I am very disappointed in CFBuilder 2

I have been using CFBuilder since it first came out. I went through some of the early beta annoyances and even some of the situations where a new beta version came out and stopped the current one from working, effectively halting my production until it was fixed. That being said, I love CFBuilder and it has been a mostly positive experience. It has all of the good things about CFEclipse, with a lot of helpful enhancements.
When CFBuilder 2 came out, I was very excited to get my hands on it. I am sure I don't need to go into detail about how important a functional and feature rich IDE is to a developers day, so I am always looking forward to the latest and greatest. CFBuilder 2 falls short in so many ways and after talking many other developers, I realize that I am not the only one with that opinion. I am surprised that Adobe has produced such a bug ridden product.
Being a developer myself, I understand all to well the need to get a product released and making money, but this product is unusable and is making Adobe look bad. I talked to a number of developers at cf.Objective about this and I wasn't surprised that many of them shared my negative experience.
Because I have had issues upgrading from one version to the next in the past, it is my practice to install a fresh version, so there are less issues. I am running Windows 7, but I have talked to friends that are working on Macs and have experienced these problems as well. Here are just a few of my gripes:
- In early versions of Builder and CFEclipse as well, syntax highlighting would occasionally break and would leave your code looking like it was in notepad. Sometimes it would repair itself after time, or you just needed to type something, or highlight code and it would correct itself. In later versions this got much better and all but disappeared. In CFBuilder 2 the problem is back and worse than it ever was. The only way I could fix it much of the time was to just close the file and reopen it.
- In addition to the syntax highlighting breaking, it seems to hang much of the time. It actually crashed my editor a couple of times. Even when I set the setting to make it only refresh when you save, it still seemed to try to update anyway.
- When going to a new line, for some reason it is inserting an extra tab. I see that there is some new code formatting functionality, and I tried to change this behavior, but I couldn't find a way. This is changed behavior from how it worked before and it is frustrating having to search for options just to have it work the way it was originally. I am not really sure who would want the extra tab anyway. It is a tab that doesn't follow the flow of your regular indentation.
- The auto closing of tags doesn't seem to work properly anymore. I tried toggling the settings to see if that would help, but I wasn't able to get it working.
- The previous version gave us some really cool hotkeys. CTRL+SHIFT+A to insert an abort, CTRL+SHIFT+D to insert a cfdump, C and CTRL+SHIFT+M to wrap code in a comment. In CFB2, all of those keys have been remapped by default... I understand that the functions are still there, but it doesn't make sense to me that they were moved.
Honestly, after fighting these issues for only a very short period of time, I got frustrated, uninstalled the app and went back to CFBuilder 1. It seems like this was a complete rewrite and wasn't very well tested. I realize that I could have been a little more detailed on the explanation of some of these issues, but I really don't have anymore time to waste on this unfinished product...
I am very disappointed that this was pushed out in such a non-functional state and I won't feel comfortable giving it another chance until I start hearing that things are vastly improved.
I realize that the tone of this is somewhat negative, but it comes from hours of frustration and wasted time. I only decided to post this after I spoke with a number of my peers that are equally disappointed. I hope this can serve as a nudge to improve the quality of future releases.

--^ everything this guy says.
It's such a shame to see some people want always to suggest that because something doesn't work for them (and even some of their peers) that therefore it must be true for everyone, and that the product and team are shoddy. We hear the same of CF sometimes, and since I do CF server (and sometimes CFBuilder) troubleshooting for a living, I can affirm that rarely if ever is the problem (or rarely are "all the problems" someone experiences) really due to inferiority of the product.
There's usually an explanation in there somewhere, for why what fails miserably for someone does seem to work just fine for others. Often, it seems to have to do with some configuration issue.
In CFB, particularly, it's indeed important to get many config things right: some features won't work unless a file is opened within a project, and further some will only work if the file is opened in a project that is connected to a server. Then, too, you may connect a project to a server, but not do it right, or have something that's just not working (like connecting to a remote server and specifying the JNDI port but it's not the one on which the connected CF server is listening on, or you provide the RDS password but RDS is not enabled on the server, or the ports for either are blocked, and so on.)
I will grant that someone will see that and say, "well see, that's what I mean: you have to be a bloody technician to get it all working". Well, yes, to a degree. CFB tries to do a LOT for you. It isn't "just an editor" (but most here know that), but it's more than even most Eclipse plugins--they (nearly all) work with source code alone. CFB is working with both source code and the configuration of stuff on a back-end server, such as what datasources exist (in CF), what components exist (on the CF server, as defined by CF admin mappings, custom tag paths, and the web server root), and so on.
It can't "just look at your code". It needs to do this back-end communication to bring all the hotness that it does. But if that connection doesn't work, then it can either fail (obviously or silently), or perform poorly.
So yes, it's a shame when someone's configuration gets in the way and makes it seem that CFB sucks. But the reason you hear from others "no it doesn't" is just that either they don't have the same setup, or don't have the same configuration challenges, or they have solved them, or whatever.
But please, I wish people would stop with the "it sucks" mantra, just because it doesn't work for them (and some of their peers).
Jason and I (and others, I'm sure) are at least here to say, "it doesn't suck for us".
That doesn't make you wrong. It just means that your assertion that it sucks in general (calling it " unfinished product...pushed out in such a non-functional state"). I realize that countering your point, I run the risk of your (and noraaron's) wrath. Please don't shoot us as the messengers. We're just offering a contrasting viewpoint.

