How to setup EWA for non-ABAP system with SM 4.0 ?

Hi, we are running SM 4.0 with the support-stack 06. I have set-up a solution for monitoring which includes a NW04 WebAS 6.40 Java only system. Has anyone set-up EWA reports for this type of non_ABAP system who can advise of the steps necessary for this ?
It seems like you need to define RFC destinations for where the monitored system data should be collected from , but there doesn't appear to be anywhere to do this for non-ABAP systems ?
I have looked at Note 738676 - Service Data Download for Non-ABAP Components but it hasn't helped and it seems to be SDCC specific, rather than SDCCN.

Hi Andrew,
we are just developing it, at the moment you have the following option, your java system has to send by ccms agends its data to an ABAP 640 system or higher, there you can see its alerts in ccms, then you have to make both system available in SMSY. Then important you have to assign the java system as a system component, then we collect also the java data and shows them in the EWA of the ABAP system. There for go to the main instance tab and set a java main instance to relevant and assign your java system.
This is the old, available standard solution. At the moment we develop it also for java stand alone.
I think it will be available with the new ST-SER in autumn

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  • EWA for non-ABAP systems

    We are planing to implement EWA for Java systems. Currently EWA is active for all ABAP systems. Do we need Wily Introscope in order to setup the EWA for non-ABAP systems? Or just we can use the SMD to generate EWA reports for Java systems?
    Any idea?

    Thanks Paul
    We are on SM 7.0 EhP1. But I see following info in note 976054. It says data sources for EWA are different on 7.0 EhP1, does it mean we don't need wily from 7.0 EhP1 onwards?
    Data sources in Solution Manager Diagnostics up to SP17 used for EWA for non-ABAP components analysis are:
                          - Introscope (SAP Note 797147),
                          - Garbage Collection (SAP Note 1079125) and
                          - Portal Activity Reporting (SAP Notes 936612 to know how to activate PAR and 914791, 1075276 to configure SQL           
                            Command Console).
    Starting with Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1 (SP18) the data sources are:
                          - Solution Manager BI for performance data
                          - Configuration and Change DB(CCDB) for configuration data

  • EWA on Non-ABAP System with Solution Manager EHP 1

    Hi Experts,
    We have recently updated our solution manager from SP Stack 16 to EHP1 (sp 18). we are now planning to set up EWA for non-abap components (EP 7.0). however, the only SAP note that i have been able to find is "976054 - Availability of EWA for Non ABAP components" but this is only limited up to SP 17. I have not been able to find any guides relating to EWA thru Solution Manager EHP1.
    I would greatly appreciate if anyone can refer any documents or SAP notes that would enable setting up EWA for non-abap components thru Solution Manager EHP1.
    We have also gone through the note 1332428, but we have'nt found it useful. We are still struggling to generate EWA report on Non-ABAP system.
    Looking forward to your kind help.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sarthak Syal

    Hi Sarthak,
    Please do  the following:
    1) include the system in the Solution and scheduled the EWA session.Logical component should refer to the Non-ABAP System with no ABAP instance as relevant under the SID definition in SMSY-systems.
    2) Is the Non -ABAP ( assuming its java) has the Software component defined and is mentioned as relevant under the SID with the component name and type.
    3) Having said that SMD - Root cause Analysis functionality is configured-> check whether you are getting the Details for the Non-ABAP systems in the analysis Tabs of Root Cause Analysis.
    This should be good to go. Wait for the session to get completed.

  • Configuring EWA for non Abap System

    Hello to everybody.
    I am configuring EWA in Portal System 7.01and SOLMAN 7.01 too. It's a new installation and i have a question:
    - Which is the order to start to configure SMD?
    - Is Necessary configure the CCMSR agent?
    I configured EWA in a old system that had installed the agents, but they could not to connect to SMD Server.
    I Fixed this problem, but now I need configure the SMD since start.
    By the way, I'm new configuring EWA for Java
    Esteban G.-
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    Hi Sailesh
                     Here is related blog fr your issue. Hope this will help you.
    setup EWA for portal

  • EWA report for non-abap systems

    Hi Gurus,
    Good day.
    I would like to ask, what are the steps that I'm going to do when configuring an EWA report for non-abap systems i.e portal. Do Ineed to install SMD agents on my non-abap systems and connect to diagnostic agent of solman?
    Or do I need to install wily introscope agents on my non-abap systems and connect to diagnostic agent?
    It is both? Which one?
    It would be also great if you can provide me links/documents in relation to my queries.
    Please do note that the current version of solman system is 7.1
    Thanks in advance for the help

