How to send html page in outlook wihtout gibberish

i have html page that i tried to send in outlook with send web page by email
the problem is it add the following thing before the html:
the questions are:
from where does it come from? and how to fixed it so it does not show?

thank you for the answer but saving it as ansi or unicode make things worse and in that encoding
it is not possible to see the page
the page is mainly photos some text and links
is there any other
possibility that cause this or it is only encoding of the page? 

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    I wanna send HTML page with images via an email, it should not go as an attachment.
    Is there any Tool or Software available to send HTML Pages via email.
    i just wanna send my advertisement as a HTML page via email
    So plz. help me out

    Java Message Service (JMS) For more info u can visite
    It is usefull only when u r using some Application servers like WebLogic, WebSpeher, or JBoss

  • How to send HTML email in Outlook

    How do I send a HTML email in Outlook 2003? I figured out how to do it in Outlook Express. I can't figure out how to open the place for entering the source code like OE. How do I do this.
    Yes, I have already posted the HTML onto a server.
    Yes, the CSS is in the HTML file.

    Don't use Outlook or Outlook Express for this.
    My recommendation is the same as Joe's.  Either use a dedicated bulk email software or a bulk email service like MailChimp, etc...
    If your list is especially large, and you attempt to send to a volume that's prohibited by your server or email service provider, you could be in violation of their anti-spamming rules.  You don't want that.
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists
    Sorry Joe. Didn't mean to call you EagerBob.

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    I want crystal and clear instruction as all the ones I have found either old fashioned and not relevant or skip that interesting part.
    I have already done html page (newsletter). Now I want to transform it somehow and send via Mail app so my contacts could receive it as html newsletter. If I need to attach txt message please add it to the instruction. I need complete how to send html newsletter.

    alabanco wrote:
    thanks. Now we've got to the most interesting part and intriguing one. Why should I upload html page to the server. I do understand uploading the images to server which will be used as links in my html mail. But why and how should I store that page in my server if I have CMS post instead from which I used pictures as links. SHould I create yet another type of post in CMS that is my html newsletter? That's not cool. What is the industry standard approach for that?
    By the way uses that baby design templates for your messages. Why don't we have an option to delete all these creepy childish templates and store solid bold corporate style templates for newsletters and send it somehow? Or will it just attach the images to the message then? If so then it is not what I want and it is really depressing.
    The industry convention/"standard" is not to use html in email. Wheteher or not your html newsletter displays as you intended is at the mercy of the recipient and their email client settings.
    If you want to preserve your html layout and styles, save your newsletter as a pdf document and attach the pdf document to your email. Or, as already suggested, use a web server to serve your html newsletter.

  • How to include HTML page on a screen

      How to include HTML page on a module-pool screen. i want to handle hyperlinks on that page. how ca n i do that?....plz send me reply vvvery fast

    Hi Amarnath,
       Check the above program.
    Amit M.

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    How to Send an Email to Outlook using process type in RSPC?
    We created lot of process variants, actually we want to send an mail to users if the DP Background job was succesfully finished.
    Actually i tried with create message its not happening...
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    Hello Satish,
    If you want to send a friendly message to your users, then you can do this by building an ABAP program that calls function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 . You can then insert this ABAP program in your process chain (using the ABAP program process type) or as a second step in your background job. With this technique, you can send an email to SAP users, or to external users (e..g Outlook email addresses)
    Here's  a sample ABAP code:
      data: ls_docdata type SODOCCHGI1,
            lt_objcont type table of solisti1,
            lt_receivers type table of somlreci1,
            ls_objcont type solisti1,
            ls_receivers type somlreci1,
            ls_user type syuname.
    * Fill these variables with subject and msg lines that you need.
      ls_docdata-obj_descr = mail_subject.
      ls_objcont-line = msg_line1.
      append ls_objcont to lt_objcont.
      ls_objcont-line = msg_line2.
      append ls_objcont to lt_objcont.
      ls_objcont-line = msg_line3.
      append ls_objcont to lt_objcont.
      ls_objcont-line = msg_line4.
      append ls_objcont to lt_objcont.
      ls_objcont-line = msg_line5.
      append ls_objcont to lt_objcont.
    * t_userlist contains the list of users to whom th email will be sent.
      loop at t_userlist into ls_user.
        ls_receivers-receiver = ls_user.
    "Change the type  here if email is for outlook users, See documentation
    " of function module in SE37
        ls_receivers-rec_type = 'B'.            
        ls_receivers-express = 'X'.
        append ls_receivers to lt_receivers.
          document_data                   = ls_docdata
         OBJECT_CONTENT                   = lt_objcont
         receivers                        = lt_receivers
         TOO_MANY_RECEIVERS               = 1
         DOCUMENT_NOT_SENT                = 2
         DOCUMENT_TYPE_NOT_EXIST          = 3
         PARAMETER_ERROR                  = 5
         X_ERROR                          = 6
         ENQUEUE_ERROR                    = 7
         OTHERS                           = 8
    You can test out the function module first in SE37 (just put the name of the FM and click execute). Testing it in SE37 will help you get your parameters right.
    Hope this helps.

