How to set value for radio button in sap crm survey suite

Hi ,
I created a survey in CRM Service, in which I added a question with answer as '10 Selection Button Group ('radio button'). And answer has 11 answer options (which means 11 radio buttions). Now when we test the survey, the value for the radio buttons is appearing like 'id_0050569b03091ee480a29d8ee61e953c'. But i want to set a specific value for each radion button (from 1 to 11). So, how to set value for radio button in sap crm survey suite???.
Thanks & Regards,

I found solution myself. Click on Goto -> Editing Mode -> Expert Mode. Now you can set value for radio button.

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    How to set the default value for Radio button?
    I have Yes and No fixed values for a radio button, and couldn't find any option to set the default value.
    How can I set Yes as default value?
    Appreciate your help.

    What are you using for the model layer? If you are using ADF Business Components, simply set the default value for the attribute upon which you are basing the radio buttons.

  • How to set value for trim and bleed using jsx script?

    I have tried using bleedoffsetRect but somehow it is not working. Can anybody please help me on how to set value for trim and bleed using jsx script? Any example will be highly appreciated.
    Following is the code I am trying with:
    var _saveName = new File ( root_path +_strFileName+".pdf");
        var _saveOpts = new PDFSaveOptions();
        _saveOpts.printerResolution = 300; 
        var bleedarray = new Array();
         bleedarray[0] =9.00;
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    I would expect although I've not actually tried this for the bleed off set box to be larger than the artbaord and the first two values to be negative or 0…
    var bleedarray = new Array(-9,-9,artboard.width+9,artboard.height+9);
    Where 'artboard.width' & 'artboard.height' you will have calculated from your file. An Array(9,9,9,9); would not constitute any boxes bounds.

  • How to set value for selectOneChoice

    How to set value for selectOneChoice defined as:
    <af:selectOneChoice label="Label" id="soc1" binding="#{DepositorMergingBean.socSurnameComponent}">
    <f:selectItems id="si1" value="#{DepositorMergingBean.socSurnames}"/>
    where socSurnames is List<SelectItem> - manually filled list of SelectItem(SomeObject, (String)text_description), so - SOC is filled manually (no binded iterators, etc..)
    Neither socSurnameComponent.setValue( new Integer(0) ) nor socSurnameComponent.setValue( socSurnames.get(0) ) do not help.
    Thanks in advance.

    this.selectOneChoice.setValue(selectItems.get(2).getValue());Try as per the following sample:
    <af:form id="f1">
    <af:selectOneChoice label="Select One Choice" id="soc1"
    <f:selectItems value="#{SelectOneChoiceTestBean.selectItems}"
    <af:commandButton text="Set Selected Value" id="cb1"
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.List;
    import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent;
    import javax.faces.model.SelectItem;
    public class SelectOneChoiceTestBean {
    private RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice;
    public SelectOneChoiceTestBean() {
    private List<SelectItem> selectItems;
    public void setSelectItems(List<SelectItem> selectItems) {
    this.selectItems = selectItems;
    public List<SelectItem> getSelectItems() {
    selectItems = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
    selectItems.add(new SelectItem("One", "One"));
    selectItems.add(new SelectItem("Two", "Two"));
    selectItems.add(new SelectItem("Three", "Three"));
    return selectItems;
    public void setSelectOneChoice(RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice) {
    this.selectOneChoice = selectOneChoice;
    public RichSelectOneChoice getSelectOneChoice() {
    return selectOneChoice;
    public void onClick(ActionEvent actionEvent) {

  • HELP! I need help to understand how to get value on radio buttons!

