How to view report from a Form

I am trying to call a parameter report from a form passing all
the parameters, using RUN_PRODUCT procedure. I want to display
the report and not to print it. I set the destination type
to 'sysout' and the mode to BATCH. I think the mode has to be
batch in order to hide the parameter form and display the report.
In the actual report, I have set the initial value for the
destination type to be sysout.
But, I am getting the error saying for destination type sysout,
the mode should be BATCH. That's what I have. So does any one
has any idea, what I am doing wrong or is this a bug?
Thanks for your reply and time.
Benoy Peters

Set it to Screen.

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    I have developed a new customized form and attach it in Receipt Form Menu. I have added a button of Print Receipt on the form by name Print Screen.I have added code behind the Print Receipt Button that when it would be clicked report of receipt would be generated.When i click Print Receipt Buttton Request is submitted to Concurrent Manager and i have to view it from Concurrent Request Window.My requirement is when i click Print Screen Button output would be generated and viewable at that place and i dont need to go in concurrent request window to view and print that output.Is there any solution please suggest me.I am thankful in advance to all.

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    I am running report from form and output should be directly printed on printer.
    Database: 11g Release2
    Forms version : 11.1.2
    Report version : 11.1.2
    OS: windows 7 professional 32 Bit
    Written following code:
    pl_id ParamList;
    varno number;
    x VARCHAR2(150);
    y NUMBER;
    repid REPORT_OBJECT;
    v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
    pl_id := Get_Parameter_List('tmpdata');
    IF NOT Id_Null(pl_id) THEN
    Destroy_Parameter_List( pl_id );
    END IF;
    repid := FIND_REPORT_OBJECT('SALEBILLNEW'); -- report object name
    pl_id := Create_Parameter_List('tmpdata');
    Add_Parameter(pl_id,'DESTYPE',TEXT_PARAMETER, 'PRINTER') ;
    Add_Parameter(pl_id,'DESNAME',TEXT_PARAMETER, 'OKI MICROLINE 391 TURBO (COPY1) on NILESH-PC') ; --default printer name
    y := LENGTH ('rep_adminserver_inorasrv-pc_asinst_3') + 2;
    x := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT (repid, pl_id);
    WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT('http://inorasrv-pc:7001/reports/rwservlet/getjobid'||SUBSTR(x,y)||'?server=rep_adminserver_inorasrv-pc_asinst_3&userid=scott/[email protected]');
    Above code giving following error:
    REP-52251: The output of job ID 111 requested on Thu Oct 18 18:37:20 IST 2012 cannot be retrieved.<P>REP-51026: No output is generated for job 111.
    Need help..
    Thanks in advance.

    I have change the printer name to OKI
    Add_Parameter(pl_id,'DESNAME',TEXT_PARAMETER, '\\Nilesh-pc\OKI') ;
    Add_Parameter(pl_id,'DESFORMAT',TEXT_PARAMETER, 'dflt.prt');
    code which i have posted above unable to reach at default printer and gives following error
    The report generated successfully but distribution to destinations failed.
    Modified above code to take default printer from registry.
    Added below code
    rtn_Registry := CLIENT_WIN_API_ENVIRONMENT.Read_Registry('HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows','Device');
    rtn_defaultPrinter := substr(rtn_Registry,1,instr(rtn_Registry,',',1)-1);
    Add_Parameter(pl_id,'DESNAME',TEXT_PARAMETER, 'rtn_defaultPrinter') ;
    It is giving error
    CLIENT_WIN_API_ENVIRONMENT.Read_Registry must be declare.
    Edited by: parapr on Oct 20, 2012 10:47 PM

  • How to view data from infopath form that submit into sharepoint list into another page in sharepoint

    what I want to do is, User A as administrator, will fill in the form. Next User A will assign task to User B, to complete the form. when User B open the form, the above part of the form will displayed data that fill by User A. Field that User B need to fill
    in is at the below of the form. 
    may I know how to do it step by step? Thank you for your answer. 
    Azuaniza Ariffin

    I saw a similar post by you on this forum, and to achieve the functionality you can try using InfoPath Form or JQuery with SPService to make part of the Form as Readonly. and in conjunction use SharePoint designer to create a workflow to assign task or send
    email to user B.
    Hope this helps!
    Ram - SharePoint Architect
    Blog -
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  • How to create report from Oracle Forms 9i chart?

