How to set default sound output

How do I set the default sound output?  I'm outputting to a USB converter but Mavericks switches to internal speakers on its own with no warning, most times in the middle of a song. Doesn't matter whether I'm using iTunes or a 3rd party music playback app.

I too have the same setup as you and use my streamer with all of my Apple devices. I've found it necessary to turn off Bluetooth in the devices I don't want to connect to when they are all within range of one another. If you don't need Bluetooth on your Mac turn it off. I've also found that if I'm connected to my Mac and a call comes in to my iPhone that the phone will take priority.

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  • How to set default sound card?

    Every time I start up my mac, I have to go the system pref -> sound and select my firewire sound card.
    My question is there a way to select a sound card and make it default so I don't have to do this procedure over and over again?
    Your help is appreciated!
    Yosemite Away!

    I suspect the reason is that the system sound card is selected before FW is even active. But it would be better to ask the maker of the FW card if it's possible to change this so the setting is sustained through restarts.

  • How to set default file path while downloading alv output

    Can anyone tell me that how to set default file path while downloading the ALV output to system using Local file button on tool bar.
    Please look below screenshots:
    Kindly help me resolve it.
    Thanks in advance.
    Ashutosh Katara

    This information initial value is (maybe) stored in Windows Register (register.exe) at Software\SAP\SAPGUI Front\SAP Frontend Server\Filetransfer -> PathDownload, you can read it thru class CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES method GET_UPLOAD_DOWNLOAD_PATH and update it thru method REGISTRY_SET_VALUE. (Else there may be some parameter ID to force data, but I'm no longer sure)

  • How to set default locale in JDK1.3.0 to US?

    Hi, everyone!
    I found the default locale in JDK 1.3.0 is not set to US when I converted our JDK from 1.2 to 1.3.0. So I have to change code by passing Locale.US.
    The output from below test code is:
    import java.util.Locale;
    import java.text.*;
    public class TestCurrency
    public static void main(String[] args)
    int amount = 100;
    NumberFormat moneyWriter = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();
    System.out.println ("default=" + moneyWriter.format(amount) );
    moneyWriter = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance(Locale.US);
    System.out.println ("US=" + moneyWriter.format(amount) );
    Can anyone tell me how to set default locale in JDK 1.3.0 to US?

    You have to set something on your computer (outside Java) to tell it that you are in the US. You didn't say, but I'm going to guess that you are using Windows; if that's so, then try Regional Options in Control Panel.

  • How to set default values in dialog programming

    hi gurus
    can anyone suggest me
    how to set default values in dialog programming

    it's a bit dirty but I usually just place it in the PBO with a flag for control. It's simple and not too costly i think.
    MODULE preRender OUTPUT.
      DATA first_time TYPE flag VALUE 'X'.
      IF first_time EQ 'X'.
    *   put your initialization code here
        CLEAR first_time.

  • How to set up the output device in output determinatin with customer master

    I am doing the output determination using customer master and not conditions technique.  Can anybody please let me know how to set up the output device . I have done the following:
    1)  assigned output determination procedure DB00001 to acct group 0001
    2)  added output type BA00 to customer master documents tab with print as the medium.
    3)  On creating a sales order and changing it its giving the message
    BA00     515     No printer defined for output BA00
    Please provide me with some suggestions , how to resolve this issue.

    1. tcode V/30 -> check BA00 type -> goto  "print" tab -> what's set in the "print param." field?
    2. IMG ->SD -> basic functions -> output control -> define print parameters -> V1 output -> for BA00 output type -> Assign a default printer. This is related with the "print param." set in step 1.
    For example: if "print parame." is set to '1' in V/30, then the default printer is assigned to sales organization.
    You can check F4 search help on the "print param." field (in V/30) to see what options you have.
    If you want to specify printer by customer account, you may need to use userexit.
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  • How to set preferred audio output device on macbook pro mavericks

    I've got a pair of Harman Kardon bluetooth soundsticks that I use as my living room speakers. Some time ago, I connected my macbook pro to them via bluetooth, and now whenever I restart my macbook or move it away from the apartment and then move it back, it automatically finds the soundsticks, connects to it via bluetooth, and sets it as the default sound output device.
    I would like the soundsticks to remain connected whenever they're within range, but I want my macbook's internal speakers to be the default sound output even if the soundsticks are connected. I can't seem to set output device preferences in the sound preferences panel.
    - will

    I dont have a solution, but there is a thread on this topic already.

  • Defaulting Sound Output ?

    2009 Mac Pro 10.6.8
    Just recently my Mac pro defaults to the Internal speaker when I restart  or reboot, I have to go into Prefs to set it to Display Audio.
    I have already tried deleting - and and then re booting and re setting  the sound output, but on next restart/bootup it defaults back to the  Internal speaker.
    Tried resetting the PRAM also, still defaults to the internal speaker.
    Also tried this :
    Delete Audio Folder
    sudo rm -r /Library/Preferences/Audio
    Recreated a new one:
    sudo mkdir /Library/Preferences/Audio
    Change the permissions:
    sudo chown -R _coreaudiod:admin /Library/Preferences/Audio
    Then go back to the sound preference panel and set the audio to the one you prefer. This will recreate the settings file.
    Still defaults to internal speaker.
    And these :
    Repaired HD via Disk Utility
    Repaired Permissions
    Still defaults to internal speaker.

    Problem solved and this may help others with this problem.
    As a last resort I copied the Audio folder from another Mac I have running 10.6.8 onto my Mac Pro, it worked it solved the problem :)
    Do not know if copying that folder from different OS would work.
    Hope this helps somebody.