    I realy need the help from anyone that knows how to get value from radio buttons in a JSP.
    I have this :
    java.util.Vector vLinha = (java.util.Vector) datos.get("ConsNefect");
              java.util.Hashtable ordens;
              java.util.Enumeration eLinha = vLinha.elements();
              String t = "radio";
              String x = "escolha";
              String l = "";
    int i = 0;
              //int esc = 0;
    String fila = "";                         
              boolean bol = true;
    while (eLinha.hasMoreElements())
    ordens = ( eLinha.nextElement();     
              if (++i%2 == 0)
    fila = "formgriscla";
    fila = "formgrisosc";
    out.println("<td class=\"" + fila + "\">");
    out.print("<p class=\"dato2\">");          
              out.print("<a href=" + urls.get("action"));
         out.print("&sequencia=" + (String) ordens.get("sequencia"));                    
              out.print((String) ordens.get("descricao"));
              out.println("<td class=\"" + fila + "\">");
    out.print("<p class=\"datop\">");          
              out.print((String) ordens.get("datap"));
    out.println("<td class=\"" + fila + "\">");
    out.print("<p class=\"datop\">");
    out.print((String) ordens.get("erro"));
              out.println("<td class=\"" + fila + "\">");
              out.print("<p class=\"datop\">");     
              l = (String) ordens.get("sequencia");     
              out.println("<input type=\"" + t + "\" name=\"" + x + "\" value=\"" + l + "\">");          
    <!--input type="Hidden" name="escolha" value=<!--%l%>-->
    <!--input type="Hidden" name="escolha" value="<!--%=escolha%>"-->
    I don�t know how to take the value... PLEASE HELP ME OUT!
    Best wishes,
    Alex (portugal)

    You must wrap your contents into a FORM element and, then, using getParameter("escolha"), retrieve your value.

  • How to set value for Dropdown control using Querystring filter wepart

    I have a dropdown in my customized list form and need to set the value for the dropdown control using query string filter web part.
    I am able to set value for textbox control using Query String Filer web part.
    But, since the dropdown values are not populated on form load, the value is not set for dropdown control.
    How to load the values in dropdown control on form load and set a value using Query String filter webpart?

    According to your post, my understanding is that you want to filter choice field using Query String Filter web part.
    To filter using query string filter web part, we can set the default value for the choice field in the query string filter web part panel as below, then connect to the list.
    Now it would be filter by the value you have set.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Jason Guo
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to check the default checked  value for radio button on jsp for struts

    Hello , I just want to check the default checked value in JSP for a radio button, how can i do that?
    <html:radio property="sale" value="permanent" style="vertical-align: middle;">Permanent</html:radio>
    <html:radio property="sale" value="temporary" style="vertical-align: middle;">Temporary</html:radio>

    you can set the default value for property ( which you want to default selected when the form is first loaded) in reset method of the form.
    <html:radio property="sale" value="permanent" style="vertical-align: middle;">Permanent</html:radio>
    <html:radio property="sale" value="temporary" style="vertical-align: middle;">Temporary</html:radio>
    In the above case you can write the code as follows in the perticular form of this jsp.
    public void reset(ActionMapping mapping, HttpServletRequest request) {
    super.reset(mapping, request);
         sale = "permanent";
    This will show the first check box default selected when the first time the page is loaded.

  • Selection values for radio button

    Hi everybody,
    I want to use radio button which display revenue in function of airline class ...
    Then, for the different values, i want use:
    Text: Economic --> Values= A,B,C,D
    Text: Business  --> Values=G,H,J
    Text: Flex         --> Values= others values than A,B,C,D,G,H,J
    How i can proceed ?
    Thanks for your help

    I think you can approch the issue better.
    Same text can't pass different values because this way you "lose data".
    The user can't differentiate between Economic with value A or Economic with value B.
    If you like Econimic to be "translated" to A and B and C and D, you have to do it on the element inwhich you are using the Economic's semantic using IF statements.
    For example, you can have 9 graphs: 4 Economic (one for A, one for B etc.), 3 Business and 2 other.
    You can have a visibility condition for the Economic graphs, such as @RadioButtons=="Ecomonic".
    If you'd like to elaborate on your end goal, I'll be more than happy to help,

  • Numeric Value for Radio Buttons

    This should be easy for the experts:
    I got a bunch of 10 exclusion groups containing 3 radio buttons each. Every radio button got a numeric value associated, meaning the user is picking a numeric value by selecting a given radio button pretty much like the tests on the magazines in which the people pick options like "single= 10 points, married=5 points, engaged=1 point)
    In the bottom part of the same form I got a table of one one column and 10 raws sumarizing the 10 already mentioned above.
    The aim: to place the value coming from the radio button in the specific cell of the table.... in short, I want a script that allows me to palce the value of the selected radio button somewhere else in the same form, a numeric field for example.

