I'm considering buying CC LR/PS package. My camera is Sony a7 - raw ARW. I've been editing using PSE10 and ver 8.7 of the external Adobe DNG converter. Will I be able to open the DNG files in LR with the edits preserved? Will I be able to open the PSD fil

I'm considering buying CC LR/PS package. My camera is Sony a7 - raw ARW. I've been editing using PSE10 and ver 8.7 of the external Adobe DNG converter. Will I be able to open the DNG files in LR with the edits preserved? Will I be able to open the PSD files in LR with the edits preserved? Any import/catalog etc issues between PSE10 and LR?

Lightroom has no problem reading DNG files. Whether the edits you have done to the DNGs you have originally edited in Photoshop Elements 10 I'm not sure. ACR edits made to DNGs are saved in the DNG file itself, as apposed to a XMP sidecar file, so LR should see those edits. At the worst you will get an exclamation mark in the upper right hand corner of the imported DNGs and clicking on that exclamation mark you will get a dialog box asking you to either import settings from disk or overwrite settings. you would select import settings from disk.

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    You can create client and have following code in it: (But before that Admin Server is running on the machine which you want make edge server programatically)
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  • How will Aperture treat Nikon raw images which have been enhanced using Capture NX2 software?  Some are cropped and "developed" and some have been enhanced using the control point technology.  I have NIK sw as a plug-in in aperture.

    How will Aperture treat Nikon raw images which have been enhanced using Capture NX2 software?  Some are cropped and "developed" and some have been enhanced using the control point technology.  I have NIK sw as a plug-in in aperture.

    Actually, there is a Nik/Nikon connection — but I am pretty sure it is irrelevant to the OP's question. The connection is that Capture NX2 was written as a joint venture between Nikon and Nik. (The name similarity is a coincidence.)
    Capture NX2 is a cool program that incorporates the features of Nik's Viveza and Nikon's Raw processing engine, along with some other powerful image adjustment features. It provides, like Aperture, a losses workflow. Unlike Aperture, the adjustments (Edit Steps in C-NX terminology) are saved in the original NEF file along with the un-altered raw data. Multiple versions can be saved in a single NEF.

  • I downloaded the trial adobe to convert PDF to word doc.  now what?  how do I do it?

    I downloaded the trial adobe to convert PDF to word doc.  now what?

    File --> Save As... --> Microsoft Word

  • Opening file in Photoshop with Lightroom edits doesn't work anymore

    I have LR5.3 and PS CS6. Since I've updated camera Raw, my files won't open as Tiff files when I want to edit them in Photoshop. Hence, all the edits made in LR before won't be kept. I don't see the window saying "Open in PS with Lightroom edits"???? Anybody had the same problem? In LR Preferences, Tiff is preciser as the file format to edit in PS but it doesn't work

    Have a look at this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1385332?tstart=0
    Does that help??

  • Lightroom and Sony A700 Raw (ARW) Files

    I shot all pictures in ARW format. A number of the shots are at mid to high level ISO numbers. The shots above 400ISO are extremely noisy(both cloro and luminance)When I use the SOny supplied software
    the same pictures noise level is significantly reduced. I have read on several other forums that ACR in lightroom is "messing up" the ARW files. This appears to be true. I use lightroom then CS3 to process my shots. The use of the Sony softweare complicates my workflow but at this point I am forced to do this. Is there any relief in site for this concern. Really want to combine everything into one system. By the way CS3 Bridge is not much better.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I have your lighting right here, JM.
    It's quite clear you know nothing about shooting African Cichlids, the most colorful freshwater fish in the world.
    These fish are "mbuna", they live in rocks, caves, and along rock faces and ledges. They are used to living many meters deep so the best fish always take up territory towards the bottom of the tank where the best structures are, where the light is most dim.
    In this 120 gallon tank is well over 500 pounds of structure which consumes most of the space in the tank.
    In many of the photos you will notice rock structures around the fish as the tank consists of a hundred or so ledges and caves.
    African Cichlids are the smartest fish in the world and they even learn who is who...they are not ordinary fish.
    No matter how much light you throw on African Cichlids it usually does not cure the problem since they spend most of there time peeking from, and hanging under structures. Shadows and dark areas are cast throughout the tanks due to the structures.
    Not to mention you must use the lighting already available in every public tank in the business, not to mention fish vendors usually cannot add lighting to their tanks either.
    That leads us to use high ISO when we must.
    Here are a few Sony A700 test shots made with 3 custom temp 4 ft 40 watt tubes in a deep 120 gallon tank.
    http://www.sonolta.com/sony-photos/v/sony+a700+test+photos/_DSC1158-ISO3200+Test+Photo.htm l
    http://www.sonolta.com/sony-photos/v/sony+a700+test+photos/_DSC1209+Konica+Minolta+28-75D. html
    Here are a few old shots of mine when I used my custom built and designed setup w/6 custom temp 40 watt tubes made to fit a standard 55. Notice structure galore...it's like an urban housing complex in the mbuna tanks. I can shoot fish with a good pNs setup fairly well with this amount of light. Not many people anywhere get this amount of light on their tank, trust me.
    I shot Minolta, and then Konica Minolta, and now Sony has bought KM, so Sony is the one making the bodies for our glass now.
    Many of us will not give up image stabilized primes (body SSS) so we stay here. All lenses gain 2-3 stops on the Sony...A700 has top notch DR and great high ISO so most of us are not interested in Canon at the moment.
    This thread is here to help the Adobe team make ACR better, please stop interfering with your brand bashing speaks.
    Thank you.

