HT201274 Is there a way to check phone has been unlocked successfully ?

Is there a way to check 4S phone to see if unlock process was successful ?

Really the only way is to put a different sim in it. If you received an email saying that it has been unlocked and you connected to iTunes then it should be okay but that is the only way to be certain.

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  • HT5163 i am not able to activate my Iphone- I have a SIM card but it keeps telling me there is no SIM card. My phone has been unlocked by Apple but keeps.

    i am not able to activate my Iphone- I have a SIM card but it keeps telling me there is no SIM card. My phone has been unlocked by Apple but keeps.

    i got in Manhattan from AT&T-
    This error came after I updated the software since Apple confirmed and I have spoken with them and they confirmed it is officially iunlocked since I have full filled their terms of the agreement.
    This phone was working earlier since i had jail broken it.
    I have been using it with jail break for about 2 years now

  • HT201328 how do you know if the phone has been unlocked?

    I just went through the process of unlocking my iphone 4 and I'm trying to see if it actually happened.
    Is there a way to check through the device or anything?

    You should have received some type of notification from your carrier if it was successfully unlocked.
    To test it yourself, you can try putting a SIM card from another carrier in your iPhone, but there is no setting or anything you can read.
    You can also give Apple a quick call or chat and they should be able to confirm if its unlocked or not.

  • Is there a way to see what has been transported to Production

    Hello all and thank you in advance for your responses, points will be award..
    Need  to determine what  has been transported to production with time and stamp information. Been looking around with RSA1 and  just not able to find the right buttons or TC to get the correct information. 
    Any suggestions.....
    Thank you Jim

    Hello Jim,
    Check the logs in STMS.  That will show what has been imported.
    Choose your import queue for your production box.  Once you are viewing that, you can click on the 'Scroll' icon which gives you the 'Import History'.
    Be sure you adjust the filter accordingly to see everything.
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  • How are you sure your phone has been unlocked?

    Wondered how you are sure that you phone is unlocked before you ship it??

    Hi there karenfommims,
    You may find the information in the article below helpful.
    iPhone: About unlocking
    -Griff W. 

  • HT201328 How wil I know if my phone has been unlocked?

    I've just phoned t-mobile to have my phone unlocked, how will I know when this has happened

    see here for process

  • Is there a way to check to see if an IMEI has been submitted for unlock?

    I wanted to ask is there is any way to check IMEI numbers to see whether or not they have been submitted to Apple for an unlock??
    I have two phones I need to check, and iPhone 4 which is my daughters and was a birthday present, and an iPhone 5 which is mine. Both are NOT blacklisted, barred, reported lost or stolen, both are legitimate phones.
    The iPhone 4 was paid for in full 3 weeks ago, and is locked to VODAFONE UK. The company told me 1-3 days, three weeks later, nothing, and all I get from them now is "we will email you when its been done"
    The iPhone 5 is locked to Orange/EE UK, this again was done three weeks ago, but directly through ORANGE, who tell me the unlock request has been submitted, and it is imminent but then they have me a "HOW TO" of how to unlock it, and told me this has to be done this way or it wont work??
    Here is what they told me I had to do they sent this via email
    Please find the process for unlocking your Apple handset:- 
    Before attempting the procedure, please take a moment to read the following information. Please make sure that your iphone is up to date the latest software version. This can be checked by connecting your device to iTunes via a PC/Mac/Laptop.
    Please be aware that if you have used an unauthorised unlock on your Apple device then Orange cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur, as this procedure will not only be unsuccessful, it may damage the device. If you have modified the software please update with the latest Apple approved version.
    Apple devices differ from all other manufacturers in that there is no code required to enter into your device to unlock it. However Orange have requested on your behalf to Apple that your device be prepared for unlock and the procedure below advises how you can complete this process. Only handset’s that have been requested to be unlocked viaOrange or other networks can be unlocked this way and the below instruction will not work another Apple devices.
    Apple Unlock Procedure
    1)Insert a non-T-mobile 3G SIM card. This must be a network provider who also supplies the iphone/ipad.
    2)Switch ON the handset.
    3)Connect to iTunes using USB cable
    4)Use the “restore” option within iTunes (located at the bottom of iTunes not the top)
    5)The handset may then display: USB cable and iTunes icon.
    6)Disconnect from USB then re-connect
    7)Synchronise device with iTunes
    8)Once synchronised a message will appear on iTunes stating “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked” If using IOS5 this message will not show
    9)Follow on screen set up instructions to enable new carrier settings
    Your handset should now be successfully unlocked
    Should this not show, please keep other network 3G sim in the iphone and restore the iphone via iTunes making sure all data is backed up first.
    You can also get some self help tips, please put the following into Google and search;
    If anyone has any idea, please let me know, its driving me mad lol, two iphones, both not working

