HT1825 15" PowerMac Studio Display

Does anyone know the fair market value for a 15" Power Mac G4 studio display?

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  • PowerMac G5 17" Studio Display Not working

    Hello All,
    My PM G5 tower's 17" Studio Display went blank today--no one saw when it blanked, so I don't know if it went all at once or slowly. The thing is, I don't know if it's the display or the video card. The PM is fine, since I can operate it via screen sharing. According to System Profiler, the card (GE Force FX 5200) is working and the monitor is connected properly and shows the correct resolution. I can't run hardware check since I can't screen share when starting from the DVD. Is there any other way to check to see if the problem is in the card or the monitor (other than hauling it down to the Genius bar)?

    If, in the case of an issue with the ADC portion of the card, often times there is no prior warning, as the failure is more often a power issue than VRAM or GPU.
    With VRAM or GPU, there would be visual warnings with pixel errors, banding, and other graphical artifacts.
    The system profiler is virtually worthless for detecting hardware failures.
    As for the display, the inverter board is not that uncommon of a failure.
    Typically, though, this is accompanied by a flashing power light on the display(short, short, long):
    The inverter board may be replaced using this guide:
    A board may be purchased from someone like this:

  • ADC Studio Display 17" USB not working

    I hope someone can help.
    I have a 17" Apple Studio Display that connects via ADC left over from my old Powermac G4. I recently bought the new Mac Mini (Unibody) and an Apple DVI to ADC Display Adapter to use with the HDMI to DVI Adapter to connect with the Apple Display.
    This works perfectly however I have noticed the USB ports on the back of the display does not work. Could this be because the Apple DVI to ADC Display Adapter can not supply enough power via the connected HDMI to DVI Adapter to support the display and its USB ports? Is there a way too get them working again?

    Hi. Thanks for that. As you say there must be something wrong with my display's USB circuitry then.
    Just one more question, is the USB cable from the DVI to ADC adapter only for supplying power to the USBs on the display? Since the display's USBs are not working, will the adapter still work and power my display without using the USB connecter from this adapter? If so this will free up one of my USB2 ports on the mini.
    Thanks again.

  • Strange Problem on my 17" Studio Display

    Ok, just to get the specs out of the way - 2 17" Apple Studio Displays, both connected with ADC to DVI adapters to a Dual Core 2.3 PowerMac G5, running OSX 10.4.7, 2.5 GB RAM.
    Saturday night we had a VERY bad storm - my wife and I were out when it hit, and my computer was on. I wasn't too worried as both displays and the tower are running off of a UPS/Surge Protector.
    By the time we made it home, the battery backup had run out of juice and the system was shut down. We were out of power for about 12 hours. When the power came back up on Sunday - I booted up my mac.
    As the initial Apple logo bootup screen popped up - I knew something was wrong. The background was a dark gray and the apple logo light gray - the opposite of what it is normally.
    After the computer finished booting I'm left staring at my 2 displays in amazement. The display on the left looked as if the display had been inverted in the Universal Access Pane, and the right display was perfectly normal.
    I can go into the Preference Pane, or use the shortcut CmdOption+Cntrl8, and all this does is flip which display looks normal and which one is inversed. I can't seem to find a way to get them both to display the same.
    I've repaired permissions, I've rebooted, I've reset the PRAM, I've trashed preferences, I've scoured the Apple Discussion boards, I've spent hours on Google, I've run hardware tests on my G5, swapped the display outputs on the card to see if it was the video card - but the same display always shows inverted. I've also connected the suspect display to my Powerbook and it does the same thing, which leads me to be pretty certain its an issue with the display - not the CPU. I have no idea what to even try next.
    Does ANYONE have any ideas for me to check out? I'm open to anything at this point. I've found a place that sells replacement parts, but have no clue what part I would even go about replacing.

    1. Shut down the computer. If you cannot do this because the mouse or keyboard are unresponsive, then hold the power button for ten seconds.
    2. Verify that the system is shut down by pressing CAPS LOCK. It should not light.
    3. Power-up the system and let it start.
    4. If the + key continues to repeat, it is probably a bad keyboard.

  • Connecting a 2nd apply studio display

    Hey quick question. Im good with Macs but not so good with all the adapters and stuff. heres the problem. I have a powermac G5. dual 2ghz 2005 model. so i have a 15 inch apple studio display connected to the right hand monitor port in the back. i just bought a 17 inch studio display that i wanted to connect to the port on the left. but it seems the piece is too big to fit into the adapter. is this what i need to connect them
    thank you.
    (both apple studio displays are the LCD versions. they are NOT aluminum. they are the plastic ones.)

