How to pass a value from one component to another component in webdynpro

I have created component which consists of alv display and in the alv table  I have created pernr has link and when I click that pernr the second webdypro component opens which I have created . now in the second component I want that pernr value. based on that I want to fetch some data.

See i have this code for example which calls the browser with concatenated URL:
CONSTANTS: l_c_url_part1 TYPE string VALUE '?sap-system-login-basic_auth=X&sap-client=',
                     l_c_url_part2 TYPE string VALUE '&sap-language=EN',
                     l_c_url_part3 TYPE string VALUE '&PARAMETER1=',
                     l_c_url_part4 TYPE string VALUE '&PARAMETER2='.
CALL METHOD cl_wd_utilities=>construct_wd_url
                 application_name = 'ZTEST'
                 out_absolute_url = l_v_url.
             CONCATENATE l_v_url  l_c_url_part1
                         sy-mandt l_c_url_part2 l_c_url_part3 'VALUE1' l_c_url_part4 'VALUE2' INTO l_v_url.
                   url                           = l_v_url1
                   new_window             = 'X'
                   frontend_not_supported = 1
                   frontend_error         = 2
                   prog_not_found         = 3
                   no_batch               = 4
                   unspecified_error      = 5
                   OTHERS                 = 6.
               IF sy-subrc <> 0.
                 MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                         WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.

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  • How to pass the values from one screen to another

    consider me21n,
    po is created with the item category L,so components tab is enabled.that u all know.
    i have added the custom tab in the item details with netwt,gross wt,no of pieces and one more field.
    those fields are also in component structure of material data.
    i need to pass the matnr,maktx,quantity,ntwt,grosswt from the component to be displayed in  the subscreen.
    i used import mdpm to xmdpm from memory id 'subcon',  where it is exported from the function module 'me_components-maintain'.
    how to pass  all the values from component of structure MDPM to the subscreen of custom tab in the item details.
    help me pls........................'

    hi everyone,
    MODULE status_0111 OUTPUT.
    data : fill type i.
    SET PF-STATUS 'xxxxxxxx'.
    SET TITLEBAR 'xxx'.,
      DESCRIBE TABLE lt_zzmm_po_comp LINES fill.
      ctrl_0111-lines = fill.
    ENDMODULE.                 " STATUS_0111  OUTPUT
    MODULE fetch_data OUTPUT.
      ctrl_0111-lines = 2.
    import xmdpm to lt_xmdpm from memory id 'SUBCON'.
    IF not sy-subrc eq 0.
        CLEAR lt_zzmm_po_comp[].
        LOOP AT lt_xmdpm.
          MOVE-CORRESPONDING lt_xmdpm TO lt_zzmm_po_comp.
          APPEND lt_zzmm_po_comp.
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING lt_zzmm_po_comp TO ctrl_0111.
      read table ctrl_0111-cols into col where index = 3.
    ENDMODULE.                 " FETCH_DATA  OUTPUT
    MODULE pass_line OUTPUT.
      READ TABLE lt_zzmm_po_comp INDEX ctrl_0111-current_line.
      MOVE-CORRESPONDING lt_zzmm_po_comp TO ctrl_0111.
    ENDMODULE.                 " PASS_LINE  OUTPUT
    flow logic
    MODULE status_0111.
    loop at lt_zzmm_po_comp WITH CONTROL ctrl_0111 cursor
       module pass_line.
    *module read_data.
    but i cant see my fields in the table control .....i dont know y it is  not coming?can anyone help me with code...

  • How to pass the value from one page to another page

    Dear Gaurav
    I have three pages
    1-creation page
    2-search page
    3-creation page
    in first creation page I have column name user write a% and submit to that search for that name.
    it is going to second page (search page)name a% is passed and search that corresponding value,the corresponding values are not there user will call third creation page and enter the details and save and click back to first page the value is not calling passing from third page to first page I submit the button in 3rd page the error is coming like this.
    The requested page contains stale data. This error could have been caused through the use of the browser's navigation buttons (the browser Back button, for example). If the browser's navigation buttons were not used, this error could have been caused by coding mistakes in application code. Please check Supporting the Browser Back Button developer guide - View Object Primary Key Comparison section to review the primary causes of this error and correct the coding mistakes.
    The view object xxcrmleadmgmtAM.xxcrmleadmgmtVO contained no record. The displayed records may have been deleted, or the current record for the view object may not have been properly initialized.
    in first page column name I removed view instance and view attribute the value is passing from third page to first page
    my requirement is the value call from 3 to 1 and user will enter remaining fields in 1st page and save the records.

