I am looking for good pdf conversion program like omni pro 18

i am looking for good pdf conversion software, like omnipage pro 18 by nuance, it is only supported by windows, what is good?

What are you trying to convert the pdf to (MS word, text, what)?
Here's one for word: PDF Converter
Possibly another way for word: How to Convert PDF to Word Document on a Mac

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  • Looking for good PDF Libraries

    I am in the process of evaluating PDF libraries. My main objective is to be able to programmatically add interactive fields to a PDF document, and by doing so converting it into a fillable form. In addition to the regular text fields, check marks, etc. I need to add things like computed fields and JavaScripts.
    So far, I have evaluated PDFlib and PDFNet.
    What other PDF libraries are there out there?
    Recommendations and comments are most welcome.

    I would just like to point out that although the PDF library and the Acrobat API have shared documentation, you do have to be very careful when you read it. You need to be aware that a lot of API calls in it are not available to the PDF library (there are some that are specific to the library). Of particular interest to this thread is that the AF form field functions calls are not available to the library. There is a good example in the DLI documentation from Datalogics of creating form fields at the PD and Cos level, but you should also be aware that DLI is designed for creating new pdf files and not adding or manipulating existing ones (although you can be clever and merge stuff afterwards). I have been working with PDF files since version 1 of Acrobat and having attempted using other 3rd party libraries which are probably easier to develop with. I now use the PDF library regularly and I wouldn't use any other library for PDF manipulation because of compatibility issues with the files generated.

  • Looking for good orchestra plugins

    I am looking for good classical orchestra plugins (violins cellos etc...)
    What are your suggestions ?

    As soon as iS sees this, he'll chime in with his
    My ears were burning.
    I use bits and pieces from many different libraries. For me, there's no one library that has all the right textures, articulations, etc. for any one instrument.
    I recently purchased the Kirk Hunter EXS24 library. Most of the brass, strings, and woodwinds are superb. The caveat here is that almost all samples were recorded in some kind of hall or soundstage, so as with other libraries that were sampled with ambience, it can sometimes be problematic if you're going after a dryer sound. Depending on the sound, careful tweaking of the release time can minimize that effect.
    So yes, I endorse Kirk Hunter. Bang-for-buck quotient is great ($325).
    GPO -- I use their woodwinds and harp, the occasional solo string sound, percussion (the xylophone and celeste are wonderful). But the strings are pathetic and the brass poor. Still, for $250 it's an astounding deal, and worth it for the woodwinds/harp alone. It's paid for itself 50x over.
    A favorite for strings are Sonic Implants. My copy went through a Gigasampler -->EXS conversion and I love them to death.
    EWQLSO are not a fave. I've heard good things about Gold though.
    Vienna... I've never been impressed with any of their demos. Well crafted but flat and lifeless sounding. I think the fault is with the demos and not the actual samples. Anyway, a friend recently realized a part for me using some of their specialty brass sounds and it was exactly what the doctor ordered! One day I'll invest in VSL and add it to the arsenal.

  • [SOLVED] looking for lightweight free ftp program for KDE

    im looking for a free ftp program, or an alternative good suggestion thats not free hehehe (i like cuteFTP for win) so i can download for my arch box?  i would like to do some file exchange on my remote server periodically, and like to drag and drop, cut and paste, and navigate via file browser to make things go quicker.  i have alot of files to move around.
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    kioslaves are cool.  i guess they were working for me and i didnt even know it.  i especially like the audiocd one.   and thanks for pointing out that asset, i will refer to it more often now that i know about it, and learn how to maximize the use for them. 
    using dolphin, i was having some problems initially (nothing to do with standard ftp however) because the directory is actually a 'webprotect' directory, so is accessed by as http://user.domain.com/location   i had to manipulate the url for a while to get it to load as ftp://domain.com/public_html/users/uname/location, infact i couldnt log in at all using my username, i had to log into the server as root using this method.  this is because the webprotect uses .htaccess for permissions, so as accessed from ftp:// i believe the server doesnt use the permissions from the .htaccess.  so thats one hitch when using a filebrowser such as dolphin.
    COOLEST thing i found so far, using the file browser, it supports RESUME.  wow.  thats nice!  saves teh file as .part, then suggests a resume when transfer senses the file already exists.
    im SURE there is a way around this, ill just have to play with it for a while.  because i dont want to be logging in as root, i want to utilise the subdomain that i created for users access on the website storage folders.
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  • Looking for a pdf reader which meets these requirements