    Hi Virgilio,
    To generate an EWA report for Java stack system,
    you need to do following:
    1. install smd agent (diagnostics agent) on Java stack system
    you can install this agent standalone, details see note 1234384.
    The installation Guide is also attached in note 1234384.
    2. finish Initial Config and Basic Configuration in solman_setup for
    solman system, the setting about Enterprise Manager is also included
    in these configurations, please ensure EM is running properly.
    3. start managed system configuration for the EP system in solman_setup
    after selecting the system type 'Java', please finish all steps as
    suggested in which step. The Step 'Wily Introscope Configuration' is to
    install Introscope Agent which is used for Java stack system. More infor
    please read the installation Guide of Enterprise Manager and note
    4. You should be able to see data in Wily Introscope and Workload
    analysis via
    Root Cause Analysis->End-to-End Analysis->select the system->Workload
    5. If the EP system is added in a solution, the EWA task for this system
    should be shown up in solman's SDCCN.
    Also check note: 976054"

  • How can generated EWA for SAP Portal system

    Hi Guru there,
    Usually generate EWA should maintenan RFC, We have SAP Portal systems ( prod PP1 and test PT1 and dev PD1), but they are not appeared at saplogon and no general SAP interface, only operationing system level we can start/stop SAP system and database and from the operating system browser can see the portal work normal ( 50000 port) or not.
    How can I generate EWA from solman?
    waiting for your kind reply!
    best regards,

    Hi Wei,
    Do you already know SAP Note <a href="">976054</a>?
    This SAP Note describes the setup of EWA for NON-ABAP Components.
    Please see the description and the attachments.
    Best regards,

  • EWA for NON-ABAP

    I configured SMD in solman, installed SMD & IA agents in Java systems(portals). But not able to generate report.
    EWA setup was already done, i installed the agents  recently. Even downloaded the service xml from solman SMD and tried to generate report manually, but not able to generate it.
    In SDCCN the session log shows as follows.
             07/07/2008     04:53:59     Transfer of session data completed to destination NONE
             07/07/2008     04:53:59      > transfer completed
             07/07/2008     04:53:59      > transfer for server XXXXX completed
             07/07/2008     04:53:58     > transferring 000005 functions, 0000204676 bytes, RFC block size = 0000320000 for server bs1pa01z
             07/07/2008     04:53:58      > transfer for server XXXX started
             07/07/2008     04:53:58      > transfer data to mapped session ID 0000003416 100 destination NONE
             07/07/2008     04:53:58     Transfer of session data started to destination NONE
             07/07/2008     04:53:58     Data collection completed for session 1000000003416 EWALERT SolMan
             07/07/2008     04:52:45     Collection is for non-ABAP system <SID> 0020224025
             07/07/2008     04:52:45     Data collection started for session 1000000003416 EWALERT SolMan (non-ABAP)
             07/07/2008     04:52:45      > New data collection triggered using reference session TSKR000001012
             07/07/2008     04:52:45     Session download data requested using task 0000001887 by BATCHBASIS
    Please guide..
    On solman 4.0 SPS 15, ST-SER 700_2007_1 PATCH 1
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    First of all, you must ensure that your solution manger has, at least, stack 13 of support package, in java and ABAP side.
    Once you hace installed your agents in solution manager, you must to  do different things in your satellite system.
    - First of all, you must get sure that you have deployed LMSERVICE in your satellite system. And you must deploy -     JmxService7.1.P5NetWeaver.ear file.
    - Secondly, you must install wily folder in  /usr/sap/ccm . Willy folder is obtained in ISAGENT71_11-20002182.SAR file.
    Into Wily folder, you must look for sap_IntroscopeAgent.profile file, and you need to modify it in order to be seen for your solution manager. To do this step, only find in this file the next item:
    It will have value 'localhost' and you must delete 'default' and insert your solution manager host.
    - Then, you must go to the next folder opening cmd:
    There, execute the next command in order to create the necessary connector:
    java -jar CreateAutoProbeConnector.jar -jvm C:\j                2sdk1.4.2_06 -output connector.jar
    Get sure tou put your corresponding JDK
    - You must install SMD agent in your satellite host, executing sapinst that is in CDSMDTOOLS21_0-10003537.SAR file.
    - Once your agent is running  go to  \usr\sap\SMD\J98\component_analyzer  and execute the command 'gather setup' . It will open to you a new window with some warnings. Double clicking in each warning and editing node, you can insert a value in order to correct these warnings.
    - Then, you must insert different java parameters in your config tool. Parameters are the next:
    -Dcom.wily.introscope.agent.agentName=<name of the agent : insert what you want>
    - When you have done this, you must configure your system in SMSY following SAP guides and create the solution in solution_manager transaction.
    - The next step is configure the system in SMD web:
    1.- execute SMD upgrade.
    2.- Setup diagnostics system
    3.- Setup managed system
    4.- in 'Trouble shooting' insert jdbc parameters
    5.- In 'Introscope agent' you must load the parameters you configured in configtool.
    6.- At this point will be necessary to restart your satellite system.
    When you finishes all these steps you will be able to obtain EWA for java side.
    Is so difficult to do this. We have done it in several environments and we have had lots of problems, but it's possible.
    Any doubt, please, give me your mail and I'll be so glad to help you.
    Best regards.

