How to set delivery block in va01 by not use delivery block reason.

Dear SAP Gurus.
I have one scenario. I need to do delivery block on sales order while i create sales order via VA01.
Normally, I use delivery block reason in header and set delivery block in schedule line.
In addtion, i dont want to use above method and not use complete delivery (Tick on it)
So, I would like to know it has other way to do delivery block.
The cause is my manager do not allow to use  this field from company's policy.
Please help me to solve this problem.
Thank you in advance for your kindly help.
Best Regards,

Well, do you want to say that user should not manually user delivery block at header or sch line to block the doc or any other method manually done before saving the sales order.
In that case, for making default delivery block at header, in Sales doc type (TCode VOV8) in Shipping section, maintain a delivery block as 22-Statutory Compliance(even any other option available) or for Item based block on Sch line cat (TCode VOV6) maintain default delv block there.
Or if I misunderstood your requirement then we can wait & see other solution coming for the same.
Thanks & Regards

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    Dear All,
    How to set a default billing type for a particular delivery type.
    My requirement is, we are creating delivery for a Stock Transport Order. Delivery type is NL and the Purchase order type is UB.
    When we are creating Billing, it should take Billing type "ZSTO" by default, which is the customised Billing type.
    Where we have to do this setting?
    In case of normal sales order, this control will be available in the Sales order document types.
    In case STO, how to set a default billing type for a delivery type (NL).

    There is a customization available here no default or hard coded
    Normally in a sales doc type we mention which billing type system has to pick
    If the billing happens from a PO which billing type system will take depends on the controls set in the areas mentioned below
    Go to your delivery type OVLK (say your delivery type is NL)
    In that there is a field called default order qty in the order reference tab (say if you maintained DL there)
    This DL is called PSEUDO order type
    Then in VOV8 for DL based on the billing types mentioned ,system will take the billing doc
    For delivery related billing say if you mention say ZF8 in the details of DL in VOV8(provided you have created ZF8)
    Then while you bill the delivery doc of NL system will take ZF8
    For intercompany delivery you can create ZIV billing type also Pure customization
    PO is linked to delivery type ( MM spro settings)--Del type linked to order (pseudo) type---in order type (pseudo) we mention the billing types. Here the flow is bit different that pure SD flow
    Though the invoice is crated by manually putting customized Biiling Type and A/Cing doc also generated, but in the VF04 still system shows the same deliveries pending with Billing Type (F2).
    This manual is not reqd if the said assignments are done properly
    Hope it can assist you.
    Thanks & Regards
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  • How to set my own gui status when i use selection-screen

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    Make sure that you do this in event "AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT".
    Run Txn ABAPDOCU and check 'DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_STATUS' for sample.
    Also check out following discussion -
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    Cant we even use the dlls in an application?
    In order to automate Acrobat, you need to have Acrobat installed. There is
    nothing you can do with just the DLLs. As was already stated, Acrobat is
    not licensed for use on a server, but regardless of that, it's also
    not technically suitable for server use. You need to find a solution
    outside of Acrobat to solve your problem.
    It also seems that you don't have a good understanding of what is going in
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    for vector graphic and text, but when it comes to images, you may have to
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    there are other, non-Adobe PDF libraries that you can also use, but this is
    the Acrobat SDK forum, so I won't discuss any of those 3rd party solutions.
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  • How do I find out what features are not useful in my Classifier?

    How do I find out what features are not useful in my Classifier? I am trying to trim down the number of features to speed up the training of my data, I have about 3700 features. I have found the Filter Based Feature Selection Module and have not been successful
    in using it. I have looked through all the examples and have not been able to find any examples using the module. Will the Filter Based Feature Selection Module help me to trim features. If so how do I use it?

    One way to do this would be is to use a random forest classifier. Feature/variable importance can be obtained relatively easily with random forests. 
    Here is how you may do it in R.
    > install.packages('randomForest') #install randomForest package in R if it is not already there
    > library(randomForest) # reference the library
    > data(mtcars) # load motor cars data that ships with 
    #train a random forest 
    > mtcars.rf <- randomForest(mpg ~ ., data=mtcars, ntree=1000,keep.forest=FALSE, importance=TRUE)
    > importance(mtcars.rf)
    > importance(mtcars.rf)
    #You will see an output like below
           %IncMSE IncNodePurity
    cyl  16.168645     169.96741
    disp 18.672188     260.08722
    hp   17.584375     184.95007
    drat  6.948743      63.54528
    wt   17.818509     254.30347
    qsec  4.772889      33.25546
    vs    5.303058      24.39064
    am    5.210181      17.36626
    gear  4.619161      21.55450
    carb  8.577037      28.46715
    # or plot the importance as follows
    > varImpPlot(mtcars.rf)
    What this tells you is how important predictors/features/variables like horsepower(hp), weight(wt), no. of cylinders (cyl) is in predicting miles per gallon (mpg).
    If you are wondering how the data looks like. Try this
    head(mtcars) # gives first few lines of the data set.
     mpg cyl disp  hp drat   wt ... 
    Mazda RX4     21.0   6  160 110 3.90 2.62 ... 
    Mazda RX4 Wag 21.0   6  160 110 3.90 2.88 ... 
    Datsun 710    22.8   4  108  93 3.85 2.32 ... 
    . Try this
    Here is a few useful resources:
    Random Forest documentation (Check out the pages on variable importance and variable importance plot) 
    Motor cars data:

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    hi, i have zte open c with Fos 1.3 and there is no russian keyboard in settings (rus locale working fine), how can i install it? (i do not use linux) may be there is firmware update or something in market?

