How to wifi connect mac to canon mg6120-no router

New macbook pro and canon mg6120 printer. How do i get them to talk directly to one another without a router?  Apple store rep said "yes" it can be done.

Hello Joan,
I believe what the rep was suggesting is that you can configure the device using an ad-hoc connection. That is to say have them wireless communicate with one another and not use a router. Unfortunately the support documentation for this device is pretty specific -
It DOES NOT support ad-hoc connections, thus you'd need the router in the equation. I recommend contacting the store or the rep you spoke with for clarification. Because unless they know how to do it, the documentation is pretty clear that it is not supported.

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    To do what?  It's not clear from the question.
    If you want to play iTunes library content on the unit you need to enable Home Sharing on both, have them on the same network and then look for your iTunes library under the Computer icon - iTunes must be running of course.
    Communications can be blocked by firewalls or security software sometimes.
    To factory restore a black AppleTv2 or 3 you connect it to the computer running itunes with a USB to microUSB lead alone and start itunes.

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    Our test environment: We have one RDS 2012 R2 server (all roles in one) and one session host in collection. On the session host installed Safenet Network Logon and it under GPO which disable all authentication, only OTP.

    Hi Sir,
    It seems that you are going to integrate 3rd party product into AD for authentication .
    I would suggest you to contact the vendor of Safenet for this deployment  scenario  :
    Best Regards,
    Elton Ji
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  • New imac 27(Intel based,bought 2013) slow wifi connection with my Verizon fios actiontec router. All other wireless devices in the house(ipad 3gen,MacBook Air ,hp laptop) have a much faster connection. Should I change router settings to G only,etc

    New imac 27(Intel based,bought 2013) slow wifi connection with my Verizon fios actiontec router. All other wireless devices in the house(ipad 3gen,MacBook Air ,hp laptop) have a much faster connection. Should I change router settings to G only,switch channel from auto to maybe 6,channel width to 20mhz? Already changed security settings to WPA2.  Currently router is running in mixed b and g mode.

    If you have one computer running on G they will all run on G. All ROUTERS are backward compatible, in otherwords if you have a group of computers and all of them are N compatible and one or two are G They will all work but the N computers will run at N and those that are G will run at G speed not N.
    It can get confusing but really it is simple. The newest is 802.11 AC and ic used with the newest Mac Computers made available in November 2013. So if you have the newest Airport Extreme that is 802.11ac and the newest computers that are AC compliant your speed will be 5 times faster than anything on the market right now.

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    How many WAN connections (Rj45) supported on ISR G2 router ?
    If my router have the data license can I do load balancing between  3 or more WAN connection ?
    Thanks & Regards
    Lakshman Kumar S

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    As Rick and Reza have both noted, number of routable Ethernet ports varies per ISR G2 model.  Ethernet switch options would allow the most Ethernet ports, but you need to route through them using SVIs.
    However, most ISR G2s often do not have the performance capacity to run their built-in Ethernet ports at full capacity.  Often the add-in Ethernet ports have bandwidth restrictions to/from the port.
    Basically, ISR G2 routers were designed to have a LAN Ethernet connection and some WAN, non-Ethernet connection, of much less bandwidth.
    ISR G2 router performance is also very much impacted by device configuration.

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    Read this to see if your printer model supports Airprint:
    If your printer is not Airprint capable you may need an App to print, for example PrintCentral, etc.

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    I am trying to connect to a Copier/Printer at my new office. I downloaded the driver recommended by IT. I have been unsuccessful in trying to print. I continue to receive the "Stopped. Filter failed" error. I have tried deleting and re-adding the printer but that also did not work. I restarted my computer after downloading everything fresh, still no luck. Does anyone know how to correct this issue? Thanks

    There are two printer drivers available for the Canon printer board.
    There is the UFR2 v10.1.0 and the PS3 v4.00 driver. I would try the UFR2 driver first, as all iR copiers have this protocol as standard. To use the PS3 driver, you would need to have the Postscript kit installed, which is an option in most regions.
    So with the UFR2 driver, after you download the file, unpack the dmg and run the installer. When the installer has completed, open Print & Scan and click the plus button to add. If the little Nearby Printers window appears select Add Printer or Scanner. With the Add window showing, select the IP icon and then enter the IP address of the C5030. Then select the Line Printer Daemon - LPD protocol. Leave the Queue blank. Change the Name from the IP address to something more meaningful to you. Enter a location if you want to and then in the Use menu, click on Select Printer Software. With the new window that appears, type in C50 in the filter section. This will short list the installed drivers, and show the two model groups of the C50xx series. Select the one showing the C5030 and click OK. Then click Add to complete the install.
    Now that the printer is created you can try and print to it. If this errors, then please reply.

  • How many wifi connections to HH3?

