HT202213 I have two computers with home sharing on, but I can't transfer music. What do I do?

I have two computers with home sharing on, but I can't transfer music. What do I do?

What do you mean by "won't pick up the songs"?
You can only sync with one iTunes library. However, you can manage mauic and videos among different computer by:
Using iPhone, iPad, or iPod with multiple computers
You can transfer iTunes purchases to a computer by:
iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a computer

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  • Why the **** can I only sync my phone with one itunes program. Perhaps I have two computers with music on them that i'd like to add to my iphone,ipad,itouch,ipod. Fix this please thanks.

    Why the **** can I only sync my phone with one itunes program. Perhaps I have two computers with different music on both of them that i'd like to add to my iphone,ipad,itouch,ipod. Fix this please thanks.

    Becasue that is the way the ****** iphone is designed.
    You can only sync with one ******computer.
    There is nothing to ****** fix.
    It is the ****** design of the iphone.  It is ****** by design.

  • I have some problem with home sharing

    I have some problem with home sharing. I have iPad, iPhone, MacMini, MacBook and Apple Tv. Five items. I can't add other items to home sharing, like iPhones and pc of my sons, and my wife's pc. More than home (Family) sharing it becomes Single sharing. Is there any solution?

    Post in the iPhoto forums.

  • I have two iPhones on my iTunes account. How can I find out what apps go to which phone?

    I have two iPhones on my iTunes account. How can I find out what apps go to which phone?

    I don't believe that there is a way to do that.  I would sugest using automatic downloads to keep your apps synced across both phones.  You might also want to note that just about any app you have ever download will be available for free download via icloud.
    Wish I could be more help.

  • How do I import songs from different computers with home sharing?

    I am trying to share music from my Macbook Pro to my father's Mac Desktop. I was able to get the 'home sharing' to work; I can see and play my father's music and he is able to play mine too. I was trying to import the songs but I am not able to copy & paste and I do not see an 'import' button at the bottom right of our windows when selecting songs. Am I missing a step or is there something else I do not know?

    After researching through the forums, I figured it out. You have to make sure you are logged in under the same account on both computers. At first I was logged under my account on my computer and logged in under my father's account on my father's computer. You have to choose one account to log in under on both computers and then you will be abler to import songs from both computers. If you do not log in under the same account, you will be able to listen to both computers' music, but not import.

  • Home Sharing works, but not able to transfer files between PCs.

    I have two laptops at home, one is an old one I keep dedicated to my Apple TV 2nd Gen. (so I don't have to have my laptop on, or my wife can use the ATV if I'm at work w/ my laptop, etc.)
    Anyway, I sync all my media between both computers so when my laptop is not home, ATV still has full media function (as does my laptop).  Used to be able to connect via Home Sharing and there was a drop-down menu with an option at the bottom of the Library to show only those files not in my library.  I would use that function to transfer all recently added media to the ATV laptop.  Since upgrading to iTunes 10, that dropdown menu is nowhere to be found.  Any ideas?
    I can still connect and play media through Home Sharing, but if my primary laptop leaves the range of the network, the new media content on it can't be accessed on ATV.  Primary laptop is Windows 7, ATV-dedicated lap is on Windows XP.
    Was the ability to transfer files through Home Sharing lost between iTunes 9 and 10 or did this feature just get moved somewhere else?  If it was lost, how can I revert back to iTunes 9?  If nothing else, I can just transfer via an external HD, but was just very convenient and easy through Home Sharing...
    Thanks for any input!

    >>scp <file_name> <2nd machine>:path
    What error message do you get ?
    did the connection time out ?

  • How can I distinguish multiple computers with home sharing?

    I have 2 computers which have Home Sharing turned on. When I use Apple TV it shows both computers and can play videos from both without any problems.
    What I cannot work out is how to change the names of the shares. They both have the same name which appears to be determined by the first name from my itunes account which is sharing files rather than using the name of the library on the computer. So, both computers look identical. I cannot tell which one I am choosing from the list.
    Since most of my videos are on an external hard drive which will only be connected to one at a time, I can only tell if I have selected the correct one when the video plays or shows an error.
    Why does Home Sharing not care what I want to name my library or about the name of the sharing computer? Have I missed something? I know how to change the name of my "shared library" but it is irrelevant to what Apple TV can see.
    It seems pointless to show the name of a shared library if that name is determined by the sharing account when Apple TV can only use one account at a time. Every computer it will allow will be called the same thing.
    If it's relevant, my sharing computers are using Mac OSX 10.7 and Windows 7.

    When I change it to say Matt's library from administrators library, the name changes on my apple tv. I'm not sure about 2 computers though. I would think changing the library name under preferences would work.

  • I have two computers with WinXP SP3. At first FF 4.0.1 upgraded to 5.0 without disabling 2-pane bookmarks add-on, on the second I get warning that this add-on will be disable after upgrading to 5.0!

    Both instalations of FF are almost identical, profile of second was cloned to the first one. What to do?
    This is the latest version of this add-on:

    Thanks one again. I know you helped me the last to. I do have the Deja Vu font set in my folder. I downloaded and the last time. So I don't know if there is supposed to be more or not, but those were installed with Windows-XP after my reformat.
    This is really driving me nuts. as I've done several re-formats on my computer and several friends computers and even upgraded hardware so I am not necessarily a software or programming expert, I am somewhat advanced when it comes to computers in general and can usually diagnose the problem but these font's are the problem and they never were before.
    I did see in another forum that if you had a Dell Computer and did the Microsoft update for the onboard video card driver that it could be the culprit, but I have that disabled being I have a much better graphics card so the updates from Microsoft for the onboard video weren't installed.
    It' a Dell Dimension 3000 with an Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller so I don't believe it is the culprit being it is disabled. The actual video card that I am using is a PCI Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT with 1 GB Memory. And I didn't have any problem before.
    I appreciate the help. But still can't get things to work. Live Help Chat doesn't open for another two hours so maybe they can do "Remote Access" or something and can check setting and help me. But if you come up with other suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again.