    To give an update on this issue, here is the latest information I have:
    "Indeed the current eBay Open C doesn't come with root privilege. Now ZTE is going to put an engineering build on their website for users to download and flash."
    I will update this thread as I know more information. Thank you for your patience.
    - Ralph

  • I have just lost all my contacts from my Mac and my I Phone. Don't know how.  Can I get them back?  Not using Time Machine

    I have just lost all my contacts from my Mac and my I Phone. Don't know how.  Can I get them back?  Not using Time Machine

    If you have no backups, and data has been lost, then it's lost forever. The rest of your data will inevitably follow if you don't back up.

  • How to set persistent binding for QLA2300 (Sun branded -uses qlc driver)

    How to set persistent binding for QLA2300 (Sun branded ) HBA using qlc driver from Sun?
    Are there any CLI's for it?
    Is it done automatically?
    Is there any way by which we can infer that persistent binding is done?
    Platform: Solaris 9 on SPARC

    Persistent binding is effectively provided by STMS (MPxIO) - is there anything in particular you're wanting to do that STMS doesn't provide?

  • How to set my default application...not working

    My company has nearly all adobe applications installed from PageMaker 6.5 through InDesign 5.5. We use them all frequently. I'm trying to set my defaults on the Mac Pros and it is not working.
    Specs if Needed:
    OSX 10.6.8 
    Model Identifier:          MacPro5,1
      Processor Name:          Quad-Core Intel Xeon
      Processor Speed:          2.8 GHz
      Number Of Processors:          1
      Total Number Of Cores:          4
      Memory:          6 GB
      Boot ROM Version:          MP51.007F.B01
    +BootCamp dual boot Windows 7
    We proof out all files in the version that it comes to us. Our customers are on different versions than the most current, and it's driving us crazy that we can't set the defaults for
    each Adobe application. For Instance,
    We want for Defaults:
    Photoshop = CS4
    InDesign = CS4
    Illustrator = CS5
    The Finder will not allow us to make the change to open all of a certain file type in the version we want by default. We also use a third party application that allows us to "double
    click" InDesign files and open them in the correct version. This saves valuable navigation time and because of the OS's problem with using the correct icons, it also saves us time
    dealing with the "Untitled" document when we accidentally convert by opening in the wrong application by mistake. We have gone through Onyx utilities and massive permissions
    troubleshooting to no avail. Does anyone know how to set the default for ALL files of a type for Adobe Apps? This has been thoroughly tested and is not working on 10 plus
    machines, and only effects Adobe apps.
    Any Ideas?

    I think you miss understand the question. There is a problem with OSX 10.6 and Adobe Apps. 10.5 ok, not sure about 10.7 because of all of the other Adobe problems we downgraded the test machine that we used for the upgrade. There is no way that I have found to make the files “Double-Clickable” through assigning a default application of files with Adobe extensions. We already have an app. that we use and it worked fine until 10.6. I can’t just approve a division-wide purchase of software for a bug that may be solvable by other means (by the way supposed cost of the licensing Soxy is deceiving at $20. Not for us. For companies it’s $20 per platform & also for each time Adobe updates. When we swap out hardware, we have to pay $40 again . Their pricing is absurd). $40 x a couple hundred machines every 18 months or so, uugh! The ten or so I’m working with are just the ones in my immediate department.
    I know you have good intentions with your reply and I appreciate it, however I’m looking to solve the problem, not put a band-aid on it. If the problem is by design so Rorohiko can hold companies hostage, then I guess we’ll just have to deal with the few extra clicks it takes to figure out which version we’re in need of, and dragging to the launch bar.
    Thanks very much for your reply,

  • How to set up remote access on wvc80n without using TZO

    Just purchased the WVC80N, but how do you set it up for remote access without using TZO?  I can not get TZO to work w/ my Uverse 2wire 3800-hgv-b router.  Please help as the uverse customer support has not been helpful with port forwarding either.