  • Convert .MXF Video files to work with Mac Editing software?

    Many thanks in advance for your attention.
    Trying to find software that will edit .MXF Video Files to work with Mac.
    As the edit is simple, prefer iMovie, but happy if the Conversion software only works with FCExpress (or even FCPro if that is the only alternative).
    1. If it matters, .MXF (Material Exchange Format) Video files came from shooting on a Panasonic 500 P2. Originally downloaded onto a Windows system, using Adobe Premiere.
    2. I just want to see and convert some of the shots I did for my Reel, etc., but I have a Mac.
    3. I have iMovie HD, iMovie 09, and FCExpress (which I don't know how to use that well).
    4. When I attach an External HD with backup files of all the footage shot, they show up named as .MXF files. They appear as VLC files (VLC icon), but the suffix is .MXF.
    5. When I try to play them as VLC files, they won't play. It seems they start to play, but then the VLC software quits.
    6. So I have tried downloading some software on the Internet that Google says converts .MXF files.
    I tried: iSkysoft Video Converter, AVCWare Mac Video Converter, MPEG Streamclip, and a couple others. They all seem to have basically the same conversion setups, but when I click to pick one .MXF file, none of them recognize it. (The file in my Browse window is greyed out).
    7. MoyaVideo Converter for Mac recognizes the .MXF file, but when I hit the "conversion" button - I tried a couple different settings, all it seems to convert is the first frame. Even if the .MXF file says a clip is 123MB or 43 seconds long, etc.
    8. I can't even watch the clip in Preview. Press Play and it is just the first frame.
    9. I have read elsewhere in these forums, some people touting conversion software from a company in Germany - mfxformac. I am fine with paying for conversion software, but $500?
    Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks for your response.
    If this codec can only be read by Final Cut Pro, why do all these companies claim their software can convert .MXF files?

  • HT5271 I can no longer use Pandora because I get a message saying download adobe 10.1 or later. I think I have a later version, 11.?, which I have downloaded. but I still get the message and can't play Pandora.

    I can no longer use Pandora because I get a message saying download adobe flash 10.1 or later. I think I have a later version, 11.?, which I have downloaded. but I still get the message and can't play Pandora.
    How do I determine that in fact I have the appropriate version of adobe flash to run Pandora.

    How do I determine that in fact I have the appropriate version of adobe flash
    Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type this exactly as you see it here;
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    Click Go
    Then right or control click the Flash Player.plugin then click Get Info
    The version number is noted there.
    Assuming you are using Safari ...
    Check Safari > Preferences > Security
    Make sure:  Enable plug-ins is enabled.
    Sometimes uninstalling the currently installed Flash plugin then reinstaliing new can help > Troubleshoot Flash Player | Mac OS
    If you have the ClickToFlash extension installed, that can prevent Flash based video / audio from streaming. It can also be installed as a plugin in /Library/Internet-Plug-Ins.
    And check to see if Safari is running in 32 bit mode. Right or control click the Safari icon in your Applications folder then click Get Info. If the box next to:  Open in 32 bit mode  is selected, deselect, quit then relaunch Safari.
    edited by:  cs

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    I guess this is more like a new feature in Firefox. I work at home and would like to separate work related bookmarks in a separate bookmarks file which is as easily available like a standard bookmarks tab. I propose a possibility to add multiple bookmarks tabs in the menu bar. It would be nice if those tabs could be renamed at will...

    You can organize them in a few main folders (Home, Work, etc.) to make it easier to distinguish the bookmarks.
    You can also export the Bookmarks to an HTML file and make copies of that file with the needed bookmarks.<br />
    You can open such a HTML file in a Firefox tab and middle-click a link to open that link in a new tab.