  • I have two computers with diffrent folders

    i imported two aol mail boxes to each of my two computers. now my mail folders are different on each computer .mac I want to merge the folders not replace them. after several attempts I got the folders to be copied in the server area below, but there is no messages. when I tried moving them manually a dozen at a time, it worked and then the emails disappeared.
    how can i merge and clean up all the emails imported?I am so confused and on mail the folders do not appear there

    I don’t understand what you say. If you have an IMAP account (.Mac does IMAP), all you have to do is set up that account on both computers. All the messages in server-stored mailboxes will automatically appear on both computers. If the messages are stored in local mailboxes on one of the computers, you can just move or copy them to a server-stored mailbox.

  • I have a problem with Home Sharing. If you know the answer please advise.

    My problem relates to home sharing. I have it turned on on my PC and on my apple TV. While watching a fiolm the appleTV stops recognising that home sharing is already on and gives the usual message to turn it on, etc. BUT it is on.
    I have iTunes on my C drive and all my media on the external drive.
    If I turn off Home Sharing on my PC and then turn it on again the apple TV recognises the Home Sharing and will play the film for a while. But only for a while as it then doesn't recognise it again. All the usual things appear to be OK and I discovered today that even when the appleTV wrongly suggests my home sharing is off on my PC I can watch any film, uninterrupted on my iPhone.
    Any thoughts please.

    More than likely its a hardware issue, I have never encountered such a problem and best bet is to just go get it replaced. If you have insurance on your device apple will replace it as long as there was no water damage, if you dont have insurance they will charge $200 more or less. Hope you get it fixed

  • I have home sharing enabled but still can't get my library to show up on my newly authorized computer, I have a lot of songs imported from CD's, never had to use itunes match or before, please help if you can

    I cannot get my library to show up on my newly authorized computer, please help if you can.
    I have home sharing enable on old computer and new one. 
    If I try to sync --I  get the message that ipod can be synced w only one computer and if I sync with this library (which only shows new purchases from itunes)   it will replace everything that is currently on ipod

    Why can't the songs be transferred to the device?  Is it because they are not authorized?  Were these 25 tracks purchased/downloaded with the same account you have used to authorize the PC/new iTunes library?
    Have you seen this article yet?
    iTunes repeatedly prompts to authorize computer to play iTunes Store purchases

  • I have windows, one computer but multi users. home sharing is on. how can i share music between users on one computer?

    I have windows.  One computer but multi users.  Home sharing is on. 2 apple accounts-1 per user. 4 devices-2 iphones and 2 ipods per user.  How can we share music  on one computer between 2 users?

    Hi Justinece, I've solved the problem in this way:
    In my wife user profile I've set in itunes settings/advanced the path to my music library: /Users/"MY NAME"/Music/iTunes/Itunes media.
    Than, from my wife profile using my administrator user and password I've set the "read/write" privileges on the above mentioned folder.
    Finally I've added the folder in my wife's library taking care to not duplicate it ( leave blank the flag in itunes setting/advanced).
    I really don't understand what's the use of home sharing...

  • Apple TV cannot see my computer even though I have verified that both are set to the same home sharing network. I can see my music and Netflix but not photos.

    Applw TV cannot "see" my computer even though I have verified that both are set to the same home sharing account. The router works OK as Netflix comes through as does access to music.

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    The following article(s) may help you.
    Troubleshooting Homesharing
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    Recommended Wi-Fi settings

  • HT3819 i see my shared library but i can't transfer any songs

    I can see my shared library on the secondary computer but i can't figure out how to move the music to the computer or my iphone5

    Hi Randy94,
    If you are looking to move your music using Home Sharing, you may find the following article helpful:
    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
    - Brenden

  • HT202213 how am i able to deauthurize computers with home sharing that i no longer have

    how do i deauthurize compters i dont have any more

    I am a little unclear as to whether you mean Authorised computers ot Associated devices. Still choose from below
    However you can deauthorise all computers and then reauthorise the computers you still have
    In iTunes store go to your account page and you will see a button Deauthorise All to the right of Computer Authorisation. It will also display how many computers are authorised. You can only do this once every 90 days. Then reauthorise each of your existing computers by clicking on Store > Authorise this computer in the iTunes Menu
    If it is devices that are your issue below that under iTunes in the Cloud is a Manage Devices where you can remove certain Devices

Maybe you are looking for

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    When ever I try to view a .mov, or mpeg, the viewer freezes on the first image, but the audio track continues to play. The movies play fine on other computers using QTP and Safari. Funny thing, is that in Safari, the movies do not play, yet they play

  • Need to update display driver for Equium L20

    Hi All, Just upgraded to Windows 7 on my Equium L20, but i need to update my video card driver, but cant find where to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ryan

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    Running 11.5.9 Advanced Supply Chain Planner>>>ATP>>>ATP Inquiry. It would appear that this inquiry takes its supply and demand information from the ascp plan. Is this a correct assumption? If this is true is there anyway of this inquiry capturing su

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    I've recently had to transfer my work to another Robohelp 8 user in my department. I've copied all of the necessary files and folders needed to this person. She is then able to open the project and update it as necessary, but an issue arises when she

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