I have an ipad wi-fi cellular 32gb. Died in march after 3 month has been replaced now the replacement has died, holding home key and button on top doesnt work at all,  not even if left over night and the next day and night, still nothing.

I was given a ipad after xmas 2012. Within a month it was freezing up and returned to apple to replace. It was sent straight back to me saying it was fine. The day I got it back it was faulty again only this time it was worse, it was switching itself off and turning itself back on when it liked. A back up and restore was completed AGAIN. 3 weeks later it was sent straight back to apple to be replaced, this time a higher authority from apple in brisbane said it was to be replaced immediately. Which it was. Then within 6 weeks this ipad the replacemetn ipad has started having issues by turing itself off. Now it has completely shut itself down and off. Charge was at 81%. I put it on charge as maybe the %% was wrong. A few hours later, tried turning it on by holding top button, nothing happened  I have also held down top button and home key for 10 sec, nothing so I tried longer nothing happened. Rang apple support and they have suggested holding top button down for 10 sec then add home key for 10 sec both top button and home for 10 sec then they top button off followed by leaving home key for 10 sec by itself. This did not work. I have tried this again this morning and again at lunch at work and again now tonight. Still nothing at all. Even plugging it into the computer doesn't do anything at all. Has anyone else come across this at all with two ipads doing exactly the same thing. My power points are fine, I've had an electrician check them and my computer is fine aswell. I stumped as to what can be going wrong. Thanks

Is your battery dead or alive?
If the battery is dead, we must find out if it is:
1. Charger problem
2. Cable problem
3. Docking port problem
4. Wall socket problem

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