How to return Values from Oracle Object Type to Java Class Object

i have created an Oracle Object Types in the Database. Then i created Java classes with "jpub" of these types. Here is an example of the type.
vorname VARCHAR2(30),
nachname VARCHAR2(30),
geburtstag DATE,
CONSTRUCTOR FUNCTION person_type(p_vorname VARCHAR2,
p_nachname VARCHAR2,
MEMBER PROCEDURE load_object(p_id NUMBER),
MEMBER PROCEDURE insert_object,
MEMBER PROCEDURE update_object,
MEMBER PROCEDURE delete_object
SELECT, p.vorname, p.nachname, p.geburtstag
INTO SELF.ID, SELF.vorname, self.nachname, SELF.geburtstag
FROM person p
WHERE = p_id;
My problem is, that if i use the member function "load_object" from my java app it doesnt return the selected values to the java class and i dont know why. I use the java class like this:
PersonObjectType p = new PersonObjectType();
There is a reocrd in the database with id = 4 and the function will execute successful. But if i try to use "p.getVorname()" i always get "NULL". Can someone tell me how to do that?
Thanks a lot.
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Edited by: NTbc on 13.07.2010 15:36

CallableStatement =
a person_type;
? := a;
And register as an out parameter.
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    Create or replace package body mypackage
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    NameID NUMBER ,
    RC1 IN OUT Mypackage.group_rct )return int
    from Customer
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    return 7;
    END listgroups;
    END MyPackage;
    Ive simplified my codes a bit....

    yes, it is exactly what i want to do and I am using Oracle ODBC driver.
    I tried using procedure with 1 OUT var fo numeric value and the other IN OUT ref cursor var instead of function, but error occurs when I called it from the application. It give me a memory ecxception error!!
    sqlStr.Format("{? = call ListOfCustomers(%i)}", nNameID);
    RcOpen = CustomerList.Open(CRecordset::forwardOnly, sqlStr, CRecordset::readOnly );
    it seems to me that the ? marker var is making all the trouble... can you please give me any more comment on this?? thanks!

  • How to return values from a BSP page to Javascript

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    I want to call a BSP page which reads a single value from a table and returns that value I want the Javascript in the HTML code to get the value from the BSP page.
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    you need 3 elements to make the javascript code read the value in any field in the table: table´s name, line and column. This is how your code could look like:
    script language="javascript>
       var row = 0;
       function display(){
          row = row + 1;
          campo = 'tabla1_' + row + '_4';                 " <-- table, line, column
          valor = document.getElementById(campo).value;
    ROW works as a counter. You have in variable valor the value of the field and can do with it what you want, perhaps display it with ALERT. I am reading the values from field 1 to n in column 4 in table TABLA1. Pay attention to the '_' in the concatenation of field´s name. The table in my BSP is very simple:
    <htmlb:tableView id                = "tabla1"
                           table             = "<%= mytable %>"
                           width             = "100%"
                           allRowsEditable   = "X"/>
    and somewhere I must call function display in my javascript code:
    <htmlb:button  id="boton" text="Texto aqui" onClientClick="display()" />
    So, give it a try.

  • How to retrive value from column of type number

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    I am retrieving the listitem properties using SPListItem.Properties in ItemCheckedin event.
    How to get value without the decimal places?
    Thanks in advance,

    You can cast this value as int.
    int myVal = (int)myItem["myField"];
    if cast crashes, try to use int.TryParse or Convert.ToInt32 Mehods
    Please mark my answer if it helped you, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • !!! I need to get the return value from a PL/SQL in Java.. How??? !!!

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    Check out CallableStatement:

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    This is the context. From main I start one thread that does a little job then starts another thread and waits for it to end to continue.
    1) The last started thread needs to return a string to the Thread started from main. How can I accomplish that, because I read that I cannot use
    synchronized methods outside different classes (and the threads belongs to different classes).
    2) From the main thread I start the Second Thread located in another class like this ClassName obj = new ClassName(arg); obj.start(); obj.join()
    Is that correct for waiting for the created thread to finish ?

    1) The last started thread needs to return a string to the Thread started from main. How can I accomplish that, because I read that I cannot use
    synchronized methods outside different classes (and the threads belongs to different classes).Threads do not "belong" to classes. Class code executes in a particular thread. The class instances exist as long as something, somewhere, holds a strong reference to them.
    So when you start a new thread, hold a strong reference to the object being executed by that thread. When the thread is done, retrieve your data from that object.
    Even better, don't subclass Thread to create your objects. Instead, implement Callable, and use a ThreadPoolExecutor to execute it.

