I have tried to update and it reports a security and stability update is available but says I do not have permission. I do not know what to do

Okay, I hit "help" and then updates which it reports there is one but I do not have permission to install it. I am at a loss as what to do

If you have problems with updating or with the permissions then easiest is to download the full version and trash the currently installed version to do a clean install of the new version.
Download a new copy of the Firefox program and save the DMG file to the desktop
* Firefox 6.0.x: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html
* Trash the current Firefox application to do a clean (re-)install
* Install the new version that you have downloaded
Your profile data is stored elsewhere in the Firefox Profile Folder, so you won't lose your bookmarks and other personal data.
* http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder_-_Firefox

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