    Hi all,
    I am new to Forms and Reports 9i. I need to create a chart (let's say it contains customer name on axis X and total sales for this customer on axis Y). Is it possible to get report with details for particular customer by clicking on the chart's bar for this customer and if so, what is the way of doing it?
    Thanks in advance for any help given

    yes, you can. When selecting a chart item in Forms, you retrieve e.g. the username (or something similar unique) and then call Reports e.g. using a Run_Report_Object() call, passing the username as a Reports parameter.

  • How to print BIP reports from Oracle Forms?

    Hi all,
    I have a question in regards to printing BIP reports from Oracle Forms... We are aiming for a server installation of BIP with integration to Oracle Forms using SSO to handle security. We use Forms built-in web.show_document to render and view the report in PDF/Excel etc... We would like to by pass the viewing and print some of these reports directly to the printer.
    Any idea/suggestions how we can go about this?
    Thanks in advance for your time.

    via HTTP it's not possible to send a report directly to the printer. You had to go via the Scheduler, which is able to do that. With the WebService API you can call a report with the Scheduler and Execute Immediate.

  • **How to call a report from a form by passing a specfic value?????

    Hi Expert,
    I want to call a report from a form.My problem scenario like, a user is login to his account and there is a option called ADMIT CARD(Push Button).Now when he pressed the button a report will generate.I want that when he pressed the button the user id of the user will passed to the report and the report will generate corresponding to his details which was stored in the database.This scenario is like any online admit card.
    Suppose I want a details report of employee whose employee_id=100.How could I pass this value(employee id) to report which will generate a report details.
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    Thanks for replying.
    Actually I am a beginner.I think that I have to use RUN_REPORT_OBJECT built-in.But I cannot understand the parameterlist.Can u plz give me any example or code then I am very thankful.
    Suppose I want a details report of employee whose employee_id=100.How could I pass this value(employee id) to report which will generate a report details.

  • HOW TO Call REPORT from FORM usning a Button ?

    Hi All,
    Please Help me and Help other Beginers in this :
    Hot to call a report from a form using WHEN_BUTTON_PRESSED trigger (using Oracle 10g R1)
    Should i save the report as .rdf or .jsp ?
    Should i save the report in a specific path ?
    Should i add the path to the REPORTS_PATH in the registery ?
    What about the Report Server ? should i install it first ?
    What about the report properties ? what should i change ?
    Please Help with Steps to make this sample report with the most important thing which is the PLSQL code we will type in the WHEN_BUTTON_PRESSED trigger.
    PS. i tried to search in the forum .. but u can imagine how hard it is to look within Messages: 164,066 - Threads: 46,773 - Pages: 3,119 :)

    Hi there,
    Most of the things do not come for free. You need to spend some effort in order to obtain results.
    Check run_product, run_report_object built-in.
    Also, download the documentation library and go through:
    The example of how to use the run_product directly from the book "Oracle Forms Developer Form Builder Reference, Volume 1 - Release 6i.pdf":
    RUN_PRODUCT examples
    ** Built-in: RUN_PRODUCT
    ** Example: Call a Report Builder report, passing the
    ** data in record group ’EMP_RECS’ to substitute
    ** for the report’s query named ’EMP_QUERY’.
    ** Presumes the Emp_Recs record group already
    ** exists and has the same column/data type
    ** structure as the report’s Emp_Query query.
    PROCEDURE Run_Emp_Report IS
    pl_id ParamList;
    ** Check to see if the ’tmpdata’ parameter list exists.
    pl_id := Get_Parameter_List(’tmpdata’);
    ** If it does, then delete it before we create it again in
    ** case it contains parameters that are not useful for our
    ** purposes here.
    IF NOT Id_Null(pl_id) THEN
    Destroy_Parameter_List( pl_id );
    END IF;
    ** Create the ’tmpdata’ parameter list afresh.
    pl_id := Create_Parameter_List(’tmpdata’);
    ** Add a data parameter to this parameter list that will
    ** establish the relationship between the named query
    ** ’EMP_QUERY’ in the report, and the record group named
    ** ’EMP_RECS’ in the form.
    **Pass a Parameter into PARAMFORM so that a parameter dialog
    will not appear
    **for the parameters being passing in.
    Add_Parameter(pl_id, ’PARAMFORM’, TEXT_PARAMETER, ’NO’);
    ** Run the report synchronously, passing the parameter list
    Run_Product(REPORTS, ’empreport’, SYNCHRONOUS, RUNTIME,
    FILESYSTEM, pl_id, NULL);
    Hope it helps,

  • How to Call a jasper report from Oracle Forms 6i.

