How to retrieve the path and the name of the destination file in a link annotation

In C++:
How to retrieve the path and the name of the destination file in a link annotation and a Launch action.
Sample of my code:
//Determine if the annotation is a Link annotation
if (PDAnnotGetSubtype(annot) == ASAtomFromString("Link")) {
//Determine if the action is a Launch action
if (PDActionGetSubtype(action) == ASAtomFromString("Launch")) {
// What is the method ?
David G

In general, get the annotation as a Cos object and examine it, in
accordance with the PDF Reference.
Aandi Inston

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    You are not going to be able to run your old system from the backup on this old computer as the hardware is incompatible.
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    Edited by: 933141 on 09/05/2012 07:41

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    In addition to Prashanth’s suggestion, you can also use the following Transact-SQL statements to get more detailed information including  all objects and indexes per Filegroup / Partition and allocated data size of databases.
    The script can work with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and higher version in all Editions. For more details, please review this article:
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    LEFT JOIN sys.indexes AS IDX
    ON PA.object_id = IDX.object_id
    AND PA.index_id = IDX.index_id
    WHERE OBJ.type_desc='USER_TABLE'-- add this WHERE clause to display the information of user tables
    Lydia Zhang

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    Dear Irosenth,
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    AcroAVDoc doc = new Acrobat.AcroAVDoc();doc.Open(path,
    Boolean v = doc.PrintPagesSilent(0, ((Acrobat.AcroPDDoc)(doc.GetPDDoc())).GetNumPages() - 1, 0, 0, 1);doc.Close(1);
    and calling it by the following code:
    copy all files that you want to convert in side the mentioned path and run it program, then check the defualt print path for Adobe PDF printer.
    test it and reply me. thanks again

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    I'm creating a login page and know I have a problem.
    The Username and password are verified in a Java class, after checking the user and password, the user should be linked to the portal.
    So far everything has worked well.
    But when I call the lin like this
    res.sendRedirect ("/ irj / portal j_user =" + UserN + "& j_password =" + passw);
    then the user name and Pwasswort appears in the url.
    Can someone tell me how can I hide the password and user name???
    It will be very helpful.
    Thank you
    Edited by: Cilvaring on Aug 5, 2011 12:00 PM

    If there is no specific reason that you have to use sendredirect...thne you can try request.forward.....
    RequestDispatcher rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("pathToResource");
      rd.forward(request, response);

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    Manish Sati

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    I have a parameter that is called {? Employee ID}.   What I want to do is display the first and last name based on the employee ID value entered in {? Employee ID} in the page header of the report.  Right now, when I put the following formula in the page header only some pages get the right result while other pages dont....
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    Hi Try this,
    if ={?EmpID} then
    Also check the option "Default values for null" in the formula editor.

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          I have a requirement to find print program and form name from the spool list.
    I got the list of programs and forms from TNAPR table, I also want to find out any custom program sending the form directly to the spool.

    Try TSP01-Suffix2

  • Set the path and class path in windows xp professional

    hi guys....could any one tell me step by step on how to set the path and classpath on windows xp professioanl? This is my path and classpath
    set path = %path%;C:\jdk1.3.1_02\bin;c:\JOpen672.jar;c:\
    set CLASSPATH = c:\j2sdkee1.3.1\lib\j2ee.jar;c:\JOpen672.Jar;c:\;c:\postgresql.jar;c:\jai_core.jar
    not working please help me on this thanks alot.

    Below is a Helloworld program, copy and paste it into your editor and save it as "" Use capitalization, Java is case-sensitive. If you're using Notepad, quote the name when saving, otherwise Notepad adds ".txt" to the name. Go to DOS and check that you've got the file where you want it and that it's named correctly.
    public class HelloWorld {
    public static void main (String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Hello World!");
    In the same directory as, enter "javac" - the program should print out a list of options, if not, set your PATH - see below.
    In the same directory as, enter "javac" and the javac compiler will create HelloWorld.class. If it was successful it will not give any messages. Check that the file is created.
    In the same directory as, enter "java -cp . HelloWorld" with the spaces and the period. The program will run.
    Here is additional information:
    The Path is a set of pointers that Windows uses to locate programs that you execute, like javac.exe and java.exe. This setting is explained here:
    Scroll down to: 5. Update the PATH variable
    (you should have already done this as part of the s/w installation)
    The CLASSPATH is another set of pointers that is used by Java to find the files that you create and want compiled and/or run. This setting is explained here:
    Setting the Classpath:
    [NOTE: always start your classpath with ".;" which means the current directory. See my classpath, below]
    How Classes are Found:
    This is my path
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