ICloud opening in IE on Win8

Please forgive my naivete on the subject, I have downloaded iCloud on my Win8 PC and every time I open my calendar it default opens in Interent Explorer. I have not found a way to change the default browser for this, and the default browser for my PC is Chrome so it's not opening into IE because it is my default browser.
Is there any way to change this or do I simply have to open iCloud manually in Chrome?
Thank you, in advance, for your help.

Dear all, thanks for your replies.
I have tried Barascu Diana's fix to both pages linked at the
top, but am presently unable to test it on IE6. Anyone able to see
if those tabs are now appearing?
<DIV class="TabbedPanel" id="TabbedPanels1" style
(Hope I did this right?)
I also temporarily tried kinblas' fix, but removing relative
positioning there caused the tabs to hover over to the left of the

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  • TS4022 Why does my icloud open in internet explorer when it is not my main browser?

    Why does icloud open in internet explorer when I use Google as my main browser? I did something to make it happen and can't find how to change it back.

    Hey man I was having the same problem and I found the answer.... Im going to put the steps you have to follow.
    1.Open www.icloud.com on your Internet Explorer and if you're signed in you have to sign out.
    2. Open www.icould.com on your Google Chrome and then sign in and click on the box that says "stay signed in" or something like that.
    3. Try to open icloud the normal way you do it and it has to open on Chrome.
    This worked for me, hopefully it works for you man, let me know.

  • ICloud open window freezes when quitting textedit/preview

    When I quit preview/textedit when the iCloud open window is open, the apps do quit, but the iCloud window wouldn't go away for a long time; simultaneously my keyboard stops responding. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

    That's not just Preview, ie also Safari is doing the same.
    From here:
    Now apps you close will reopen right where you left off, so you never have to start from scratch again. And when you install software updates, you no longer need to save your work, close your apps, and spend valuable time setting everything up again. With Resume, you can restart your Mac and return to what you were doing — with all your apps in the places where you left them.
    It's not a bug, it's a feature
    You can change it in for the whole system:
    System Preferences > General > "Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps"

  • Windows Firefox and icloud "open on" section

    Does iCloud sync tabs open in Windows Firefox to the icloud "open on" section of my ipad/iphone, or does this only work with ios/os x devices?
    For instance, if i have apple.com open on my mac at home, it shows up under "open on" in my ipad, but nothing shows up for my windows PC, althoguth it has icloud syncing bookmarks from firefox.

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

  • My ipad was stolen but i dont have icloud open on my ipad. Is there anything else i can do to either locate the phone or lock up all of my personal information.

    My ipad was stolen but i dont have icloud open on my ipad.  Is there anything else i can do to either locate my ipad or lock it up so that my personal information is not available.

    Unfortunately not, you can only try to locate it if Find My iPad was enabled on it and the iPad is currently connected to a network and the device hasn't already been wiped and/or Find My iPad disabled on it.
    If it was stolen then you should report it to the police, and if it was a cellular model you should also contact your carrier. You should also change your iTunes account password, your email account passwords, and any passwords that you'd stored on websites/emails/notes etc.

  • My old device is still in the icloud open tabs of safari browser

    Even though my old device is no more (i restored it as new after a few faults) my old device is still in the icloud open tabs of safari browser although this is not really going to ruin my life, I want it gone as its frustrating and just not right.
    Any ideas on helping me

    They should automatically be deleted after 14 days.

  • Icloud open my ipad air 16GB

    icloud open my ipad air 16GB

    perhaps you meant  to type 'I can't' and autocorrect changed it to 'iCloud'? 
    If so first make sure it is charge by plugging it into an electrical outlet using the cable and plug that came with it, for a minimum of 20 - 60 minutes, then try a reset:
    Hold both the Home button and the Power button down for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.
    Let go promptly when it appears.
    Wait 30 seconds or so for your iPad to restart.
    No information or settings will be lost.

  • Why wont icloud open up on my control panel

    icloud wont open in my control panel

    Hello, jessykins25.
    Thank you for the question.  This sounds like you will need to rebuild your iTunes library file.  Below, I have included the article that walks you through this process.  Start with the section labeled Re-creating the iTunes Library file.
    iTunes: How to re-create your iTunes library and playlists
    Jason H.

  • Disable iCloud open dialog

    I have added some applications to iCloud Drive since I want to share documents at home and work. The annoying is that after that these applications starts with a, in my opinion, completely undesirable open dialog instead of an empty document.
    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to disable this open dialog and still have the applications in iCloud Drive?

    I have added some applications to iCloud Drive
    I am not sure what you mean:  Did you move the applications from the "Applications" folder to iCloud Drive, or did you store the documents for applications in iCloud drive? Which applications are you asking about?

  • Can't open PDF file in Win8.1 (using shellexecute)

    Environment : Windows 8.1 / Adobe reader XI
    In my program, I use instruction as follows:
    ShellExecute( NULL, L"open", "C:\\User Guide.pdf", NULL, NULL, SW_NORMAL )
    However, when I press the button to call the function, the PDF file (Adobe Reader XI) won't open.
    (But I can see Adobe reader process works in task manager)
    Any suggestion?
    Many thanks.
    p.s. If the further information is needed, please feel free to let me know.
    I will supplement as soon as possible.

    Hi yc c,
    Which program are you using to run this code?
    Does Reader launch file when you double click the pdf?

  • HT4914 I turn on the iTunes Match in my iphone3GS, but the itme of "show all musics" not show up and turn on, so when I open musics in my iPone3GS, the musics seems not be matched with iClouds.

