How to work on a same project?

Is there a way for a team of developers to work on a same
project at the same time ?
I have tried calling the same project that the other developer is
using but my Jdeveloper hung.

The recommended way to do this is to use a source control system
such as PVCS or ClearCase to handle checkouts/merges of a single
WestAi (guest) wrote:
: Is there a way for a team of developers to work on a same
: project at the same time ?
: I have tried calling the same project that the other developer
: using but my Jdeveloper hung.
: Thanks,
: WestAi

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  • How to work on the same project on two machines at the same time and also exchange progress seamlessly using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014?

    We are working on a film project on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. Two editors are working on the same film project (same pproj file ) on two machines. As a result the bin structure and the file structure is exactly the same. We even bought two licenses for the respective machines to make matters simple (at least we thought it would).
    Now when we share a sequence between the two machines, every time we have to import and re-link media. Also each sequence import comes with its own set of files, which are actually already present in the project. Basically the new sequences are looking to re-link the media to the original/ source files only and are completely ignoring the file structure present in the project.
    In all editing softwares, timeline/ sequence sharing is a very common practise when working on multiple machines. Why is it so tedious in CC 2014? Every time we share a sequence between the two machines the media gets doubled and tripled in the project. As a result the project file size is increasing perpetually. Already Premiere CC 2014 is extremely laggy and slow, and this stupid bug is making it more difficult for us to finish our work on time.
    Has anybody ever faced this issue? How do we solve it? We are willing to try out any workflow that you can suggest.

    Concurrently working on the same project it requires a specific implementation in all editing programs like Avid's Unity/ ISIS shared storage. That's what you are simply not considering. none of your issues would be any problem if your projects resided on a commonly accessed server or something like that. Check respective hardware solutions.

  • Users to work on the same project

    I'm like know how can I to allow all users to work on the same project, but this project was only read.
    Help please,

    Not sure what you mean, you should create separate usernames and register them. This is in the documentation (user guide).
    Then you can have these users work on the project.

  • Can two different account work on the same project?

    I work for a non-profit organization and we are think about switching platform for our website, we are looking in to Muse, our graphic designer already have a Adobe Muse account and we would like to get an other account for the organization, will it be possible for both our account to work on the same project? With an account we can only have two computer with Muse and there will be 3 working on the website.

    Hi Alexandre,
    At any given point not more than one person can work on a .muse file. Muse is not yet designed for a workflow like this. You can update the .muse file using three different accounts as long as the file is not opened at more than one end at the same time and the file needs to be shared manually in between the accounts once one person is done working on it.
    - Abhishek Maurya

  • Does anyone have experience with having multiple editors work on the same project from different computers?

    Does anyone have experience with having multiple editors work on the same project from different computers?

    As much as I hate to admit it, YOU ARE RIGHT!
    I will tread lightly on this project.
    Thanks for the sanity check,
    Ben Rayner
    I am currently active on.. MainStream Preppers
    Rayner's Ridge is under construction

  • OSB - many developers working on the same project?

    I was wondering if you can see any way multiple users could be working on and publishing to the same domain?
    Now if a couple of developers is working on the same project using Eclipse (OEPE), if one publishes, any other changes by other developers will not be visible on the osb server, as they will be covered by the publish.
    Do you have any ideas?

    You have to use version control on this situation.
    We had used version control with in our project and you can save work and time.
    1. You have to take a local copy of the project and make modification and compile and test it.
    2. If any user wants to leave for the day then, he has to comile the source code and push it in to source control. There may be some chances where you will pull out his code as well because of dependencies, when you compile it may fail. So compile and push in to the source control.
    3. There is an option where you can put a lock on the project folder where you are working.
    Note: If your team is working on common dev server, then you can think about having individual server still you should use source controlMuch more available.
    Use source control tools.

  • Can TWO Editors Work On The SAME Project Separately ??

