Importing video from sony handycam disc

I am trying to load a DVD created from a Sony handycam and import the video to iMove HD. Does anyone know how to do this or do I need to connect the camera. I have 7 half hour discs that I am trying to combine for my mother. I thought I could do it with the discs but iMove won't recognize the files. Please help!!!

Hi jay4,
welcome to the  board
1) iMovie is a video edit app meant to work with firewire connected miniDV camcorders
2) slot-in drives can get damaged by inserting non-standard-size DVDs…
3) disks have to be finalized first, read your camera's manual…
4) DVD uses a delivery format, not meant for any further processing as editing…
5) many options, to import DVDs:
* DVDxDV (free trial, 25$)
* Apple mpeg2 plugin (20$) + Streamclip (free)
* Cinematize >60$
* Mpeg2Works >25$ + Apple plug-in
* Toast6/7 allows converting to dv/import dvd, hit apple-k

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  • How do I import video from sony handycam

    how do I import video from sony handycam?

    Did you find out how to import your video from sony handycam ?
    I have a sony TRV-22E handycam, and have a mini-USB wire.
    Do I need to buy a fire-wire or is there a way I can use this mini USB wire to import video into imovies?
    Appreciate any help on this !!

  • Importing video from Sony Handycam

    What is the proper workflow for importing video from my Sony DCR SR82 into iMovie '08?
    Anyone do this successfully?

    I just bought a related Sony camera, the DCR-SR220. I am still trying to figure out the optimal way, but have been able to see it on my imac by
    1) installing from Apple Software site Quicktime mpeg-2 playback component ( and
    2) installing MPEG Streamclip (
    1) Via USB I hook up my camera and it shows up as a harddisk. I then boot Streamclip and open the file(s) I want to open from the camera. This can take substantial time.
    2) Export as a Quicktime file (.mov)
    3) Open up the .mov file in iMovieHD and edit there.
    If you know of any better way, please let me know.
    Best from Jersey.

  • Importing video from Sony 120GB HDD Camcorder

    Looking for help on importing video from Sony 120GB HDD Camcorder.
    I recently purchased a new imac (1st mac) and imported the stored video on my Sony 120GB HDD camcorder. I would estimate that this is approximately 60-80 GB worth of video on the camcorder but when I imported this has become over 800GB on my imac and basically fills the HD.
    My question is - is this normal or am I doing something wrong.

    Unfortunately the video from the current crop of High Def capable cameras use a really highly compressed file format to save video. The one most used is called AVCHD and it can really save a lot of space ON THE CAMERA if you like to shoot at the highest resolution. However to edit that video, it needs to be decompressed so that iMovie can preview it, and edit it accurately down to the individual video frame level (1/30th of a second). So the short answer is you're not doing anything wrong, those video clips can expand up to 40-75GBytes per hour of video after they are imported into the iMovie Events folders. However it is entirely possible to store the iMovie Events folders on an additional external hard drive. And that's usuallly the best solution for anyone quickly running out of space.

  • Importing video from sony handy cam HDR-cx130 keeps causing imovies to crash. any solutions?

    importing video from sony handy cam HDR-cx130 keeps causing imovies to crash. any solutions? This started happening since the last update if that helps.

  • How do I import video from Sony TRV22E into iMovie ?

    How do I import video from Sony TRV22E into iMovie ?

    Sony TRV22E - CAN ONLY export the VIDEO material via a FireWire Cable (iLinc)
    Then Your Mac need eiter
    - a FireWire port - or -
    - a Thunderbolt port
    if only Thunderbolt - Then You need a FireWire to Thunderbolt converter.
    The USB- can only copy over the Still photos You also cam take with Your Camera. Will NEVER work for Video Export.
    Yours Bengt W

  • Can't import videos from Sony A55

    I can't import videos from Sony A55. Anybody can?

