How to read HTML files using UTL_FILE

Hello Friends,
How to read HTML files using UTL_FILE package ? According
to Oracle documentation UTL_FILE can read or write OS Text Files.
Thanx in advance..

HI Hareesh,
i have gone through that blog.
i tried it...but i am getting mapping error  no receiver determination fond because there are so  many excel files.
my data is available on sharedString.xml but also it is in not same order.
i have no clue how to handle this part form the blog.
"This way our mapping will receive all data from the sheet in an XML format. The only thing that's left is to create an XSD file from the XML file we received in order to be able to use it in the mapping and as our Service Interface and we can proceed with mapping. As you can see from the sheet.xml files all the data is placed with column name and row number so it's not that difficult to map it to an table type format using the Message Mapping only (no java, abap mapping required)."

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  • How to read html file using

    Gretting All,
    I have a html file....and also have a frame in which i m adding textarea with scroll pane...then setting the component using setcontentpane ....
    It's working fine....
    But i wanna display my html file in that textarea..
    how do i proceesed?
    Marry X-mas

    BufferedFileReader in = new BufferedFileReader( new FileReader(....) );, null);

  • How to read .html file and store values into oracle table  from html file

    Hi all ,
    How to read .html file and store values into oracle table from html file using pl/sql
    Please Help.....

    Kindly find following sample html code ,i want to store every value in different column in database .
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    <div style="position:absolute;top:147px;left:567px;font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:10pt;white-space:nowrap;"><b>shares held </b>
    <div style="position:absolute;top:179px;left:161px;font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:11pt;white-space:nowrap;">Macquarie Capital Group Limited 92,378,000
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    <div style="position:absolute;top:865px;left:663px;font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:11pt;white-space:nowrap;"> 
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    <div style="position:absolute;top:1103px;">

  • Can't read text file using UTL_FILE

    Hi All,
    how can I read notepad file using UTL_FILE package.I have specified the UTL_FILE_DIR in the init.ora file.My objective is to when a button is clicked, the contents of the file will display in a text item.Here is my code written in WHEN_BUTTON_PRESSED trigger.
         file_handle UTL_FILE.FILE_TYPE;
    data_line Varchar2(100);
         file_handle := UTL_FILE.FOPEN('E:\vimal','abc.txt','R');
              message('directory created');
         UTL_FILE.GET_LINE(file_handle, data_line);
         :block2.t1 := data_line;

    Why don't you use text_io? Don't forget that UTL_FILE is reading directories from the database point of view. The E drive for the database is a different E then on your client pc. I presume your database is on a different computer. Are you getting any errors?

  • How to read pdf file using file adapter

        How to read pdf file using file adapter?

    This may help you

  • To read text file using utl_file

    I would like to read test_file_out.txt which is in c:\temp folder.
    create or replace create or replace directory dir_temp as 'c:\temp';
    grant read, write on directory dir_temp to system;
    then when i execute the below code i get the error .
    // to read text file using utl_file
    v_sql VARCHAR2 (1000);
    FileIn := UTL_FILE.FOPEN ('DIR_TEMP', 'test_file_out.txt', 'R');
    UTL_FILE.PUT_LINE (FileIn, v_sql);
    invalid file operation
    i would like to use ult_file only and also can you let me know to read the text file and place its contents in tmp_emp table?

    Are you trying to read the contents of the file into the local variable? Or write the contents of the local variable to the file?
    Your text talks about reading the file. And you open the file in read mode. But then you call the UTL_FILE.PUT_LINE method which, as SomeoneElse points out, attempts to write data to the file. Since the file is open in read-only mode, you cannot write to the file.
    If the goal is really to read from the file, replace the UTL_FILE.PUT_LINE calls with UTL_FILE.GET_LINE. If the goal is really to write to the file, you'll need to open the file in write mode ('W' rather than 'R' in the FOPEN call).

  • How to display HTML files using ABAP Webdynpro?

