here I have to show 21 Columns in that table which is too high. I am able to display it but due to it I am getting a Horizontal scroll bar for the whole screen since all the columns are not getting displayed in the normal window screen space. But its looking too odd since once I am scrolling it to right the columns are getting displayed but the above Header Bar and Global buttons are not displaying, they are bound to the normal screen space.
Is there a way to have a Horizontal scroll bar only for that table instead of the entire screen so that on scrolling that bar only the table rows will beshifted ant got displayed?
With Thanks
Kumar Gautam

try this approach.
include a raw text item before and table item.
include the appropriate HTML tags in raw text item to enable horizontal scroll

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    hi all,
     Am facing an issue in my sp portal.We have designed and developed the portal with OOTB document library views for site columns also. Going to enable the doc lib view. but  we have some  35 columns in eeacha nd every document
    library within our sub site. But if an end user wants to see the last column then he needs to scroll. but, since  then my master page has fixed width, the top corner will be seen as blank. would like to know how can we set horizontal scrolling
    in this doc lib view .

    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to set the horizontal scroll bar for the document library when the last column postion exceed the fixed width.
    I suggest you can try to use Jquery to set the width attribute of the menu bar dynamically if the document library width exceeded. You can add the Jquery or CSS style using SharePoint Designer under the PlaceHolderMain tag of document
    library page. Also, you need to find the div id in your environment using Internet Explorer.
    More information:
    Best Regards
    TechNet Community Support
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    [email protected]

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    I've made a website in DW and its perfect in desktop , but when i check the site on mobile device it is not as expected. The site remains in tablet view and the text , images are not being arranged as needed. I'd be grateful if anyone could help me with this . .

    I've made a website in DW and its perfect in desktop , but when i check the site on mobile device it is not as expected.
    Did you build it to be responsive in Mobile, Tablet and Desktops?
    If you built it responsively, no horizontal scrollbars should be required since the page layout adjusts to viewport width.
    If you built your layout with fixed widths in pixels, it isn't responsive and thus won't display nicely on smaller devices.
    For better answers, we need to see your site.
    Nancy O.

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  • Horizontal scroll bar for the adf page

    We have around 7 tables in single jsff page. Here , we have a requirement like :
    We need to show horizontal scroll bar for the entire page instead of each table. Is there any way to get this.
    As of now, we have horizontal scroll bar for each table, but our customer is not accepting this, that want the scroll bar for the entire page.
    Please suggest the approach.

    I have grouped all the tables in panelgrouplayout.So, what is the problem (because it is not quite clear what you need)?
    If your PanelGroupLayout is with layout="horizontal", then the tables will be rendered next to each other horizontally but there will be no horizontal scrollbar on the page.
    If your PanelGroupLayout is with layout="scroll", then the tables will be next to each other vertically and there will be a horizontal and a vertical scrollbar on the page (if necessary).
    If you need your tables to be relocated next to each other horizontally and to have a horizontal scrollbar on the page, then use a PanelGroupLayouts(horizontal) inside a PanelGroupLayout(scroll):
    <af:panelGroupLayout layout="scroll">
      <af:panelGroupLayout layout="horizontal">
        <af:table> ... </af:table>
        <af:table> ... </af:table>
        <af:table> ... </af:table>
    </af:panelGroupLayout>If your problem is that you still have horizontal scrollbars inside the tables, then you should set appropriate widths to the corresponding tables (e.g. to <af:table> tags) such that they are large enough to fit the sum of corresponding column widths.
    ya, I know that its not god design, but its customer requirement, so we need to do that.If you expect some table(s) to be stretched automatically according to the size of browser's window, then you should re-think your UI design because PanelGroupLayouts do not stretch their children. A possible solution is to use a combination of PanelSplitters or other layout containers that stretch their children.

  • REG:: Horizontal scroll bar for pdf

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    I am displaying data in a table in Portal and this table has 13 columns in it. I am writing all this data from the table to a PDF and I am able to generate a PDF. 
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    hi pal,
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  • How do I get my horizontal scroll bar back?

    Well, I just installed firefox 5 on my computer and for some reason, the bottom horizontal scroll bar you use to move the screen left to right has gone missing. So my question is, how do I get it back?

    I had this problem and it only started after installing firefox v12.0 (on win xp).
    Mozilla mentions it is related to the css 'overflow' attribute not being defined correctly.
    HOWEVER, in my case, the offending line of css belonged to the jquery ui library
    file: jquery-ui-1.7.2.custom.css
    .ui-helper-hidden-accessible { position: absolute; left: -99999999px; }
    all I needed to do was remove one of the '9's and the horizontal scroll bar reappeared on all pages that included this jquery ui lib.
    the better solution would be to upgrade to the latest jquery ui lib.

  • Horizontal scroll bar for each page of the ADF page???

    Hi Everyone,
    I have developed one ADF page which is working very fine.
    The width and height of the page is more by which it is showing vertical scroll bar and horzontal scroll bar at the end(bottom) of the page.
    But the requirement is that the horzontal scroll bar should be displayed for every page when we scroll down but it is displaying at only bottom of the page.
    How can i include horizontal scroll bar?
    Any suggestions wil be really useful.