    Hi. I have a HH3 and between myself and my family, we have many devices connected to it via wifi. In total I have:
    4 x Apple TVs
    5 x iPhones
    3 x iPads
    2 x iMacs
    2 x PCs
    1 x Printer
    2 x Sky+ boxes
    (19 devices in total)
    Recently, all of my family have been complaining that their device(s) won't connect to the wifi. I have had a look at their devices, and entering the password (which has always worked in the past) produces a message saying something like "Unable to join BTHub3-****)
    This evening, I turned on one of the Apple TV's that I have not used for a couple of months and saw the following message
    There was a problem connecting to the network.
    The Wi-Fi network you're attempting to join cannot host any more devices. Disconnect other devices and try again. (-3913)
    I suspect this is the same problem that my family has been having but with a more detailed explanation of the error.
    Now contrary to popular belief, this problem is not likely to have anything to do with the fact that most of my products are Apple and so I am not looking for suggestions on switching to Android.  What I want to know is does the HH3 actually have a limit on how many devices can be connected at once and if so, how can I resolve my problem?  I am getting inconcistent feedback from BT support so hopefully I can get a straight answer here.

    If you do a factory reset of the home hub, it should clear out any old entries, and should allow you to re-connect your wireless devices.
    There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
    BT Broadband customers - help with broadband, WiFi, networking, e-mail and phones.

  • Firewall blocks the wifi connection of my Canon MP620? Why?

    I've had my Canon PIXMA MP620 set up wirelessly to my MacBook Pro for months now, and just today it turned out that it stopped working. After lengthy search for the cause of the problem, I discovered that my MacBook's internal firewall started blocking the connection to the printer. If I change it to 'allow all incoming connections', it works, but obviously I don't want to keep it that way. The other option is to 'set access for specific services and applications' and add the required utilities to be able to print, but that means that now every time another application needs an access, I have to click on the pop up window to allow it, which is very annoying.
    I've tried everything to fix this problem and let firewall to be set to 'allow only essential services' and still let my printer work as before, but nothing works. I updated printer's drivers and software, changed firewall settings a million times, reinstalled the printer again and again. The threads from other forums don't solve anything and it seems that a lot of people don't understand the problem.
    Recently, I downloaded the EFI Firmware and SuperDrive updates (which, by the way, don't work correctly). I wonder, if this whole firewall/printer problem has something to do with it. It's just so irritating when everything works very smoothly and suddenly it stops, because of some stupid updates that destroy your settings and preferences.
    Help, please. Thank you.

    First of all, I don't believe the updates would have been a cause. I have a 10.5.8 setup that is isolated from Software Update, hence the Firmware update hasn't been executed, and it exhibits the same issue.
    When you think about it, the operation of the firewall makes sense. It would be difficult for Apple to foresee that a third-party application like the Canon IJ Network Utility (aka BJPrinterApp2) is an essential service. There is certainly no provision for a user to set what they deem to be essential, hence the additional function of selecting specific apps.
    For the record, HT1810 states the following;
    Allow only essential services:
    This is the most conservative mode. Mac OS X will block all connections except a limited list of services essential to the operation of your computer.
    The system services that are still allowed to receive incoming connections are:
    * configd, which implements DHCP and other network configuration services
    * mDNSResponder, which implements Bonjour
    * racoon, which implements IPSec
    If the MP620 used Bonjour instead of its proprietary protocol, then you may have a solution. Connecting a printer to the USB port of an Airport device still functions with the essential services setting selected.
    However, the printer doesn't use Bonjour so IMO I think you have a decision to make. Turn off the firewall or live with accepting the prompts for adding these services to the list.
    Like I said, this is just my opinion. Maybe someone else can provide you with a usable solution?

  • How can i connect mac desk top to my iphone 5c

    I know i can connect my iphone 5c to my apple desk top to see what kids are doing on it even when at work. could ay one tell how to do this please
    KathleeniPhone 5c

    Any errors?
    Is the media in a format supported by the iPhone?

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    trying to connect my mac air to tv through belkin thunderbolt to hdmi connection can't seem to get it to work

    Go to System Preferences > Sound > Output tab > select your TV.
    You can also us the sound icon on the menubar.  Hold OPTION when you click the sound icon and select the TV as the output device.

  • How can i connect my printer canon pixma mg7150

    I don't find the good driver for my printer CANON PIXMA MG7150, and i use a usb cable.
    Is it good ?

    I have been setting up the same printer this week, with a USB cable  to my iMac. I have taken Mac printer drivers from the Canon site.   Here is a link that I used. InkJet/PIXMA_MG_series/PIXMA_MG7150.aspx?type=download&softwaredetailid=tcm:14-1 091005&os=OS%20X%20v10.9&language=EN
    Apple have notified that they have newly updated printer drivers for this printer, which you can download if you have the other drivers in place.
    Hope this helps.

  • Can I use wifi connected Mac Mini as an ethernet hub?

    I have my Mac Mini next to the TV. It gets the wireless internet connection from my apartment complex.
    I also have a Blue-Ray player that is online capable, but not wireless. Can I get the Blue-Ray player online by running an Ethernet cable to the Mac Mini?

    Yes, go into System Preferences and open the Sharing panel where you will see a check box for Internet Sharing and it's options.

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