    *     Gefen Inc. (
    *     Dr. Bott (
    Alternative Sellers

  • Apple Studio Display 21inch - calibration fails

    G'day all, I've reviewed the topics on this display and none seem to fit my problem. Further, I'm convinced that it's not a display problem but an OS Tiger 10.4.11 problem but I reckon that this is the forum that will be best suited to answer.
    In essence, the problem is that a get an overly white screen with very bold colours - as if the contrast and brightness is on steroids and I cannot get past the first page of the ColorSync Assistant. This condition occurred as a result of allowing a service technician to use my Mac to set up a satellite modem - you'd hope that technicians would be more responsible . . . . .
    Anyhow, as I said, I'm convinced that the problem has more to do with OS 10.4.11 than the display as this works perfectly with another user. Specifically, the technician was logged in as PowerMacUser (isn't that original?) and that is the user which gets a problem display. If I log in as another user (i.e. PowerCenterUser - yes! there's one of these on the network) then the screen is normal and I can calibrate the display. So ColorSynch and the Studio Display are working.
    But when I log in again as PowerMacUser nothing has changed. I did make sure that the color profiles in the Computer/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Display were the same as those used for PowerCenterUser even though they are global, but that didn't make any difference. And I have tried to find out where user-specific data is used to modify display profiles but without success.
    I have a suspicion that it may have something to do with a file named <boot> but I won't pursue this unless I have a prod to so do.

    This is an update. I'm a bit impatient so I got up at 02:30 and did some more research.
    I found that the file boot.efi was still in my trash (OldUsers . .System>Library>CoreServicesboot.efi) and followed BDAqua's excellent advice in regard to this (see
    Thus I verified both discs in the PowerMac,did a Safe boot - which failed to correct the colour problem. I then reinstalled Mac OS 10.4 - which failed to correct the colour problem and I'm now in the process of bringing this up to OS 10.4.11.
    The only approach that I can think of now is to create a new user since users other than PowerMacUser (see previous post) do not experience the colour problem.
    Any, more creative, ideas would be welcome.

  • Connecting 15" studio display LCD to MacPro

    Do I need the DVI to ADC adapter to connect my "old" 15" Studio Display (LCD) to the MacPro?
    Just bought the MacPro, upgrading from my G4 Powermac circa 2001. No one at the Apple Store mentioned needing an adapter even though I said I had an older display from 6 years ago. I am not happy to say the least. Partly went for the MacPro because I had this display, though small by current standards. Now another $100 I did not expect.
    Any recommendations for a smaller price? Maybe I should have gone with an iMac....

    No one at the Apple Store mentioned needing an adapter even though I said I had an older display from 6 years ago.
    Unfortunately hardly anyone stops to think that some older Apple displays used the ADC adapter. I bet half of the staff don't even know what an ADC connector is. Anyway, yes you will need the ADC to DVI adapter unless you can already convert your video signal to VGA. In that case you can then use the includes VGA to DVI adapter that was included with your Mac Pro.
    Any recommendations for a smaller price?
    You can try Dell. They often have specials which results in very cheap displays.
    Maybe I should have gone with an iMac
    My parents just bought iMacs (24" with 2.33GHz upgrades) and while they're very nice they can't come close to the performance of the Mac Pro, especially if you implement RAID 0. So while you might be a bit deflated over this just remember that you did buy a far better performing system.

  • Using 2 15" ADC studio displays with G5?? How??

    I have just recently purchased a second 15" studio display to use with my G5 powermac. One display is currently connected to the adc port on the back of the G5. How can I connect the second display? I have seen some adapters you can buy which convert the adc connector to DVI I'm then assuming I can then connect the adapter to my G5's DVI port? Is this possible or do I need something else?

    you just need a DVI to ADC adapter to connect your ADC Studio Display to the DVI connector on your graphics card. As far as I'm aware there are only two types available, Apple's own and Dr. Bott's DVIator. Both tend to be fairly expensive as they come with a power supply to drive the display. In answer to your other post, the power brick is fairly heavy so by buying it from another country I expect the postage costs may outweigh any savings made.
    I hope this helps.

  • Apple Studio display, No Video!

    My PowerMac G5 detects my 17 inch Cinema display, but it doesn't turn on! I have tried everything short of opening it!

    Good work, either the Backlight, or a bit more lkely the Inverter...

  • 21" studio display CRT: USB works?

    Hi can anyone confirm that the USB hub on the 21" studio display (CRT) works with OS X/a powermac G5? Thanks for your help.
    12 iBook G4 1Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   soon to purchase a powermac G5


  • No adapter available for CRT studio display..?