    Hi Mahesh,

  • How to pass the value from one level to another level

    Example :
    we have secnario for leave process
    initiall the user enters the name in first action the personal number should pick from first action to background RFC CO to pick the Payroll admin from R/3
    i designed the first data input form.... i want to pick the personal number and pass that one to next action in background mode.
    thanks in advance

    If you want to execute the step in background then you can use the callable object of type "Background Execution" or if you want to do any user interaction on that step then you can go for web dynpro callable object. Here is the link for Background Execution callable object.
    Here is also link for Web Dynpro Callable Object
    If you have any conficution please let me know.

  • Passing the values from one pgm to another pgm (Calling pgm has no sel scr)

    Hi gurus,
    In my requirement i need to pass the values from one program to another program.
    I am using SUBMIT statement . But , the program which i am calling has no selection screen.
    So how can i pass the values?
    Please help me ASAP.

    Export your internal tables or work areas to a memory id in ur program before u use submit.
    Then in second pgm you have to import from memory id given above.
    EXPORT gs_header FROM gs_header to memory id 'HEADER'.
    EXPORT gt_item FROM gt_item to memory id 'ITEM'.
    In your second pgm you can write
    import gs_header TO gs_header from MEMORY id 'HEADER'.
    import gt_item TO gt_item from MEMORY id 'ITEM'.

  • How to get a value from one item into another

    How can i get value from one item into another item.
    Ex: I have a report, in there i have check boxes, and when i have checked some rows, and press submitt, a prosses computates it into a item on another page, and a branche redirects to page 3. Then i'm going to use the value in the item into a PL/SQL script in an report to show the submittet items.
    How can i do this?
    Computation script, pages and all that is fixed. But i dont know which PL/SQL statement to use to get th value from the item.

    Hi Fredr1k,
    Use the V() function from pl/sql.
    e.g. V('P3_MY_ITEM')
    will return the value of that page item.
    As long as the pl/sql is called from within the Apex environment.

  • Pass variable value from one dashboard to another dashboard

    I have one main dashboard which have "year" prompt with drop down and variaous links & also some reports.
    And we have same year prompt on another dashboards only difference is, this prompt is editable not drop down.
    The requirement is, when I navigate from main dashboard to another dashboard through reports, that time selected prompt value
    comes in navigated dashboard prompt.
    But When I navigate from main dashboard to another dashboard using Link or using <A Href> tag, now selected prompt value can not come in navigated dashboard prompt.
    How can we pass selected prompt value from one dashboard to another dashboard? OR Is there any other technique?

    You need to make the scope of the prompt as 'Dashboard' and if this doesnt work.
    Then use presentation variable in the first prompt and pass it to the second prompt.
    So this will surely pass the values across pages.
    NOTE: Please mention if this resolved your problem/still facing and close the thread.

  • How to pass a variable from one class to another class?

    Is it possible to pass a variable from one class to another? For e.g., I need the value of int a for calculation purpose in method doB() but I get an error <identifier> expected. What does the error mean? I know, it's a very, very simple question but once I learn this, I promise to remember it forever. Thank you.
    class A {
      int a;
      int doA() {
          a = a + 1;
          return a;
    class B {
      int b;
      A r = new A();
      r.a;  // error: <identifier> expected. What does that mean ?
      int doB() {
         int c = b/a;  // error: operator / cannot be applied to a
    }Thank you!

    elaine_g wrote:
    I am wondering why does (r.a) give an error outside the method? What's the reason it only works when used inside the (b/r.a) maths function? This is illegal syntax:
    class B {
      int b;
      A r = new A();
      r.a;  //syntax error
    }Why? Class definition restricts what you can define within a class to a few things:
    class X {
        Y y = new Y(); //defining a field -- okay
        public X() { //defining a constructor -- okay
        void f() { //defining a method -- okay
    }... and a few other things, but you can't just write "r.a" there. It also makes no sense -- that expression by itself just accesses a field and does nothing with it -- why bother?
    This is also illegal syntax:
    int doB() {
          A r = new A();
          r.a;  // error: not a statement
    }Again, all "r.a" does on its own is access a field and do nothing with it -- a "noop". Since it has no effect, writing this indicates confusion on the part of the coder, so it classified as a syntax error. There is no reason to write that.