    Can anybody tel me how to Call a jasper report from ORacle Forms 6i.
    Thanks & Regards

    Forms 6i client/server? Use the HOST command to call the report. Since a Jasper report is just a call to a url, it will be something like:
    v_url := '<your url to the report>';
    host ('cmd /c start '||v_url);If it's web Forms 6i it even easier. Just use web.show_document(<url>).

  • How to invoke crystal reports from Oracle forms 11g R2 along with passing p

    How to invoke crystal reports from Oracle forms 11g R2 along with passing parameter to it.
    how to pass parameters to crystal report, please help.

    how to pass parameters to crystal report, please help.This would entirely depend on crystal reports and you might find informations on crystal reports related communities more likely...I for one have seen crystal reports the last time about 12 years ago. And even back then I simply acknowledged it's existence instead of working with it.
    Maybe crystal reports can be invoked via a URL call which would make it simple as you'd need simply build an URL and show the report using web.show_document. But that's pure speculation. Also you might not be the first with this requirement, so the solution to your problem might be right under your nose and just a little google search away ;)

  • How to run the 9I report from the forms menue 9i

    how to run the 9I report from the forms menue 9i.
    Shehzad Latif

    1. create a Reports Object node in Forms. If you use teh same object node name then you can write generic code that works in all Forms
    2. Get the whitepaper about Forms/reports integrtion

  • How to run reports from discoverer viewer by http

    Hello everybody,
    We've migrated our j2ee application to htmldb and we've migrated Discoverer reports from 4i to 5. So, I'd like to know how to invoke reports from htmldb.
    With the previous version we used this way:
    Best Regards,

    Hi Seba
    You basically run Viewer as normal and then copy the URL from the Address bar at the top of the browser. This can then be used to run the report.
    I hope this helps
    Best wishes
    Michael Armstrong-Smith

  • How to open report from form

    I'm tring to open report from a form
    using Run_report_object built_in on 9i
    and i get error messages
    such "you did not specify repor name "
    and "REP-0110 unable to open file
    REP-1070 error while openning or saving document "
    I get a look on the help and i found an enviroment parameter called
    "Reports25_path" that un seted on my computer (Windows XP) and I must put my report file in its location
    what can i do to open my report from a form ?
    thank yuo for help .
    I'll be gratfull if you send answer on my e-mail [email protected]

    Forms/Reports Integration 6i (6.0.8)
    Forms/Reports Integration 9i (9.0.2)
    Forms/Reports Integration 10g (9.0.4)

  • How to run report from form using run_object_report


    here an example !
    I hope this example you can use it
    PROCEDURE pr_reporte IS
         repid REPORT_OBJECT;
    v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
    rep_status Varchar2(20);
    d1 DATE;
    d2 DATE;
         d1 := :GLOBAL.DIA_INI;
         d2 := :GLOBAL.DIA_FIN;
         repid := find_report_object('rep_lab02');
         SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(repid,REPORT_OTHER,'p_fec_uno='||to_char((add_months(last_day(d1),-1) +1),'DD/MM/YYYY')||' '||
         v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid);
         rep_status := report_object_status(v_rep);
              rep_status := report_object_status(v_rep);
         END LOOP;
         IF rep_status = 'FINISHED' then
              ventana('E','error reporte no encontrado','S');
         END IF;
    The 'rep_lab02' is the name of the report that you give in the node reports
    p_fec_uno and p_fec_dos they are the parameters in the report
    repserver is the name of server created with rwserver

