I am looking for a ToDo list app that will run on both MacBook Pro

Good morning,
I am looking for a To Do List app that will run on both a iPhone 4S & MacBook Pro that will synch via iCloud?  Thanks for any help offered......Pat O'Brien

Reminders should work...

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    Looking for a drum loop app that will run in the background. Suggestions? What are you using? I tried Loopseque and I like it, but I can't make it run once I switch apps. Help please.

        That's definitely strange, kzmidge. I want a working phone in your hands though. I noticed you mentioned you received the suggestion to complete a reset. Did you already do that? Is it working again? Are you receiving an error message?
    If you hesitated a little longer to complete the reset, you can try to place your phone into Safe Mode http://vz.to/rxg0ii and see if you can access mobile sites from your browser. This mode will stop 3rd party applications from running, so you won't be able to use the apps you mentioned but we may be able to narrow down the trouble in Safe Mode. If the mobile sites work, that means the trouble may be in a recently downloaded application and you may be able to avoid the reset my uninstalling some of your more recently installed applications. If it's still giving you trouble, the reset http://vz.to/18wzOCi is the next best step.
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  • HT204266 looking for the old Netflix app that will work on original Ipad with ios 5.1.1

    looking for the old Netflix app that will work on original Ipad with ios 5.1.1

    Netflix does in fact have the old version of their app available.
    In iTunes on your computer, download the App you want a compatible version for using the same Apple Id that the iPad has for the App Store. For Paid Apps its best to consult with the App maker to make sure there is a compatible App. With the App Downloaded to iTunes on a computer you can go into The App Store App on your iPad, Tap on Purchased, and Look for the App there. Tap on it to begin the download. It will likely say its not compatible, but if there is a compatible version it will offer to download it. Install the latest compatible version of an app on an earlier version of iOS or OS X

  • I am looking for an iPhone 3G  App that will track your daily travels.

    I am looking for an App that will track your daily travels. Say you spend a day walking through NYC. At the end of the day you want to know how far you walked... see on a map where you walked and when you were at a specific spot. Does such an application for the 3G exist? If it doesn't... it should!

    Yes I realize that this would be a drain of the 3G battery... but it would be a great thing for the few days a year we do something like walk all around NYC and later would like a record of where we had been, how far we had walked etc. This would not be an everyday thing.

  • HT2052 are there sources for apps that will run in iOS 3?

    I have a 1st generation iPod touch, which I have upgraded to iOS 3.1.3, but it seems as though there are no apps that will run in less than iOS 4.  Are there any sources for older versions of the apps that will work?

    There are still a some apps that will work with the 1G iPod with iOS 3.1.3. However, there is not way to search by compatibility. You just have look at the Requirements section for the app.
    You can only use apps purchased from the app store.

  • Need a printer driver for a PIXMA MG2900 that will work on my MacBook Pro Operating System OSX 10.4.11

    I have just purchased a Canon Pixma MG2900 printer and need to find a driver for this printer that will work with my MacBook Pro Operating System OSX Version 10.4.11.
    I was directed to iTunes PIXMA/MAXI, but it didn't seem to download for me.  It did say that it was for IPads or IPhones, not sure that it's intended for use on a computer.

    Probably best to go to a library and submit your resume there.
    You can make many web browsers claim to be ie.  Here is how.
    TenFourFox -- It's a port of the latest FireFox to run on older hardware and software.
    "World's most advanced web browser. Finely tuned for the Power PC."
        --  works for me on 10.4.  Supports 10.5
    alternative download site:
    OmniWeb uses the lastest Safari framework.  The open source WebKit. Other browsers like Safari and iCab use the OS version of WebKit.  The OmniWeb downloaded dmg includes it's own copy of the latest WebKit.
    Safari 4.1.3 for Tiger
    iCab - The Taxi for the Internet
    What is my user agent?
    You want to change your user agent to be ie.
    in tenfourfox
    tools > add-ons
    seearch for change user agent
    user agent switcher
    tools > User agent switcher
    change to ie.

  • Is it possible to develop an Iphone App that will run a .jar on the users PC? (the APP's only goal is to distribute what is actually a java program for a PC)

    So yeah, I've built myself a killer tool for PC's. And in my search for a nice way to distribute this must-have tool, I am considering using the Istore. Hence, my question.
    What I am looking for is a simple App, and all it does is put this .jar file on the users PC. And maybe activate it too, so that the user doesnt have to double click it. And OK, maybe first check whether the user's got java installed, and otherwise prompt him to do so.
    Would this be possible? Is there anyone who would like to do this for me? If so I'd be glad to hear at what cost?