  • I just purchased a Mac.  I have 30-40gb if music on my external hard drive from my PC.  Most of the files are .wma files.  Is there a way to just plug up the external hard drive, convert, and upload files to itunes?

    I just received my Mac and I am trying to see if there is an easy way to convert all my music files from my external harddrive on my PC to iTunes.  Most, if not all, the files are in .wma format.  Does anyone know if I am able to connect my external harddrive, convert the files, and add them to iTunes?

    If they don't contain DRM, use a program such as Switch. If they do, you can't.

  • Images edited in PSE10 and saved as Jpegs open up too dark on the desktop. OS is windows 7.

    Hi I have a new Laptop runnings Windows 7 Home Premium. I installed PSE10 this week. I uploaded scans of my artwork and I resized them and adjust the blue colour (by only one click/ or 1 shade of blue.) I saved the image as a Jpg - high. It opens up on the desktop far too dark. How do I save the images to the desktop so that I can update my website using jpgs from teh desktop.
    Thank you

    Dear Ken
    I did as you suggest. Saving it for web and I increase blue by one grade and I get a workable jpg. But that bit too dark in comparison to the original. I had the colour setting correctly set. I can save the particular image with the right colours using pse5 on my old Laptop. On the new laptop if I use "increase" blue to lighten up the image it appears too blue in emails and also on my website it will give the wrong colour as if it is overblue....
    Your answer is very reassuring and I will do as you suggest.
    Many Thanks

  • TS1702 I played HayDay on my iPhone until the app shut down very shortly after loading.  Then repeated that all on my iPad with same results, even though I am signing in through the Game Center.  Why doesn't the app stay open so I can play this enjoyable

    I played HayDay on my iPhone 4 to level 26-29 or so, then it didn't stay loaded when returning to play. Same scenario with iPad at level 26 even when signed in through Game Center.  Why does the game quit within a few seconds after loading?

    Never mind. I've did a hard reboot no matter how hard I pressed the power button. Thank goodness!!!

  • I have completed the tutorial Adobe LR5 Classroom in a Book.  I have a MacBook Pro.  Every photo that I import from either my hard drive or the tutorial has red where white should be.  What in the world am I doing?

    I have installed LR5 on my MacBook Pro.  I have completed a book that had online tutorials called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Classroom in a Book.  All of my photos that are in my tutorial and the ones that I have imported from my hard drive have red on them where white should be.  I see this immediately when switching from Library to Develop before I do anything to the photo except import it.  I would appreciate any tips!

    You are seeing red because that is the color of the clipping indicator. It is indicating that the whites are being clipped. You can turn off the clipping indicator by clicking on the little square in the upper right-hand corner of the histogram. Or you can adjust your highlights, whites and exposure until the red disappears. If you see blue on your photos that is indicating that the shadows are being clipped, and that is controlled by the little square in the upper left-hand corner of the histogram.
    As a side note, you can activate or deactivate both clipping indicators by simply pressing the J key while in the develop module.

  • Sony A6000 Raw ARW files can't be seen or manipulated in bridge...

    Please help!

    Did each image have its .jpg extension? i think Windows likes to see the extension, Macs don't care.

  • Psd file got corrupted in redraw and is still corrupted, even though i didn't save the file.

    sorry for the long headline, but can't figure out how to shorten...
    i'm using photoshop CS 5.5. the image below is the result of making a change, zooming in and the redraw created this:
    as i zoomed out, the image progressively filled into normal by the time it was at 6% actual size, but when i zoomed in, the image broke apart once more. i closed this image without saving. i reopened the image, and the corruption remained. i tried to open in CS 6 and 4 but it was still corrupted. the layers are mostly smart objects which opened uncorrupted. i resaved them and when it went back to the main document, that particular smart object was restored. so i thought it had to do with a smart object glitch, but then i realized that the pixel masks non-smartobject layers had giant square blocks. this file is gone.
    can anyone provide insight?
    this is how the file looked originally:

    This is the main reason I pay as many bills as I can by credit card. If I have a dispute with a charge to my credit card, I call the CC company and post the dispute. This way, the charge is deducted from my bill UNTIL the CC company, the billing company and I come to an agreement on whether or not the charge is valid. Verizon is more likely to react more quickly when the CC company is one of the parties involved in the dispute. This has never failed me in the past.

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    Hi Yesterday I connected my canon digital ixus camera to my iMac and copied over some photos, via usb, no problem. Today I am trying to do exactly the same but the camera is not seen at all. Nothing has changed, and I have used the same procedure as

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    Hi, When i query the v$session table i can see that there are some 300 odd inactive sessions in the DB for the SOA-INFRA schema. When i bring the manged servers down all the inactive sessions disappear. I have aborted all the running instances but th