How to get the Response Code when a URL is launched from Web Dynpro

Hello Experts,
I have a Web Dynpro Application in which in one of its views i have an IFrame UI element in which i will show a resource stored somewhere ..
But before showing it i want to check if the resource actually exists. For this i have to check the HTTP Response code from Web Dynpro Application without setting it in the Iframe..
I am using the following code to get the Response Code:
URL url = new URL("Some Url");
HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("Response code ="+connection.getResponseCode());
}catch(Exception e){
Now the Problem is whatever response Code occurs 403 (for No Proper Authorization), 404 (for Resource not found) etc..
i always get Response Code=  500 (which is for Internal Server Error) shown in the messgae i have printed.
Please let me know the correct way of getting the Response Code from Web Dynpro.
Also my resource is lying on a SAP Portal 6.4
Best Regards
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  Check this code from /thread/5242768 [original link is broken] if it works.
URL myurl = new URL("");
URLConnection connection = myurl.openConnection();
if(connection instanceof HttpURLConnection) {
HttpURLConnection httpConnection = (HttpURLConnection) connection;
System.out.println("Response = "+httpConnection.getResponseCode());
catch(Exception e) {
// print exception
Harini S

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