How to separate ABAP+JAVA Dual stack in stand alone engins?

Hello SDN!
We are thinking about to separate our Dual Stack ERP 6.00 System on Windows/Oracle in two stand alone system Java und ABAP. Wie have afew small implementation in Dual Stack such as ESS and wie have no modifications at all.
Has somebody an expiearence with that? Knows somebody about some tools for such an action?
I will be very pleased for any help
With best regards

You may  find attached link helpful and interesting
[Doublestack : separate JAVA Stack from ABAP Stack ...;

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  • How to restart Java Engine in ABAP+JAVA dual stack installation ?

    Dear Experts
    if i use stopsap r3 in this dual stack installation - it stops both ABAP & JAVA Web Application Servers.
    I want to restart only JAVA Weba pplication server.
    How do it ?
    Thaks in Advance !

    But theoritically  they are 2 indpeendent installations like
    ..Do you aggree ?? really am not good on basics!!
    During the installation also -  if select AS ABAP & AS JAVA  - it will become dual installation
    and it does not show
    any dependency while installing that AS JAVA  requires AS ABAP.[Installation Component Selection and Dependency Screen shot|]
    Installation Component Selection and Dependency Screen shot
    Is it because if AS ABAP is down - AS JAVA UME is 001 client - and Java authentication fails ?
    Can we de attatch from ABAP UME for my requirement like - running JAVA WAS alone w/o ABAP.
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  • Enqueue server and Message server in ABAP/Java dual stack

    Hi you guys,
    I have some questions when studying SAP, could you please explain for me:
    - In ABAP and Java system, do each stack have it own enqueue server and message server?
    - What is the difference between Enqueue server and enqueue work process in ABAP stack?
    - If there is one message server for each stack, which messager server (ABAP or Java) will the Web dispatcher connect directly to?
    - How do ABAP message server and Java message server communicate with each other?
    Thank you very much.

    1. in Dual Stack, normally you have ABAP Stack and SCS Central service Instance. ABAP Instance has Message server, SCS has it own Message server and enqueue server. ABAP instance doesn't have enqueue server, because the SCS already has enqueue service
    2. Communication between ABAP and J2EE Engine uses RFC (JCo) or HTTP Interface.
    Web Dispatcher will connect to the ICM of that instance, and the ICM is talking to Abap dispatcher and J2EE Dispatcher.
    3. The term: enqueue server and enqueue work process , already shows its different quite obviously.
    What so confuse about it ? do some search on SAP Online Documentation.

  • Diff was java add in and stand alone java instance

    Hi Guys ,
    What is the diff between  was java add in and stand alone java instance ?

    SCS is nothing but the SAP Central Services, it is AS Java instance of an SAP system containing the enqueue server and the message server.
    JAVA Addin is inserted in exsisting ABAP only instance to have JAVA functionality. JAVA instance is assigned to an ABAP instance. The Internet Communication Manager (ICM) of the ABAP instance starts and stops the associated Java instance as required.
    Netweaver JAVA (Stand alone) vs JAVA Addin:
    Netweaver JAVA Addin installation is a dual installation that consists of Java and ABAP stack. Addin is required when you are implementing SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure). Stand alone JAVA is required when you implement SAP EP (Enterprise Portal). It is generally not recommended to use dual installation for EP because this will expose the ABAP layer to the public Internet. So the ABAP stack is often used to host SAP ERP ECC (Enterprise Central Component), SAP CRM, SAP SCM, etc.,
    Since the information hosted on ABAP stack is more sensitive in nature you are recommended to install Portal on the Netweaver AS Java server (Stand alone JAVA server).
    By doing this you will be able to fully utilize the system resources for the portal and ensure good performance.