    I have a html index file and a bunch of other files accessed by the index file  in a specific directory on the SAP server. I'd like to display the index file via ABAP webdynpro and allow the users to click on what they need to see. How can I achieve this using utilizing the ABAP webdynpro technology ?

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
    I have the main html file and all other files needed by the main file in one directory on the application layer of SAP. I'd like to provide the user with a link, by clicking on which they should be able to get to the main html file using the browser. This is just a standalone application.
    I can try the approach using BSPs, however, I'm new to that area. Could you point me in the right direction to get started?

  • How to read pdf files using package classes

    Dear All,
    I have a certain requirement that i should read and write PDF files at runtime. With normal java file IO reading is not working. Can any one suggest me how to proceed probably with sample code block
    Thanks in advance.

    hi I also have the pbm. to read pdf file using JAVA
    can any body help meWhy is it so difficult to read the thread you posted in? They say: is pointless, use iText. So why don't you?
    or also I want to read a binary encoded data into
    can anybody give me a hint how to do it.Depends on what you mean with "binary encoding". ASCII's binary encoding, too, basically.

  • How to read a file using servlet

    hi ,
    i've to read a file using servlet ,
    should read the file using servlet and display it in JSP,Could anybody get me how can i do it .

    To do that you need to get the response output stream and write yur file contents to that.
    response.setContentType(mimeType); //Set the mime type for the response
    ServletOutputStream sos = resp.getOutputStream();
    sos.write(bytes from your file input stream);

  • How to read 835 files using ssis

    Hello Everyone,
    It is possible read 835 files using ssis.
    Please share your suggestions on this.

    Hi Vaishu,
    None of the canned (standard) SSIS tasks let you do so.
    But if you can buy (I am not anyhow affiliated with CozyRoc) it states it can read ERA (AKA 835) files. CozyRoc lets you run it for free in Dev.
    If there will be a decision not to buy then you can simply crate a transformation out of several manipulations or by creating a custom SSIS component or some other programming methods need to be used.
    PS: Again, I just know CozyRoc quality of components is awesome, but I do not make any profit from referring to it.
    Arthur My Blog

  • Unable to read the file using UTL_FILE Dir

    I need to read/write a file from/to the operating system through PLSQL Package. I used UTL_FILE package to do the same. In the application server the utl_file_dir(/usr/tmp in my system) is created as a softlink to database server.
    oI want to run this package through the application server. However I am unable to read and write the file to the operating system.
    I just wondering it is not reading/opening the file from the server. Please suggest me how to modify my code.

    How to check if it is end of file or not? I have the following function which is working fine in my win2003 server std 32bit and Oracle10g Database R2 Standard Edition one 32bit. HOwever, when I deploy to production server which is 64bit OS and database, it gives error at UTL_FILE.GET_LINE(fptr, tmp);
    Any idea why it behaves like that?
         FUNCTION readFile (
              inHTML OUT CLOB,
              path IN VARCHAR2,
              htmlFile IN VARCHAR2
         fptr utl_file.file_type;
         tmp VARCHAR2(5023);
         bufferlen BINARY_INTEGER;
              fptr := UTL_FILE.FOPEN(path, htmlFile, 'r');
                   UTL_FILE.GET_LINE(fptr, tmp);
                   if tmp is not null then
                        tmp := tmp || CHR(10);
                        bufferlen := LENGTH(tmp);
                        DBMS_LOB.WRITEAPPEND(inHTML, bufferlen, tmp);
                   end if;
              END LOOP;
                   RETURN TRUE;
              WHEN OTHERS THEN
                   RETURN FALSE;
         END readFile;

  • How to read SGML files using Java

    I've got a text categorisation test collection called Reuters-21578 for my Information Retrieval project. It is distributed in 22 files. Each of the first 21 files (reut2-000.sgm through reut2-020.sgm) contains 1000 documents, while the last (reut2-021.sgm) contains 578 documents. The files are in SGML format. Each of the 22 files begins with a document type declaration line:
    <!DOCTYPE lewis SYSTEM "lewis.dtd"> The DTD file lewis.dtd is included in the distribution. Following the document type declaration line are individual Reuters articles marked up with SGML tags.
    My questions is how to write a java program to read those 21578 documents or transform them into 21578 seperated text files.