  • How to pass all values from one node element to created node element?

    I have model node element under which there are 7 values, and I've created value node element and trying to pass the values from the model node Element to this value node element. But instead of passing all the values its listing only one value.
    How do we rectify this problem!!!
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Anil
    I've created the node named: TableNode
    and the name of the node from which i want to get the data is : Li_Required_Node
    the Node Structure is
      |_ Zs_Quantity_Input
    The Schddt has some 7 values
    The code Snippet is as follows:
    IPublicPricesComp.ITableNodeElement nodeElement;
    IPublicPricesComp.ILi_Required_NodeElement scheduleElement;
    int counter3Max = wdContext.ILi_Required_Node().size();
    for( int counter3= 0 ; counter3 < counter3Max ;counter3++ )
    nodeElement = wdContext.createTableNodeElement();
                             scheduleElement = wdContext.nodeZs_Quantity_Input().nodeOutput_Contract_Qty().nodeLi_Required_Node().getLi_Required_NodeElementAt(counter3);
    On writing the above code and then binding the node to a table column only one value getting displayed
    Where can be the error?
    Thanks in Advance

  • How can I pass a value from one application to another through URL

    I am passing a value APP_USER from one application to another application (item is P_ASK_U) through navigation bar entrees URL.
    This is working with in the application..(javascript:popupURL('f?p=&APP_ID.:165:&SESSION.::&DEBUG.::P_ASK_U:#&APP_USER.#') )
    This one is not passing the value, eventhough it open the application..
    Is there any syntax error or is it not possible, please let me know..

    Hi Scott,
    You are right, the first one do not need # character.
    In the Doc it is mentioned as....
    Pass the value on a URL reference using f?p syntax. For example:
    I am using the following URL, it pops up the external application, but it is not passing the APP_USER value to the page item of that application.
    sorry I still do not know what I am missing..

  • Unable to pass the values from one report to another using navigation links

    Hi All,
    I am facing a strange issue where I have to pass a column value from one report to other.
    I have kept navigation link in the 1st report and 'is prompted' option in the 2nd report
    Issue was , I'm not getting the filtered result in the 2nd report (all the records are being displayed)
    Can anyone advice where I was going wrong
    Thank you,

    The column which you have given navigation link and 'is prompted' column should same and exist in both the reports.You have to give the guided navigation in the value interaction of the column in the report1.
    mark if helpful/correct.........

  • How to pass a variable from one scene to another

    I'm making a call from one scene to another via a button, but I have two buttons calling the same scene, each for a different purpose, and I need to pass certain variables tied to each button to that called scene. How can I do this?

    var nam:String="test";
    function fn(e:MouseEvent){
        gotoAndStop(1,"Scene 3");
    function fn1(e:MouseEvent){
        gotoAndStop(1,"Scene 2");

  • Passing parameter value from one script to another in job chain steps

    Hi all,
    We have a scenario where in we have a job chain with two steps
    1-Step 1 contains a script which fetches value from database to the script parameter(in/out) - PAR_DB_VALUE
    2-Step 2 contains another script which uses the value of the parameter PAR_DB_VALUE and has to assign to another parameter in the script 2 called PAR_FETCHED_VALUE(in)
    How to pass the value of PAR_DB_VALUE to PAR_FETCHED_VALUE which are parameters in two different steps
    Please help
    Thanks and Regards

    You can achieve this as follows (CPS version 6 & 7):
    - Edit the chain
    - Go to the second step, to the parameters of the script call in that step
    - Go to the parameter (PAR_FETCHED_VALUE) that you want to be filled by the parameter of the first step
    - choose "Chain value" in the detail screen for the parameter, and select the desired out parameter from the drop down
    Note that both parameters need to be of the same type for this to work.

  • Pass lov value from one page to another page

    can any one please help me how to pass selected lov value in one page to another page
    iam able to get the lov value in controller but how to pass that value as parameter to the VO in another page.

    Get the value in controller, create a hash map and put that value in hashmap.
    Then pass that hashmap in pageContext.forwardImmediately method.
    If you want to use that value in multiple pages, then put that in session variable.

