How to unlock earlyer purchased iphone 4

how to unlock earlyer purchased iphone 4? i have paid the full 600 $ !!!!

talktoupen wrote:
well u r right but i have buy this product before 3 months and they just launch this unlock iphone, and if they want i can spend 50 $ extra for unlocking. this is unfair to those who buy before 3 to 6 month. like me there are so many in the que. is there any home work available at that time than u r right i didnt done my home work but i think u didnt get my point, this will help u to clear my point .
I think everyone here understands your point. And I also think everyone here would agree that it's unfair for AT&T not to allow unlocking for an iPhone that is out of contract. But that's the way it is - it's completly up to AT&T and they not allow unlocking at any time for any reason - and there's nothing more anyone here can say.

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  • HT3939 How to unlock varizon CDMA Iphone 4

    How to unlock Varizon CDMA Iphone 4

    YOu don't.  CDMA only iPhones can't be unlocked because unlocking only pertains to GSM phones.

  • HT1937 can anyone tell me how to unlock my Australian iphone to UK ?? Thank you

    Can anyone tell me how to unlock my Australian iphone (carrier is Telstra) to an English carrier and where ? thank  you

    Have Telstra unlock the phone. Only the cellular carrier can unlock the phone.

  • How do unlock my old iphone so i an use any sim??

    how do unlock my old iphone so i an use any sim??

    There is no Unlock Code, only the approval of the original provider. Then just open iTunes on computer, connect iPhone to computer with USB cable, and then click Restore button of iTunes to Restore the iPhone. At the end of the Restore process, iTunes screen on computer will show large message, Congratulations the iPhone is Unlocked.

  • How to unlock my disable iphone 4

    how can i unlock my disable iphone 4 and keep my pictures?

    The only way to accomplish that would be to remember your passcode. However, once the device goes to disable, then your only choice is to restore the phone to remove the passcode. See the instructions in this support document. Forgot passcode for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple Support

  • HT201328 how to unlock at&t iphone 4

    I need to unlock an used iphone 4, i bought it at a pawn shop, I don´t have the former phone number of the divice.

    The IMEI and Serial numbers are sufficient.  They can be found in Settings>General>About.  It would have been wise to have checked with AT&T before you purchased the phone.  If it's still under contract, then they may not unlock it for you.  You'll also need a sales receipt.

  • How to unlock my locked iphone fast?

    How can I unlock my locked iphone that's completely locked?

    You'll need to connect the iPhone to your computer and restore it:
    If that still doesn't work, try DFU mode:

  • How to unlock your disabled iphone

    how to unlock disabled iphone?

    That IS the ?
    May I suggest a Please in front & a Thank You in anticipation..
    Call Apple Corp they have a special department for that.. Have ALL your paperwork to hand....
    If that is not possible itza lovely brick..............

  • HT1414 hello can you please advise me how to unlock my personal iphone from orange service provider as they are refusing to assist

    having been with orange for many years I was dissappointed with the merge into EE and purchased a seperate contract but when I asked orange to ask apple to unlock my old iphone 4 they refused and said I have to be a CURRENT ACCOUNT HOLDER FOR A PERIOD OF GREATER THAN 6 MONTH before they will unlock it !!!!

    Terms of conditions of a contract will trump anything that the user will be able to do on his own. I would reccomend you wait out the time period have the device unlocked and move on.
    My apologies
    Good luck Friend.

  • HT1937 how to unlock a locked iphone

    Dear Sirs
    Pleasant day I hope....
    Just asking about how to unlock a sim card locked iphone

    See  >
    From the  More Like This  section on the right...

  • How to unlock my originaly iphone 4s bought from france!!!

    Hello..i bought iphone 4S from france from authorized apple store ( not from any telecome companies) and i used it there for short period of time using orange telecom sim card, when i travelled back to my country , i used my sim card but my iphone did'nt work! LOCKED!!
    How come an original iphone locked by such carrier!!
    Plz help me in this matter

    "Can they solve it while i am a broad!!!"
    Don't know.  Contact them and ask.
    "How they will unlock it!?"
    Don't know.  Contact them and ask.

  • HT4993 how to unlock a disabled iphone

    how do i unlock my i phone4s? its disabled.

    Do as the manual says to do and restore the iphone.

  • How to unlock an old iphone that we can not remeber the password

    I have an old iphone 3gs that had a password on it - I am needing to use the phone but can not remeber the password - how can I reset it?

    You need to restore it in order to unlock it. Read this first.
    You really want to restore using the computer that you sync with so that you can recover all of your data from the backup of the phone.

  • HT1807 how to unlock my sprint iphone 4

    I am traveling to another country for 2-weeks.
    How do I unlock my sprint iphone4 to accept a sims card?

    You don't. The Sprint iPhone 4 doesn't even have a SIM slot. There is no GSM radio in it. It is a pure CDMA phone. It will never work with any carrier other than Sprint.
    Buy a cheap disposable phone when you get to the country you will be visiting.

  • HT4061 how to unlock my 3G iphone

    Apple Store tells me that I need to purchase something after I entered the Serial No. of my 3G iPhone
    Please Help.

    Apple is not the one who unlocks your phone. That is up to your carrier.

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