    Have Premier CS3 on XP
    We have a heavy edit this week for a film festival.
    Can one editor work on part 1 on one PC machine...and another editor work on part 2 on a mac...and then somehow... be able to transfer the mac timeline over to the PC machine for final work.
    What special gottcha tricks do I need to know???
    We can get both editors to use the same clip names. They will be on different drives...but the same structure...the same directories and filenames exactly on each drive. The Mac version would copy the master clips folder im thinking. Both machines...same raw materials.
    Im just concerned that we may forget to do an important step... and not be able to successfully bring all the edit timeline pieces over so they point correctly.
    Thanks for your critical tips and tricks

    Should work OK, as long as you're using the same media source for both platforms/projects. In other words, you need to be working with something like DV AVIs or QT DV MOVs with both. One platform will suffer because it's not as tuned to work with the other platform's media, but it's doable. You could capture the same media to each platforms native media (DV AVI on PC, QT DV MOV on Mac), but relinking once you transfer from Mac to PC will be a nightmare. If you're working with something like P2 MXF, though, this will be a breeze--just point to the proper directory and everything will be fine. This is a major benefit of PPro's native handling of such media, IMO.
    You could also copy the media over, wholesale, from Mac to PC--I think this is what you're saying now that I'm reading your post again. I'm guessing that in this case, both machines would NOT be working with the same material originally, correct? Just note that you may have file system incompatibilities going from Mac to PC. Mac uses the HFS file system, whereas your PC is probably using NTFS. FAT32 is common to both systems (can be read/written on each) but you're limited in supported file sizes to less than 4GB. If you've got an HFS-formatted external drive you'd be moving to the PC, I recommend
    HFS Explorer. It will allow you to mount and extract data from your HFS-formatted disc on the PC. There is also MacDrive, which is more tightly integrated with PC (disks show up as native filesystems in Explorer) but it's not free. Time might be an issue, though, and MacDrive might be the better option. There is a free limited trial, I believe.
    Beyond that, just import the Mac-generated project into the PC-generated project, and relink your files. BE SURE TO DO THIS ON A COPY OF YOUR PC PROJECT, just in case the unthinkable happens. From there, the projects should be successfully merged, and you can proceed with final assembly. I would suggest keeping your additional timeline items to a minimum in the Mac project (ie. audio, graphics, titles, etc) just to eliminate possible transfer headaches. I really don't think you'll face an issue, but it could wreck your day if something goes haywire.
    Finally, and most importantly, test this out if you value your sanity. This is not something you want to simply "hope" works without any sort of field trial. This should work perfectly well, but I assume to responsibility if it does not!
    Good luck...

  • Can an editor and I work on the same project, at the same time in PPCC?

    I'm trying to figure out if two people can edit a project in live time... I'm currently struggling with the 20gb cloud limit for my projects and I think I'm just going to bring an in house editor into the mix. 
    Can he and I edit the same project from a NAS drive?

    As far as I know, "regular" Premiere Pro does not have any provision for the kind of file locking/unlocking required for 2 people to edit the same project... so if YOU save an edit and your other person saves after you, your edit is going to be overwritten and lost
    Solution for networks...
    Adobe Anywhere

  • How to work on the same iMovie project on both desktop and laptop?

    I would like to transfer my unfinished iMovie project from my desktop to my laptop, so I can work on it while traveling. I know I could export it as a movie, but it's not finished, so what I'd really like to do is transfer all the elements of the project in its current state so I can continue to work on it.  Anyone know a way to do this? Thanks!

    See this User Tip by AppleMan1958:
    In particular, follow the instructions in the last paragraph regarding using the FILE/CONSOLIDATE MEDIA feature (after moving the project as described earlier in the Tip).

  • How to work on the same catalogue with 2 different HDD's

    This must have been asked many times but I have no idea how to search for it because I don't think I can articulate my question well enough but I'll try it here.
    The case is that I have my laptop with LR4, I'm using an external HDD to store the RAW data from my camera. This HDD is fed by an external power line so it's not as portable (WD My Book3.5")
    So the setup is that LR4 is linked to the external HDD. Whenever I download photos from my CF card, I tell LR4 to copy the images to the external HDD because I don't want my laptop to be filled with RAW. I only export the JPG's to my laptop.
    Now here is the tricky part. When I travel, I take my laptop and my lighter external HDD (WD My passport 2.5") because it's portable and needs only USB power.
    While traveling I import my photos using LR4 to the secondary HDD (my passport) and I edit them. When I get back home, I would like to "merge" my edited images from the portable HDD (my passport) to the primary HDD (my book).
    So essentially I would like to streamline my work as if I'm managing one catalogue on two separate HDD.
    I hope I was clear about my question
    Is it possible?

