I receive an error message on HP Pavilion Dv6 when trying to read from an sdhc memory card.

HP Pavilion Dv6 A6y00UA#ABA
Windows 7 64-bit
When I insert the memory card, I am presented with the scan disk message asking to scan and fix the "<memory card name> (D"  If I click on "Scan and Fix", select either one check box or both check boxes (doesn't matter) it will scan the card and close out.  When I then try to WRITE a folder to the memory card, doesn't matter which card I try, it sits there for a while thinking and then gives an error:
"File Too Large: The file '<%1 NULL:NameDest>' is too large for the destination file system."
If I try to read a photo from a card put there by my camera I get the message:
You need to format the disk in drive D: before using it.
Please insert a disk into SDHC (D.
any number of random errors.
I've updated the Intel chipset drivers, right clicked and updated the Realtek Card reader drivers using Windows Update.

This forum is about making podcasts. The best place to ask would be in either the iTunes for Windows or iTunes for Mac forum as appropriate.

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    That is OK.<br />
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    OS is window10, Metro APP is Xbox or MultiMedia 8; any video format will occur error only by following steps:  
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    Hi Weed42,
    This has been discussed in the following forum links:
    Let us know if this helps,

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    Restore teh device.

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    Open Disk Utility.
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    Hi there
    I know you said you reinstalled, but did you reinstall before or after you gave administrator rights to all users on your computer? And how many users *ARE* on your computer?
    Often you need administrator rights to properly install things.
    Cheers... Rick
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    The one time this happened to me, it turned out it was the fault of a Windows update and doing a system restore back to the first state prior to that update fixed it.
    From the number of times this crops up I suspect there are some other causes too--another thing I'd try is updated the drivers for the CD drive.

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    Usually this is caused when antivirus "Grabs" the drive to scan it in the background, and/or windows itself "Grabs" the drive for indexing and things. It also happens if you play a song off the ipod thru iTUnes, then stop it.
    Usually rebooting will force it to let go

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    Welcome to Apple Communities

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    There are different ways, but delete that email account and this time when you go to set up your email, dont start in the yahoo setup tab, do it in the " Other " tab and set it up that way.

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    Hi there, I am trying to retrieve a piece of information using the 'get an item from a dictionary' action.  
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    the information I want is under the route 'value/modified' which is what I entered, only without the single quotes...
    but my workflow gets suspended and following is the error message I get:
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    of 'Microsoft.Activities.Dynamic.DynamicArray'. at Microsoft.Activities.Dynamic.DynamicItem.TryGetValue(String key, DynamicItem& value) at Microsoft.Activities.Dynamic.DynamicValueBuilder.PathSegmentFactory.ObjectPathSegment.Get(DynamicItem obj) at Microsoft.Activities.Dynamic.DynamicValueBuilder.PathSegmentFactory.ObjectPathSegment.Get(DynamicItem
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    snapshot of my workflow:
    P.S. I realize now that I've posted this question in the wrong discussion board....my apologies and please move me as you see appropriate...
    thank you!

    Use a BitTorrent client instead of a ddl (direct download link). This way it's less prone to errors, because it's checked while it's being downloaded.
    Either that, or check its MD5 against the one from the Download page.
    There's also this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Be … ion_medium
    Note: The quality of optical drives and the discs themselves varies greatly. Generally, using a slow burn speed is recommended for reliable burns. If you are experiencing unexpected behaviour from the disc, try burning at the lowest speed supported by your burner.
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    i have the same problem. I have window 7 pc. I had to use internet to download link so i don't understand why it is not allowing me to use link or do set up. I uninstalled my previous bb desktop driver in hopes that would help. It didn't. I appreciate any help on this forum

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    I cannot connect to my wireless internet connection using my ibook laptop. Using airport, I keep getting the message "host cannot find the PPPoE" or something like that. Any ideas how to fix this?

    Hi, Bob. Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    Which exact iBook model is it? ("iBook" covers a lot of different Mac models, each with different capabilities.)
    You can choose from this list:
    Which version of the operating system is it running now?
    What kind of optical drive does it have? (CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, Combo, or SuperDrive?)

Maybe you are looking for

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