  • How to set default values for boolean columns

    I'm trying to deploy some content types and columns into a site with a feature. All it's ok, except that I'm trying to set a default value for boolean columns with no success.
    I've tried to set default value at column level:
    <Field ID="{EFE23A1D-494E-45cf-832E-45E41B17F0CF}" Name="ScopeSpanish" DisplayName="Se publican noticias en español"
    Type="Boolean" Hidden="FALSE" Group="Columnas ShaCon" >
    and at content type level:
    <FieldRef ID="{EFE23A1D-494E-45cf-832E-45E41B17F0CF}" Name="ScopeSpanish" DefaultValue="TRUE" Required="TRUE" />
    But in any case, when i create a new item with this content type, default value is applied.
    Can anyone tell how to set default values for boolean columns?
    Thanks in advance,

    In the field definition you can set
    How to set the default value Null?

  • How to set default reject reason in VA01 (create sales order)

    Everybody can tell me how to set default reject reason for item in sales order.
    in our sap system there are a default reject reason as '90'. We want to set it as "Null".

    Assigning a default Reason for Rejection is not in standard SAP. I am sure there is some enhancement/user exit which updates the reason for rejection.
    Please get the help of an ABAPer, create the sales order in debugging mode and he will find out the logic behind the automatic reason for rejection.
    Before that you can find the exits in the include MV45AFZZ for any code related to this.
    Hope this helps

  • In Transaction code va41 how to set default sales contract start date

    Hi ,
    In Transaction code " VA41 "  how to set default sales contract start date and end date.
    Can any one tell me the correct user exit for the same.

    u have to use user exits  or badis.
    use sutable exits mentioned below.
    SDTRM001  Reschedule schedule lines without a new ATP check          
    SDVFX006  User exit: Tax line (transfer to accounting)               
    V45A0001  Determine alternative materials for product selection      
    V45A0002  Predefine sold-to party in sales document                  
    V45A0003  Collector for customer function modulpool MV45A            
    V45A0004  Copy packing proposal                                      
    V45E0001  Update the purchase order from the sales order             
    V45E0002  Data transfer in procurement elements (PRreq., assembly)   
    V45L0001  SD component supplier processing (customer enhancements)   
    V45P0001  SD customer function for cross-company code sales          
    V45S0001  Update sales document from configuration                   
    V45S0003  MRP-relevance for incomplete configuration                 
    V45S0004  Effectivity type in sales order                            
    V45W0001  SD Service Management: Forward Contract Data to Item       
    V46H0001  SD Customer functions for resource-related billing         
    V60F0001  SD Billing plan (customer enhancement) diff. to billing plan
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  • How to set default User preferences in Analyzer for all users

    How to set default User preferences in Analyzer for all users<BR><BR>Hi,<BR><BR>I would like to set some settings in Analyzer as default for all users. For example:<BR>1. Display | Char<BR>2. right mouse click on char | Chart Properties<BR>3. Axes tab<BR>4. "Format: Currency" i would like to change to "Format: Number".<BR><BR>How to set default values to all users? Is this possible?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Grofaty

    I'm pretty sure higher access superceedes, so you could set up a group with no actual access, just to get the preferences working, then their individual security will dictate what they can do. I haven't tested this fully, but I beleive this is how it will work.<BR>As far as setting the preferences, go into the admin console and right click on the group, then select Preferences. To apply the group preferences to a user, add the user to the group, then right click on the user, select preferences and from the upper left corner, use the drop down to select the active preference, in this case, it will be the group you created and added them to.<BR><BR>HTH

  • How to set default view for preview?

    Every time I open a PDF using Preview I have to set the view to 'thumbnails', then 'two pages up', then adjust the zoom. Complete waste of time.
    Anyone know how to set defaults so that it opens in a predictable way?

    I customized my Toolbar to look like the following. Click the middle button that has the 1 circled. That tells Preview to remember to display pages at actual size (100%). Every file that I open now displays at 100%.

  • How to set default values in initialization event for select option

    I have 3 GL account like 0024831231,0024831238,0024831245.
    Please help me how to set default values in select-options ( s_hkont ) in INTIALIZATION event

    Select option is table <Structure> with fields, low, high, sign & option
    you need to append the value into the select option, with appropriate value in low or
    S_HKONT-low  = <value>
    S_HKONT-SIGN = 'I'
    S_hkont-OPTION = 'EQ'
    append s_hkont.
    Default value for select-option also can be added directly in select-option statement.

  • How to set default value in OAMessageLovInputBean?

    How to set default value in OAMessageLovInputBean while loading the page?
    I have tried the following code but its not working.
    public void processRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    String delToLoc = (String)pageContext.getSessionValue("deliverTOLoc");
    Number delToLocId = (Number)pageContext.getSessionValue("deliverToLocId");
    OAApplicationModule am = pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean);
    OAViewObject poHeadervo =
    PoHeaderMergeVORowImpl poHeaderVoRow =
    if (delToLoc != null && !"".equals(delToLoc)) {   
    // poHeaderVoRow.setShipToLocation(delToLoc);
    OAMessageLovInputBean msb = (OAMessageLovInputBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("DefaultShipToLocation");
    msb.setValue(pageContext,delToLoc );
    Please suggest me how to resolve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Cristoph,
                      We tried all the way but could not able assign characteristics value before saving the document. it means we can only see the assigned value using transaction CV02N. but our requirement is to check if the user fills any value into characteristics it should check with default value which we would like to assign whenever we create a new part of the document which we are not able to achieve.we tried a lot but could not succeed.
    Nay idea if we can achieve this....
    Bhuwan Tiwari

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