I want to use iChat video and file sharing with Windows users

Nowadays, iChat is compatible with AOL/AIM, Google Talk, Jabber, Mac.com and MobileMe instant messaging services. I know that Yahoo Messenger support will be available soon in Mac OS X Lion.
I tried using AOL/AIM and Google Talk natively in iChat in order to talk with Windows users which were using Google Talk application or web chatting (Me from: Google Talk - My friends from:  Google Talk, and Me from: AOL/AIM - My friends from:  Google Talk), but videoconference and file sharing were not available.
I also tried Windows Live Messenger in iChat via Jabber intermediate, but it is not efficient and doesn't work for videoconference and file sharing.
So, which IM service combination I should use to chat with Windows users in order to be able to use videoconference and file sharing using such a great app like iChat?
Thanks you.

A lapsed Trial or lapsed Paid for MobileMe account will not work in any fashion, as a Screen Name in iChat/AIM apps or as a Email.  (Of course it is no longer an Valid Apple ID either).
Given that Google is a Jabber server iChat will Video (or Audio Only) Chat Jabber to Jabber.
With a Valid AIM name (AIM, MobileMe or @mac.com) then it is supposed to work to AIM on a PC
This tends to vary from person to person as to success.
From AIM version 6.5 AIM introduced a Send as Typing feature called "Real Time"
It does not work to iChat and in fact also has to be turned Off in the Buddy List at the AIM end for Video or Audio chats to work.
The AIM app also has to be allowed through the Windows Firewall as an Exception, preferably with UPnP enabled as well and UPnP enabled in their Router.
Trillian is a paid for App for PCs that provide an alternative.
Recently theri site offered 3 windows versions
The Pro version of verion 3.2 (known to work), a version 4 and a version 5 in beta.  The version 3.2 used to have a free Text chat version and only the Pro version was needed to Video.
Until the site was reorganised the 3.2 version was "On Sale" at a reduced price.
It seems version 5 is now out of beta
They are still separating out a Pro version.
It is a multi-service client
There is also a Mac version although I have not tried it.
I am not sure what you mean by "Manage" your MSN Contacts.
How about using a MobileMe expired account screen name for using iChat with Windows-Google Talk users? Should I expect the same incompatibilities?
I have already addressed part of this. The fact the name will not work full stop.
However one way of reading this is that you are thing of linking AIM and Jabber (Google) Buddies in one Buddy List
Directly in iChat this cannot be done - unless you are the one with the Jabber Account and an AIM Transport set up.
You would be subject to the same Text Chat only restrictions.
It is a bit like the fact your phone line can be used for Fax, Telephone and DSL broadband. (in fact mine does TV as well)
You granny would not be able to talk to your Fax machine if that happened to answer the call.
Her Fax machine might be able to communicate with your computer if you had an active Fax app on there, and a dail-up modem active to answer.
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    Use VNC.
    On the PC.
    On the PocketPC
    Apple's Remote Desktop allows for VNC control through a password.

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    I have two Macs, both of which ca seen each other across the network. My question regards file sharing with multiple users on the same computer. When file sharing, are the files from all users available across the network, or just those of the user presently logged in? The issue is that I am trying to access files from a user who isn't currently logged in, but another user on that computer is. I need to get into that person's documents, but I don't see a way to navigate to their documents folder.

    Right, I got that. But the computer is in constant use by User A, while I need access to User B's files. I could need access at anytime, and it would be a pain to make User A log off and log in as User B everytime. I was just wondering if there is anyway to access User B's files in this situation, without logging User B in.

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    I'm trying to set up this camera to send my photos wirelessly to my IMAC but have hit a brick wall.  The instructions with the camera state wifi sharing is supported with OS X 10.4 to 10.8, and I am running 10.75.  The instructions are simple: find the file and enable sharing.  I've completed all the steps, and my camera finds my Imac fine, but then cannot find the shared folder.
    I researched this and found that for a different Panasonic camera, despite what panasonic says, file sharing did not work for mac only environments. (http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3360154). I have contacted panasonic, and am beginning to believe the this is true for my camera as well.  I explained my problem and she first recommended to sign up for a lumix account.  Then it went from here:
    Kerry-Ann W.: In the setup it states where a lumix club account is required to send images to lumix club cloud
    Dave: Ok, do I understand correctly that I needed a lumix club account to transfer images wirelessly to my IMAC?
    Kerry-Ann W.: No I am not saying that. There is some sharing settings that needs to be set on your computer. We recommend that you contact apple so they can assist you in adjusting those settings.
    Dave: Ok, I've signed up for a lumix club account. Will that help me transfer my images to the mac?
    Kerry-Ann W.: We recommend that you contact apple so they can assist you in adjusting the sharing settings on your IMAC.
    Dave: Kerry-Ann, please help me. I've done exactly what the Lumix manual tells me to do with my mac and it's not working. You are supposed to help when the manual doesn't suffice. Isn't there any tips you can give me to try and make this work?
    Kerry-Ann W.: That is correct and based on checks done if it is not seeing your folders that means there needs to be some settings done on your computer for it to see the folders and if that is not done then you will not be able to see the folders.
    Dave: Ok, so will you help me get those settings done on my computer?
    Kerry-Ann W.: We recommend that you contact apple so they can assist you in adjusting those settings.
    I have no idea what settings she is referring to, and she offered no guidance at all.  Has anyone had any success file sharing with panasonic cameras?  Or has anyone else concluded this is hopeless?
    Thank you,