  • How to pass a CString from one application to another application using WPARAM/LPARAM in sendmessage fn.

    I have two different application A & B. I am trying to send a message from A to B. In application A , I get the window handle of application B and call postmessage fn to post a message to application B. While posting the message I am trying to send a
    cstring in wparam parameter so that it can be accessed in the message handler.
    Code in Application A:
    void CTestApplnDlg::OnBnClickedOk()
     CString csProcessName = _T("FSAPP.exe");
     CFSProcess objProcess;
     HWND hFSWnd = NULL;
     if(objProcess.GetProcessHandle(csProcessName, hFSWnd))
      CString * csMessage = new CString(_T("This is message from A application."));
      ::PostMessage(hFSWnd, WM_THIRD_PARTY_NOTIFICATION, (WPARAM)csMessage
    , NULL);
    In the other application in the event event handler I try to do the following :
    LRESULT CMainFrame::OnProcessThirdPartyNotification(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
     CString* csMessage = (CString*)wParam;
     if(csMessage )
     return 0L;
    In the message handler fn, the variable csMessage is pointing to a address but the value is a bad ptr. On accessing the variable like *csMessage it crashes. I have created the variable in heap when the message is posted. So I hope the variable will be in memory.
    Pls help.

    The ultimate problem is that when you place a CString in a wparam like that you are putting an address.  That address only has meaning in the first program.  Your second program cannot access the first programs memory (this is good, otherwise misbehaving
    programs could take down all applications in Windows).  But it does make transferring data between programs more complicated. 
    Some messages like WM_COPYDATA will copy a data buffer from one process to another and are appropriate for what you are trying to do, but a custom message like
    WM_THIRD_PARTY_NOTIFICATION is not one of them.
    By the way your example has a memory leak as well since you would have no way to ever clean up the string you allocate in OnBnClickedOk

  • ADF : How to pass a variable from one frame to another frame ?

    I have an html page divided into 3 frames, all inside a frameset. Each frame are linked to a specific .jsf page (src attribute). When I list a list thanks to a ADF datatable in ONE frame, each row has a "show more" button. When I click this button I succeeded to print row detail inside the same frame thanks to the processScope ADF's native variable. The problem is that I want to display the row detail in another frame, clicking from this current frame. So for this I need to reload the other frame which display the content of the processScope variable.
    For this I use the javascript code :
    => parent.frames['bottomRight'].location.reload()
    Just before refreshing, I put the variable in the processScope of course like it appears in the backing bean :
    FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
              CLPRMBuilding building = (CLPRMBuilding)
         context.getApplication().getVariableResolver().resolveVariable(context, "building");
         if (building == null)
         return "error";
         AdfFacesContext afContext = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
         afContext.getProcessScope().put("buildingDetail", building);
    Next, when the user click on the button "show more" a binding CoreCommandButton component is done. And the accessor's code is executed :
    public void setShowMoreCommandButton(CoreCommandButton showMoreCommandButton) {
              this.showMoreCommandButton = showMoreCommandButton;
    And so the other frame is reloaded ! But the "buildingDetail" variable seems not to be present in the processScope because in the jsf page displayed by the other frame no content is printed, like if the variable were not initialized. How to do then ? How to pass the buildingDetail variable to the other frame which I need to reload to refresh it's content ?

    elaine_g wrote:
    I am wondering why does (r.a) give an error outside the method? What's the reason it only works when used inside the (b/r.a) maths function? This is illegal syntax:
    class B {
      int b;
      A r = new A();
      r.a;  //syntax error
    }Why? Class definition restricts what you can define within a class to a few things:
    class X {
        Y y = new Y(); //defining a field -- okay
        public X() { //defining a constructor -- okay
        void f() { //defining a method -- okay
    }... and a few other things, but you can't just write "r.a" there. It also makes no sense -- that expression by itself just accesses a field and does nothing with it -- why bother?
    This is also illegal syntax:
    int doB() {
          A r = new A();
          r.a;  // error: not a statement
    }Again, all "r.a" does on its own is access a field and do nothing with it -- a "noop". Since it has no effect, writing this indicates confusion on the part of the coder, so it classified as a syntax error. There is no reason to write that.

Maybe you are looking for