How to run an update query on results from a spreadsheet

Hey there,
I am new to this kinda thing.
I received a spreadsheet that has 2 tabs, 1 is called SQL Results, and has a ton of data. 1 is called SQL Statement and has a select statement in the first cell.
I was told to run an update query using the spreadsheet, and was given this:
I am not sure what to do or how to run this.
This is the what the lines in the spreadsheet look like, including column header, A1 is blank.
A B C etc
2     12          1     44     ISS g     22 22 19/10/2011

The =concatenate bits are Excel formulae. Assuming they correctly written, they will generate a set of individual sql statements. The first concaenatewill generate a set of update statements against the CardMemberIssue table, and the seond will generate a set of insert statement to the CardMemberIssueHist table.
You should be able to just paste the generated statements into whatever tool you are using to run sql to execute them. Before you do that though, make sure that you issue:
alter session set cursor_sharing=force;before pasting anything in.

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    qry nvarchar2(500);
    result nvarchar2(500);
    select 'select TEXTVAL as "CHARG" FROM TABLE1 WHERE LOC =''[ParameterValue]'' and KEYNAME =''<<REPLACE>>''' INTO qry from dual;
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    you can use execute immediate if the output of the query is in the single query.
    that is very simple.
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    Hi, Pavan,
    Use dbms_scheduler to run a procedure at a given time (or at repeatedly, at given times).
    A trigger is good for re-acting to certain actions in the database, someone INSERTing a row in a given table, for example. Nothing will necessarily be happening when you want your procedure to run, so a trigger is not good in this case.

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    This is the result I get;
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    Name MemberType Definition
    PSComputerName AliasProperty PSComputerName = __SERVER
    AttributeName Property string AttributeName {get;set;}
    Caption Property string Caption {get;set;}
    CurrentValue Property string[] CurrentValue {get;set;}
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    InstanceID Property string InstanceID {get;set;}
    IsOrderedList Property bool IsOrderedList {get;set;}
    IsReadOnly Property bool IsReadOnly {get;set;}
    IsSet Property bool IsSet {get;set;}
    MaxLength Property uint64 MaxLength {get;set;}
    MinLength Property uint64 MinLength {get;set;}
    PasswordEncoding Property uint32 PasswordEncoding {get;set;}
    PendingValue Property string[] PendingValue {get;set;}
    __CLASS Property string __CLASS {get;set;}
    __DERIVATION Property string[] __DERIVATION {get;set;}
    __DYNASTY Property string __DYNASTY {get;set;}
    __GENUS Property int __GENUS {get;set;}
    __NAMESPACE Property string __NAMESPACE {get;set;}
    __PATH Property string __PATH {get;set;}
    __PROPERTY_COUNT Property int __PROPERTY_COUNT {get;set;}
    __RELPATH Property string __RELPATH {get;set;}
    __SERVER Property string __SERVER {get;set;}
    __SUPERCLASS Property string __SUPERCLASS {get;set;}
    ConvertFromDateTime ScriptMethod System.Object ConvertFromDateTime();
    ConvertToDateTime ScriptMethod System.Object ConvertToDateTime();
    But this is not it. I want to get the value of "IsSet" for AdminPwd only.

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    869357 wrote:
    No it's not running, giving some error.That is because SQL server construct is different than that of Oracle.
    Try with
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    However, due the repeated department values will not give you the desired output.

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    You need to download iTunes 7, the iPod updater is now integrated into iTunes so you can always get the latest version using the one application. Each of the older standalone updaters only delivers a single old version of the firmware. Have a look at this page for more detail: iPod 101: Installing and Updating Software

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    With the objects keys you can then use the DI API method called GetByKeys to obtain the DI Object.
    There is some information about it in the SDK Help file, mainly in the "FormDataEvent" class definition:
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    Thanks for your help. That is not what I wanted to hear so I will have to try to get IE 8 working again. How do other folks do updates? Does this mean that IE is absolutely necessary to maintain your windows system? Is this true for the newer versions of Windows, 7 or 8?

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    I am using version 2.1, and I want to update to 2.2, I downloaded the file from OTN, but after unziping, I found it is not a simple exe file but a bunch of sql and other files, how to run the upgrading, I think it is too diffficult in that way.
    How many files I need to run in the SQL plus?
    Which one is the one I need?

    So there will be no upgrading for Oracle DB XB APEX?The way you ask that implies that I said that this will never be possible and that is not what I said.
    If I want to upgrade to 2.2, I need DBs other than XE?Today you have the option of installing Application Express 2.2 in Oracle Database 9iR2 or the SE, SE1, or EE editions of Oracle 10g Database.

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    Would it be faster if I replace the "in" with an "exists".Could be, depending on your unknown database version, if you're on 10g and up, it probably won't matter.
    Here's an explanation:

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