    Dear Sirs,
    I turn on the iTunes Match in my iphone3GS, but the itme of "show all musics" not show up and turn on, so when I open musics in my iPone3GS, the musics seems not be matched with iClouds.I means it doesn't work on.

    Hello there Jameskuo47,
    In researching the issue you are experiencing I found an article that should help get your iTunes Match content to your iPhone. The name of the article is iTunes: How to add a computer or iOS device to iTunes Match and you can find it here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4913.
    This section specifically:
    To add an iOS device to iTunes Match
    On your iOS device, go to Settings > Music.
    iTunes Match requires iOS 5.0.1 or later; you can find the
    latest iOS software here'
    Tap the iTunes Match switch to On.To access your music in iCloud, open the Music Player app on your device.
    Your music in iCloud will be integrated into your local music library. A download button will appear to the right of any content that you have in iCloud that doesn't already exist on your device.
    When enabling iTunes Match on your iOS device, the music library on your iOS device will be deleted and then replaced with your music in iCloud.
    Syncing music with iTunes will be disabled while iTunes Match is enabled on your iOS device.
    By default, when adding an iOS device to iTunes Match, downloading over a cellular network is enabled1. To disable downloading over cellular for iTunes Match, choose Settings > Music > Use Cellular Data > Off.
    All the best,

  • I can't open my prefernces on imac. I am trying to backup my iMac on icloud

    I can't open my prefrences from the apple menu. I was trying to back up my imac on icloud.

    Open Spotlight and type "System Preferences" to load the System Preferences. Also iCloud is not the solution for backing up your iMac. You should purchase an external HD and use Time Machine or create a bootable clone using SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner.

  • Photostream does not recognize icloud is open

    Upgraded OS and iphoto to latest versions on 1/14/12. 
    With icloud open iphoto does not reconize such when trying to setup photostream.  Keeps asking me to open my icloud account in system prefs...even thought it is open on my desktop. 
    I am losing my mind trying to figure this out.  Hoping there is someone out there with a hint of what I need to do to get this to work. 

    Thanks for reply.  When I go to system prefs and setup icloud account, (I had a Mobileme account), the icloud screen asks me to "Move to icloud"...which I did.  However, even after I "moved", I continue to see the same screen asking me to move.  I have now moved many times. and each time, am able to see my icliud account web page. 
    I know there are other screens I should see in system prefs...but alas....it does not recognize that I have "Moved".  Any thoughts?

  • ICloud syncs my Reminders to Tasks in Outlook, but they do not show up on the To-Do List

    When I make new tasks in the Reminders App on my new iPhone 4S, I notice that iCloud syncs it to Outlook in a new "iCloud Tasks" file separate from the original Outlook Data File. The tasks in the "iCloud Tasks" do not appear on the To-Do bar on the bottom right. Anyone know how to configure this to display correctly?

    iCloud-Windows Outlook To-Do Bar Incompatibility Disaster:
    Although I don't blame anyone else but myself since I installed iCloud on Windows, my dependence on the To-Do Bar list in Windows Outlook for a quick view of upcoming appointments over several weeks became apparent yesterday when I missed a job interview that I thought was today.
    Since iCloud sends reminders a few minutes before events and it is difficult to depend on the small calendar boxes in month view for upcoming appointments, I find I have fallen back to depending on memory alone since installing iCloud. I thought I had a good memory until this disaster.
    For those of us required to use Windows Outlook, and grown dependent on the convenient To-Do Bar list on the right hand side for our upcoming appointments, this loss of the list after installing iCloud can result in disastrous consequences
    Although I have appreciated the instantaneous sync across all my devices using iCloud, the inability to easily see the appointments well ahead of time makes it useless to me. I'm afraid I will have to reinstall Office to hopefully get rid of iCloud in Outlook. Hopefully the Outlook.pst file will be clean when Outlook without iCloud opens it.
    I continued using iCloud with the hope this problem would soon be corrected, but now it's too late.

  • How do I delete 'ghost' Pages documents from iCloud / iPhone?

    Today I got back a brand new iPhone 4 from the repair. It was already preinstalled with iOS 5, just updated to 5.0.1 and restored data from backup on iTunes. Enabled iCloud, opened Pages and…after 5-10 seconds iCloud started to sync and I got almost dozen "ghost" files in Pages — inf folders they look like normal Pages documents, but when I open folder, they are grayed out and at the top right corner they have arrow pointing upwards. Can't delete, can't open them.
    Completely closed Pages, disabled data backup in iCloud preferences, turned off iCloud sync in Pages settings. Opened Pages, chose to delete all files in Pages. Restarted iPhone, enabled iCloud data backup and enabled iCloud sync in Pages settings, opened Pages, and soon real files appeared in Pages, which I could see also in Safari browser in iCloud/Pages section. However, after one minute all those "ghost" files and folders also appeared back! I can't even drag those "ghost" documents out of "ghost" folders, can't rename, can't delete. And someone not long ago ensured us that iCloud will surely work…
    I deleted Pages application form my iPhone, installed from App Store again, enabled iCloud syncing and again after 1 minute all "ghost" files are back in Pages. In Safari browser I see only one "ghost" file, all the other "ghost" files and folders are not visible at all. Any idea what to do?

    Problem solved! I completely quit Pages on my iPhone, then opened ~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~Pages/Documents folder on my Mac and deleted all those "ghost" folders and files there, also deleted the same names in iWorkPreviews folder. Opened Pages on iPhone and voila! — all those "ghost" files and folders disappeared for good.
    (All ideas thanks to this Macworld article: http://j.mp/vmaQEB)

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