    How does the last paragraph differ from the second?
    The second paragraph describes how you would work while travelling, if you wanted to keep separate catalogs. The last paragraph describes what steps you would do when you returned.
    If I'm connecting both HDD's and while in LR4 I drag the folder from My Passport to My Book, I not only change the physical location of the RAW data, I also make LR4 keep my entire edit info and metadata changes so I can revert whenever I want, much as if I have always used the same HDD all along.
    Correct. The information that LR holds about a given image (including keywords, editing, etc) - is a completely separate consideration, than where the file is physically located. Changing LR's addressing of the image does not affect the image metadata, current edits, or the editing History.
    Whilst using the "import from catalog" I get the same result, isn't it? Or if I choose this option, LR4 essentially create a new catalog?
    Import from Catalog is used when you have already made a separate Catalog, and now want to merge (copy) its contents into the main one (and then delete the separate one).. It depends how you want to work.
    I think the 2nd paragraph provides the best solution to this scenario.
    It does have the adavantage that you can still see ALL of your pictures (at least, in Library). And while you are travelling, you can organise your new pictures into the same kinds of collections, keywords etc... those aspects can be immediately integrated (apart from the physical file locations, which in this scenario have to happen on your return).
    I would tend to take a copy of my main Catalog with me just for reference, but put the new images into a new separate one - a question of personal preference only. The end result is, as you say, the same.

  • How to work on the exercise project and the solution project

    i am trying to understnd how the flex projects works?!
    My approach to script work is to make duplicate of my project when i start coding stuff that i am not sure about so that i can comeback to earlier working scriptt if i mess up!
    now in flex i don't get the levels hiden behind each projects...
    Flex has folder/workplace/bin/project/ and i must say i DON't get it...
    everytime i duplicate a project (copying pasting the files into an new folder) flex seems to keep names and info link to the old location///////
    Any explaination  ??

    to have 2 projects
    jumping from one to the other in order to see the diference between to solution code and the code i am building with the exercise...
    Basically having bothe MXML files open for easy access?

  • How to work in RH9 when project is integrated with TFS and TFS server is down

    My RoboHelp 9 project is integrated with TFS/Visual Studio. The server went down yesterday and won't be back up until late today.
    If I open the project locally (rather than from Version Control), how do I eventually get the latest files (those that I've worked on locally) into Version Control?
    Thank you.

    I use the following method:
    1.       Open the project and disconnect from source control.
    2.       Modify any files you need. Be aware that when you add/rename/remove/move files, the RoboHelp control files are modified too. (.apj and .fpj)
    3.       When TFS is up, check out the files using team explorer. Do NOT overwrite local files. (Make a backup first.)
    4.       Using TFS, check in all modified files. Do NOT check in the XPJ file. If you do, the project will lose its connection with source control.
    5.       Thrash the local project.
    6.       Get the latest version from the server.
    Be aware that this requires that you know what you’re doing. Especially when control files are modified. When you only modify the content of existing topics and check the existing topic in, you should be fine.

  • Can multiple people work on the same project at the same time with Creative Cloud for Teams?

    We have a project we are working on, and since it needs to be done in record time, multiple people need to be able to access the most current version. Is there a way to work on one project concurrently, like on Google docs?

    The only link I have is to manage your team account
    The only Adobe program/process for team work that I know of is Adobe Anywhere, but that requires a very different process
    Adobe Anywhere

  • How to work a 16:9 project part ll

    I have this movie that was shoot on a 16:9 camera I worked Anamorphic on FCE on my canvas and my preview it's seens ok, no letterboxes nothing on the sides. Just alright.
    But when i import it on Idvd, i'm using a 16:9 projet, but my preview l have no fullscreen, but it seens like 4:3 . I have space in the sides.
    How can i fix that?


  • Is it possible to share sequences between people working on the same project?

    We have the same media in the same bins.  Yet when I copy a sequence from his project, load my project, and paste that sequence into my project, Premiere creates a Recovered Clips bin with duplicate references to most (not all) of the media already in the project.  I do not want to have duplicates (triplicates+) for our project.  Is there any way to prevent this or merge duplicates into the nice media structure I spent many hours setting up?

    Thank you Kevin!  I remember hearing something about this in the new version notes... or an Adobe promo video.  I can browse elements of my colleagues project without actually loading it (he's using Premiere 8.0.1).  I'm using Premiere 8.1.  I was able to browse his project and move the sequence into my root bin and no duplicates were made (at least that I can see).    Thank you!

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