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    A month passed and I did not see the credit on my bill.  I called to follow up and the customer service rep told me that the credit was actually not approved and there was nothing he could do.  After an hour back and forth, he finally put his manager on the phone.  I gave them one last chance to honor the promise Verizon made with my credit before I chose to take my business elsewhere.  They chose not to do anything. 
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    That's terrible customer service.  Though my time is very valuable, I'm more angry that I was told that I would be credited when it wasn't true.  This was not my error, but Verizon's error and Verizon should take ownership of their mistake and honor what was said.  This is all in addition to 3 faulty phones and loss of service for days at a time.
    Sent from my iPhone

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    Periodically double click the home button and close all the apps in the recently used dock. Then power off and then back on the iPod. This frees up memory. The 4G only has 256 MB of memory.
    Also, sometimes restoring the iPod helps.

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    Here is my complaint:
    1.I have been saving for weeks trying to buy this flat screen TV: the price has been $299.99
    Then finally this Tuesday I went there to buy, I checked the online price, it jumped to $329.99. I do have a mover coupon which is good for 10% off a single item. So I used, but I will have been really happy if I could have used it when the price is $299.99 instead. This mover coupon said any single item with some exclusions and I believe this Westinghouse 48" is not in the exclusion list.
    After I bought Tuesday, I checked the price online today, man, it went back to $299.99. Your price mathcing policy said if the price lowered within the return period, we could get the difference back. Then I went back to the Best Buy at Fairlawn, Ohio (Montrose) location where I bought my TV. But they refuse to return the difference saying I used that coupon.
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    I am very disappointed with iTunes.  I have 1200 songs and I can’t play them.  I try to play them and before one song finisha song starts playing. This then results in hearing two songs at the same time.I will like to know if you can fix this. I feel like listening with the iTunesplayer is useless.

    I don't know man I too hope apple will do something this new I-tunes blow my top lost my whole tune!!!

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    Hello Everyone
    I would like to know how long a reported line fault takes BT to send out an engineer? As at the present time i have no dialling tone on my phone line to which i have now been unable to use my phone for over 14 days. As my phone connection is not working properly this is also restricting my broadband (ADSL 2 Up To 24mb ) Connection down to just 23kb/s which it now struggles to load most webpages. This is the third time i have had my phone line go dead in the last 24 months but have never waited this long for an engineer to come out !! I'm very disappointed with BT Lack Of Customer Support !! And i have already contacted your support team through your online email service as i'm unable to make any phone calls (Including 999 Emergency Calls If Needed) due to the problem. And so far nothing has been done by BT to solve this problem !!

    Thank you for your reply. My connection is so bad i'm unable to get the webpage of your link to load so i cannot use the page to submit the problem !! It has taken me a number of days just to get this page to load & i supposed to be on super fast ADSL 2 this is a joke i'm not even getting the old 56k dial up speed !! My phone has today just reconnected it'self with a dialing tone It is now extremely crackly you can bearly hear the person that calls which states BT has done nothing to fix the fault again I have already contacted them 3 times already I will try phoning them again tomorrow & this will be there last chance before i either close the account & go with a mobile phone service package or transfer my BT account to a different phone provider to see if someone else out there in the UK can actually send out an engineer to fix the fault !! I have never recieved such poor service ever before so if i have no choice but to leave BT then i will NEVER return in the future  !!

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    I have pre-ordered two 32GB iPhones three days ago. My bill was over $500. For the money I paid, and for my expectations for Verizon customer service and integrity- I was seriously let down.
    With no tracking number, a non-functioning website, and completely clueless customer service representatives- I have come to the conclusion that Verizon Wireless does not care to show the same loyalty to its consumers as its consumers show to Verizon Wireless.
    In the name of reasonable customer service and business integrity, the very LEAST Verizon Wireless could do is publish an open letter to all iPhone pre-orderers who still did not recieve word from the company regarding their expensive purchases letting them know that all problems and delays will ironed out. Another possible solution could have been to send a simple e-mail to iPhone orderers stating this.
    My request is not unreasonable by any means. All I want is a simple acknowledgment from Verizon Wireless. Not everyone has the luxury to sit around home and wait for their iPhones to arrive. Moreover, it is quite difficult to plan for the phone's arrival when you have no clue, whatsoever, when it is shipping. I will be the least bit surprised when Verizon is flooded with complaints about how many iPhones were bounced back to the shipper because no one was home to greet their respective carrier.
    If I were in charge of this operation, I would immediately notify my customers about the website glitches, explain the problem, and cater to the hundreds of thousands of customers who ordered their iPhones and are completely left in the dark about their products' whereabouts.
    A very disappointed Verizon customer

    per an email I received from Verizon.
    Congratulations and thank you for your iPhone 4 purchase.
    It has come to our attention that your order confirmation
    may have reflected an incorrect shipping date.
    Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, so we would
    like to assure you that your phone will be delivered on or
    before 2/10 as promised.
    As I can attest, when the phone actually ships you will get a tracking number. Just wait for it. Then you can plan your schedule on receiving your phone.