    Unfortunately, many carriers "drag their feet" when it comes to processing iPhone unlock requests. All Apple does is add the phone's IMEI number to the officially unlocked database, and Apple does this immediately. The breakdown is with your carrier.
    You can call AppleCare, they'll be able to tell you whether the IMEI number is in the database or not.

  • Is there any way to check an iPhone 5 for a virus?

    Is there any way to check an iPhone 5 for a virus?

    oxdog007 wrote:
    What causes the screen to enlarge to the point you can't navigate the phone?
    Double tapping the screen will cause it to zoom. Go to Settings - General - Accessibility - Zoom = Off??.

  • Is there any way to check the age of an iphone when buyinga used unit?

    im buying a used iphone off kijiji and the owner said its 4 months old, is ther any way to check this to be fact?

    Unfortunately, no. That link will tell you if the phone has been reported stolen, but it has no way of knowing if the phone has been hacked, either physically or via software.
    The other thing to watch out for is sometimes a shady seller will tell you a serial number that isn't the same as the phone you eventually get.
    A high percentage of iPhones sold over the Internet are hacked or jailbroken, and many of them are also stolen.

  • Is there a way to check FF as BOTH webroot security and now my bank sent a security notification that my Firefox is not secure and may be redirecting elsewhere.

    When I run a system analyzer for WEBROOT the results state that there is a security breach for my Firefox browser.
    When I went to access my bank info I receive a message that Firefox is redirecting to a site with a bad certificate.
    Is there a way to CHECK to see if I have a secure copy of Firefox? (Yes, I did install through the main site.
    I TEACH technology for the public school system and have top security which updates regularly and my pc itself runs regular maintenance as well.

    Are there any unknown addons, and do a malware check with some different programs, unless Webroot is bashing firefox over a memory leak it had 2 years ago.
    * [ Microsoft Safety Scanner]
    * [ MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware]
    * [ TDSSKiller - AntiRootkit Utility]
    * [ Hitman Pro]
    * [ ESET Online Scanner]

  • Is there a way to check if I have either deleted a necessary file or...

    Firstly, let me apologize for this rather long post. I just want to make sure I give as much detail in order to get the problem really solved...
    I have a MacBook Pro 2GHz Intel Core Duo with 512 MB of ram. I am running OS 10.4.10 and don't have the means to either upgrade the OS, increase ram or even backup and reinstall (I am in a remote part of the South Pac. Islands, working as a relief worker, without much more than a dish to connect to the net).
    Now while I know that QuickTime has nothing to do with WMA files and that Flip4mac is the solution of record, allow me to pose my problem (because I can't get a straight answer on other forums whose only suggestion is to reinstall their software).
    I have been using Flip4Mac QuickTime components successfully (to save radio streams) for over a year without a single problem with various versions of Quicktime. Presently, i use QuickTime version 7.6.0 and all was working fine until a few weeks ago. QuickTime works fine in every other way with the exception of playing my saved streams that contain WMA audio.
    I believe I might have created the problem by either... ignorantly deleting files with a tool that allows me to examine the hard drive (including system files) in order to delete large ""unnecessary"" files... or even possibly, it occurred when questionable-content was auto-opened via QuickTime (which incidentally had caused the system to crash requiring a hard keyboard shutdown and restart). The problem occurred soon thereafter.
    i have un-installed and re-installed QuickTime, Flip4Mac and even Windows Media Player for Mac several times with no change. i also ran several virus / disk scans (VirusBarrier, ClamXAV, MacScan, as well as TechTool, Mac HelpMate and MainMenu) also with no change.
    The dialog box that pops up when I attempt to open ANY past saved QuickTime files basically says, QuickTime Player is 'missing a component.' This window doesn't always popup. Also the player will advance the minutes and seconds without playing a sound. Further any app that relies on WMA files also crashes, quits or just doesn't work. Such as WMA to MP3 converters. I even have problems with sounds / music from a couple of MacGames that I own (Luxor & Hidden Relics) as these games may rely on WMA to function (this may or may not be related).
    My question is... is there a way to check if I have deleted a necessary codec, system file, pref. file, receipt, etc. that is crucial to using WMA?
    Or even is there a way to check if some erroneous file has been added to my system (such as a DRM plugin) that is preventing the playing of my saved streams?
    Once again, as I mentioned above, I am unable to backup and reinstall OSX and am at the end of my rope. The only thing that is left for me to say is.... Heeeellllppp!
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    Tap on the URL to get to edit mode.
    Then slide your finger over the URL to the right until you see the http or https part.
    Or copy the URL and paste it into free Notes page.
    For https URLs there is a padlock in the status bar above the URL.
    If you believe that this sounds complicated, then I agree.
    Perhaps someone will chime in with an easier solution...

