How to stop receiving iCloud birthday reminders in iCal?

Hi there,
When I moved from MobileMe to iCLoud I choose to set reminders for all birthdays. Now, I regret that as I do not need them and they are rather annoying (I have hundreds of contacts and birthdays).
How do I change the settings so the birthdays will never show a reminder anymore? I cannot find it. I resorted to manually deleting every reminder from every single birthday in iCal. However, after I upgraded my hard disk and I set up a new system, all reminders are back.
Obviously, I do not want to go over the same procedure again. What to do?

Greetings Anthony,
If you don't want to receive alerts from a calendar in iCal:
Click on the calendar in question one time to higlight its name.
Go to Edit > Get Info.
Put a check mark in "Ignore alerts".
This will keep the events in iCal but prevent an alarm / pop-up window.
Hope that helps.

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    First, don't unsubscribe.  This only tells the spammer that your email address is valid and they will send even more.
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    If you have birthdays setup in your Contacts app:
    1. Check Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Default Alert Times > Birthdays > set your default time here.
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    If Apple has disabled or deactivated your e-mail account, then you will not be able to use it. Did Apple tell you why it was disabled?
    If you don't know why Apple disabled it, you'll need to contact Apple Support to find out why.
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    Thanks for the good news that the OldFilm.AEX file is gone and no more No Disc error message.
    To update 13 to 13.1, you need to use an opened project's Help Menu/Updates.
    Have you done that, and the message was that you were up to date already?
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  • How to stop this annoying keychain reminders on popping in my screen every minute

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    Originally, the keychain password is the same as the login password for the account. The login password can be changed in any of three ways:
    By the user, in the Users & Groups preference pane. In this case, the keychain password is automatically changed to the new login password
    By the administrator (if different), also in the preference pane. The keychain password is not changed.
    By anyone who has physical access to the computer, in Recovery mode. The keychain is replaced by a new, empty one with the new password, and the old keychain is saved with the old password.
    To change a keychain password, launch the Keychain Access application and select the keychain from the list on the left. If the list isn't showing, select
              View ▹ Show Keychains
    from the menu bar, or press the key combination command-K. Then select
              Edit ▹ Change Password for Keychain...
    You must know the old password in order to set a new one. Otherwise you'll have to reset the keychain.

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    Settings > messages > Apple ID > sign out, on the old phone.

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    Go to Solution.

    Go to E-mail Settings icon on your home screen. Login using the user name and password (if passoword used while setting initial setup).  Go to Email Accounts under services and hit the delete button under the email ID that you want to delete.
    If your query is resolved then please click on “Accept as Solution”
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  • How can stop receiveing mails from the disscussions

    Every day i received a thousend of mails from disscussions. And i need to know how can i stop to receiving it. Thank you

    See this user tip:

  • How to stop receiving e-mails from the Adobe Forums?

    After the recent upgrade to the Adobe Forums you may notice that you are receiving additional e-mail messages from the Adobe Forums.
    To turn off e-mail notifications please complete the following steps:
    Go to
    Click on your Avatar and choose the Preference option
    Alternately you can click on!input.jspa to access your Preferences.
    Under the General Preferences you can adjust your e-mail preferences.  You can choose which type of notifications you wish to receive e-mail notifications for.  I would recommend disabling the e-mail regarding Moderation Notifications
    Once your selection has been made then click the Save button to apply the settings change.

    What does “I cannot export or copy and paste or drag the mail over” mean?
    Mail stores most preferences and all account settings in ~/Library/Preferences/ (except the passwords, which are stored in the keychain). Everything else, including all your messages and mailboxes, is stored within the ~/Library/Mail/ folder.
    Similarly, Address Book stores the settings in ~/Library/Preferences/ and the data in ~/Library/Application Support/AddresBook/.
    Other applications store preferences and data in other places. You may want to ask in the appropriate forums for more information on those.
    If both computers are running the same major version of Mac OS X, copying these files & folders from one computer to the other is all you need to do in order to have an exact copy of all your data on both computers.
    In order to avoid potential permission issues, copy the files operating on the destination computer and while logged in as the user that’s going to use them. Also, be sure the affected applications aren’t running on either computer while doing that.
    Alternatively, you may use Migration Assistant, as Michael suggested:
    Transferring data with Setup Assistant / Migration Assistant FAQ
    And you may want to read the following articles as well:
    Transferring files between two Macintosh computers
    How to back up and restore your important Mac OS X 10.4 files
    Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user’s home folder, i.e. ~/Library is the Library folder within the user’s home folder.