    Hi try67,
    Thank you so much for your help. Your code has brought me one step closer, I would never have gotten even this far without it!
    Initially, it was giving me and error, so I added a ")" and now it does display "Mastery", but I cannot get it to display the other two ("Acquiring" and "Practicing"), it just displays a blank space but does not give me an error.  I tried to fix it on my own by searching for some help, so I found and started playing around with and JSLint. However, since I really don't know much about coding or syntax I hope these were not harmful. So now the code looks like this:
    // name for the text box field;
    var cTextBox = "Firm-Wide Talent Strategy Knowledge - Totals";
    // get the value of the field with the name in cTextBox;
    var sTextBox = +this.getField(cTextBox).value;
    if (sTextBox >= 1 && sTextBox <= 2) {
        event.value = "Acquiring";
    if (sTextBox >= 3 && sTextBox <= 4) {
        event.value = "Practicing";
    if (sTextBox >= 5 && sTextBox <= 6) {
        event.value = "Mastery";
    } else {
        event.value = "";
    Do you know what I might be missing that prevents "Acquiring" and "Practicing" from displaying? 
    Thank you so much again for your help,

  • How to set value for html:img

    i am using <html:img tag to render image and i need to set some value to that image when selected and that value need to be checked in java code.
    How i can set the value for that image.

    use javascript and hidden input to do this:
    <html:img src="your_img.gif"     ononclick="document.getElementById('your_hidden_input_id').value='your_value' ">
    <input type="hidden" name="your_hidden_input_name" id = "your_hidden_input_id" value="" />Hope that Helps

  • Getting form field values for radio button

    Hello to the forum.
    I have a form in which I want to control the value selected in a radio buttons field on whether to allow access to another field.
    I can't find info neither here nor in the examples.
    Anybody know how to do?
    Thank in advance.

    You can use the change event of the radio button list.
    Select the readio button list exclusion group, in script editor select the "change" event. As an example if we have two selections "aa" and "bb" which have values 1 and 2 respectively.
    You can write this Javascript code to change event.
    if(this.rawValue == 1)"aa");
    else if(this.rawValue == 2)"bb");
    Hope helps,

  • How to set value for table lines in web dynpro ?

    Hi experts,
    I'm new in webdynpro. My requirement is to set value to the second line when user press expand on first line.
    In method ONACTIONLOAD_CHILDREN , I use  get_static_attributes_table to get the current table records and change return table value .
    Then i user bind_table to pass table to the screen.
    It works fine for first time i press expand and collaps, but when i expand it again it throw out a dump 'OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED'.
    Could any one please help to solve that?

    Hi Harsha,
    Thanks for your reply,I've check the dump details and it display like this:
    Information on where terminated
        Termination occurred in the ABAP program "CL_WDR_CONTEXT_ELEMENT========CP" -
        The main program was "SAPMHTTP ".
        In the source code you have the termination point in line 40
        of the (Include) program "CL_WDR_CONTEXT_ELEMENT========CM007".
        The termination is caused because exception "CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL" occurred in
        procedure "IF_WD_CONTEXT_ELEMENT~SET_ATTRIBUTE" "(METHOD)", but it was neither
         handled locally nor declared
        in the RAISING clause of its signature.
        The procedure is in program "CL_WDR_CONTEXT_ELEMENT========CP "; its source
         code begins in line
        1 of the (Include program "CL_WDR_CONTEXT_ELEMENT========CM007 ".
    First time i debug it work fine but the next time it dump with same import values.  And it even did not reach the logic i add when i expand it again.
    I'm not sure why it happen.
    My code in ONACTIONLOAD_CHILDREN is like this.
    *navigate from <CONTEXT> to <ITEM_DATA> via lead selection
      lo_nd_item_data = wd_context->path_get_node( path =
    *get element via lead selection
      lo_el_item_data = lo_nd_item_data->get_element( ).
    *get all declared attributes
          table = lt_item_data ).
      LOOP AT lt_item_data INTO ls_item_data.
        IF sy-tabix = 2.
          ls_item_data-description = 'TEST'.
          MODIFY lt_item_data FROM ls_item_data TRANSPORTING description.
        lo_nd_item_data->bind_table( new_items = lt_item_data
        set_initial_elements = abap_true ).
        lo_nd_item_data->set_lead_selection_index( 1 ).
    First line was set selected but still got dump.
    Could you please help to check this ?
    Thanks & Regards
    Eric Li

  • How to set value for  skip condition in train stop property of train compnt

    Iam using JDev version, i have created a TaskFlow where having train components pointing to different jsff pages, moving from one jsff page to another jsff page.
    I want to validate the input fileds in one of the jsff page, then only have to move to next jsff page. For this, how can i set skip property of train disable to go for next train component...?
    Note: I want to set boolean value(returns 'True', if all input fileds are filled, otherwise 'False') into skip property of train component.