  • Roles for Testing ChaRMs for Non-Abap Systems

    Can you please suggest what all authorizations  are required for Testing the ChaRM functionality for non-abap systems
    Thanks in advance

    check the link
    Check the Configuration guide for the prerequisites.

  • EWA for non-abap not triggering with SDCCN session

    I can manually download the session and generate EWA for java stack but its not automatically generated with SDCCN report. Its a double stack system, i am getting EWA for abap stack but not for java stack. Guide on note 976054 do not clearly mention what to do.
    Any suggestion

    I JUST got this working after months of End-to-End Diagnostics Setup ...
    You've run the SMD wizard to set up the managing system? 
    You've deployed smdagents everywhere you have a non-abap system?  Use the SR3 install .. lets you register from SLD ... works when ping of your soulution manager host hasn't a chance.
    You've deployed the wily agent?  Use the absolute latest hostagent 7.2.3 or use the binary agent
    You're running Wily Enterprise manager outside of sap
    You've run the SMD wizard to set-up you non-abap systems
    You've doubled the size of the host that runs SM/SMD 7.0
    You've run the Diagnostics Admin > Diagnostics system > self check and got the reds down to an absolute minimum?
    If the SMD wizard for the managing system had problems creating the WEBADMIN RFC,
    there is an IMG activity (Solution Manager > Configuration > Basic Settings > Earlywatch Alert > Early Watch Alert for non-abap > Check RFC connection) that says to copy RFC SOLMANDIAG as WEBADMIN.  This works where the wizard didn't.
    /Ken Chamberlain
    University of Toronto

  • EWA reports for non abap systems

    Hello gurus,
    I am facing a problem with configuration of EWA reports for SAP NW Portal.
    I have already configured EWA for abap systems, and those are running good on weekly basis. but i have problem with configuration of reports for java systems.
    So far, i have installed an SMD agent and CA on my EP-satellite system. I have also configured and SMD server on my Sollution Manager and registered the SMD agent on SMD server and installed Willy Introscope on SMD server.
    I am using a central SLD which is running on different host as Solution Manager. I did all the configuration (smsy_setup, configuration of sld_data_supplier etc... )
    I have also created the system in SMSY, matched the smsy with SLD (data source SLd)and assigned Logical component to java system.
    >>> But when i want do define data collection in the SMD for Gargage Collection (task in scheduler) i cannot see host of my portal system in the SMD.
    In the SMD i can see just the abap systems  for which the EWA are being already generated.
    (i have done also configuration>>connecting managed sytem to the SMD, but i still cannot connect my Portal system to SMD)
    Do you have any idea, what i have done wrong?
    My solution manager is running on Sap NW 7.0, SPS16,
    Sattelite system , EP  SPS 19
    Thank you very much for your points!!

    Hello Jagan,
    I was following the enclosed guide from the note: 976054, but it doesn't help to solve my issue.
    And when i want to permorm the setup for the managed systems,(http://<host><port>/smd -> diagnostic setup->managed systems ->setup wizard) i can not see there my Portal systems, just the abap systems.
    Do you have any idea?
    Best regards

  • EWA for non-productive Systems

    Hi all,
    is there a possibility to get Early Watch Alerts for Systems in a Solution, which are not marked as productive.
    I don't want to create many solutions.
    The same problem i have with the monitoring, I only see the productive in the monitoring overview.