  • We want to separate ABAP+JAVA, or move ABAP or JAVA to another server

    I want to separate my instance dual stak ABAP+JAVA, I don't lnow what's the better procedure
    or move ABAP or move JAVA, both stay in one server:sapnwd01 (it have BI,EP components)
    We wear Solaris 5.10, Oracle, SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (ABAP+JAVA)
    ABAP have SID:NWD with the same database NWD, and number:04
    JAVA have SID:NWD with the same database NWD, and number:14
    And these are my profiles:
    sapnwd01:nwdadm 8% pwd
    sapnwd01:nwdadm 9% ls -l
    total 188
    -rw-rr   1 nwdadm   sapsys      6557 Aug  4 19:33 DEFAULT.PFL
    -rw-rr   1 nwdadm   sapsys     13962 Oct  2 17:22 NWD_DVEBMGS04_sapnwd01
    -rw-rr   1 nwdadm   sapsys       701 Aug 21  2007 NWD_SCS14_sapnwd01
    -rw-rr   1 nwdadm   sapsys      3829 Aug  4 19:33 START_DVEBMGS04_sapnwd01
    -rw-rr   1 nwdadm   sapsys      1449 Aug 21  2007 START_SCS14_sapnwd01
    I started with installation JAVA in another server:sapepd01 (with another version SAP NetWeaver 7.1)

    Hi Sunny,
    Thanks for you comments.
    What's about the conecctions between JAVA-->ABAP and with development are these assigned to my SID:NWD?
    Can I install another JAVA instance and after remove JAVA from instance ABAP+JAVA?
    Development team only give me one or two days for it they don't want loose time in develop.
    Do you have any links to these document?

  • CTS+ Configuration - Separate ABAP & Java Instance

    I have a pure ABAP ECC instance. I have a pure Java Internet Sales instance. I have NWDI.
    I would like to centrally manage the Java transports from my ABAP system using CTS+. Is this scenario possible.
    Integration of NWDI & CTS+.

    Yes. the scenerio is very much possible.
    Please refer to 3.1.3 for different ABAP and JAVA stacks in the following document
    And then you need to integrate NWDI with CTS+,

  • How to run a jms-class as a stand-alone java-Programm???

    I have another little question concerning jms. The jms programs I have written so far had to be executed
    as application clients using the appclient-tool. I asked myself, if it is possible to run a class
    that uses jms like a normal java-Programm with the java-command.
    Unfortunately, an exception is thrown then, because there is no initial context for the JNDI
    lookup. Is there a work around to this problem??

    can you write more concretely where I can find the solution to this problem??

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    hello, javascript is enabled in firefox by default (java is something different, please see []). do you have any particular problem you're trying to solve?

  • How much future useage for CS6 for a stand-alone photographer?

    I'm a semi professional small-scale photographer. It's a hobby, but I do some commercial work. It certainly isn't a living (I have other income)
    I've been on CS6 for some time. It does absolutely everything that I need, and in fact it's too much. I could do with an application that's somewhere between Lightroom+Elements and CS6. It doesn't exist.
    But as I've paid for CS6 I'm quite happy to keep on using it ad infinitum - after all, with no more upgrades (CS7 etc)  it's free now! But at a realistic level how long can I run it for, do you think? I run a good spec desktop PC with Windows 7. I use CS6 in 64bit mode, and also Bridge. Assuming my PC fails in 12 months time (it's three years old) I will get a new destop using Windows 8. CS6 will run under Windows 8, so no problems there. My new desktop may last 5 years? That gives me a total of 6 years using CS6.
    Of course, there will need to be support from Adobe for CS6, in particular if any significant bugs arise. But why should there be new bugs, unless they are in relation to third-party plugins etc? CS6 has been out for some time. Adobe are not going to change it (they have their head stuck in a cloud) so it shouldn't get broken. Or am I wrong in thinking that?
    Any thoughts?
    To upgrade to CS6 l_creativesuite6.html?start=10
    In the Photoshop CS6 row, click the Buy link
    "I want to buy:", click on the dropdown menu and select Upgrade
    click "I own" and on the dropdown menu select the relevant product which you already own
    Follow the prompts from there to complete the purchase