    Hi everybody,
    just got a handmedown old crt studio display:
    i thought i'd get an adapter and plug it to my imac to increase screen real estate (have been using a VGA display for some time like that)
    Not so simple; the ADC connector seems like it's giving me no choice. I also have a latest macbook, also with mini-dvi output and same issue therefore.
    Have been browsing forums but all i could dig was info related to the flat LCD panels and newer. Same for manufacturers, all adapters point to newer monitors.
    So it's like either i keep for the looks or buy an old powermac G4/450 to suit..? Are these the only alternatives?
    I imagine I'm not the very first person to ever come across this situation and maybe someone will be kind enough to offer some advice/share experience?

    I own: Samsung 191T+, 19-inch LCD; Apple 20-inch LCD; Apple 23-inch LCD. There is no question (in my mind) that the Apples are sexier looking. I like the wide screen and the design. But, the price is stiff. The Samsung has a traditional 3:4 aspect ratio as opposed to the Apple 10:16. The Samsung models ending in the letter T have typically been of higher quality.
    You should spend some time on the MWave website and look at the various Samsung models.
    My Samsung has been connected to my iBook (via the analog (VGA)) port and to my PowerBook and PowerMac (via the digital (DVI)) port.
    I won't buy ViewSonic because of bad experiences (5 blown high voltage power supplies) on their CRT models. I have no experience with Sony nor NEC.
    Unless you are a gamer, you can ignore reponse time. Resolution is fixed for the screen size. LCDs have a native resolution; unlike CRTs. All manufacturers lie about contrast and brightness.
    I recommend buying monitors from local stores. That way you can inspect YOUR monitor before you buy it.
    I would recommend that you call Other World Computing and talk to them about video cards.

  • 15" Apple Studio Display

    I have a 15" Studio Display connected to a powermac g5 w/ nvidia fx5200; everytime i decrese the brightness level of the display i hear a odd electric buzz/hum from within the display itself, it goes away if i keep on the highest/max Brightness level is there anyway to fix that or is this a dying/defective display?

    There is no way to fix that but neither does it indicate the display is dying. It could go on like that for years. It's just a coil or transformer that is acting a little bit like a speaker coil and moving slightly in response to the chopped waveform of the dimming circuit. The slight movement is disturbing the air around it an sending off sound, just like a speaker diaphram. Definitely annoying. iTunes might be the only cure

  • Help M4868 21" Apple Studio Display software needed

    Hi all. I know this post is a little out of category but I need to find out where I can get a Manual and any software required to use an M4868 21" Apple Studio Display with my G5 Powermac. Can anyone help me on this one please...
    Cheers. Derek.

    You will need a VGA adapter for your graphics card. You don't need any software. Manuals:

  • Studio Display 15" Power supply

    Hi to all.
    I got a 15" Studio Display from a friend and want to connect it to my Powerbook.
    The display has a cable with DVI, Power and USB plug.
    As far as i understand, when connected to Powermacs you do not need a Poweradapter since it is then connected to the graphics card.
    But the DVI port unfortunately does not supply power like ADC.
    Questions: Is there an inexpensive way to connect to the Powerbook? Can you buy an adapter with the same specs? What are the specs?
    Thanks in advance!

    Y Lagache,
    This Froogle search seems to have one you can add to your shopping cart:
    This link is slow to load but shows the price at $69:,-Tripod--Apple-15-studio-display-Flat-Panel-Rev -B-p-23847.html
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  • URGENT HELP NEEDED Re: 17" Studio Display ADC

    Recently, I gave a good friend of mine my old PowerMac G4 500 with DVI/VGA connector. I also bought a 17" Studio Display (ADC) to go with it, but I thought that an ADC to DVI connector would work with the monitor. It doesn't because, as I learned later, the display uses an analogue signal that the adapter cannot translate for the computer. There are suggestions that the G4 500 does not work at all with the 17" Studio Display (ADC) but I don't know whether this is actually true.
    So my question is this: are there any adapters on the market that will work with the 17" Studio Display and the PowerMac G4 500?
    Been looking everywhere for info, but nothing concrete. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The Apple and Dr. Botts DVI to ADC adapters do not provide the RGB analog signals needed for a CRT monitor. The Gefen adapter
    <> does provide these signals but its power supply is not designed for the extra power a CRT display needs. See <>
    In the link, one person was using the Gefen adapter with a CRT, but the power supply was getting VERY hot. Buying the Gefen adapter and a new, bigger, power supply, would be the easiest way to get things to work. The only cable cutting would be moving the cable from the Gefen power supply to the new power supply. That would just be a two wire cable. If you can find the matching plug for the Gefen power supply, you wouldn't have to use the Gefen power cable, but make your own, which is probably better because Gefen might be using wires too small for the extra current.

Maybe you are looking for

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