    I am looking for a pdf reader which meets these requirements:
    1- Open pdf starting from last page opened during last session
    2- Be able to scroll between pages vertically (not horizontally like many current ones do). Vertical scroll should be a continuous smooth scroll without doing a sudden full page pull in. Should behave as if pdf is one single very long page.
    3- Should be able to change width of page and lock it. Page should not move sideways. Page width should be remembered so when same pdf is opened, it opens in that width.
    4- A fast scroll feature. Useful for pdf's with hundreds of pages.
    5- Nice to have feature: when opening the pdf reader, it automatically opens the last pdf file on the last page read.
    I have tried all the free pdf readers in the AppStore and none met all these requirements except for two which had these issues:
    1- iRead limitation: When screen is touched for more than a second, the page is frozen (locked) and page can't be scrolled. Scrolling is done when doing quick swipes only
    2- FileApp limitation: Does not remember last page opened. Does not remember last width set. Fast scroll doesn't work properly when width is other than default.

    iAnnotate additional points
    iAnnotate works with DropBox to download and upload edited PDFs. It does all the other same things, email, USB, and iTunes etc. but it also can download PDFs from any web site.
    You can transfer hundreds if not thousands of files at one whack using the AIJ Utility on your desktop.
    If you transfer a large number of files you have to plan not to use iAnnotate a while as it has an index function that indexes all the text into a master 'dictionary' so it can do searches for data and find PDFs for you. This indexing takes hours if you transfer hundreds of moderate size PDFs at one time.
    The biggest PDF I have feed it was a Gimp manual at close to a thousand pages.
    Remember the scratch pad ram is only 256 MB in the current iPad. You can cash iAnnotate if you do something really dumb with such a large file. Other applications also grab and hold onto chunks of this ram in the iPad so it is best to force a memory reset before doing anything that is going to max out that ram.
    iAnnotate allows you to have more than one PDF open at a time and you can tab between all the open PDFs in a blink just as you would in a tabbed web browser.
    If you zoom a page larger than the width of the screen it slides around. Less than the width of the screen the page locks in the size while scrolling which is smooth between pages.
    iAnnotate is a very well made product for dealing with PDFs. Annotations display in Goodreader and in the Mac OS Preview.

  • Adding bar codes to printer device for smartforms pdf conversion?

    Hello friends,
    I would like to send a smartform as a pdf to an email recipient. The smartform shows some bar codes. The send process workes fine. But the bar codes doesn't appear on the pdf correctly. Therefore I would like to add bar codes to the printer device type in transaction SE73.
    Does somebody know the device type for smartforms pdf conversion? Or how can I add bar codes to smartforms pdf conversion process?

    Hello Denial,
    Try these links, this might solve ur problem
    if you need any more information send me at [email protected]
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Ankur Jain

  • Looking for a less expensive program other than Photoshop CS6

    Looking for a less expensive program other than Photoshop CS6 and was wondering if Photoshop Elements is the answer. Does Photoshop Elements read PSD files, create layers, can you change the levels and color balance?

    drumford65 wrote:
    Looking for a less expensive program other than Photoshop CS6 and was wondering if Photoshop Elements is the answer. Does Photoshop Elements read PSD files, create layers, can you change the levels and color balance?
    Yes, and much more.
    Why not try the 30 days trial version which has all the features of Elements ?

  • Looking for automated log watching program

    I am looking for a log watching program similar to Logwatch on Linux which can then be automated, for my Xserves. Does anyone know of such a product?

    Just pay attention that you should immediately upgrade Snort as the HenWen website says, "The bundled version of Snort will not run in Leopard due to a change in Leopard's iODBC library (and you shouldn't use it in Tiger, either, since it has a security hole)."

  • Looking for good JSP editors??

    I am new to JSP but very old to ASP. I am looking for good JSP editors if there are any for free to dl.
    Do we have any JSP editors...like in Microsoft which gives you dropdown list of parameters and properties.methods... ???

    Sounds like your looking for a good IDE. As far as free ones
    go, netbeans is as good as any. Comes with a lot of nice
    features.. such as code completion, and has the latest version
    of tomcat integrated.