    I have run through 2 of these cameras (1st one died-Epic Panasonic Fail) and I'm stoked I found the easy fix. No thanks to PaniCsonic.
    Connect your camera via USB to your MacBook. Don't worry that it won't show.
    Go to System Preferences under the 'Apple' icon (top left corner for any newbies)
    Select the 'Sharing' tab/folder (should be yellow diamond with a person walking to YOUR left direction)
    Select 'Internet Sharing'
    A sub menu 'To computers using' will open up to the right with 3 boxes/options:
    1) Firewire
    2) Ethernet
    3) Bluetooth PAN
    Select Bluetooth PAN box so it check marks as selected.
    Click the 'Internet Sharing' box.
    Select 'Start' when the prompt asks if you are sure you want to turn on Internet sharing.
    The 'Internet Sharing' box will then select.
    Your camera will then prompt you to select a USB mode. Select 'PC'.
    Wait through the access mode and VOILA, your photos will be uploaded straight to iPhoto as they should do in the first place.
    I like the camera for it's simplistic functionality. I had a slick Olympus underwater that had the same features, but was more time in navigating through them all. I don't like PaniCsonic for their poor foresight in making this camera an austosetup feature for Mac users. My iPhone didn't like it much either.
    Nonethless, there's the fix. For/from me.

  • File Sharing With Windows

    Right this is annoying the **** out of me. I've enabled everything I should on my Mac to get it sharing with windows. I'm convinced I've broke my OSX, but there's clearly something I've missed which is stopping this from working that maybes someone else can see! So here we go
    Gone to system preferences, sharing
    -> Ticked file sharing
    -> Ticked share files over SMB
    -> Ticked my user
    -> Added what I want to share and gave permission to everyone as read/write for public folder.
    -> Gone to network preferences and setup the WINS server to the same group as my windows PC
    Just got the standard apple firewall running on my mac. I've tried disabling this and letting anything through.
    The problem im having is my windows laptop cant see my mac quite often. Sometimes it can, and when it can see my mac it only displays shared printers rather than any of my shared folders. The problem here is that I dont have any printers on my mac, and printer sharing is not enabled.
    Any idea why this isnt working? I've disabled windows firewall/any other firewall on my windows laptop. My windows laptop can happily access the FTP and HTTP on my Mac. Just has issues file sharing.
    I actually had this working a while ago for a day, then it's never worked since. I cant for the **** of it figure out why. I've gone through loads of tutorials to see if i've missed things. Some things have even told me to change a registry file in windows, which I've done to no success.
    Cheers in advance!
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    Any advice guys?

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    Any reason why I can't select my main account??

    wow, is that all it took? I spent several hours on support chat who ultimately made me create a new user account and import all my old account data over to that one. It worked, but would have been way easier to just change the password. Oh well. It's fixed now...

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    I understand there is an issue with setting the compaitibility of the hard disk to either Mac or Windows format but I'm wondering if I can set it to both, so it's possible to transfer these files? The hard disk is Windows and Mac compatible but does it have to be partitioned a certain way?
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    Format the drive as FAT or use the Mac format (HFS Extended) and install MacDrive on the PC.

  • Backup of MacBook using Airport Express and File Sharing

    I have an iMac backed up (500GB internal drive) using Time Machine to a Western Digital external drive (1TB) via Firewire; I also have second external drive (500GB) for FCE and Photoshop use. I'm about to buy a MacBook (160GB drive) for my wife, and an Airport Express (connected via cable modem) to give her wireless access to the internet and wireless access to our printer. My first thought was to get the Airport Extreme and try wireless backups for both the iMac and MacBook using Time Machine and connecting the backup drive as an Airdisk. However, I've also been reading about the slow performance and iffy future Apple support for this arrangement.
    Well, that's the windup -- here's the question. Is it feasible for me to just use filesharing in my iMac to have the MacBook work files (and folders) saved directly in the iMac public folder? The rationale is that I would change nothing in my current IMac/backup drive configuration. The iMac acts as a wireless network fileserver for the MacBook. The MacBook work files would then automatically get backed up as part of the iMac backups. There would be minimal network use for file use and storage between the two computers because only work files from the MacBook will get saved on the iMac.
    Do I have this right, or am I missing something?