    Curt Y wrote:
    That is the problem you have with any upgrade if you use the new features. 
    CC is more a trap then an upgrade.
    A Photoshop only user is better off staying  with CS6 and not be being trap.
    While I would prefer to have the new features being added to ACR.  I do not need the new improved old features with their new interfaces, new icons and new bugs. These change post processing work flow they only seem to slow user down and make more work for them.  I also do not need or want the 3D tools. Photoshop is not a 3D program by design. Photoshop 3D feature is more an add-on and lacks features found in real 3D creation programs.
    I want a stable image editor. While CS6 has bugs I know which bugs effect my work and know my way around most.   Photoshop CS6 still occasionally crashes from time to time but now on my new machine it only seems to happen in SciptUIFlex and I can use Photoshop  for days without a crash.  Today was not one of them. 
    To tell you the truth all upgrade after CS3 have been plagued with bugs. I was not looking forward to having to upgrade to CS7.
    It look like CC has its share of bugs too.  Though CC seems to be starting off better then CS6 did.  While there have been a few dozen bugs reported in Adobe's Photoshop Family problem forum. That is not a large number and most are not problems with CC crashing.

  • How to include .xml file while building a stand alone applicatio​n .exe file from a Labview program

    I have a labview program which loads default values of all the variables from a .xml file when executed.  I am trying to build a standalone '.exe application'  using
    (Tools Menu --> Build Application from VI) , however I am not sure where to include this .xml file in the process?  I really appreciate if some one could let me know.

    As GerdW said, it is preferable (and better practice) to use the project explorer. My guess, you didn't configure the build correctly (and probably used the default settings).
    First, you have to specify your xml file as Always included is the source file tab
    Now look at how the build folders are built:
    The .ini file (xml in your case) is in the data folder. So in the build the relative position of the xml file is not the same as in the development environment. You have to be aware of this difference and use a diiferent relative path for the exe. You can do this using a conditional disable symbol in the project and then use the conditional disable structure in your VI.
    Here in the deploy case the exe will look for the file in the data folder and in the development environment it will look in a folder name Files.

  • How to redirect to portal iview from a stand alone webdynpro application

    I need to able to navigate from a standalone webdynpro application, for which I do not want to create Portal iview, to a Portal iview with some data.
    Please let me know how can I pass the string value and how to navigate.

    You're walking in circles. There is no magic answer to this problem. Web Dynpro is not an application of communication / interface with other applications, but a presentation layer for the user.
    To perform this procedure interaction (simulating an ajax) you will need to use a middleware interface (CAF, EJBs, or any other technology that communicates directly with the Web Dynpro), or use the version 7.2 of Web Dynpro (maybe that solves their problems).
    If only the external page you need to open did not have the user interaction (just loading and returning information) you could consume it like a WebService.
    without more,

  • How do I make my LabWindows CVI programme stand alone?

    I have made a programme that communicates with a microcontroller through a serial link using the RS-232 command library,etc.
    What I now want to do is to make my programme independent of LabWindows interface. I want to execute the programme in another similar machine but it doesn´t have LabWindows. I tried doing this by copying the whole directory of my programme files on to the new computer but when I tried executing it there it said that it didn´t find cvirte.dll file when I replaced the cvirte.dll file from the computer in which I had created the application the programme is now not running at all. When I try running the _dbg.exe file it just gives an error message.
    Please suggest what can I do to make my
    programme independent of the computer on which I developed it.

