HT4972 Why can't you update the iPod touch 4g to IOS 7 ?

Is there a way I can force my iPod 4g to update to the IOS 7?

No - it cannot support iOS 7 - it does not have the RAM required to run it.

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  • Why can't I update my ipod touch to the iOS 4.3?

    Why can't I update my ipod touch to the iOS 4.3?
    I try to update my ipod touch 4th gen. to the new iOS 4.3 software and the thing loads and after the 7-8 minutes or so, when it says "processing file" a pop up says that the network connection has timed out, and to check my network settings. I've tried several different times and get the same result. My wi-fi is working with all three bars and my computer is also connected to the internet. I've tried restoring it but it says I have to get the new software and then I get the same result( this time ipod not restored).... What's going on with my ipod? Anyone help?

    Have you tried to see if you have the newest version of iTunes? Also, it may help if you try the following steps.
    Download iOS from a third-party website (i reccomend (as this is a full operating system, it is a big download and may take time on a slow internet connection)
    Unzip the file.
    After unzipping, you should now have a .ipsw file.
    Open iTunes
    Connect your device and make sure you take a back-up of it first (if you don't all your data will be erased)
    Now, while pressing the Restore button, hold down the Alt key (for Mac) or the Shift key (for Windows).
    You should now have a window open asking you to choose a file.
    Choose the file you just downloaded from
    Press OK
    It should start replacing your current OS to the new one.
    When this finishes, your device will restart
    Click restore from (whatever your old device was called)
    It will put back all your apps and information

  • Hi Apple, Can you update the iPod touch 4g and make it have Siri, the fans of Apple wants it :( including me please?

    Hi Apple, Can you update the iPod touch 4g and make it have Siri, the fans of Apple wants it :( including me please?

    You are not addressing Apple here. We are just users like yourself. To make a suggestion to Apple:
    Apple - iPod touch – Feedback
    Per the following the 4G iPod does not have the hardware to adequately support Siri.
    audience technology and siri - Google Search

  • HT4972 why can't i update the software on my ipad model MB292LL?

    Why can't I update the software for my IPad model MB292LL? The ios is 5.1.1 and I have seen newer ios versions come out. Also, many apps aren't available for my Ipad because of the ios. Is this Apple's way of forcing you to buy a new IPad? If so, that *****!

    The 1st generation iPad can not be upgraded beyond 5.1.1

  • HT4623 Can you update the ipod touch 2nd generation

    Can u update the ipod touch 2nd generation,Or do u have to buy a new ipod touch...

    iOS 4: Updating your device to iOS 5 or later
    Here are the last OS versions for each iPod generation:
    An original iPod Touch can run iPhone OS 3.1.3
    2G model: maximum iOS 4.2.1
    3G model: maximum iOS 5.1.1
    4G, 5G can run iOS 6.
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  • How do you update the iPod touch 8GB

    How do I update the iPod touch 8GB?

    What's your current operating system?
    Also read here:
    Updating iOS
    (Note that I am a representative of the organization for the above link, which is not endorsed by Apple)

  • Why can't I get the iPod Touch in color with 16 GB?

    Hi! Happy Thanksgiving. So I really want to get the iPod touch 5th Generation for christmas/birthday (they're pretty close to eachother) however the one I want, which is the pink one, is about 70 $ more than the black one. After searching around for a little bit, I discovered that it's because the colored iPods have 32 GB as the lowest option, while the back one has 16 GB as the lowest. I would be perfectly happy with 16 GB considering the price reduction, but I really only want it in the color. So, why IS it that the colors don't come in a lower option on GB? Thanks!
    PS. If anyone finds any great Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on the iPod Touch 5th Generation (colors) please leave an answer for that also! Thanks so much! x

    Bella.B wrote:
    So basically... Apple just made that weird random rule..?
    It is not a rule.  it is the decision that they made when producing the product.
    They simply chose not to make the 16GB in other colors.

  • Why has apple stopped updating the ipod touch 2g

    my ipod touch 2gen is on the latest vesion that is out for it but apple just stopped updating it

    Only Apple knows why.  It's likely that Apple decided that the newer versions of iOS would put too much of a strain on the iPod or that the iPod simply lacked the necessary hardware to operate with an acceptable level of performance using the newere versions of iOS.

  • HT4972 Why can't I update my first generation iPad to iOS 5?

    Or how do I clear the old iOS and download the new iOS 5?
    I have sync'd with my PC.  Is there another way to back it up?
    Once done, what are the steps to do the update?

    What happens when you use the instructions on the page that you posted from ? You have a recent version of iTunes on your computer, and are you getting any error messages when trying to update ?
    To update via your computer's iTunes, connect the iPad to it and copy any purchases off the iPad to your computer via File > Devices > Transfer Purchases. You may also want to copy photos and any important documents off the iPad as well e.g. via the file sharing section at the bottom of the device's apps tab when connected to iTunes, via wifi, email, dropbox etc - they should be included in the backup, but it's best to have a copy of them outside of the backup just in case. You can then force a backup of the iPad via the File > Devices > Back Up menu option.
    Then start the update by selecting the iPad on the left-hand sidebar (you can enable the left-hand sidebar on iTunes 11 on a PC via control-S), and on the Summary tab on the right-hand side of the iTunes click the Check For Updates button.