    Since the only connection between the PC and the iPhone is through iTunes, no.

  • Looking for a good usb hub that will allow my mouse and external hard to work together

    I'm looking for some ideas for a good usb hub that will allow me to use a wireless mouse and an external hard drive at the same time, without shorting out the mouse.  The one i currently have, when I plug in just the mouse, it's fine, but as soon as i put the external hard drive into the hub port, the mouse no longer works and i have to reinstall the drivers for the mouse.

    Hubs and computers vary in their power needs, but it seems that your setup is lacking in the power department. This isn't a big deal with desktop computers, but since you use a MBP, you're going to do best with a powered USB hub.
    If you're looking for a USB hub with power supply, Belkin is generally reliable (and above average in price). But the D-Link is compact, reliable, and has a good price. Aim for a USB 3.0 hub if possible, though 2.0 will work fine with just about anything. Insist on a refund if the hub doesn't work in your system. Make sure it's compact, since you'll be carrrying it around.

  • How to search for apps that will run on os 4.2

    How do ytou search for apps and things that will run on the older OS 4.2.1??????????

    To more easily find compatible apps:
    iOSSearch - search the iTunes store for compatible apps.
    Apple Club - filter apps by iOS version.
    Starting when iOS 7 was released, Apple now allows downloading the last compatible version of some apps (iOS 4.2.1 and later only)
    App Store: Downloading Older Versions of Apps on iOS - Apple Club
    App Store: Install the latest compatible version of an app
    You first have to download the non-compatible version on your computer. Then when you try to purchase the version on your iPod you will be offered a compatible version if one exists.

  • I have an older iPod Touch running iOS 4.2.1 which can no longer be updated. Is there a way to download older versions of apps that will run on this device? I am particularly interested in an older version of Minecraft PE. Thanks!

    Is there some way to download older versions of games that will run in an iPod Touch running iOS 4.2.1? I want to give my old device to a child who recently went through a hard time and his device was damaged. It is no use if it only has music on it. Thanks!

    To more easily find compatible apps:
    iOSSearch - search the iTunes store for compatible apps.
    Apple Club - filter apps by iOS version.
    Starting when iOS 7 was released, Apple now allows downloading the last compatible version of some apps (iOS 4.2.1 and later only)
    App Store: Downloading Older Versions of Apps on iOS - Apple Club
    App Store: Install the latest compatible version of an app
    You first have to download the non-compatible version on your computer. Then when you try to purchase the version on your iPod you will be offered a compatible version if one exists.

  • Can anyone recommend a USB CF card reader that will work in my Macbook Pro Retina? My USB card readers for CF cards do not work

    At present, the only way I can load photos from a CF card to my new Macbook Pro Retina is by loading them onto an external hard drive via an old PC that can accept either of my USB card readers, then plugging the external hard drive into my MBP. Neither the USB card reader or the cable that comes with the Canon HDSLR camera will transfer photos directly to my MBP. I find it unbelievable that I have to go to a PC to load photos because I can't do it with my new MBP.
    Has anyone found a reliable USB CF card reader, or one that connects via thunderbolt or HDMI, at any price, that will work directly with the new MBP Retina?