  • How to stop iTunes iCloud messages

    Just updated to Maverick OS from Lion. I'm an android phone user so have no need for iCloud. Now every time I open iTunes it comes up with "Your iCloud session has expired. Please login". I heard you could stop this message through Safari but I use Chrome and the message has an iTunes logo in the dialogue box so must be directly associated with iTunes. I've looked through all the settings on iTunes and can't find where to turn off the messages and/or disable iCloud altogether.

  • How to stop receiving from a mail account but still send from that account

    I was wondering if anyone knew how set up a mail account that will send but not recieve. Basically, I would like it to stop going to the server and grabbing emails from this account, but I want to be able to send emails from this account. Is this possible??

    Welcome to the Discussions.
    Very possible and very easy to configure. First, in Mail Preferences/Accounts/Advanced deselect to include when automatically checking for new messages. Second, click on Mailbox in the menubar, choose Online Status, and click to take this account Offline. An account that is Offline can still be used to Send.
    These two steps, together, will accomplish what you need.

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    However, when I check my email at my address, in addition to the forwarded mail addressed to "[email protected]", I am also getting a lot of spam addressed to "[email protected]". Evidently, many spammers will just blindly spam "[email protected]" assuming that it will be a valid account. So what appears to be happening is since my user "alan" on the server is also an administrator account, there is some sort of default alias connecting the user "admin" to "alan", which in turn is causing me to receive the spam messages. They must be blind, because I've never used or referenced the address "[email protected]" anywhere.
    So, the big question is --- how can I delink the alias "admin" from "alan"? It does not appear as a shortname in the Workgroup Manager under the user "alan", so I can't delete the alias there. I'm guessing there's probably a file somewhere I need to edit to do this, but can't seem to find it? I would be fine with redirecting mail addressed to "admin" to a null account that doesn't have email active, so those messages will just bounce back to the spammers.
    Alternatively, is it possible to simply reject all mail sent to "[email protected]"?
    Any help is appreciated!
    Many thanks in advance,

    That would make sense, since user "alan" is definitely a member of the group "admin".
    I see that sendmail is installed on the system, though I'm not sure that sendmail is in fact what is running the mail sever (although it could be).
    I discovered this much at least -- the command to start the mail server is:
    /usr/sbin/MailService-autostart on
    So it would seem that "MailService" might be the name of the server app, or something to that effect. If so, how can I modify its configuration files to avert this behavior? Or is there some way to blanket reject all mail send to "admin"? (sorry if I've been repetitive) ...

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    I'm no longer able to syc my iPhone4 (OS 5) calendar and Apple Address book to my computer. I think it's because I'm syncing to iCloud. I've selected my device on iTunes/info/selected what I wanted tp sync and hit Apply.I have turned off iCloud on my iPhone. Still doesn't sync. I think it may be because of my iCloud and not using Lion??? It's more important my computer and iPhone have the same data (that will have to be my backup). I don't know how to cancel iCloud, Help. If my logic is wrong, please set me straight. Everything worked before upgrading to OS 5 and iTunes 10.5. Any help wo

    I'm pretty sure you have to take the step to install Lion. I'm having similar problems with the cloud. I have somehow managed to correct the syncing for all of my devices by wiping out any reference to mobile me. The only app I am still having a hard time with is my contacts. Not only do I have doubles and triples, but the information for each contact is now mixed up as well. Crazy! I just made a one to one appointment to resolve. I hope they can help!

  • How to stop receiving Apple Support Communities messages

    Sick and tired of receiving dozens of messages.
    Not even able to send them to the junk box. These continue appearing like a cloud of locusts.
    Please, help !!!

    Unfortunately there is no unsubscribe from here so this needs to be fixed for the mails to stop.
    Usually the tech tip I wrote handles this issue if followed exactly as written. A lot if users will try to short-circuit the procedure or stop after they set the email preferences thinking that that is enough to fix it.
    As the tip states the email preferences only affect the future not what is happening now. So are you sure the actual notifications view is empty?
    If you look at the email you received it will indicate where it came from, a single post, a thread or a community. You can use that information to go to the particular area sending the email and turn it off  At the upper righthand side of the screen is an actions box. Make sure it says Receive email notifications. If it says Stop email notifications click it.
    If you still have problems a host can be notified to look at your account and try to fix the problem.

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