  • How to get return value from Java runtime.getRuntime.exec?

    I'm running shell commands from an Oracle db (11gr2) on aix.
    But, I would like to get a return value from a shell comand... like you get with "echo $?"
    I use a code like
    public class Host {
      public static int executeCommand(String command) {
        int retval=0;
        try {
            String[] finalCommand;
            finalCommand = new String[3];
            finalCommand[0] = "/bin/sh";
            finalCommand[1] = "-c";
            finalCommand[2] = command;
          final Process pr = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(finalCommand);
       catch (Exception ex) {
        return retval;
    /but I do not get a return value... because I don't know how to get return value..
    Edited by: user9158455 on 22-Sep-2010 07:33

    Have your tried pr.exitValue() ?
    I think you also need a finally block that destroys the subprocess

  • How to Sort by the length of the returned value from a query.

    I was wondering if it is possible to sort by the length of the returned value from a query?
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    Sort by length of the name in SQL
    Samuel Syda
    Samuel Indranaka
    Samuel Johnsons
    Samuel Longhenderson
    Thank you.

    Sorting is done by an ORDER BY clause at the end of the main query.
    In most cases, you can ORDER BY any expression, even f it is not in the SELECT clause.  In this case, it sounds like you just need:
    ORDER BY  LENGTH (name_column)
    I hope this answers your question.
    If not, post a little sample data (CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements, relevant columns only) for all the tables involved, and the results you want from that data.
    Post your query, using an ORDER BY clause like the one above, and point out where that query is producing the wrong results, and explain, using specific examples, how you get the right results from the given data in those places.
    Always say what version of Oracle you're using (e.g.
    See the forum FAQ:

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    i want to read return value from java and the other application read it.
    for example:
    public class test_return {
        public int check(){
            return 1;
        public static void main(String args[]){
           new test_return().check();
    }from that class i make as jar file. How to read the return value (1) by other application?

    If your installer is requiring some process it invokes to return a particular value on failure, then the installer is seriously broken. There are a bazillion commands your installer could invoke, and any of them could fail, which in turn could invalidate the entire install process, and any of them could return any value on failure. The only value that's consistent (in my experience) is that zero means success and non-zero means failure, with specific non-zero values being different in different programs.
    About the only control you have over the JVM's exit code is that if your main method completes without throwing an exception, the JVM will have an exit code of 0, and if main throws an exception (either explicitly or by not catching one thrown from below), it will be non-zero. I'm not even sure if that's guaranteed, but I would guess that's the case.
    EDIT: I'm kind of full of crap here. If you're writing the Java code, you can call System.exit(whatever). But nonetheless, if your installer requires certain exit codes from any app--java or otherwise--you have a problem.
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  • How to get the return values from a web page

    Hi all :
       how to get the return values from a web page ?  I mean how pass values betwen webflow and web page ?
    thank you very much
    Edited by: jingying Sony on Apr 15, 2010 6:15 AM
    Edited by: jingying Sony on Apr 15, 2010 6:18 AM

    What kind of web page do you have? Do you have possibility to for example make RFCs? Then you could trigger events (with parameters that could "return" the values) and the workflow could react to those events. For example your task can have terminating events.

  • Remote Object - not able to get the returned value from java method

         Hi ,
    I am developing one sample flex aplication that connects to the java code and displays the returned value from the
    java method in flex client. Here I am able to invoke the java method but not able to collect the returned value.
    lastResult is giving null .  I am able to see the sysout messages in server console.
    I am using flex 3.2 and blazeds server  and java 1.5
    Here is the code what I have written.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><mx:WindowedApplication  xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" initialize="initApp()">
    import mx.controls.Alert; 
    import mx.binding.utils.ChangeWatcher; 
    import mx.messaging.*; 
    import mx.messaging.channels.* 
    public function initApp():void { 
         var cs:ChannelSet = new ChannelSet(); 
         var customChannel:Channel = new AMFChannel("my-amf", "http://localhost:8400/blazeds/messagebroker/amf");     cs.addChannel(customChannel);
         remoteObj.channelSet = cs;
    public function writeToConsole():void {      remoteObj.writeToConsole(
    "hello from Flash client");
          var returnedVal:String = remoteObj.setName().lastResult;;
    // private var returnedVal:String; 
    <mx:RemoteObject id="remoteObj" destination="sro" /> 
    <mx:Form width="437" height="281">
    <mx:Button label="Write To Server Console" click="writeToConsole()"/>
    Java code
         public SimpleRemoteObject(){  
              super();     }
      class SimpleRemoteObject { 
         public void writeToConsole(String msg) {          System.out.println("SimpleRemoteObject.write: " + msg);     }
         public String setName(){          System.
    out.println("Name changed in Java"); 
              return "Name changed in Java";
    And I have configured destination in  remote-config.xml
    <destination id="sro">
    Please help me .