  • Is there a way to check what I had purchased from the itune store to match the charges on my credit card, because there is a charge that I do not recognize

    Is there a way to check what I had purchased from the itune store to match the charges on my credit card, because there is a charge that I do not recognize

  • Is there a way to receive phone notifications such...

    Hello Everyone,
    To Start
    I have a Lumia 800, Latest Updates all installed.
    I am running windows 8, completely up to date 64 bit.
    I am running the latest version of zune.
    My question to the community is:
    Is there a way to receive phone notifications such as texts, missed calls and so forth to my computer (like in pc suite with all other nokia phones that aren't windows) with the ability to reply to them on screen as well? I sit at a desk for the majority of my day and tend to start my day my charging my phone in my desktop, i then proceeded to play very loud music and zone into my work, often forgetting about my phone until lunch and when its the end of my day. this was a service i have lived without for around 8 months now thinking “i’ll just forget about it in a week or so and it will all be in the past” well i haven't forgotten and i still miss that functionality. If anyone knows of a way to achieve what i would like ( however complex, i am pretty tech savvy) to do it would be of great help!
    Go to Solution.

    There is no way to implement this under the Windows ecosystem unfortunately.
    Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

  • Is there a way to get phone numbers back on my iphone / or excel sheet?

    Is there a way to get phone numbers back on my iphone / or excel sheet?
    What I've done:
    I've upgraded my iphone from 2.0 to 2.1. To be able to do this I've upgraded to the latest iTunes and switched my USB port several times until it was finaly installed. Then, despite iTunes taking 3 hours time for making backups, I found my phone to be completely empty when it was finished. So, I tried to restored the phone. This gave an error 1602 and bricked my phone. Tried it all over again two times more with same results.
    The bottom line is that I have an empty phone and I really would like to have my phone numbers back. There's some 1.02 GB of backup information in the apple directory, so I guess they must be something there. But how do I know which file I need and how to decode it?

    Your contacts should still be on whatever program you sync your iphone to (i.e. Outlook, address book).
    The iphone is not a stand alone device. It is designed to be synced with a computer. If you have not been syncing with a compatible program, then you are out of luck. Your contacts are not included in the back-up because it is meant to be synced with your computer.
    "Although iTunes backs up most of your iPhone and iPod touch settings, downloaded applications, and other information (Contacts, calendars, notes, images in the Camera Roll), your audio, video, and photo content are not included in the backup."

  • Is there a way to check if the rechargeable battery is the original?  I have a feeling mine has been swapped out...

    I have a feeling my rechargeable battery pack was secretly swapped out by another user (whose battery had died) - left for vacation working computer, returned from vacation battery not charging.  Is there any way to check (serial number, etc.) what battery came with the purchased computer?  Any help would be appreciated.

    kimberlyfrompennington wrote:
    Is there any way to check (serial number, etc.) what battery came with the purchased computer?
    No, but you could check to see if the battery installed has about the same amount of charge cycles if you were paying attention to that number. 

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