    You can use the skip property of the train stop. You can have an EL expression for it, some thing like this #{pageFlowScope.isContinueEnabled}.
    Once all the mandatory fields are entered, you can set the isContinueEnabled flag and refresh the train button bar.
    For more info refer this:
    Also, you can try navigating to different train stops programmatically.
    Check: 082.      How-to programmatically navigate ADF train models

  • How to set value for slis_selfield-tabname

    I'd like to change the value of the field slis_selfield-tabname.
    It will be used to handle different alv's!
    One ALV is shown and after double-clicking, another one is shown.
    If the user double-clicks now on one alv line he should be forwarded to a transaction!
    Therefore I'd like to check the field slis_selfield-tabname to differ the two tables.
    In both cases in my report slis_selfield-tabname is '1'.

    I was looking for the same thing and I found what you were looking for originally. The value of slis_selfield-tabname is set when you build the columns of your ALV. For example:
       wa_fieldcat-tabname   = '1'.       " this is were you set the cvalue for slis_selfield-tabname
       wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'CAT'.
       wa_fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Category'.
       wa_fieldcat-col_pos   = 1.
       wa_fieldcat-outputlen = 12.
       append wa_fieldcat to i_fieldcat.
       clear wa_fieldcat.
       wa_fieldcat-tabname   = '1'.
       wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'VAL'.
       wa_fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Value (EUR)'.
       wa_fieldcat-col_pos   = 2.
       wa_fieldcat-outputlen = 25.
       append wa_fieldcat to i_fieldcat.
       clear wa_fieldcat.

  • How to set values for Parameters?

    I have the following Selection Screen;
      parameters: R1 RADIOBUTTON GROUP RAD1 DEFAULT 'X',
                  R2 RADIOBUTTON GROUP RAD1.
      parameters zw_laufd like reguh-laufd.
      parameters zw_laufi like reguh-laufi.
      parameters zw_BELNR like BKPF-BELNR.
    For Parameter zw_laufd the following Module is written;
    MODULE F4_LAUFD_0200.
      TLAUFK-SIGN  = 'I'.
          F1TYP = 'D'
          F2NME = 'zw_laufi'
          LAUFD = zw_laufd
          LAUFI = zw_laufi
          LAUFK = TLAUFK.
    The Module Pops up a window for selection for Parameter zw_laufd. When I select a value from the popup zw_laufd gets a value and long with that Parameter zw_laufi gets a value too, but this value does not get refelcted in the screen. How to show this in the Selection screen?

    Hi Kishan,
    Just try this code in a separate program . On selection screen do an F4 on ZW_LAUFI, select any value and then execute . You will see the selected values in list output . I am not sure what is your probelm. Are you doing some other processing in selection screen apart from this code. Or is it that you want to do F4 on LAUDF and want LAUFI to be populated ?????
    <b>data tlaufk like ILAUFK occurs 0 with header line.
    parameters zw_laufd like reguh-laufd.
    parameters zw_laufi like reguh-laufi.
    parameters zw_BELNR like BKPF-BELNR.
    AT selection-screen on value-request for ZW_LAUFI.
    TLAUFK-SIGN = 'I'.
    F1TYP = 'D'
    F2NME = 'ZW_LAUFI'
    LAUFD = zw_laufd
    LAUFI = zw_laufi
    AT selection-screen on value-request for ZW_LAUFD.
    TLAUFK-SIGN = 'I'.
    F1TYP = 'D'
    F2NME = 'ZW_LAUFI'
    LAUFD = zw_laufd
    LAUFI = zw_laufi
    write :/ zw_laufi.
    write :/ zw_laufd.</b>

Maybe you are looking for

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