    You are not able to get the returned value because if you see the Remote object help you will realise you have to use result="resultfn()" and fault = "faultfn()"
    In this you define what you wish to do.
    More importantly in the remote object you need to define which method you wish to call using the method class like this
    <mx:RemoteObject id="remoteObj" destination="sro" result="r1" fault="f1"  >
         <Method name="javaMethodName" result="r2" fault="f2"/>
    r2 is the function where you get the result back from java and can use it to send the alert.

  • How to get return values from stored procedure to ssis packge?

    I need returnn values from my stored procedure to ssis package -
    My procedure look like  and ssis package .Kindly help me to oget returnn value to my ssis package
    -- =============================================
    -- Author: <Author,,Name>
    -- Create date: <Create Date,,>
    -- Description: <Description,,>
    -- =============================================
    -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here
    @P_STAGE VARCHAR(2000)
    -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from
    -- interfering with SELECT statements.
    -- Insert statements for procedure here
    --SELECT <@Param1, sysname, @p1>, <@Param2, sysname, @p2>
    truncate table [INPUTS];
    and i am trying to get the return value from execute sql task and shown below
    and i am taking my returnn value to result set variable

    You need to have either OUTPUT parameters or use RETURN statement to return a value in stored procedures. RETURN can only return integer values whereas OUTPUT parameters can be of any type
    First modify your procedure to define return value or OUTPUT parameter based on requirement
    for details see
    Once that is done in SSIS call sp from Execute SQL Task and in parameter mapping tabe shown above add required parameters and map them to variables created in SSIS and select Direction as Output or Return Value based on what option you used in your
    Please Mark This As Answer if it helps to solve the issue Visakh ----------------------------

  • Getting Return values from RFC function call with visual basic

    I am creating a sample app to connect to a SAP system which call its RFC functions created with ABAP. It was known that the function will return more than 1 return values.
       SAP Function name ==> "ZFMTP_RFC_GET_RESULT"
            Export parameters (to SAP):
                    - Student Name [char 10]         ==> "STUNAME"
                    - Student ID         [char 20]        ==> "STUID"
           Return values (From SAP):
                    - Results [char 10]        ==> "RESULT"
                    - Remarks [char 200]        ==> "REMARKS"
    i have managed to get sample codes for connecting and call a RFC function with vb but they only get a return value. How do i retrieve multiple return values like the above function "RESULT" and "REMARKS"?
    Here's my vb code to accessing the function
            Dim R3 As Object
            Dim FBFunc As Object
            Dim returnFunc As Boolean
            Dim connected As Boolean
            R3 = CreateObject("SAP.Functions")
            R3.Connection.Client = "000"
            R3.Connection.User = "BCUSER"
            R3.Connection.Password = "minisap"
            R3.Connection.Language = "DE"
            R3.Connection.System = "dtsystem"
            R3.Connection.Applicationserver = "" 
            connected = R3.Connection.Logon(0, True)
            If connected <> True Then
                MsgBox("Unable to connect to SAP")
            End If
            FBFunc = R3.add("ZFMTP_RFC_GET_RESULT")
            FBFunc.exports("STUNAME") = "Jonny"
            FBFunc.exports("STUID") = "12345"
            returnFunc = FBFunc.Call() <<== How do i get the return value? or RESULT and REMARKS of the RFC Function?
    thanks alot.
    Edited by: Eugene Tan on Mar 4, 2008 7:17 AM

    Hi Gregor,
    Thanks for the link....i am having some doubts with the codes, hope you can clarify them for me if you know the codes..
    Below is the code snippet.
    Set impReturn = CHPASS_FN.Imports("RETURN")  <<=== is RETURN the standard keyword to get a                                                                                return object?
      expPassword.Value = currpass
      expNewPass.Value = newpass
      expFillRet.Value = "1"
    ''' Call change password function
      If CHPASS_FN.Call = True Then
        outFile.Write (", Called Function")
        Message = impReturn("MESSAGE") <<==== So if i have 3 return values..i just replace with the return                                                               value variable names?
        outFile.WriteLine " : " & Message
        outFile.Write (", Call to function failed")
      End If
    thanks alot...all your help is very appreciated.

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