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    Could any body tell me how to send HTML mail with
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    can give the code ,it would be helpful.
    Refer to
    I've found it very helpful.
    Look at the last part for a code showing how to send HTML mail!

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    <p>Here is a Form sample.</p>

  • How to send html email made in dreamweaver

    how to send html email made in dreamweaver

    Make sure you upload all of the images used in your email to a server you control. Then, change your image paths to point to those uploaded images with absolute links.
    You will get marked as spam if you attempt to send images as attachments to a large list of recipients and most email clients won't download images to begin with, so make sure your html email makes sense with broken pictures.
    CSS support is spotty across email clients, if you use css, make sure it's inline, not embedded in the <head> or externally linked in the <head>. Some email clients strip out the <head> section entirely.
    Basically, you need to design your html email as if you haven't moved out of the 90's yet, as far as web design is concerned, in order to get maximum cross client compatibility.
    Then, when you're ready, I would suggest using a service like or if your subscriber list is anywhere over 100 or so recipients.

  • How to send HTML DOM to Servlet?

    How to send HTML DOM to Servlet?

    What exactly you mean by sending DOM to servlet?? if you want to post the entire html to servlet use XMLHttp object and post the entire html to servlet. You can get more info on XMLHttp at microsoft's MSDN site.

  • How to include html page or html code in adobeflex 4 web application please give me a solution.

                     How to include html page or html code in adobeflex 4 web application please give me a solution.
                       Thank you
                       Chandra Sekhar

    go thru this link, may be of some help for you
    About IFrames
    IFrame Src
    About the IFrame Approach

  • How to load html page or website in flash as3

    how to load html page or web link (  in flash as3.
    please help me...

    Use the navigateToURL function...
    var url:String = "";:
    var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
    OR in one line...
    navugateToURL(new URLRequest(""));

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    Please Can You Tell Me How To Call HTML Page Through Java Swing Page ....
    Regards ;

    you can use HTML fragments on a panel.
    However, to integrate a browser you need 3rd party software like IceBrowser
    If you Google for: HTML Swing
    then you find many more hints

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    i want to know Hw to call Automaticly a HTML page through JSP.
    example :-
    have u seen yahoo login wen u put your ID & pass & Clock on login button it will chack ID & pass in the database & if it is correct then It will call A Mail Home Page.
    that's same i want to do.
    i have a jsp page which chacks the userID & Pass & call the first.html page
    but i dont know how to call html page automaticly.
    Any one can help me
    what i think is this
    tell me is it right or not
    suppose i have made a variable
    String add = "first.html"
    after chacking userID & pass
    if(idpass == true)
    if(idpass == false)
    it will work or not pl tell me

    If you do the redirect with javascript, the user cannot resubmit his login when he presses the refresh button. When he does press refresh, he only refreshes the redirect, not the form post that was before it. When he presses back the redirect will also kick him back in stead of going back to the login page. A simple javascript redirect page would look like this:
    <body onload="document.location.href='myhtmlpage.htm';">
    </html>But that is only if you care about resubmits of course.

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