    Schlosser Tobias wrote:
    > I have added Systems to the Solution XY. The Leading Role of this solution is "productive Systems"
    > I have add System PR1 (Productive) and System DE1 (Development).  But I can only see the EWA for the Productive.
    > If I want to see the EWA for the Development I have to delete the log. components and switch the leading role to "Development Systems".
    > That's very inconvenient.
    > I wan't one Solution with all my Systems, and EWAs for every System in it. Is this possible?
    Yes, it's possible to have all systems (Prod, Dev, QA, ...) within one solution and to have EWA activated.
    You need to choose "Put in Solution" from the context menu. See screen shots attached.

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    I need to know about how i set autodiscovery in local domain.I have local domain eg
    abc.local and domin which i received the emails externally is
    I have deployed Exchange2013 recently with same above scenario inbound and outbound mails are working fine using OWA.But outlook clients cannot connect to Exchange server with in the LAN. 
    Please help me out how set auto discovery in local domain and another help i need how i configure the self sign certificate in this scenario.   

    You cannot use a self signed cert for RPC/HTTP connections (which is how the Outlook client is connecting exchange2013). Please check this 
    But you can use a certificate from an internal CA which you can install in your network issue a certificate for exchange. Please check this it will help you manage internal certificates for a PC and for a domain.
    You dont need to configure autodiscover for internal domain added clients. If you have clients on the network which are not members of the domain, using Exchange, this could be Windows, MACs or mobile devices, then you should ensure that
    resolves internally to the Exchange server via a split DNS system.
    Please configure your external and internal URLs as well
    I recommend to buy a 3rd party certificate as it may create issue for external clients e.g.Outlook anywhere
    Thanks, MAS
    Please mark as helpful if you find my comment helpful or as an answer if it does answer your question. That will encourage me - and others - to take time out to help you.

  • EWA for Java only systems

    I'm searching for a guide to set up EWAs for Java only instances. Currently I have my Java instances in SMSY as system components, but how do I set up the EWAs as only ABAP instances are selectable. I'm using the latest SP, so this functionality should be available finally. I can't find a document about that anywhere, just some very bad documented snippets in SPRO...

    Hi Pascal,
    EWA for Java systems is currently in a pilot phase. It will be released with the note 976054, which is currently still being processed internally.
    Note 976054 contains a setup instruction for EWA for non-ABAP-components.
    Technically, for pure Java systems the "Central SDCCN" of the Solution Manager is used as indeed pure Java systems do not have a SDCCN.
    Double stack installations do not make use of the Central SDCCN, using their local SDCCN to obtain the non-ABAP data that is collected by the Diagnostics part of the Solution Manager.
    The note will be released in the very near future.
    Best regards,
    Walter Heibey

  • OTO information not complete for non ABAP instance of system &1 in SMSY

    We have just applied Stack 23 and stack 24 to our Solution Manager system.  When we are executing action System Logon from  a ticket we are getting the following error:
    OTO information not complete for non ABAP instance of system &1 in SMSY
    We checked that this new message was created in note Note 1427761 - ChaRM: incorrect target system for action "System Logon".
    We went to the SMY transaction to the Product System definition for our system but we could not find which OTO information is missing there, where to load it, etc.
    We appreciate your help.
    Esteban Hartzstein

    We have not applied the note separately, but we applied the support packages, so all the changes were applied, and therefore we are getting this error message  of "OTO information is not complete ....
    We have updated as suggested the info regarding the system in the SMSY.  We have read the Remote System Data.
    We will run SOLMAN_SETUP again to review the setup, and then test again
    We appreciate also if you provide any additional input.
    Esteban Hartzstein

  • How to read some images from file system with webdynpro for abap?

    I want to finish webdynpro for abap program to read some photos from file system. I may make MIMES in the webdynpro component and create photos in the MIMES, but my boss doesn't agree with me using this way. He wish me read these photos from file system.
    How to read some images from file system with webdynpro for abap?
    Thanks a lot!

    Hello Tao,
    The parameter
    may help you to access the pictures without any db-access.
    The following two links may help you to understand the other possibilities as well.
    The threads are covering BSP, but it should be useful for WebDynpro as well.
    Best regards

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