    CVI is a compiler, that is it can create executables that can run without the IDE interface. To obtain the executable you must do the following:
    1. In the project window, select Build >> Configuration menu and select 'Release' option
    2. Execute Build >> Create release executable function to create the .EXE file
    To run the executable in the target machine, you must install the CVI Run-Time Engine on that machine. It is not possible simply to copy the cvirte.dll on the hard disk, since it must be registered in the system. To install it you can either:
    1. Find the CVIRTE directory in the CVI installation disk and use SETUP.EXE to install it on the target machine, or
    2. Use the Build >> Create Distribution Kit function in the project menu and sele
    ct the correct 'Install Run-Time Engine' option.
    Hope this helps
    Proud to use LW/CVI from 3.1 on.
    My contributions to the Developer Zone Community
    If I have helped you, why not giving me a kudos?

  • Homogeneous system copy ECC 6.0 EHP4 dual stack system

    Hello ,
       I have a requirement of homogeneous system for the below Source system
    Source system :
    ECC6.0 EHP1 ABAP+java dual stack system with DB2 AIX
    Required Target system:
    ECC 6.0 EHP1 (same as target system except single stack java not required)
    1 .I was trying to use db specific homogeneous system copy method wiht redirected restore script
    2. Not possible to get downtime on source system hense it's a production system , then i used target system installaion with homogeneous system copy database specific mehthod
    Problem is - it's asking migration export while creating the target system ,  but i don't have any migration export since i have not exported from source system .
    please help us to proceed further.
    Thanks in Advance.

    2. Not possible to get downtime on source system hense it's a production system , then i used target system installaion with homogeneous system copy database specific mehthod
    What did you choose to do in database specific method - DB2 backup/restore ?
    //Backup Restore
    Homegeneous system copy(database specific method)
    Target -
    As I understand, you have started IMPORT using SAPinst for target system installation. During IMPORT, what target system installation (only ABAP or what ?) you chose ?
    //I took ABAP+JAVA
    'Problem is - it's asking migration export while creating the target system , but i don't have any migration export since i have not exported from source system .'
    This is because the source system is ABAP+Java, and now during target system installation, then IMPORT procedure is asking for Java Export dump.

  • How to separate JAVA from ABAP in BI 7.0

    Hello Experts,
    we think about a separated BI (ABAP and BI-JAVA) on two servers
    during a migration to a new Hardware!
    The existing system is a double-stack (BI 7.0).
    So we should find out how to do this, how to separate the
    Java instanz from the ABAP during the migration.
    Does anybody know the right procedure or a "How To Guide"?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Experts,
    we think about a separated BI (ABAP and BI-JAVA) on two servers
    during a migration to a new Hardware!
    The existing system is a double-stack (BI 7.0).
    So we should find out how to do this, how to separate the
    Java instanz from the ABAP during the migration.
    Does anybody know the right procedure or a "How To Guide"?
    Thanks in advance.

  • How to find Traces in SAP PI 7.3 java only stack

    Hello Experts,
    How to find the trace logs and pipeline steps in sap pi 7.31 java only stack, which we will get in below areas,
    1. In sap pi dual stack , SXMB_MONI (abap stack) in window 1
    2. In sap pi dual stack , monitoring--->integration engine--->message monitoring----> xml messages(data base)
    I  already found some blog related to the logging but i doesn't help to find the traces which we get in SXMB_MONI (window 1, trace)
    Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,

    In Single stack we go for ICO instead of classical configurations(Pipe line steps(SA,RA,RD,ID)).
    Link you are referring is to find the display of traces that you put in your UDF or Java mapping or XSLT mapping .
    If you want to see the traces/payloads of end to end flow ,then you can see the same either in your communication channel monitoring/receiver channel or via message monitoring/adapter engine-->message log
    If you want to see payloads in the below steps .you can also do so by following the below link.
    Message Staging and Logging Options in Advanced Adapter Engine of PI 7.3x
    Processing Step
    After mapping step, but before outbound schema validation
    After outbound schema validation
    After sender adapter processing, but before inbound schema validation
    Before mapping step
    Before scenario look-up step (check if scenario is local Advanced Adapter Engine based or dual-stack based involving Integration Engine)

Maybe you are looking for

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