    I have an A55 as well and iMovie 8.0.6 and can not import the AVHD movies. When I look into my Kingston SD card I get a directory with 5 folders, AVF_INFO, DCIM, MISC, MP_ROOT, and private. In private there is a folder called AVCHD, in which there are 3 folders, AVCHDTN, BDMV, AND IISVPL. In BDMV there is 3 folders and two files. The folders are CLIPINF, PLAYLIST, and STREAM. In STREAM there are the .MTS files. I have tried importing them, importing STREAM, and importing BDMV, all without success. Do you know what I am doing wrong, do I need the new iMovie, any other ideas ?
    Thank you
    Bruce Bodner

  • Importing a Video from Sony Handycam

    I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 / Premier Elements 8.0, and when I've been importing videos from my Sony Handycam (HDR-CX7), the Adobe software is downloading the entire video, but it seems to be putting an incorrect duration on the video. For example, the imported video is 5 minutes, but it shows up in Elements at 1.5 minutes.  If I start from the front, it will play the first 1.5 minutes. If I scroll to the end, and rewind back 30 seconds, it will play until the 1.5 minute total again. If I watch the video in Windows Media player, it will play the entire 5 minute video.  Anybody have a solve for this, or an explanation on why its happening?

    I'd suggest asking this in the Premiere Elements forum, which is here:
    There are a lot more video mavens there than here and you'll probably get more responses. Good luck!

  • Import videos from sony ccd-trv65 to imac

    anyone know how to import videos from a sony ccd-trv65 hi8 to a iMac?

    You will need an analogue to digital converter such as the ADVC110 (there are others) that connects to the camera via RCA cables and to your Mac via Firewire. You can then import into iMovie.

  • IMovie 08 Freezes when importing movies from Sony Handycam

    I Have a Sony Handycam DCR-SR65 and when I try to import multiple or all videos into iMovie 08 the computer freezes and I cant quit the application without shutting down my computer by holding down the power button. Why can't I import my movies easily, is there some kind of trick? Most of the time I can import one video at a time, but even then it freezes sometimes.
    Thanks in advance,

    I haven't got and haven't used one of these, but a little bell rings at the back of my mind concerning similar cameras which record onto solid state memory: try first taking off all the still photos (..if you've taken any..) and putting them in iPhoto and then deleting them from the camera's hard disc or Memory Stick.
    THEN try importing the video.
    The mix (..if you have both stills and movies..) on the camera may affect importing.
    If the stills go exclusively onto a Memory Stick, and don't get recorded onto the hard disc, nevertheless ..try importing those into iPhoto first, and then wiping the Memory Stick.
    However, that may not be the cause of your trouble, and others may have better answers!

  • Uploading Video from Sony Handycam

    Hey everyone!
    I am looking for some help to upload video from my sony handycam. It is one of those dvd systems. Anyway I can watch what I have on the dvd using the dvd player through a usb port, however i cannot import the clips in to either imovie or idvd. Any reasons?
    Thanks for those of you that are going to give this a kick at the can.

    Hi Dale:
    Welcome to discussions.
    If you can't return the camera for a DV Tape camera with a firewire, then start here:
    Using Mpeg (DVD) footage

  • Getting video from Sony Handycam DVD 403

    Hello everyone.
    I'm hoping somebody has experience getting video from a Sony Handycam DVD 403 into iMovie6. I'm having troubles getting what I expect to happen to actually happen.
    I hooked up my Handycam to my PowerBook which the OS recognized as a DVD recorder. The disc I had in the camera at the time had about 20 minutes of video stored in a unfinalized state. Finder showed an empty folder.
    I tried entering iMovie and seeing if there were any tools in there that would help me but I couldn't find any. Nothing I did would show me the various clips that made up the 20 minutes of footage.
    I was ultimately able to get the video in a round-a-bout way by Finalizing the disc, extracing the resulting VOB from DVD, converting it to mpeg4 with VideoLAN, and then adding it to my clips in iMovie. However, this has two aspects I don't really care for:
    1) It took a couple of hours to do this. (I wasn't paying attention the whole time, but definately more than 90 minutes and less than 180 minutes).
    2) It made one large mpeg4 file. I would rather have had multiple smaller files that were originally on my camcorder.
    Does anyone have any tips or links to help me get the video straight off of the camcorder and into iMovie without resorting to VideoLAN and mpeg splitters (I haven't tried any mpeg splitters yet, but I'm guessing that is what I need to do to get my video clips into reasonable sizes).