    See if this works:
    <af:form id="f1">
    <af:panelStretchLayout id="psl1">
    <f:facet name="center">
    <af:panelGroupLayout id="pgl2" layout="scroll">
    <af:panelGroupLayout id="pfl1"/>
    Drop your content inside the second panelGroupLayout

  • When in Firefox, my taskbar covers the horizontal scroll bar. How do I change it so that it wont?

    When I'm in Firefox, the taskbar at the bottom of the screen hides the horizontal scroll bar. How do I get the scroll bar to be visible?

    Different systems and your iPhone isn't hitting the same website as your Mac. It will be redirected to a mobile version, which likely is formatted differently.
    If you know of someone who has it working that way in Safari, you might try Resetting Safari from the Safari menu.
    Are all the other options checked in Safari Autofill preferences?

  • How do I temporarily hide the horizontal scroll bar ?

    How do I temporarily hide the horizontal scroll bar ?

    cor-el: I have re-read your posts and have attempted to follow the instructions with these results:
    Firefox>tools>web developer>scratch pad(deleted the instructions so as to have a blank box)>inserted your code, vis. javascript:void('overflow-x','hidden',));
    The result was: syntax error
    I then performed the same steps as above but inserted your code: javascript:void('overflow-y','hidden','important'));void('overflow-x','hidden','important'));
    The result was that after clicking on 'run' nothing at all happened. The cursor just kept blinking.
    I'll bet that there is just some small syntactic error.

  • The horizontal scroll bar appears in the middle on Safari.

    I have a problem of Ipad mini
    A few user has the same prolem like me T.T when I checked other users is using Ipad mini or related Ipad series on web.
    and I could not find solution for it,
    The probelm is : the horizontal scroll bar position is changed as below image, the scroll bar appears in the middle on web page of Safari
    after zoom the page out and moving.
    How to fix this problem ?
    I already did it with a few way to fix and it never fix in my side.
    - Resotre factory mode : still happened.
    - Turn off and on Ipad mini : still happened.
    - Clear Cooke and data in safari setup.
       If Clear cooke and data, it just disappeared on web surfing but this is only temporary way, I could meet the problem soon on web surfing.
    Please help me to fix and share some information for it.

    I am having the same issue. Went to the Apple Store in Boston and the Genius Bar escalated the problem to the Engineers and they could not even solve it. They needed me to send them an image of the issue. I went to another Apple store and the Genius there had much better problem solving skills. He used his own critical thinking and discovered that the horizontal scroll bar sits at the same height. The height is exactly where the split keyboard ends. If you take screen shots and will find they are all at the same height. He thinks since the keyboard is a new feature they havent worked out the problems yet...and we will have to wait for the update.
    Ever since Steve Jobs has been gone the call to response for issues is getting increasing slower and slower. New products continue to roll out but they all have problems and bugs. Take Maps for instance...they still have not fixed all the issues (even with this 6.0.1 update). The Ipad mini I spend 700$ for and it is such a faulty product. For what I spent I would have thought I would have gotten a great product. I have all Apple, desktop, laptop, Ipad original, and Mini...but they have done me wrong over and over. It may take months for them to roll out the fix the way the compnay has been operating under Cook.
    When will the fix come....I do not know... best of luck!

  • Urgent!!!!Add a Horizontal Scroll Bar for Table Control

    Hi Experts,
    I want to have a Horizontal Scroll Bar on my Table control.
    I tried with few properties for the Table UI Element but not able to solve it.
    If any one who had already done this please help me out.
    Thanks in advance..
    Regards, Kishore K

    HI Koen,
    Thanks for early Reply.
    When I use this I get
    Page Down ( ->!!, Arrown with lines pointing Down)
    Page UP
    Page Top    ( ->, Arrown with lines pointing Top)
    Page Down ( ->, Arrown with lines pointing Down)
    But I need only Page top and Page down for this Table UI .
    I think my question is clear enough.
    Please let me know this also.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Kishore K

  • How can I hide horizontal scroll bar?

    Some websites use CSS code (overflow-x: hidden or overflow-y:hidden), that shows the horizontal scroll bar while the frame on the website is centered and only 800 pixels wide, but I really don't need my horizontal scroll bar to show up. So how can I hide it?

    If you use <b>overflow: hidden</b> then you shouldn't see a scroll bar (overflow:scroll does that).<br />
    If that doesn't work then try to add the !important; or use the code in Stylish or to userContent.css in the chrome folder.

  • Why did the horizontal scroll bar dissapear?

    The horizontal scroll bar was there yesterday but it is gone today. I have for my homepage. I do not have any extras on my Fitefox.

    Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems.
    *<b>View > Zoom > Reset</b> (Ctrl+0 (zero); Cmd+0 on Mac)
    See also:

  • How to get the "last changed by" for a set of function modules?

    How to get the "last changed by" for a set of function modules?
    is there any table to get it??

    See [this|Re: Date of creation of function module] I posted earlier.
    >TFDIR will give you the name of the function group program and the include number.
    >E.g. SAPLZFUNCGROUP Include 01.
    >From this you can construct the include name: LZFUNCGROUPU01.
    >You can look this up in TRDIR to find the creation date (CDAT) of the function module.
    In your case, you need unam and udat.

Maybe you are looking for