    Hi, I'm a newbie at this, so pls be patient with my terminology...  I want to install 2 or 3 of these cameras in my mother's home, and I will have AT&T DSL service (one dynamic IP address) there with only a modem/wireless router.  I want to access the cameras from my laptop or from my Blackberry Tour when I am traveling.  Also want to allow access for my other relatives.  I do not have another home computer to serve as a WHS, and my laptop is obviously not connected to the internet all of the time.  Can I use the DDNS setup with DynDNS to provide access?  The instructions that I read seemed to imply that I needed a WHS in order to forward ports, etc.  Thanks in advance for your help.. Garry

  • I have never set up keychain, as I do not use the apple email. How do I set passwords for keychain? I am in an endless circle

    I have never set up keychain, as  do not use apple mail. It is driving me crazy. It interrupts everything I try to do every 3 or 4 seconds. I want it off my computer absolutely and forever. How???? PLease>

    This article has some helpful information, but it reads like it was written by the crypo guys (a bit terse and mathematical, but correct).
    OS X Mountain Lion: About your keychain password
    It comes down to this:
    If your keychain gets messed up, Launch Keychain access and try to repair. The important keychain that tracks with your username is "Login".
    If you can't get anywhere with that, just discard the locked keychain and everything in it and slowly, over time, build up a new one on an as-needed basis.

  • How to set the value of process variables/payload using a managed bean?

    Someone can give me an example about how to set the values of a process payload in a managed bean?
    thank you!

    Try this:
    jsf page:
    <af:selectOneChoice label="Select Suburb"
    requiredMessageDetail="Select a suburb"
    unselectedLabel="None" autoSubmit="true"
    <f:selectItems value="#{selectOneChoiceBean.selectionList}"/>
    backing bean:
    public class SelectChoiceBean {
    private List<SelectItem> selectionList;
    private String value = "B";
    private RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice;
    public SelectChoiceBean() {
    public void setSelectionList(List<SelectItem> selectionList) {
    this.selectionList = selectionList;
    public List<SelectItem> getSelectionList() {
    return selectionList;
    public void onValueChanged(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent) {
    // Add event code here...
    public void validate(FacesContext facesContext, UIComponent uIComponent,
    Object object) {
    // Add event code here...
    private void initSelectionList() {
    selectionList = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
    selectionList.add(new SelectItem("A", "A label"));
    selectionList.add(new SelectItem("B", "B label"));
    selectionList.add(new SelectItem("C", "C label"));
    public void setValue(String value) {
    this.value = value;
    public String getValue() {
    return value;
    public void setSelectOneChoice(RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice) {
    this.selectOneChoice = selectOneChoice;
    public RichSelectOneChoice getSelectOneChoice() {
    return selectOneChoice;

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    Hello All,
    How to set the components aligned in the left when we use BorderLayout in a panel.Right now,the components are getting aligned in the center.
    Any solutions?
    Thanks in advance,

    By default a JPanel uses a FlowLayout when created and by default a FlowLayout uses center alignment. Read the FlowLayout API to find out how to use left alignment.
    Also each individual component has an alignmentX and alignmentY value which is set to 0.5 (center aligned). Some LayoutManagers will take this value into consideration. Read the Component API for more information.
    Also, check out this section from the Swing tutorial on "Using Layout Managers":

  • How to set organizer mail id in meeting request  using CL_APPOINTMENT class

    I have two questions here.
    1. How to set the organizer mail id using the method of CL_APPOINTMENT class? I have used the method   SET_ORGANIZER of class CL_APPOINTMENT by passing my SAP user name 'GCM' but when i received the appointment within outlook, i am able see my server mail id like 'Madhu G C <[email protected]>' instead of my outlook mail id '[email protected]'.
    2. How to set reoccursive meeting request in Outlook using cl_appoinment?Example: i have a training on alternative days say on 01-mar, 03-Mar, 05-mar. When i book the course, i should get these alternative days in outlook in a single meeting request?
    Best Regards,

    Please post the question in correct forum. This forum is for webdynpro abap.

  • How to set Current quota template dropdownto 50 GB using powershell script

    In central administrator under Application Management -> Configure quotas and locks  we have Current quota template drop down. I  want to set drop down value to 50 GB using powershell . Is it possible and it if it possible then How ? Please
    let me know 
    Thanks in Advance 

    Hi Sub_84,
    A quota template consists of storage limit values that specify the maximum amount of data that can be stored in a site collection. When the storage limit is reached, a quota template can also trigger an e-mail alert to the site
    collection administrator. You can create a quota template that can be applied to any site collection in the farm. The storage limit applies to the sum of the content sizes for the top-level site and all subsites within the site collection.
    You can create quota template using powershell, ojbect module and sharepoint UI.
    Create new Quota template using powershell:
    $newQuotaTemplate = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPQuotaTemplate
    $newQuotaTemplate.Name = "New Quota Template"
    $newQuotaTemplate.StorageMaximumLevel = (150 * 1024) * 1024
    $newQuotaTemplate.StorageWarningLevel = (100 * 1024) * 1024
    $newQuotaTemplate.UserCodeMaximumLevel = 300
    $newQuotaTemplate.UserCodeWarningLevel = 300
    $contentService =[Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService
    Check the link which can guide you how
    Please mark the Answer and vote me if you think that above solution can help you to resolve the issue

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