    Well, that's the windup -- here's the question. Is it feasible for me to just use filesharing in my iMac to have the MacBook work files (and folders) saved directly in the iMac public folder?
    Sure. This is not supported by Time Machine but you could open/save the files directly from the Finder or application in use.
    OR you could use Time Machine to make a backup of the MacBook to the 1 TB external drive connected to the iMac. That is the scenario I use with my iBook and iMac.

  • Networking and File Sharing with XP PC's

    I bought a MacBook pro 2.2 ghz last week and have an issue when it wakes from sleep mode. I have a Linksys wrt54g wireless router connected to my home XP machine and the notebook connects to the router fine for internet and for sharing files with the XP machine(noted as MSHOME under network locations on the mac).
    Sometimes when the notebook wakes from sleep it fails to detect MSHOME under Network, and will only show SERVERS and LIBRARY yet, the PC can still see and access files on the Notebook at certain times when this happens. Internet access from the router is never affected.
    I also tested this with an ethernet cable last night and the same thing occurred. At first I thought it was the airport, but now I am not sure.
    Bye the way, also add one Kernel panic to the mix after having it for two days, but haven't had one since.
    I have read that the sleep mode has some strange reactions with these systems. I think it's now noted as an enhanced sleep mode.
    I am scheduled to see a Genius (yeah, right!)at a local store on Saturday and wondering what kind of run around I will get.
    Anyone have any ideas why this is hapening or how I can correct it?
    Santa Rosa MacBook Pro 2.2 ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  
    MacBook Pro 2.2 ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  

    Your problem is not one requiring a Genius but more a user knowledge issue (hey everyone has to start somewhere!! : ) ). Remote Desktop is not a solution for what you want to achieve. The variables you mention are not problem points if you understand networking and hence the reasons why you are having issues.
    For starters, don't rely on network browsing to find resources on a network; least of all from a Mac! Network browsing works much better under Windows (sorry Apple, but it just does).
    Secondly, realise that if you change passwords, it will effect what you can access (for obvious reasons). If typing a username and password is acceptable for you then this is a moot point. If you don't want to type passwords, then make sure you use accounts with matched username/passwords.
    In Finder, select the Go menu, then Connect to Server... This is the sure fire way to ensure you get the drive mapped properly. Type in:
    where computername is the netbios name of your Windows PC, and sharename is the folder share name. Create an alias of it somewhere so you don't need to do it again! Don't use an IP address, as if the address changes your alias will fail - use the name and as long as you don't change the PC name you'll be fine.
    Post back here if you're still having issues or something isn't clear and we can throw in some more pointers.

  • Help using file sharing with different users accounts on same Macbook

    Hi, I just wanted a little help using the file sharing option. My wife and I had different users accounts on the same MacBook, but when I am trying to share my baby's picture from my documents folder for my wife to have the same picture, I can't find the way to do that; I am not been able to find my pictures on my wife's account. Is there any way that I could share a folder from my account and my wife to have the same files at the same time on her account?
    I mean, something like the smart play list on the itunes?
    Thank you

    You can't do that directly unless you change permissions on your whole Documents folder which is not a good idea. Your wife can see your Documents folder from her account by going to Users/yourusername/Documents. However, this folder has no read privileges for others except yourself by default so she won't be able to open it.
    rather than changing permissions on your Documents folder, you can place the pictures you want to share in Public folder in your home directory or in Users/Shared folder.

  • Problems with IPhone 5 and File Sharing with ITunes

    I am using an app that let's you create ringtones. Once created you are supposed to be able to see the songs in the file sharing part of the apps tab on IPhone device on ITunes. However, I can't scroll down to see my files. I can see the part that says apps that allow file sharing, but if I click and arrow down it only moves on the left part of the screen and changes the device to Genesis. I recently purchased a Mac, and this is the first time I am using ITunes with Mac and have this problem.

    I am using an app that let's you create ringtones. Once created you are supposed to be able to see the songs in the file sharing part of the apps tab on IPhone device on ITunes. However, I can't scroll down to see my files. I can see the part that says apps that allow file sharing, but if I click and arrow down it only moves on the left part of the screen and changes the device to Genesis. I recently purchased a Mac, and this is the first time I am using ITunes with Mac and have this problem.

  • Personal File Sharing with Fast User Switiching

    I have 2 users set up on the iBook. I want file sharing turned on for only one of the users and off for the other. Both are logged in.
    Any way to do this?
    It appears that personal file sharing is either on or off for all users.

    As far as i know either the AFP daemon is on or is off - for all users.. You can disable the Public share for a user if oyu like by using netinfo or SHarepoints but you cant turn off sharing for a user. If you have AFP active they can login. Now there may be away with some shell commands to add som config to this and disable on a user level but i havent seen it mentioned naywhere - or requested for that matter.

Maybe you are looking for

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