    Thank you for the reply.
    This makes me sad, of course. When I bought the camcorder 6 months ago I had know real idea what I'd be using it for... just knew I wanted to record family gatherings, etc and have a DVD to watch when I was done. If I had planned ahead a bit more I would have got advice from the message boards first.
    Until I can find somebody willing to buy this device from me I guess I will have to make do with the long way around.
      Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

  • Importing video from Sony dcr-trv230e

    I have an old Sony HandyCam DCR-TRV230E camcorder, which comes with the ability to play all 8mm formats over firewire. The tapes I am try to import vary from Digital 8 right back to the old 8mm format. I have tried playing all formats with the same result.
    The camcorder is connected to my new 27" iMac (3.4 GHz i7) and I'm trying to import the footage into iMovie 11 via Firewire. I have the feed from my camcorder (4pin-6pin) going via an extension cable (6pin-9pin) into my Mac. I know the 4pin-6pin cable is good as it connects to an old pc. The 6pin-9pin is brand new.
    It seems that my iMac doesn't see the camera (About This Mac>More Info>Firewire just reports that the maximum speed is Upto 800 Mb/sec but doesn't list any devices) so could this be a cable issue?
    With that said, looking at iMovie 11 support seems that tape camcorders are no longer supported, which I am guessing is why I am unable to connect to my old camcorder. Am I correct in this assumption?
    If I got a copy of iMovie 9 would I then be able to import the video?
    Any help very happily received!

    I had a Sony TRV230 and it worked well with iMovie, although I had to baby sit it sometimes, because the tracking would go out of alignment and I would have to restart the capture.
    In your case, I would suggest that you get a 4 pin to 9 pin firewire cable. The adapters that you mentioned cause lots of trouble. You can find reasonable priced cables at, for example.

  • Unable to import video from Sony deck

    I've been using FCE HD3.0 for well over a year with excellent results. I got tired of wearing out the heads on my camera using it to access footage so I broke down and purchased a Sony HVR-M15U editing deck. I'm able to control the device from the desktop quite well. However, every time I click the "capture now" button to import video, I get a gray screen overlaying the desktop and at the bottom it says "Allocating disk space" and my external drive(which has plenty of space) whirs for at least 3-4 minutes, after which I get another message stating, "Waiting for timecode. Device must be in VTR mode when device control enabled." This despite the fact that underneath the viewer, it states "VTR okay." I haven't been able to import a thing. Any ideas? I'm using OS10.4 with iMac G5 with Power PC chips. Thanks.

    G'Day Dan,
    Have you upgraded to 3.0.1?
    Os 10.4 what? There was trouble with 10.4.9.
    Does the deck have a Master/Slave setting?. Switch to Slave mode if so.

  • Can't import video from Sony DVR to iMovie 4

    Help please. I have been looking through the discussion threads and have found similar problems but haven't found a solution that works for me.
    I am connecting a Sony HC32 through iLink (firewire) to import a video into iMovie 4. iMovie recognizes the camera is connected and I can control the camera through the controls within iMovie, but the images never show on the screen. They only show in the view finder of the camera. The sony manual is no use, neither is their site.
    The camera is set to USB Stream (as was suggested by the sony manual). the other options are STD-USB and PictBridge. (which also didn't work)
    Additional helpful details.
    I recorded in SP mode
    I have powered off my mac (even unplugging from wall).
    I have unplugged the firewire and plugged it back in (both from camera and from mac.)
    I have verified the time/date are set on the camera
    I have even tried importing both from battery power and from AC adaptor.
    does anyone else have this camera? Am I missing a setting on the camera? this is my first video camera. I have a few still cameras and iPhoto is so easy! I figured iMovie would be just as simple.
    Thanks for your help.
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Hi Sue,
    I don't know exactly what did the trick but here's what I did and it works like a charm. (Just in case someone else runs into the same issue)
    I used the Garage Band reset.
    Video camera set to USB-PLY/EDT = USB STREAM (the other options are PictBridge and STD-USB and no way to select "null")
    Camera in the dock
    Firewire directly attached to iMac
    Firewire in dock (the only way to plug in)
    USB Streaming option on dock set to "Off"
    Camera powered by AC adaptor rather than battery.
    Open iMovie
    Turn on camera.
    I don't know if this is the only way it will work because I tried so many things (including turning the dock USB streaming on/off) but this seems to be the ticket for me so I am always going to follow this process.
    thanks again for your help and suggestions.
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

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