  • HT4972 Why can't I update my ipad touch to iOS 5?

    I can't update my iPad iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 4.3 , iOS 5 or iOS 6 ?!

    Your iPod touch is probably a 3rd generation or 2nd generation iPod touch. The 2nd and 3rd Gen iPod Touchs have a maximum installable version of iOS 4.2.1. Unfortunately they can't be upgraded past that .
    I also have an iPod Touch (2G) that has been stuck at 4.2.1 for a while now and apps are starting to not work on them. Guess its time to upgrade to the new one...
    Hope this answers your question.

  • Why can't I update my iPod touch (4th gen) to 5.0.1?

    So I have an iPod touch 4th gen previously jailbroken (if that matters) but now restored becouse i wanted to upgrade to iOS 5.0.1. But everytime i try i get "error -43". So I've been googling and stuff like that to find out what it is and what it means but I can't find any match on it. So i don't know if it's wrong with itunes or the iPod so I really don't know what to do.. Anyone who know how I could fix this? Please help.

    Temporarily disable or turn off all security software, such as firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam etc.. And try the download again.

  • Why can't i update the ios for my ipod? I'm stuck at 3.1.3. Please help.

    Why can't i update the ios for my ipod? I'm stuck at 3.1.3. Please help.
    I have itunes updated but it doesn't show that an update is available for the ipod.

    Probably because yu have a 1G iPod that can only go as high as 3.1.3. To identify your iPod:
    Identifying iPod models
    If you have a later iPod, what version of iTunes do you have on your computer and what computer OS and version?

  • HT4972 Why can't I update my ipad to ios 5? Don't have the update option.

    I have the 4.3.3 version

    You must connect to your computer and use iTunes:
    See the chart below to determine whether you can upgrade your device and what you can upgrade to.
    IPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad iOS Compatibility Chart
         Device                                       iOS Verson
    iPhone 1                                      iOS 3.1.3
    iPhone 3G                                   iOS 4.2.1
    iPhone 3GS                                 iOS 6.1.x
    iPhone 4                                      iOS 6.1.x
    iPhone 4S                                    iOS 6.1.x
    iPhone 5                                      iOS 6.1.x
    iPod Touch 1                               iOS 3.1.3
    iPod Touch 2                               iOS 4.2.1
    iPod Touch 3                               iOS 5.1.1
    iPod Touch 4                               iOS 6.1.x
    iPod Touch 5                               iOS 6.1.x
    iPad 1                                          iOS 5.1.1
    iPad 2                                          iOS 6.1.x
    iPad 3                                          iOS 6.1.x
    iPad 4                                          iOS 6.1.x
    iPad Mini                                     iOS 6.1.x
    Select the method most appropriate for your situation.
    Upgrading iOS
       1. How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
       2. iPhone Support
       3. iPod Touch Support
       4. iPad Support
         a. Updating Your iOS to Version 6.0.x from iOS 5
              Tap Settings > General > Software Update
         If an update is available there will be an active Update button. If you are current,
         then you will see a gray screen with a message saying your are up to date.
         b. If you are still using iOS 4 — Updating your device to iOS 5 or later.
         c. Resolving update problems
            1. iOS - Unable to update or restore
            2. iOS- Resolving update and restore alert messages

  • Why Can't I Update My Ipod Classic to 2.0.5

    Dear Apple
    I have heard that there is a 2.0.5 version for the IPod Classic but when i go to itunes and click on check for updates
    it says 2.0.4 is the latest version why can't i update my ipod classic is there a problem please help me beacuse i dont
    understand it Thank You.

    I am posting here in case someone can enlighten me.
    My wife recently acquired an iPod classic 160 GB (MC297 – 2.0.4) and because of the volume cap imposed by EU, this it is not enough for me. I want to buy one too but with firmware 2.0.5 were I can chose to remove the EU volume cap.
    The problem is, not only Apple doesn’t let you upgrade 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 but they also do not print on the box what firmware comes with the iPod that’s inside.
    Also, most shops will not just unsealed the iPod for you to confirm what firmware are you “buying”.
    I have been into a shop with an iPod on firmware 2.0.5 on display and the serial was 8K….ZU which by doing a search on Apple’s website, it was made late 2009. My wife’s iPod serial number starts and finishes with the exact number/letters, thus also being “late 2009” but with 2.0.4 firmware.
    In other words, while I am aiming to get an iPod with the 2.0.5 firmware, it seems virtually impossible to be absolutely sure what are you getting inside the box.
    Does anyone know what serial numbers are comprised the iPods with 2.0.5 firmware.
    Also, the model of my wife’s iPod 2.0.4 is MC 297 QL/A. Does anyone knows what the “QL/A” stands for? I seems to remember that the iPod on firmware 2.0.5 being a QL/C but in can’t remember for sure.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • When you update an ipod touch does all of the pictures and music come back?, When you update an ipod touch does all of the pictures and music come back?

    I just want to know if you can get all of your pictures back when you update an ipod touch?

    All of your music, apps, photos, videos, etc, should reside on your computer, not just on your easilly stolen,, lost or damaged prtable device.
    A normal update, or even upgrade, restores all your settings and data from the backup thats created at the start of the process. Even if something goes wrong, you can sync back everything from your computer.

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