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    I am back to BlackBerry from being away for a 3 years using Android devices and I am very disappointed with the lack of Apps I can find in "BB world". I wish I had checked if my apps were available before I changed to BlackBerry. I can't find Audible, Amazon cloud player,Rhapsody, and several newspapers I read every day, just to mention a few. Also, by not supporting flash, BlackBerry is limiting the users even more because we can't even browse to websites were we have cloud services to get those services directly from their website because most websites require flash. Is BB browser ever going to support flash? I never imagine struggling so much with this device and services available because Blackberry has promised in their advertisement that we would be amazed by their new devices. Sorry BlackBerry but just having a great device doesn't cut it for me if you have no apps to run on it and you restrict users so much. What good is it to have a great device if there are not good apps to run on it? I am definitely going back to Android as soon as I can.

    Good day
    Welcome to BB forums
    Where to start, well please re-frame from mul posts of the same issue. That would be great.
    Also understand the BlackBerry 10 devices just came out even Android & I phone had some time to come out with apps!
    Third take the time to do your research on your device because the browser does have ADOBE FLASH if you want you can go to the options and turn it on!
    Want to contract me? You can follow me on Twitter @RobGambino
    Be sure to click Like! for those who have helped you.
    Click Accept as Solution for posts that have solved your issue(s)!

  • Hi, i created and bought a 74 pages book on iPhoto that costs me around 96 euros. It was delivered with a all 2 pages badly printed. It is not acceptable that there is no quality control at this level of price.I am very disappointed and wo't buy again!!!

    hi, i created and bought a 74 pages book on iPhoto that costs me around 96 euros. It was delivered with a all 2 pages badly printed. It is not acceptable that there is no quality control at this level of price.I am very disappointed and won't buy again!!!
    except this major point i must admit the quality is quite good , but a bick lack of quality control and a customer disapointed at the end.
    On the internet site it is not possible to send it back. So apple doesn't want to take in account that they mail sometimes fail, and want to satisfy their customer, because you have no other choice that accepting it.
    best regards

    Yes it is returnable.
    That's for the US, there's a similar one for your country.

  • I am very disappointed with Windows 7 drivers.

    Hello. I'm just another Creative sound card owner and I must say I really love it. My card is a Sound Blaster Audigy SE and well, it's an amazing card. I've been using Windows XP for a long time since I refused to switch to Vista (I hate Vista with a passion). Then I moved to Windows 7 and to my disappoint, I find that three of the features I use the most are missing in this version of Windows:
    ) Equalizer.
    2) Bass redirection.
    3) The "What U Hear" control.
    I tried installing the latest drivers, even the beta ones and no luck. I could manage to get the first two working with unofficial drivers, but What U Hear is still missing. What can I do?
    Thanks in advance.

    yes dear.. i am disappointed too as like a expert.. i think creative very expert music and sound card system but i very disappointed !! in win7 Audigy Value driver not have BASS CONTROL .. or not nice EAX menu .. and very bad control panel..!!!!! WE PAYED MANY MONEY TO CREATIVE BUT WE ARE DISAPPOOINT IN WIN 7 DRIVERS not on ly creative drivers , very bad win7 all drivers .. most creative and NVIDIA drivers.. i think creative programmer not expert and not have image mind.. opr make fun with us .. i think we must wait new versiion or we move other mu?sic systems .. example logitech .. i dont know... thanks for read ..

  • I am very disappointed about Creative customer sercice!

    Hallo i'm writing from Italy just to tell you my adveture with Creative:
    -I bought a creative zen 30g on november, it was a REFURBISHED one;
    -After a couple of weeks it was....useless, always freezing
    - a coulpe of week of emails with the techician of creative, then they gave me the number for send back the mp3 (assistance)
    -The online registation for assistance doesn't works, another 3 days of email to get a little help
    -Finally i'm able to send back the Zen, 0 euros of shipment and now.....
    THE ZEN HAS BEEN deli'vered....but THEY CAN'T FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now i'm waiting from 4 days for some news.....i'm very disappointed.Message Edited by delacuerva on 0-28-20082:57 PM

    Do you mean they sent you a replacement? I'm not really clear on what has happened exactly, but if you can send me a private message with your contact details (e-mail and phone) and reference numbers, I'll get someone to check into it.

  • I have an I phone 4s, have had it little over a month and the charger is no longer working. Now I have to return it at my inconvenience and wait for a replacement. I am very disappointed considering it is Apple. Has anybody else had this problem?

    I have an i phone 4s, I have had it just over a month. The charger is not working and it has to be returned. Very disappointed considering it is Apple I expected  better and have never had this problem with any other phone. Now I have the inconvenience of having to return it and waiting for a replacement and in the meantime I'm without a phone. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Wow, life is certainly tough for you.
    S***t happens.  That's why there's a warranty.

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  • Unable to update iPhoto and iMovie?

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