  • Calling report from a form with user input parameters

    I am new to Oracle reports. I have an application coded in 6i. I am currently running the application in Oracle Forms Builder 9i. There are also few reports which are called from the forms. Since the application was developed in 6i, the report was called using Run_Product. The forms pass a set of user parameters to the report using the parameter list pl_id. The syntax used was Run_Product(REPORTS, 'D:\Report\sales.rdf', SYNCHRONOUS, RUNTIME,FILESYSTEM, pl_id, NULL);
    I learnt that the Run_product doesnt work in 9i and we need to use run_report_object. I have changed the code to use run_report_object and using web.show_document () i am able to run the report from the form. There are 2 parameters that need to be passed from forms to reports. The parameters are from_date and to_date which the user will be prompted to enter on running the form. In the report, the initial values for these parametes are defined. So, the report runs fine for the initial value always. But when i try to change the user inputs for the form_date and to_date, the report output doesnt seem to take the new values, instead the old report with the initial values(defined in the report) runs again.
    Can someone give me the code to pass the user defined parameters to the report from the forms? I have defined a report object in the forms node as REPTEST and defined a parameter list pl_id and added form_date and to_date to pl_id and used the following coding:
    vrep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT (vrepid,pl_id);
    But this doesnt work.
    Also, Should the parameters defined in the forms and reports have the same name?

    Thanks for the quick response Denis.
    I had referred to the document link before and tried using the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC procedure and ENCODE functions as given in the doc and added the following SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY in the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC :
    But this also dint work. Please help me understand what difference does setting paramform=no OR paramform=yes make?
    In the report, i have defined the user parameters as FROM_DATE and TO_DATE respectively so that they match the form datablock BLK_INPUT items FROM_DATE and TO_DATE.
    My WHEN_BUTTON_PRESSED trigger is as below:
    report_id report_object;
    vrep VARCHAR2 (100);
    v_show_document VARCHAR2 (2000) := '/reports/rwservlet?';
    v_connect VARCHAR2 (30) := '&userid=scott/[email protected]';
    v_report_server VARCHAR2 (30) := 'repserver90';
    report_id:= find_report_object('REPTEST');
    -- Call the generic PL/SQL procedure to run the Reports
    RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC( report_id,'repserver90','PDF',CACHE,'D:\Report\sales.rdf','paramform=no','/reports/rwservlet');
    ... and the SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY code in the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC procedure is as:
    report_id REPORT_OBJECT,
    report_server_name VARCHAR2,
    report_format VARCHAR2,
    report_destype_name NUMBER,
    report_file_name VARCHAR2,
    report_otherparam VARCHAR2,
    reports_servlet VARCHAR2) IS
    report_message VARCHAR2(100) :='';
    rep_status VARCHAR2(100) :='';
    vjob_id VARCHAR2(4000) :='';
    hidden_action VARCHAR2(2000) :='';
    v_report_other VARCHAR2(4000) :='';
    i number (5);
    c char;
    c_old char;
    c_new char;
    hidden_action := hidden_action ||'&report='||GET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(report_id,REPORT_FILENAME);
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&destype='||GET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(report_id,REPORT_DESTYPE);
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&desformat='||GET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY (report_id,REPORT_DESFORMAT);
    hidden_action := hidden_action ||'&userid='||get_application_property(username)||'/'||get_application_property(password)||'@'||get_application_property(connect_string);
    c_old :='@';
    FOR i IN 1..LENGTH(report_otherparam) LOOP
    c_new:= substr(report_otherparam,i,1);
    IF (c_new =' ') THEN
    c:= c_new;
    END IF;
    -- eliminate multiple blanks
    IF (c_old =' ' and c_new = ' ') THEN
    v_report_other := v_report_other||c;
    END IF;
    c_old := c_new;
    hidden_action := hidden_action ||'&'|| v_report_other;
    hidden_action := reports_servlet||'?_hidden_server='||report_server_name|| encode(hidden_action);
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(report_id,REPORT_OTHER,'pfaction='||hidden_action||' '||report_otherparam);
    -- run Reports
    report_message := run_report_object(report_id);
    rep_status := report_object_status(report_message);
    IF rep_status='FINISHED' THEN
    vjob_id :=substr(report_message,length(report_server_name)+2,length(report_message));
    message('job id is'||vjob_id);pause;
    WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT(reports_servlet||'/getjobid'||vjob_id||'?server='||report_server_name,' _blank');
    --handle errors
    END IF;
    In the code - " hidden_action := hidden_action ||'&'|| v_report_other; " in the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC procedure above, how do i make sure that the v_report_other variable reflects the user input parameters FROM_DATE and TO_DATE ??? v_report_other is initialised as v_report_other VARCHAR2(4000) :=''; in the procedure. Will ensuring that the v_report_other contains the user input parameters FROM_DATE and TO_DATE ensure that my report will run fine for the input parameters?
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: user10713842 on Apr 7, 2009 6:05 AM

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