    I guess I missed something. What is Renes link?. The
    parser stuff isn't really what I'm looking for. I'm
    a new at and just learning java and I just want to
    know the easiest way to read a SGML file. Should I
    use a buffered Reader with a Pushback Input Stream?Hang want to just read the file without intelligently extracting the SGML data contained within and so have no need of a parser?
    Well, in that case, its just just use BufferedReader or whatever to read the text data. If I understand you correctly, all you really wanted to ask was "how do I read a text file?"

  • How to read any file using external tables.

    Hi folks,
    I have written an application that reads a series of csv files using external tables which works fine as long as I specify each file name in the directory i.e.......
    CREATE TABLE gb_test
    (file_name varchar2(10),
    rec_date date
    rec_name VARCHAR2(20),
    rec_age number,
    LOCATION ('data1.csv','data2.csv','data3.csv','data4.csv')
    REJECT LIMIT 20000;
    However I have discovered that I may not know the name of the files to be processed prior to the program being run so just want to read any file regardless of it's name (although it will always be a .csv file).
    Is there a way to ensure that you don't need to specify the files to be read in the LOCATION part of the syntax.
    Thanks in advance.

    Right, I have now completed this, however it's currently only working as SYS as opposed to any user, however here is a detail of the scenario and the steps required in case any of you guys need in the future ......
    The problem was I needed to search for csv files on my hard-drive. These files would be stored in a series of directories (a through to z), so I needed a way to read all 26 directories and process all files in these directories.
    The problem was, prior to running the program, the user would remove all the files in the directories and insert new ones, but it was never known how many he would decide to do each time.
    Solution: I created a table called stock_data_directories as follows ...
    create table stock_data_directories(sdd_rec_no number,
    sdd_table_name varchar2(50),
    sdd_directory_name varchar2(50),
    sdd_directory_path varchar2(100));
    Then inserted 26 records like ...
    insert into stock_data_directories(sdd_rec_no,sdd_table_name,sdd_directory_name,sdd_directory_path)
    insert into stock_data_directories(sdd_rec_no,sdd_table_name,sdd_directory_name,sdd_directory_path)
    Then created 26 DIRECTORIES E.G.
    Then created 26 external tables like the following ...
    CREATE TABLE rawdata_a
    (stock varchar2(1000),
    stock_date varchar2(10),
    stock_open VARCHAR2(20),
    stock_high varchar2(20),
    stock_low varchar2(20),
    stock_close VARCHAR2(30),
    stock_qty varchar2(20) )
    LOCATION ('AA.csv')
    REJECT LIMIT 20000
    This basically says in directory rawdata_a it currently has 1 file called AA.csv.
    Then wrote a procedure as follows ...
    procedure p_process_files(pv_return_message OUT varchar2)is
    cursor c_get_stock_data_directories is
    select distinct sdd_directory_path,
    from stock_data_directories
    order by sdd_table_name;
    vv_return_message varchar2(1000);
    -- here get the files for each directory
    for r_get_stock_directories in c_get_stock_data_directories loop
    end loop;
    then wrote a procedure called p_build_external_table as follows ...
    procedure p_build_external_table(pv_directory_path IN stock_data_directories.sdd_directory_path%type, -- e.g. 'C:\kpollock\A\
    pv_table_name IN stock_data_directories.sdd_table_name%type, -- e.g. rawdata_a
    pv_return_message OUT varchar2) is
    vv_pattern VARCHAR2(1024);
    ns VARCHAR2(1024);
    vv_file_name varchar2(4000);
    vv_start_string varchar2(1) := '''';
    vv_end_string varchar2(3) := ''',';
    vn_counter number := 0;
    vv_err varchar2(2000);
    vv_pattern := pv_directory_path||'*';
    SYS.DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE.searchFiles(vv_pattern, ns);
    if like '%.CSV' then
    vv_file_name := vv_file_name||vv_start_string||substr(,instr(,'\',1,3)+1)||vv_end_string;
         vn_counter := vn_counter + 1;
    end if;
    vv_file_name := substr(vv_file_name,1,length(vv_file_name)-1); -- remove final , from string
    execute immediate 'alter table '||pv_table_name||' location('||vv_file_name||')';
    pv_return_message := 'Successfully changed '||pv_table_name||' at '||pv_directory_path||' to now have '||to_char(vn_counter)||' directories';
    when others then
    vv_err := sqlerrm;
    pv_return_message := ' Error found updating directories. Error = '||vv_err;
    This reads every file in the directory and appends it to a list, so if it finds A.csv and ABC.csv, then using the dynamic sql, it alters the location to now read 'a.csv','abc.csv',
    It ignores all other file extentions.

