How to set radio button from radio group using javascript, HTMLB

Hi guys,
I am trying to set one radio button as checked, from my radio button group using javascript.
This is the code:
     <hbj:radioButtonGroup id='TRAIN_SUB' columnCount="1">
          <hbj:radioButton id="TRAIN_SUB0" text="Not Applicable" key="NA" disabled="true" /> 
          <hbj:radioButton id="TRAIN_SUB1" text="SDF" key="SDF" disabled="true" jsObjectNeeded="TRUE"/>               
          ssTrainSubsidy = new String(MAIN_FORM.getParamIdForComponent(TRAIN_SUB));
in javascript, i am using this:
               /document.getElementById('<%= ssTrainSubsidy%>')[2].checked =true;
I also tried to access the radiobutton directly, using
          ssTrainSubsidy0 = new String(MAIN_FORM.getParamIdForComponent(TRAIN_SUB0));
but it has null pointer error.
but always have error, anyone can help? thanks!!
Edited by: Feng Guo on Aug 12, 2010 3:44 PM

document.getElementById(radioid).checked =true;
this code will work to select the radio button (set). i think there is a error in the id you placed in ID. place the Radio butoon id and check again. Check this thread on [setting a Radio button|Setting HTMLB RadioButtonGroup Selection using JS;

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    I think it is <2095>.
    In SmartForms, go to your text window. 
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