  • Looking for a Programmer to Create An Acrobat Pro "Embed" Plug In

    Hello everyone,
    I am Looking  for a Programmer to Create An Acrobat Pro "Embed" Plug In.
    The purpose of this is to be able to easily embed YouTube  Video's within Acrobat documents so that It can stream the content into  the PDF file.
    Many  have suggested to download the content and embed it, but doing so will  violate the user agreement with YouTube plus it would increase the size  of the PDF file considerably.
    If there are any Programmers out there that  would be interested in taking this project on please let me know. I  believe there is a real need for this tool which people would really  like to have.
    The  programming goals for the project would be as follows:
    1.  Take the Free YouTube API and create a plug in for Acrobat that would  allow you to easily embed content into any PDF. The content must be PC & Mac Playable within the Latest Version Reader.*
    2. The "Embed  Plug-In" Would essentially allow you to just copy and past the embed  codes from YouTube, Hulu, or any other web source that provides an  "Embed Code" so that the content can easily be placed within the PDF.   This embeded content could be videos, audio, playlist systems, ads,  etc.. "anything with embed codes."
    3. You would be able to select  an area of the PDF for the placement, paste the code and then be able see a preview of the content, then be able to  resize the content window. if it resizable like YouTube Files.
    4. You need to be able to "Add" to the defined the "Trusted Source" from the Emebed Code information so that it does not require every instance of the content loading to require the user to select "Allow" each time it loads.
    The  Market for this is as follows:
    - Web Based Magazine Creation, that turn into  Flash Magazines that were created with Indesign, Acrobat then Flash. This process  would easily allow anyone to create interactive content, with ads and  multimedia. Anyone cab be interactive publisher with no need for Flash  Programming Skills which is currently what is needed to achieve much of this process.
    - Educational Institutions that want to create  lesson materials with Web Content.
    - Business's that wish to  share media elements from the web within PDF presentations and Business Materials, such as training materials, Marketing Research, etc..
    If you need  examples of how this might be used please contact me to discuss it  further.
    I have a project that I am working on that needs this type of functionality and the deadline is approaching so I am seeking any and all help  I can find to reach my goal. This Plug could also be a plug in to Indesign as well. Whatever it will take to reach the desired goal.
    Thanks  for your assistance.
    Robert Stewart
    New  York

    I think this is what you need.
    Hope it helps.

  • Hi Just got a iMac A1418.21.5 I am looking for some advice on what Final Cut pro would work well with it? many thanks

    Hi Just got a iMac A1418.21.5 I am looking for some advice on what Final Cut Pro  series would work well with this set up ? regards

    How much Ram? Final Cut Pro X is the only version curently developed and is available on the App Store.

  • Looking for a PDF expert to advise me on conversion problems with Hindu fonts.

    I guess that PDF does not support Hindi fonts so I have outlined my indesign original document.
    When I do the PDF conversion, the commas add a small outline of a box above the comma. This is not in the document before the PDF conversion.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I assume you are using devanagari characters to write hindi. PDF should have no trouble to display devanagari, but this is not the end of the story.
    To correctly show devanagari requires complex shaping procedures including character reordering and changing the shapes of characters, and repositioning (see Shaping: Devanagari OpenType specification to see how Windows handles this).  PDF does not do any of this, but that is not a problem. Rather, the creator of the PDF must complete reordering, choosing different shapes, and changing positions, and only then can the PDF be made. It should show correctly on screen. If it does not this is probably not a fault in the PDF viewer, but a fault in the programs which MAKE the PDF (InDesign in your case).
    So you need to be sure that you are using a version of InDesign with full support for devanagari including complex shaping and PDF export. If you do not have this support, it will not be feasable to set your hindi text. And if the PDF is wrong, this is something for the support for InDesign (or the InDesign add-on you buy).

  • Looking for good backup program

    im using a external HD for my music, copied from itunes. Im looking for a program so when i remount the drive it will reconize any new music or changes i have made to my music files. Thanks

    lawrence gelman wrote:
    im using a external HD for my music, copied from itunes. Im looking for a program so when i remount the drive it will reconize any new music or changes i have made to my music files.
    sorry, i fail to understand. if your music is on the external, changes or new music would be done on/going to the external. so when the drive remounts what will be there to recognize ?
    do you have a separate library on the external and your startup disk ? or did you split one library, partly on the internal and the rest on the external ?
    also, why are you posting in the time machine forum (TM, incidentally, is a backup program) and not in the iTunes forum ?

  • Looking for a certain application/program

    I am most definitly in the wrong forum, but the people who use this forum are probably the most knowlidgable about the application i am looking for.
    I have a wacom tablet, and am getting very good at drawings and animation. I was wondering if anyone knew of a program where i can draw on my tablet , and it would record it like a film, so that i could import it in fcp. If anyone knows of this program, a similar program, or a program that includes this feture i would be very interested in knowing what it is?

    Another route would be to do it in After Effects.
    You wouldn't draw, like what you're describing, but you can create paths that would stroke themselves on. i.e. you'd draw it before hand with the pen tool in After Effects or Illustrator, then stroke your paths, and key frame the end-point to make it look like it 'draws' on.
    It's a bit trickier, but then you can make sure there are no mistakes, make is scalable (vector-based), and very smooth.
    Just so you have options.

  • Looking For A "Beat Making" Program

    I'm looking for a program that makes beats and runs on the Mac os x. I've seen some but none of them have been pretty good. Like iDrum erc. I need professional stuff.

    You will like this application:
    It is probably the best option for OSX!
    Hopefully this is helpfull or solved your problem. Consider rewarding some points!
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