  • How to read .XLSX files using* classes

    I want to read in excel files to a JTable. I was able to read in .xls files, but have problems reading .xlsx files. Maybe there is something i need to add to the following code:
    FileInputStream iStream = new FileInputStream(newFile);
    POIFSFileSystem fs = new POIFSFileSystem(iStream);
    Workbook wb1 = WorkbookFactory.create(fs);
    Sheet sheet = wb1.getSheetAt(0);       // get the first sheet data
    // Iterate over each row in the sheet
      Iterator rows = sheet.rowIterator();
       while(rows.hasNext()) {
          Row row = (Row);
          .............The compiler is complaining about the 3rd line: Workbook wb1 = WorkbookFactory.create(fs);

    I quite agree with you. It's a runtime exception -
    org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.OfficeXmlFileException: The supplied data appears to be in the Office 2007+ XML. You are calling the part of POI that deals with OLE2 Office Documents. You need to call a different part of POI to process this data (eg XSSF instead of HSSF)I've tried searching before coming here to ask. HSSF processes .xls files only, XSSF processes .xlsx files only while SS is supposed to read both .xls and .xlsx files. Maybe there's anyone that has used it before who can help out.

  • How to upload html files using Weblogic Bulkloader

    I hav uploaded image files using bulkloader.
    however with html files am facing a prob.
    only the file structure gets created but there is no html file present inside.
    in i agv the followin
    mimeType = text/html
    shud i add some more properties...

    You have to do this your self by either (as vinod said) using a different component (not present in adf) or implementing this:
    1) allow the user to select multiple filenames (somehow)
    2) zip them together
    3) upload the zip
    4) unpack the zip on the server
    5) work with the files

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to post the revenue on exchange rate in SAP ?

    Hi All, a Company gets a g.l. bank account in USD (account currency). The local currency is EUR. 2010.01.01: its balance was 9.527,23 USD (account currency). Given a currency exchange rate 1 USD x 1,4406 EUR, the amount of the account in local curren

  • Mac Mini 4k display @60Hz?

    Is it possible to get 4k @60Hz on a mac mini over DisplayPort or does this only work for mac pros and macbook retinas? If this is possible on the mac mini, would it then be possible to get a DisplayPort to HDMI 1.4 converter and then plug in a 4k dis

  • How to get the Dataprovider var of a Datagrid inside an ItemRenderer?

    Hey, I have two Datagrids, both of them have a bindable dataprovider. My first Datagrid has an ItemRenderer. I would like to update my dataprovider inside the ItemRenderer. Is it possible? My ItemRenderer is a Combobox. Everytime I change the Combobo

  • Converting spool request into PDF forms

    Hi gurus i am working on upgrade project from 4.6C to ECC 6.0. Business had the functionality developed in 4.6C to " Convert the spool request into PDF forms and can be downloaded into local PC". Moving to ECC 6.0, is there any standard functionality

  • Hyperion Planning Data form alias issue

    Hi, I am using Hyperion Planning version I created data form and after member selection is over I selected alias in dimension properties. But when I am opened the data form I see member names but not alias. I want to see alias name in the d