I deleted some files and realized I still needed some they are in the trashcan how can I get them out

I deleted these files from the download and Ireally went to far.

If they are still in the trash, in other words you did not empty (delete) the trash, just double click on the trashcan icon & a window will open showing everything in the trash.  Drag the items you want out of the trash.
If you emptied the trash, do not use your computer as the "deleted" items will be overwritten.  It's possible you can recover by using any one of the following 3rd party data recovery utilities:
"Data Rescue II" from prosofteng.com has a free download demo available.   You will need to follow/read the directions carefully. 
VirtualLab™ Data Recovery  has a free download demo available.
DriveSavers Data Recovery is NOT free.  However, they have a toll free contact phone #, international phone # & fax contact #'s. Also helpful Recovery Tips and Disaster Recovery for important precautions to prevent further data loss on their website.
Stellar Phoenix Macintosh -- Mac data-recovery software -- recovers data from damaged, deleted, or corrupted volumes, and even from initialized disks. An exhaustive scan of the drive is performed to locate lost partitions. All found data in the lost partition is then presented in a tree structure so that you can copy your lost files to a working volume.
**FREE** Download DEMO
Remo Recover

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