    This is what we need:
    Location photoshoot - we use the Canon EOS 5D  Mk II still camera & the Canon FX100 pro camcorder.
    CF cards are: SanDisk Extreme UDMA & SanDisk Extreme Pro UDMA 6 for video (I think they are both Type II) My Mac recognises them both as FAT 32 format
    My MBPRetina is on the latest version of Mountain Lion OSX 10.83
    the files from the camcorder will transfer to my MacBook Pro Retina directly via the camera's cable but it is quite slow & it means I cannot continue to film while downloading files but this we can live with.
    the files from the still camera Canon EOS 5D  Mk II will not transfer directly via the camera's cable - have yet to get the Canon software to download, but via the camera's cable will not help anyway as we need to have the still camera free to keep shooting.
    We need to be able to take out the CF card from the first part of the shoot & download the still shots while just on the Macbook's battery power, while we insert a fresh CF card back into the still camera to continue with the next part of the shoot simultaneously (while the first card is downloading.)
    The files from the first part of the shoot will be both in RAW (.CR2) & Jpeg format. We just need to quickly transfer the jpegs, then I do a quick sort, batch the best ones as black/white images, & use these in a client slideshow immediately after part 2 of the shoot.
    Obviously we need fast data transfer speeds, & rely on the MBP's battery power while on a location shoot.
    The card readers I have tried are an older specific CF card reader branded as Palm, & a USB 2 multi card reader branded as Travel Flash. With both readers, the lights on the readers flash on & off, & the MBP recognises the card & the files will even appear both in Finder & in i-Photo, so it starts importing, then aborts with an error message saying:
    'The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “” can’t be read or written.
    (Error code -36)'
    & another message saying:
    'the disk was not ejected properly'.
    So it appears the MBP does read the CF cards but the card readers don't stay connected, no matter what angle I put them on or however many times I re-connect them.
    Yes, they are probably cheap & I want to buy a decent one.
    So, in summary:
    the card reader needs to work when the MBPR is only on battery power (I read in some forums that some USB card readers aren't so reliable on the laptop's battery power)
    the card reader needs to be quite fast. I have read the USB 3 readers won't read CF cards at higher than USB 2 speeds. Is this true? Are the firewire connected ones faster, & if so, are they still reliable on the MBP's battery power?
    From research, it appears my problem is associated with my specific model of Mac & platform, being MacBook Retina on Mountain Lion OSX Version 10.83. If any of the recommended card readers have been successful with this, plese let me know.
    Thanks heaps for the suggestions so far.

  • Looking for an to-do app that syncs between two phones

    Hi -- I’m looking for an app that I can use on my iPhone and my assistant can use on her iPhone that is basically a to-do list that allows us to set up tasks, and perhaps make comments on them, and to note when a task is finished or how much progress is made.  And one that would update each other’s list (which would be set from one device ideally), in real time.
    Maybe this is just obviously a part of to-do lists apps, but wasn’t sure.  If it is, I can’t figure it out.
    I had previously used google docs and we’d share a doc and note when there were changes to that doc.  That would serve as our to-do list.
    Anyone have suggestions on the right app?

    There are probably hundreds of them. Any.do's new premium service looks nice. Tidiest allows collaboration. Keep in mind that what you're looking for sounds almost more like project management. Using that as a search term might help.

  • I'm looking for a program or app that can put my contacts (clients) on a map

    I would like to have an overview of all my contacts on a map.
    So I can locate for ex my clients.
    Is there an app that makes this possible?

    Adobe Edge AnimateCC what error message are you receiving which is preventing you from installing Edge Animate?

  • Looking for a good alarm app that plays my songs

    I was never a fan alarm clocks, the awful alarms they sounds are certainly no way to start the day. My CD radio alarm clock is slowly starting to pack in and I figure my iPhone4 can do the same thing. Can anyone recommend an alarm app that randomly picks music from my library and plays it back until I make it stop? There seem to be pretty decent ones like iHome but as I understand it you pick what it plays - I quickly take a disliking to songs that wake me up too often and manually changing the playlist is a bit of a hassle.

    Because of the way iOS works, any alarm app other than the built in one will have to be running in the foreground to do what you want. Though I am extremely fond of the WaveAlarm display (it's currently my alarm app of choice) and the developer is extremely responsive, Alarmed might better suit your needs. It has both wake up and sleep options. So, you could set your podcast playlist to go to sleep by and then an alarm to wake you up in the same app. That way, keeping it in the foreground shouldn't be as much of a problem. The UI isn't nearly as slick as Wave Alarm but it's a great, feature packed program.

  • I'm looking for a multiple charging station that will charge both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.  Any suggestions?

    Our household now has 2 iPhone 4S's, an iPhone 5, a first generation iPad, and a new iPad mini.  The wires are driving me nuts.  Is there anything out there that will allow me to charge all of these devices in one place?

    I have your solution....custom built charging stations for whatever devices you have.  I build these one at a time and can sell through Etsy or direct person-to-person using PayPal.  My design is unique because the device can remain upright while the cord remains plugged in at the bottom.  Best way to contact me is through my website at www.hidemycharger.com.  The site is really nothing more than a photo gallery of my work...(this is just a simple mans way of doing business).  If you think this is not legitimate, go to Etsy.com and search for my shop JustHoller or search for phone charging stations on Etsy.  Here is an example of my work.
    Thanks a lot for looking!

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